James Haskell, Chloe Madeley and Mike Tindall: Life as a rugby player’s wife | House of Rugby #14

James Haskell, Chloe Madeley and Mike Tindall: Life as a rugby player’s wife | House of Rugby #14

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with guinness away we go with the latest version of house of rugby I am told
officially the biggest rugby podcast in the country this week so thank you to
all of you who’ve been watching it download it we don’t talk about a lot of
rugby but great to have that accolade nevertheless obviously brought you by
Joe to get a lot of very good friends with Guinness those of you who are loyal
viewers and listeners will remember that last week we trailed our special guests
which was going to be a task Ange plans change as they always do around this
part so it’s a delight to be able to swap out the beast and bring in the
beauty it’s been so long since December the
26th you haven’t missed it we just littering your rear-view mirror you’ve
done so much jet-setting since this courthouse aerobics died how much you
reckon you’ve got you’ve been everywhere oh yeah I’ve clocked up a bear I was
supposed to be in Japan next week wasn’t nice so unfortunately I said I’ll come
back oh no we don’t need you we’ve got someone that’s like anyway and it’s very
unsightly it’s like a double date this evening isn’t it it’s like table for
four so remote James has got best behavior because it’s very warm welcome
to mr. mrs. Chloe mainly how are you sorry for everybody who thought Kenji
was coming on he will be alongside it’s it’s much nicer to have you alongside
his back you seven out on yeah okay I am a rugby goddess I know everything we
actually we’re discussing getting your missus on the show a while ago because
there is a very relevant topic which I don’t think anyone has ever covered
before which is what is it like to be married to a rugby player and so we’ve
got a lot to talk about on the course of this show but firstly so your husband’s
we call you fou I’m just interested know where that’s come from we’ll start with
the nicknames and then work off from there I actually have no idea where that
came from but I know that it’s almost the listeners have got a clue yeah yeah I think she’s obviously another name for
lady bits and I just I heard it I think Chloe said it and I was like that’s a
ridiculous name I’m gonna call you that and it’s stuck so you call your wife
lady bits so I’m gonna bail you out there yes some people call this bit
fluff they might call them fluffy yeah just do fluff shorten it is another name
for a lady but can we not talk about your s*x life all the other television
that was really nice because obviously normally when I meet Alex he’s only like
hi how are you when he saw Chloe like hello Hank aid in the in the corner how
is married life lovely yeah was it genuinely love yeah we’re still in that
what I had I can’t speak for James who has like the emotional understanding of
a teaspoon to start believe me get into me no it’s quite nice to have your long
side to do that though I know I’m really happy and I feel very I don’t know a bit
in a cloud of I mean I’m aware that all your lectures and watches are men
through who likes sports so I’ll just say it it’s ready great great and was he
emotional in the big day yes speech we haven’t read the brief
debriefed on your wedding day no no we wait for the bigan illegal and yeah yeah
your speech was incredible well even tints had two weddings actually to be
fair well racking them up for him have you got another magazine was incredible
so so it was in a castle so we know we couldn’t get a castle this short note
it’s funny that’s not hand the mouth why are you messing around no
it was good actually III didn’t cry because when when Chloe came down the
kind of aisle and she was you know took one look at me she cried I know I was
crying because she was like oh god I’m marrying the fear or she was kind of
overwhelmed but I couldn’t stop smiling and I wanted to make sure we had a good
time cuz everyone said it go so quickly and you want to savor the moment so we
kind of really really enjoyed that and I I didn’t cry I think Chloe almost looked
in was like why crying and I say you know I just don’t do that real no I love
that you and him and his best man were just at the front like smiling and
giggling throughout the whole thing which I actually thought was very cute
you know some of our best man was but you obviously know what was his speech
like pulled Oren Jones yeah he’s so so on the priam on the mini stag we had I
think I told you my he didn’t turn up he got told by my mum my dad first of all
you know you can’t this is an intimate affair
you can’t go hard right and so that’s a 21st speech it’s of wedding yes right
and then and then my mum sharpened him and said listen you can’t do that and
then as my on the stage where he got more drunk and he was like say to my dad
Jonathan you don’t understand the responsibility I have as soon as people
knew I was James’s best man that we contacted me from the other side the
world go you’ve got to do him he’s done so many people you’ve got to take him
down my dad was like no dogs you can’t and then and then doesn’t started
telling my dad the stories I was going he’s done this he’s done that and my dad
was getting whiter and whiter and I was like he does not already know whether
everything that’s already out there well Christ if this is what they don’t know I
mean you’re fully briefed mainly because we have to in case the armed police ever
came you have to know everything across a legal standpoint situations I don’t
believe for a moment that does ever slam the table now was that when when week 8
when he kept Chloe here down the aisle I’m and I did a cut of hims like I’ve
out in my country guide me they’re all great Redeemer got choir wanted to belt
it out Daza stood up in the front with Khloe and I for the first part started
seeing when all operatic I’m fully pumping it out
going really into it and then turns me off the first first went flood here got
an unbelievable voice from that moment it kind of set the day didn’t and his
speech was incredible we had people at laughing crying in a good way in a good
way in a good way you posed old man was great and and then
I kind of you know I hate attention I got laid then put a lectin in there I
was like thumbing through the sheet up there I’ve done a full presentation was
like seal the doors let me lecture begin you will see a naked photo of me and yet
I went from this is good um tears in the eyes of your dad to do this they would
just throw they would just throw out the whole day from start to finish I wish I
were the only one that just actually me and my friends all couldn’t stop crying
cuz your speech was so good he did a 40 minute speech everybody was laughing and
the last 20 minutes everybody was crying kids obviously he dedicated that back to
me she said to me cuz I you have to do the last part about me I don’t want and
also I’d normally go you know father bribed me and then best man but clothes
that I don’t want the last thing ringing in my ears is you and daughter sh*****g
stories not gonna be appropriate so I finished with that and I office he did
the first part and I had to dedicate really big part and she made it very
clear that if it wasn’t like own point the day would be completely ruined best
line just so many too many to choose from just that she’s my best friend and
soul mate and I love it we chose be different this is literally
the most bizarre show ever be not for the fans I think we should probably get
to the right so okay on that cue burn a segue thank you for Monsieur moving us
along we are gonna try at some point and talk about some rug because there has
been some very good stuff going on but given that you’re here it is a really
interesting topic and we often hear ugly they receive awards Johnny Sexton
actually didn’t speak at the world rugby awards because he lost his his voice but
he did make huge reference to his wife we hear time and time again that the
people in the support network so I would like to cover three topics with you
Chloe what what does it like in the spotlight what’s it like when James is
sort of going big into the game time and the future so we can get stuck into one
of those and then we’ve got a very interesting perfect pool to come a
little bit later on be very afraid so first thing start putting appreciative to Guinness to make the
perfect form other half so that’s what you’re gonna pray at the Church of
Guinness thank you we do so putting a site obviously the love that pours forth
between the two of you how much of a challenge is it being married to not
only James but also just you know a professional rugby player yeah it was a
real learning Cup actually I got really lucky that when James when I first
started dating I got to spend two months for Tim’s in Austria it was it was a
real learning curve I think you know you hear you hear the cliche saying you know
athletes are really selfish and they have to be but when you are actually
when you when you start to date one and you start to get into that relationship
is yeah it’s it’s an eye opener and and you have to expect very very quickly
that you will always come second and there any social plans or any I don’t
know kind of romantic times that you have will always come second and that
rugby or whatever sport it might be will always come first you know this is the
dream they’ve been pursuing since they were children and it’s very hard thing
to break your way into and you know they are going to cover it every second a bit
until you know they bleed it dry and you and you really have to take that on and
I think if you if for a second you think you’re not that kind of person and
Fairplay if you’re not you know then the relationship won’t last or if you want
the relationship to last you have to change quite quickly so I very quickly
learned that I was not anywhere near the level of rugby importance where you
would have understood of what you do the dedication in terms
of training and and you would have got that side of it in the hours that he has
to put in yeah the difficult thing is then Saturdays so
important so your social life goes out the window because you have to do that
yeah well that’s another thing you get like the outer cycle so my friends and
family really struggled they’re like why do we never see you they work 9:00 to
5:00 Monday to Friday yeah your parents must have had
challenges in that way I mean did you have any sort of prep given the world
that you grew up in in terms of when you’re committed to something that is
irregular in hours you kind of have to live your life around it I think it
prepped me in terms of I didn’t realize how I didn’t really watch rugby other
than while cops like that was the kind of only rugby that I I had really
experienced you know I feel like people left out I’m sitting the corner going
how did I get here on my own again but you just say that was the time when he
played why’d you tweet it and repost it 17 so did you have any interest in rugby
just outside the World Cup at all did you know did you know who he was before
yes no I did not when he approached me to date you did tell the story that day
let’s have your version of it very quickly how did the that friendship
blossom James harassed me on social media that was what he said but it’s
good to know exactly creeper yeah which I think and I don’t
think I was alone in that but um sliding into many DMZ yeah how they I won’t tell
the story but that yeah yeah and I I only know who he was because obviously
had the blue tick and then it said like England rugby player but if if it walked
into a bar I wouldn’t have known who he was I would have maybe assumed because
of his YouTube videos built and funny cuz I run the post on TV but no I think
I think my parents being who they were prepared me for the fact that I like I
didn’t realize that happen quite quickly that everywhere we went he got stopped
which was very annoying when we were mid argument yeah that’s one thing but how
he talks about it in like we’re having a row and I someone said over at the
airport I mean people as you know I argue a lot of the airport we the house
outside the house in the garden and um you know I have a conversation with
Chloe what I behave it around we know she’s really upset and some bloke will
come over and be like pass me such luck have a photo of Chloe’s like you f*****g
seriously I can see her and obviously she hates it because I’m according to
her words acting like an a**hole and yet people are coming over and telling me
that shaking is that so how do you do with that you have to bite the steering
wheel if you’re sitting in the car did you have to always press pause on it I
talked to the other girls about it it’s really helpful really I think in the
beginning I was like a bit embarrassed that certain things would bother me
because I feel like a lot of people would find it like such a privilege and
and such a special like his mom or he said to me like it’s so special and and
to me there are times when it’s just annoying yeah so I was like it was hard
and then I actually oh I think I got drunker on a social as you do yeah and I
opened up to a couple of the girls in there my oh my god me too don’t you hate
it how men will come up to him and they don’t even look at you like they don’t
even acknowledge you even if they introduce you yeah and if they do look
at you it’s just to see what you look like
and it can and it sounds funny after four or five years it can be a little
bit soul-destroying yeah it’s fascinating to hear what you know what
that side of it is like and I imagine there’s a kind of a quid pro quo as well
as a flip side because obviously you know you’re very famous in your own
right do you – do you like the celebrity angle do you like the sort of I inhabit
I’ve learnt to manipulate this stage that I’m lucky enough to have inherited
um to do what I love yep I hate the rest of it but I think you really enjoy it
when there’s nothing wrong with that but I think you’re a bit of a performer yeah
I think I think there’s an element of that in mouthing a lot of tension I like
doing that but I’m never having an argument with Simon sure once at the
back of the wasp us about the difference between being kind of famous and
successful and he was adamant that I wanted to be to be famous but not at all
I wanted to be successful and I think what we do is it’s a byproduct so yeah
you know I remember we did that the Hello magazine thing for the wedding I
remember some people all come and see on Instagram a lot of talk wait for Tindall
to f******g bury you on the show and I was like mate it’s business like it’s
not like you know like soldier saw thought better of you it’s like oh dear
someone wants to pay to take my photos my wedding so it pays the wedding oh
yeah what an idiot I’ve sold my soul it’s like them oh so
there are benefits of doing that and I think you’ve you’ve got a skate kind of
a lion I know Ricky Gervais it may be not the greatest guy for everything but
kind of talks about that yet people wanna be famous she’s going to kill a
lot of people through only famous but they’ve got to have integrity you’ve got
to have quality and I think you should utilize the platform you’d be given and
you know when I first met Chloe you know I never thought we’d be doing stuff
together bits of business bits and pieces and it’s kind of just you know
ended up like that and I think we we embrace it because we want to have a
secure future and you know one thing I really like about Chloe’s that she’s
independent she works very hard which is not always the case with with like
partners or sports people you know you don’t sometimes you don’t have to work
you know I but I actually think to have a because how stressful our lifestyle is
no doubt you’ll go on to it I think if your partner doesn’t work or
doesn’t do bits and pieces I still say bits but know do kind of
work we’ve been picking up on the percent so my you to tell they just say
it’s a drinking game so you know I think with with with Chloe
in those kind of stuff I think it’s become a benefit but actually not not
the whole soul kind of gold I think because she’s got her own career it
means that if I’m being difficult if I’m being moved your things aren’t going
well she’s not living through me she has their own independence and I love that
because that I I like sitting back with her you know in terms of her success you
know she was the second biggest selling fitness author in 2018 it’s unbelievable
like me know ninety-five thousand books sold it actually kicked my ass and does
her own stuff a podcast you know we did it suddenly went to number one apologize
I feel like we cheer you on houses you know I feel I would share different
Studios pretty much every hour of the day on different channels it does feel a
little dirty I think a little bit I always try to reference house rugby I do
feel like you know it’s not you know like he’s like their private jet
somewhere going yeah so–but CJ I mean it can I say therefore that you
carefully caught attention where it’s appropriate it are you in complete
contrast you’re kind of trying to turn off the lights and the camera lenses
slightly but then the situation is slightly different isn’t it yeah but but
I’m interested it’s ER do you find it in try do you suffer almost it’s a true
saying look when we’re at home and everything you don’t have any intrusions
it’s it just depends if you go away like in Australia it’s a different sort of
media background when you sort of walk out of where you’re staying and you walk
to the beach he runs straight up his car behind you and he’s ten yards behind you
you turn around and go back into your hotel and decide to do something else
you came a little bit no don’t encourage them to think look at that we chose not
to go down the hello route but yeah that was just beaten it’s more because of the
family side of it yeah I think that’s sort of how ice is a little bit
different I’m sure I would do a lot of different things you’ve just got we just
think of both sides of a game do you Mrs T ever get at Nando’s on a Friday night
and no not bothered at all yeah not bothered so do they close it
like they’re closing their heroines of Michael Jackson they just close now
is it like Richie Rich when they build a Nando’s into the castle at the edge of
the house any advice always rugby friends is like
said can I have the lads ranch sir hey darling there’s a McDonald’s bill
into the house like Richie I can’t really case people do say that like when
you get easy jet flights like top leave your knees yet why I need to get Geneva
over Bristol it’s the easiest way that’s what someone said to me once I was like
I was like bunched into the front thing of easyJet
calmly way traveling easy as like because I can’t afford to fly everything
else then it’s bloody easy and I could deal with it was paralyzed spying for
like you know hours I think people think rugby players get paid a lot and they’d
be quite surprised today the majority don’t although I feel like that from
what you tell me is changing yeah two years you’ve basically settled when
you’re better off going with you know the Morrow’s or yeah yeah younger
better-looking model just came out do you have like broad protection
Nevers don’t know no questions were f******g doing what you really need
estimates but then it’s I think though that PPO is a private police officer
type site is when you are part of if you have the title right who’s that doesn’t
yeah which is the best thing is so she’s allowed to then go and get sponsored and
go bit professionals do you ever worry about it though that’s something I
wonder about no space spend your life worried about what might happen
I worry about my parents what do you know way I don’t know I just brought
late you know there are so many weirdos out there now that’s what I have thought
about it but I’ve with my house every hour I’ve done stuff because you put
yourself out on social media I remember I read I heard a story which kind of
changed my whole perspective there’s a bloke who wrote a book and a woman
commented and he drove down from Scotland got to a front door throw acid
in the face and I and I think about I go back at some people sometimes and I’m
thinking the one one wrong person does something you just met you wouldn’t see
it coming and I think that’s that’s what I I you know I I was you went back as
someone this weekend about your you did an interview on channel 4 didn’t you
yeah and what was that you were saying about are you young players on yeah well
someone gave you some grief on Instagram and you could back it on and say I go
people all the time I once called someone like Ronnie Corbett in a dress
and they went completely mental but they called me a **** to start
with and I thought that was just a fair rebuttal but apparently it was like
really bad like you did look like Ronnie Corbett a dress
sorry it’s weird mail really yeah to the house or to well it gay no never goes to
the house it’s the the somehow it always makes his
way to us yeah they always say her royal highness princess Zara Phillips which
Tyndall just which she obviously isn’t and they just right Buckingham Palace
London you have the choice of what goes they might have opened it before it some
gets open if they scan it right what kind of stuff we just get the photos in
there the big age three ones that came in the package so it got destroyed but
what kind of stuff are we talking here a very strange really it were meant to be
together sort of stuff oh wow which is quite weird the
strangest thing I it’s from all over the world as well and does not nobody not a
lot gets through wait does it like you’re looking at in do I know exactly
what they she’s definitely look for that so I’ll open it reading so there’s a
couple of people that operate around that would be an amazing book I buy I’m
kind of a saving of a bring them it will have story second to tell the Azara s*x mail I the
reason I was gonna say something is that I am there’s a couple people operate
around rugby though quite bizarre and there’s one dude for messaged everybody
what a son wanted used pants and stuff there’s a load of paper wanted
photographs of feet and socks and there’s one dude who wanted to pay to
watch things and that went on for years and they basically message everyone
could you come in and go that weird dude message you you’d be like yeah
and it went on for ages I called his bluff and he folded up scared by out
sicko the sickos the fame no no I suddenly got a picture of someone who
used to own a club in Paris I rolled my off the dinner if I went to presuming
he’s fit and healthy which and it was a long time ago does the week revolves
entirely around him from start to finish when he gets up what are you when he’s
playing yeah so him in its prime which we’ll get back again but um I mean is it
just his itinerary and you fit round it um I think I got quite lucky they’re not
all like this I know but I got quite lucky in that the only time okay so
other than drinking which is obviously a no-go when he’s in season and again
they’re not all like that I talk about that like that yeah but I know that
James specifically has a no drinking policy when he’s playing mainly because
he called other than that the only time when it’s actually when you know that
he’s gonna play a game is the morning of he’ll wake up he’s very specific about
what he has to eat so it’s always um oats and a protein shake and scrambled
eggs on toast for breakfast and then for lunch if it’s an evening game it’ll be
fill of salmon and brown rice and some greens and he’s really big on hydration
and there what he’ll do is before the game he’ll
do two things he will start by listening to music or
DJing whatever and then he will like tidy the whole house really yeah and I
noticed that on one tournament I can’t remember what tournament it was I think
it was when Lani was coaching probably the first six name yeah yeah and he
would tidy the whole hotel room in penny hell like top to bottom and I would say
this is wrong we were allowed to say which were not now and no distractions he would he would tidy everything and I
said to him like it was just like a thing that you do and he was like yeah
no it was I don’t know I think it’s like clutter like organizing my heads but it
manifests itself with like actual organizing rubbish yeah how do you where
you doing that yeah I started to do it a little bit actually and I think a sort
of thing I’ve done on social media or Netflix I’m about David hey you know he
does you know something similar like ties it out you know hotel rooms a mess
then ties it up I like doing that I mean you talked about there the game day
stuff I had once to state relations for Chloe when we started going out listen
you know in the week really relaxed as a matter but I said game day is game day
and I said if you’re you know unless it’s something terrible I I don’t want
to know about any of problems that’s one day he said to me unless your parents
have died I don’t want to hear about it yeah you know there could be anything I
said listen if I’ve done anything wrong if you think I’ve done something wrong I
don’t want to hear about it and I said please don’t drink at the games you know
ask the question about the game time because I said last thing I want to do
is come off the field and have you steaming because I said whether win or
lose I just want I don’t need that like I don’t know what mines that I could
have we could have won that played badly could have you know lost and I played
well it could be a whole devote I just need you to be like yeah that was quite
good but I mean we’ve had some arguments on early doors well I said some you know
pretty silly things and I said to her like it’s basically get on the get on
the train because verbatim you ready he said to me in the beginning but anyway
this is what I mean like it’s quite good to have a crash course quickly because
you have to decide you’re in you’re out but you said to me let me let me be very
clear with you Chloe this is the James Haskell train and it’s leaving the
station and you’re either on or off so figure it out it was he in respect to
what she was being a bit of a nightmare I’m doing this this is what we’re doing
I want to do it it was a good crash course and I will say weirdly you’ve
softened hugely now you’re crammed into submission submission did you literally
moaned mean to like a curve shape those rough edges but you’ve like you’re
watching the house of rugby on Joe together with Guinness he wins he plays
well what’s he like after game you know again James is really good and I’ve
obviously seen it in in real life some of the boys just they go like catatonic
James was really good I mean he’s respectful of everybody he’ll stay quiet
if they lose he’s like well we got to play better yes and he’s very much I
mean he doesn’t you’re not watching my self-indulgence at all it was it when
they win or lose anyway and actually that’s a detriment to our relationship
because there have been times I’m like can you get excited about a holiday or
the fact the wedding and he’s like no I can’t because he’s made it so he so
lives in the moment he doesn’t get he doesn’t get ahead of himself nor does he
look back nor does he sentimentalized bro
so yeah that’s something I’m always trying to get him to do because I’m
really sentimental no he wasn’t excited by his wedding he won’t on you literally
arrived the day before yeah I’m terrible but I don’t see
Chloe’s always like oh did you read that article someone looks I don’t look at
the media I don’t read things I’m on I office Lee
post office Oh to me but I don’t really watch the clips back I just make sure I
haven’t said anything inappropriate which is afterburn knives follow that stuff and read that kind of
thing and I you know I get down if I don’t think I played for a while I get
very not just oh I play badly it’s very much so I want to improve my tackling I
want to do this and Chloe understands that kind of stuffs we have
conversations you know you talk about the game together last hell wants it
this is the last thing I wanted all from a partner with somebody that cuz I’ve
seen it with boys who’s mrs. care so much this some coaches wives that in
Zoe’s it used to go completely mental I shouted their husband yeah yeah we won’t
mention his name but you know I’m talking about and and and you know would
be go really mad at them and the last I want to do is Chloe to come off there go
I don’t you’re rocking was that good here didn’t tackle why’d you miss that
part I don’t want that I wanted them to know nothing about rugby
I never wanted the conversation to come off about rugby but if I spoke to her
about saying what I wanted her to know was to be informed enough so she didn’t
do what my mum does which goes oh you played so well and my mum literally I
was used as a speedrun like would you mean I play Welsh what I love you I know
that but with Chloe I want it to be so I’ll talk to her listen I was trying to
work on this bit in us what did you think sure I thought that was good
I thought you know and she’ll sure I want honesty I don’t want someone to
tell me I’m amazing I think it’s hard in your position you
either have those like standout moments and your health is like you know this
wait the best seven or whatever you know whatever um or you just you do your job
and you’ve got a high walkway and you don’t have to spend that moment so I
know that’s right like it’s kind of a fickle thing isn’t it like we all as
viewers and fans someone does two big hits and a couple of big kept ball
carries they have an unbelievable game yeah they missed everything else people
don’t pick up on that but I think I think it’s something you also get used
to through experiences that I remember early on that I would have got my
emotions went up and down after a game because I was so determined to win I was
really competitive but then over time you learn that you’re gonna lose game
you can’t you wanna win them all mmm you can’t win them all so then you know you
there’s only one person there are two people that you can you sort of care the
opinion off and that’s your teammates and your coaches yeah
you know you’ll have an opinion of how you get off yeah but I think you then
you know you you come off feel you have an idea of how you played and ultimately
you’ll know if you play well you badly play badly and I think you find out a
lot about players all the players that come off you know I scored the two tries
I was like well what did you do wrong what do you mean well the first thing I
think about is I missed two tackles there I should have covered across there
I could have been there think about how many tries to scored the good stuff you
know that’s what you paid to do bad enough his way you’re supposed to get
better yeah no you know it’s always interesting who comes off the field I
think when you get older you know you’re quite happy to go for a few beers
because you know that okay we didn’t play well today but there’s nothing we
can do about it now we’re gonna analyze it on Monday and we’ll try pretty right
next week also there’s two things I just think my mind Chloe’s tried to help me
with this I celebrate the good moments yeah if I got interviewed cutlery seen
everyone goes about on about the Australia tour and bits and pieces
people you know come up and Street and say say stuff and I didn’t I didn’t
realize at the time that you know how big a deal that was to get the whitewash
over there and then really appreciate it as much less sugar than I look back at
my career now and I’m not playing and wished I’d celebrated more and I know
with with England we had a proper mentality of strictly business until we
want any silver and Chloe’s always like do you know how what would you play you
know do you know how good that was not like yeah yeah but I need to work my
tackling a little notebook on my own I remember that phone call I mean I’m
making notes and stuff about and that’s meet hard I regret some of that stuff
now yeah and then I think the only a time game I’ve ever been really kind of
terrible after was England versus France Six Nations I actually tripped that
French guy the game of basketball yeah yeah yeah five yeah we still we still
didn’t score a point away yeah and I yellow car I got yellow car did shock
and the Ransom yes the championship yeah considering like that was actually
nothing to do the people still write your s**t high
school should never play again just retire right and that was my dad you
know I came off the game and I was like mortified after game if I was that right
that’s me done you know everyone because I put myself
out there immediately hammered now even if I don’t look at it I can’t avoid it
and Chloe to be fair was it was amazing was that to my old man
my old man was worst he just couldn’t even like compute like looking at me and
talking to me buddies he just he because they’re a generation would I believe
everything the media says if I’m not picked in a team if I’m not mentioned if
I’m not talked about my mom and dad like that’s it you’re oh you know they live
and breathe living they think everything so important they think the media
involved in they don’t realize that the most important thing ory teammates think
what your coach thinks there and if he’s talking to you that’s fine if the coach
stopped speaking to your teammates hate you then you’re actually in trouble but
Chloe was super supportive at you know on that time that’s really the worst
I’ve ever been well we had to dinner at Twickenham
you’ve kind of got all that you know the old chaps like making the joke snores
and you out few red wines you like have a day off and I was literally like this
like oh he was there going I’m in hell my dad was like like just like raging
seeding my mom was at you or for you I think I think he finds it hard he’s very
passionate like you know my parents have been unbelievably sick they came to
every single game build because they came to every single game I could not
fault it having better better parents in terms of supporting me my dad came to
every game he’s like the businessman in the world he made time I just think
they’ll it they they find it hard but Chloe came off the back of it is you
know came into it bought into the hell got on the Haskell trades I tried to get
off realize that the Orient Express and I’m basically you know my mom was like
well you know don’t worry about it dad will see them and Chloe was like I could
see her going into James miserable everyone’s miserable dinner
I was angry with your dad for acting like that it’s circumstantial things
change on a dime and yeah and I think it’s important to remember that all your
go mad we do that’s what I think sports fans
forget don’t mean that it is unpredictable you can do all the work
and why one team suddenly loses to another and if you tried to literally
live every single moment by losing your
winning you’ll go completely mad like you said with the run relax you look at
this season yeah everyone’s doing it but fans like but you’ve got a win so you
don’t understand if one team always won there would be no competition of league
that’s why it’s such loitering the Premiership is like that at the moment
how hard is it for you you mentioned that France came when he is at his
lowest and do you keep out of the way and that let the bear sole cause I loved
motional II what that is like for you to go on the roller coaster of the Haskell
train I’ll be totally honest with you I’m I’m a little I’m a little bit over
what’s the word yeah I like I’m I’m a little bit of like a carer and a muddy
cuddler so I quite like having the task of making him feel a bit better and
picking him up and I also like that that’s interesting but um no yes last
thing I want when I’m it like on a game day or whatever it’s just like just do
whatever you wanna do I’m just gonna do I don’t even talk to him on game day
usually after the one time I broke his laptop in it yeah that was a nightmare
so I always go like I like to watch a bit of movie listen to some music and I
honestly I left the room because when it closed to stay a hotel to go for a
meeting I came out and she was in tears and I love my laptop at the point I love
the laptop more I love Chloe like you say that public taught me not now I just
you know I’m a video editor I do it well my life oh basically I left the room I
came back in she’s crying I’m so sorry I’m so sorry I’ve said what what broken
your laptop and I didn’t go when it’s okay like what do you mean we broke my
laptop and it basically just fall off the bed and the screens just cracked and
and she was more terrified she knew it and I was like look she’s terrified
about it I don’t stress about I was really calm about it cool ten minutes though from from
leaving the hotel to play an England game oh yeah that’s dysentery yeah
exactly didn’t have any superstitions other than
tidying at Hoover I just said that is much day routine is this a superstition
better yeah you don’t really want to get into a dear now gets the baby you can
blame you this execution here’s talisman um out of ten how
interested was Zara Neil rugby career no she’s quite interested Jess she was six
yeah maybe a seven because she didn’t always enjoyed going to watching England
playing and obviously she was already out in the World Cup to go watch England
playing up here on so she did she wasn’t involved you don’t know about that the
mollycoddle thing actually because that mother was patroness stage of the
Scottish rugby she knew she knew yeah and Peter played under 18 Scotland so
she knew a fair bit yeah funny ever tell you this story and I lost my all the
time I’ve literally lost my s**t after a rugby game when I played finish in
Hampton I do this never during my professional career I signs playing
Gloucester League Division three no half of a cup mentioned though he’s probably
gonna be listening to the story these probably gonna text me tweet me again
this guy and I’ve played we were playing we’re like third from bottom and we were
playing top and from the kickoff had dived on this ball is our position them
but dived on the back of my head need me in the back of the head got up and I was
like wait did you what f**k he did Oh thought you play for England I was like
really so that Karen will play next thing
swinging arm it’s alright right he’s f******g Hamlet don’t do we do that
but I’m just gonna ignore everyone else whenever he gets any literally ever tell
me all about my past to do send us our melty Center literally ran around fail
and he was all the time go I thought you’d play for you you s**t yes yeah
and lychee for the first time in my career my head had completely God I love
that and that was just running around this field after this guy anyway
we got and they hammered us they were way better than this and I didn’t get to
clobber this guy so literally whistle when walk straight in the changing rooms
got my bag didn’t even get changed it he would take my boots off got in the car
drove over so I’ve got a wedding there’s obviously a boots on and I was like what
are you doing don’t talk about it she goes no seriously what you do for shower
so I’ve got stairs how the shower come back down boots off and she’s gone right
seriously what the f**k you doing that’s like I told the story she’s like right
go back to the root of have a beer with the guy and grow up I’ve gone back and
they’d gone so had to be able to feel the lights anyway I wasn’t talked to at
the time and relate this conversation to Colin Murray the next day and there’s
Bing those tweets I knew I had you get me a game I will do right that’s but
Chloe’s like she doesn’t come over and go like straight your header oh you’re
right you know put them it’s more like I wait you to open yeah but it’s more like
James listen like a pizza with a rocket with explosions crimes and amore codling
oh I’ve actually had to tell you to go and have a drink with the boys
yeah traveller Hey it’s a trap for me too she says go and
have a pint of the lads you like this trap or she gonna have a party right
sins come around something that the worst piece that we were driving the car
and telling us oh that girl’s got a good bum right the first time I went decent
right second time I’m like no trap says now she said something I know what think
that gone T she’s a light force amazing yeah I need to chill out but yes well
we’re basically working out here is that wives and girlfriends of rogue eclairs
are basically glorified nannies I’m looking a little bit better that’s
exactly what you do know why for the sports is worse I can’t have a drink
with your opposite you don’t question really remarkable the constant alcohol
they can drink anything get up at six horse okay she just punched she doesn’t
she said about that you know like Chloe having you don’t want to come off the
field to have had a few drinks onto the future I woke up if he doesn’t go this
year are you sort of and we all hope you will
obviously and take us with you in your suitcase
are you are you worried about the implications and the the fallout of that
because you ride the career you ride the high as you ride at all I think this is
where I have to take a leaf out of out of his book and be like look you know
hopefully you’re going to be playing in the next couple of weeks right I
personally am of the opinion that what you won’t get picked for the such
notions because you haven’t had any getting ready Joe but no I think I I don’t think that he
will and I said well I don’t know obviously but if I had to bet on it
and I think that you’ll have a window of time to really you know make a make a
pitch no pun intended very good thank you Anna and I think I
am off the I right now I mean the very positive camp that it will happen if it
doesn’t but if it doesn’t happen it’s just not even something I’m even
contemplating know because I know it’s not relevant right now what would you be
like if if you thought about it what would you um I had are you able to with
the loss of offenses we’ve had some some good conversation about cuz I think you
are / were concerned that when I retire what it’s gonna be like mm-hmm that’s
something to think you know that we thought was talked about because you
know she always been my master fetchers that you do know it’s it’s gonna wind
because I’m always like fight you know last couple years been fighting back
from injury fighting play you know driving to London once a week to get
physio you know do see a nutritionist doing extra training doing whatever you
know waking up you know most days in pain in some part of my body doing all
this stuff trying to get back on the field to play and then and then speak to
Chloe she’s like look you got to push you got to do everything got to do she’s
super supportive supportive which is like you do know it’s gonna end and that
you’ve got to be prepared for that and you’ve got to understand and you know
the fact I’ve been injured and we’re doing stuff with both these books out
we’re doing these kind of things I’m doing house of Robbie it’s giving me a
different opportunity and I feel more secure that if it wasn’t to happen I’d
like to keep playing cuz I feel like I’ve still got stuff to do you yeah I
think so is there in the UK I think so I don’t think I you know I don’t rule
anything out but I don’t think I’d love to set of Saints I think you know going
to someone like France is great when you’re younger but it’s such a
nutritional League everybody in France is huge
yeah and you know the bat-rope layer you know especially about over whole I mean
it’s obvious physicality and I think to go there on what probably would be
unbelievable cash and getting filled in it’s just not a great idea so I would
stay because I want to play because I don’t want to stop because at some point yeah yeah yeah yeah I think it would I
mean I think look that would obviously probably firmly closed the door on any
England stuff and you know we’ve talked about it there’s probably two people
when we think about the show who get the opportunity to go out as they would want
you know I’m very jealous of Richie McCaw for a number of reasons a because
he’s incredible player but more importantly because he got to finish how
I wanted winning a World Cup final you know that field summit way to finish a
lot of people just enter by the front door carried out the back door but i
I’ve I’ve you know we’ve talked about that in Chloe you know and it’s
something we think about I don’t thing I would stop you know I don’t know you
know maybe if House of Robin really really really takes off we’re on the
right should take show you a number one but we talk we won’t go global America
at each other I understand rugby first they’re more dominate little movie
that’s weird to boss oh yeah New York is not large debt to fund la dude do you
worry about him when it stops yeah of course yeah of course um yeah I think I
think there is it’s so many things that some a the practical thing of like
getting up every morning having to go into training and then be the feel of
the physiological and the psychological aspect of training and having a goal at
the end of every week so push for even when he’s injured you know the goal is
will be at the end of every month you know that he can do something new and
you take that goal away in that purpose and that schedule and they’re a free
agent and I think there is there would of course be a sense of floatiness and
being unsure and a lot of identity and do you think the hormonal stuff you know
the adrenaline that comes when they get towards playing and you can’t deny you
know biology you take that out of somebody’s makeup and they’re gonna
crash and so yeah I do worry about it but I have I have many plans which I’m
hoping will work I remember when I first met you and you just retired and I
remember talking to you about it and you being like as long as you have something
to keep you getting up and keep you you know keep you going okay what is it like
when the cheering start is quite profound it’s always is the biggest
thing is what sort of Chloe said there is the routine and you don’t have to
actually get up in the morning and then you have to figure out how why are we
getting up and then do you have anything on that day I think you know classic is
one of those generations or so he is thinking about that or whether it be
through DJing whether it be through his gym that he’s trying to open in bath or
whether it’s hit the nutrition the health the cooking book and all that
side of it he’s enough going on that I think he’ll he’ll quite easily be able
to fill time straightaway just I notice everything gets a little fluffy around
the edges but you’ll be training so that’d be all right are you afraid about
the morning you wake up I’ll be fascist know what you think the morning after
you acquire I am wicked are you really yeah yeah bizarrely we got a bit deeper
than I thought we was gonna keep it like about our s*x life
Chloe show too I am because John the biggest fear of it all is is that when
it does stop whenever that might be is that the world moves on so quickly and
you want everybody to care and everyone to notice and and they don’t and they
don’t care and that’s that’s the thing you get a few bits and pieces but then
you’re on and and I see that’ll be really interesting when I don’t have
teammates anymore and I sit round like I love this show I love being with teens I
love you know you know Allah be with you sharing stories through but I love doing
in with possibly yeah what’s your dress I’ll
work it out yeah and and my invite to the weather comes
f******g yeah and uh Mike Phillips Bucky do this the Queen and I know I I think
it is it is kind of a bit daunting that kind of that kind of thing and I just
think that I’m more interested to see how I would you know how I would feel
but because I do have thought about it you know where one day you’re you’re
going in and one of the best things are being around the lads you know I get so
excited when I sit round and somebody has worn the wrong shoes or had a
terrible haircut or done something really bad or missed
the plane or than something and somebody comes up the nickname I’m like just
forty lads sitting around chatting stories I’m like the young guys right
that’s what you’ve been doing playing fortnight shut up get out or you
know we’ve been dating what’s the story I love that yeah you give me a little
trade secret I can’t be seen with the Academy I know I just mean that I love
sitting down with different people in here hearing them they’re kind of
different personalities the other Street has retarded so I’m gonna have to get a
full lid cuz if I get in your head you’re gonna get some long leash your
bet wrestles this investment you reckon you can eat cabbage they they you know
what we get hair tested as part the premiership the hair tested daughter’s
hair and it was 334 a tree that’s 100 said who all say you’ve
tested their search for tranquilizers so that’s it I don’t know I’m gonna have
Sounion but it will be unbelievable if I go that route or I might go gracefully
kind of bored like either just accept thank you iceplug no and I’ve never seen
a really good one to be honest duties duties unbelievable it yeah I think you
only notice goodies so much because of how horrendous it was five years with
these read likely shorty the back not a lot business on top they call it the
skull it really interesting you got quite emotional I just you’ll be alright
I tell you what you are in I can’t think of a place in a better position for when
it returns it’s interesting though given your pursuit of sh***y stories that
you’re on loose women so much at the moment
that’s where we’ll see you in time loose men we could get on there would you
wanna Palestine loose men let’s do it we should get you on boys don’t cry
which is the Joe show yeah I see what’s that yeah I’d like to do that yeah and
time for this week’s Guinness perfect Paul what do you make of his overall
performance in the Guinness perfect Paul it’s shocking that if you are shockingly
bad giggling furiously and I think the laughs are going to continue this week
skin is perfect pour our weekly test in one hundred and nineteen and a half
seconds because that is how long each week we try and set James at our feature
temps very degrees of success union wife last week’s highlight was how many eggs
does a chicken layered a year concentrated yeah by the way he can’t
cheat what are you thinking that checking laser Townsend
rapidfire boycott do the math deduction if I talk to those chickens they’d be
laying out if you get lucky really yeah I play mine em classical music and I
talk to them amazing Ali your specialist subject this
week is it’s got a bit more wife isn’t it is your wife my wife well she better
now this your special subject is mrs. clay Haskell have you taken his name or
you can retain a slightly stronger brand of lately I’ve taken it for everything
but my burps Oh dad dad tried to get me to be James Madeley I was like the child
is though so to solve it like out like Oliver Reed we both just strip naked
wrestled it out in front of a log fire and then I was enrichers got a bit of
game to that sure he has the wrestling in Greece to sum up with goose fat in
the traditional manner we move on to your parents make it what get a swing
it’s been already right are you nervous about this or are you quite confident in
how you’re pleased I think there’s like two that I know he won’t get okay
question number one where did you go on your first date
Jack’s in second correct we’re up and running
who is Chloe’s celebrity crush oh no oh no idea you can have Tom Hardy fun I
need my eyes tested because it says all it actually says Matt Damon but I read
it as Matt Dawson Tom all your Matt Damon you can have that where did Chloe
go to school ah King Edward’s though he’s a kid what’s nearly King George’s King Jeff King Alfred King Dave it’s two
tins is in the wing mirrors cheese Chloe’s cool like King outfit you can’t
have that is that where you’re like when we did be normal lessons I’m thinking a
bit bad let’s take some photographs of the hill yeah master teachers like
you’re super high school he’s like having a bad day gonna sit outside read
a book in the Sun you’re making movies first pet
was it hamster could have made a hamster what was it sticking splat no you won’t
get it was it a cat call common I’ve never it’s too – what shoe size is Chloe
she is five and half think that’s a five oh I would have loved to call that that
would have been very funny what is her greatest asset oh is it well
I think he’s I think so bloody lon what’s the haskers like talking above a
lot yeah Oh get f****d what’s his clothes
favourite film well actually I want to say Sleepless in Seattle Good Will Hunting yes very good
yeah date of birth Oh the 13th of 7th 1987 very good
what did she give you for your first Christmas present I took a shot in the
dark egg what did you give me for my first Christmas present
oh she’s taking a short my god Chloe was it was it wasn’t that chain anchor chain
no no I think of it was it my ankle chain or anchor anchor chain
she is my giant it was a big change round which is a big chain chain me to
the house it wasn’t allowed out was it for next did you wear it when you play
yeah I didn’t get that yeah sorry what does it say did you wear that
English when you play show gasps 70-meter f*****g try and I did him eat
just Lake tackle in the end I scored yeah so I tackled you so I caught you
just bow up ice caught me the bar afterwards yes yep
what’s his clothes guilty pleasure Christ number 10 chocolate yeah any
particular brand you might get some endorsement I would take a breeze Tara’s cooking cleaner blacks Frieda blacks
around that’s what my wife calls Oh dreadful
chat her biggest bugbear the new noise like noise pollution she hates or
disorganization or dis this loyalty I was like this honesty to other people
yeah yeah you too I’m very impressed as a child what did
she want to have more than anything else other than a former in the rugby player pony I scream at you have you worked on
this together oh you know Ron from sorry Harry Potter
trivia yeah that’s what he bought with and he bought it to the last filming don’t think you’d lose his s**t I
wouldn’t haven’t absolutely melt that he would okay get them on if anyone from
Harry Potter I do want to be really no business with them we’ve just lost
Wizards chocolate with her that was rude fair with the two Weasley boys do you
want to send it your way you can try it yes what’s your guilty pleasure Wizards
shop closes oh hello darling what a bit wizard chocolate you’ve run allow it
or maybe not oh my you know if you get this you have collaborated
and we’re calling this none can you name Chloe’s dream dinner party guests your
fortitude whatever crushes is gonna be there sorry
fairies if it very like cultured Michelle Obama no sorry
you think culture woman’s power gone Claire you go for it yeah oh please say
Jack Kerouac yes my favorite author on the road you know what you know I told
that story about driving around America yeah yeah that’s based Phoenix Annette
yeah about the road yeah unbelievable Jack Kerouac scott Fitzgerald and you
have a silhouette in there two more to one of them are you fancy emma stone
because she just seems really nice she doesn’t she’s very cool
yeah and Dolly Parton because I mean hello water sing song Ching chongs you
know what right soccer am play that every week do they really
I’m Barry me and I get so many laddie football fans who don’t even follow me
singsong way when you come on sock rain and their producers asked me to come and
soccer here I’m like yeah I’m definitely going there please sign me up flatmate
and ours will grieve and we’ll creams like do these dates I might we’ll walk
you say house can’t do it can I go on my own then I will gauge head bait they
don’t want to get this on there so they can do me in front of all the football
fans and you can go yeah he was doing it I just kept straight face and
professionals but will let me down you stitch me up and I’m not getting done by
football people so no I refuse what some interpretive footballers that’s right
obviously like the like a Millwall the thing you like a few s**g might ever
sing song tonight what if I come to I love that I’m gonna
be saying that to you what is close touch you say sir which one which one is
it set the Rev yeah you can read what and the other one it is get it here 50 get the cards no and you were like store
snap desirous of anything true or false you’ve got the Eiffel
Tower to light up especially when you proposed by set saying it once played
for staff or say yeah true really yeah yeah through Molly Phillips set me up
did he producer sorry what are we giving her
Scout a 10 15 11 11 says producers I think he did but three weeks enjoyed it
oh my god I loved it I feel like it went by really quick everyone else is like
Jesus baby anything hello Brennan absolutely really enjoyed it you come
back yeah definitely I want to come back with said yeah we need Guinness what
much than that maybe it’s good like getting that positive control yeah
thank you very much indeed I thought was a very interesting perspective on the
other side of being a rugby player which you still aren’t just about I’ll fake
you’ve reminded me that I did forget something are you gonna get your boots
on sin or rather later to the why cuz also I didn’t even talk about rugby
I had the amount of European rugby questions we didn’t get to save those
for one thing we didn’t talk another about you know when you’re not playing
you do get more touching aggressive yeah so you know I’m desperate to go out and
play I think Khloe’s desperate just thank you for watching thank you for
listening to House of rugby making us the biggest
rugby show out there how much longer I don’t know but that’s nice nice to sit
at the top of the mountain once in a while
we’re hugely appreciative of all the support and all the messages all the
could well now we are at YouTube sharing a podcast please do leave us a review it
really helps with maintaining our position at the top of the rugby podcast
charts you can also download some of Joe’s other programming that you might
have missed including unfiltered with James O’Brien and boys don’t cry with
Russell Cain thank you James and Co Haskell beautiful you make two thanks to
Mike we’ll see you in seven days we’re going to be speaking to merit to OJ a
head of Six Nations until then from all of us it’s bye for now you’ve been
watching the house of rugby on Joe together with Guinness drink responsibly
visit drinkaware code at UK for the facts

69 thoughts on “James Haskell, Chloe Madeley and Mike Tindall: Life as a rugby player’s wife | House of Rugby #14

  1. Very interesting listening to Chloe talk about dealing with having a professional sportsman as a husband and the effects beyond the sport!

  2. Chloe is basically a lad with blonde hair and boobs. Hask punching above his weight here. To be fair, the lack of rugby chat not a big issue, not a lot to discuss with the Irish provinces rampaging through Europe smashing everyone.

  3. Haskell is such a legend/banter inspiration. His RWC 2011 video diaries never fail to crack me up. Love the podcast, do think pints of Guinness should be a weekly feature though!

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  5. struggling to watch this one, just as i got to like Haskell, he gets annoying again. I get having a wife on for that side of it, but Chloe isn't exactly your everyday rugby wife in terms of career and up bringing. And due to having his wife there is usually bearable and sometimes funny banter seems somewhat forced because he doesn't want to be out-done by the other half.

    Also, did someone up the sensitivity on his mic, because you can really hear his breathing.

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    It’s great to meet the Misses, Hask. What a great match you two make! All best for you both in the life you create together.

    Definitely consider coming to the USA and playing in the MLR at some time. We will greatly appreciate it here!

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