Improve Pop Time with MLB Catcher Omir Santos

Improve Pop Time with MLB Catcher Omir Santos

So obviously we’re talking about pop
time and how to improve your catcher’s pop time is very important but what about
like some of the other aspects of catching there’s so much involved in
catching what does it take to be a great catcher
I mean firstly we gotta have leadership having attitude and then after that
everything go by itself I mean then we catch the ball and we block and throw boy
you have to have that leadership because you are there with those eight players
and first of all you gotta be behind that pitcher that you are his friend
right there you helping and they’re good and bad so you have to have good
leadership that’s a great point because myself and a lot of other coaches we
tend to talk about the catching and that’s throwing and the mechanics and a
lot of times we leave out the most important stuff like like the things
that you were just talking about so that would you say that that’s even more
important than some of the physical stuff or it’s just a combination if you
want to be a great player you got to do both you got to do both well sometimes
you have a catch it that’s not that great but I have a good leadership and
will help the picture and you see it all the time you used to play and I want
this catcher to catch he’s up there you know I mean sometimes you have to be a
great catcher we have leadership and you can help the picture and the picture
feel control over you I mean that’s all it takes you know it’s funny you say
that because every year it seems like the coaches love the catchers who hit
really well but then by the end of the year it’s always the catcher who the
pitchers like the guy who’s catching every day because the pitcher is one a
sec I need that guy I need him to catch okay and you know and because of that
the energy is so different and the catcher is gonna be more successful the
pitchers are gonna be more successful in return the team’s gonna be more
successful so just like you said man that’s some great stuff that is so
important if you guys are a catcher you have to think about this stuff even
before we get into the technique of increasing your pop time and other
things catcher related but with that being said
let’s talk about the physical stuff that we can do to increase our pop time can
you take us from the beginning like what your setup and what you were trying to
do when you were playing at the major level if you had a runner on base when
you thought was stealing yeah I mean first of all you have to think I’ll host
Your Honor if he’s the best eBay stealer if he’s gonna run if he’s a guy that he
just danced first to get the second there are some guys that take the free
base and there’s some guys that base dealers so we have to before the game
you have to prepare yourself and go to the line um and see who the best dealers
are because if you don’t know that I mean you know that nobody out because
you’re not gonna be ready all the time I mean you gotta be ready all the time but
I mean more with the base dealers right yeah at least then you’ll have a better
understanding like okay I have to definitely be ready cuz I know he’s
trying to steal a bag here me yeah that’s great
now as a pitcher I always one of my pictures to be a 1.3 or below what what
was your pop time what was your best pop time ever and then what were you trying
to be in and what give me a range of what these kids should be in when
they’re trying to work on their pop time I mean 200 and down you work from there
that’s I think 201 and then you work from there and then obviously you can
get quicker you always you can get quicker and then after that 1.9 good 1.8
great 1.7 those are the Hall of Famers right there I did 1.7 sometimes not
often but I was around 1 8 1 9 if you can do that often you’re gonna have got
a lot of people it depends on the picture too like you said so think about
that if you’re and do the math in your head if you got a pitcher who is let’s
say a fast pitcher would be 1.2 meaning from the time he starts to the time that
omere or the catcher catches the ball 1 point 2 seconds if you’re at let’s say a
1.9 that is do the math 3.1 seconds so you know that if you if the pitcher can
do that in 1.2 seconds and the catcher can do a 1.9 that only gives the runner
3.1 seconds to get the second base and that’s really fast you have to be you
have to have some really fast wheels if you’re trying to steal it back so even
if you’re averaging just under that 2 seconds and the pitcher is averaging I
tell my pictures under 1.3 those are great you’re a great combination to get
runners out so that’s a good one the feature is a big part of that
because if you can be 1.8 1.9 and get nobody out
right yeah he’s up here big leg kick going 1.8 1.9 seconds to you you have no
shot even if you’re all of Fame 1.6 exactly
so now take us through as far we talked about the knowing your runners and stuff
what about the setup I mean the setup you have timing remember give the sign
to the shortstop need to second base that the glove is going to cover the
turban coach in there and then your secondary stand it should be not that
different from the normal stand so it’s my regular stance like this you have to
get my foot back a little bit and then the ball just a little bit because you
don’t want to you don’t want to lose that target like you said I mean
sometimes you get those kids that get really high and then some really low so
it’s not not that different you have to be like a couple inches off I mean ready
to fire you know I’m into second base but it’s not that different
so now what after you get that ball and you know it’s a strike and obviously if
it’s a ball in the dirt you still want to block it up because you don’t want
him to advance the third base obviously we’re trying to get him a second so the
main priority is stopping that ball after that after you let’s say it’s a
good pitch a strike what are you trying to do arm wise receiving it getting it
out of your glove and making the throw like I always being told I mean if he’s
less than two strikes less than two outs and the boys in the dirt and the guy
stealing we’re gonna try to pick it we’re gonna try to pick it because we
want to get that back but if they go ball go by you
you got a boss and get it back so he don’t get a turn but if I let them two
strikes less than two out and the guy stealing we’re gonna try to pick it and
throw that guy out besides that we’re gonna block but I mean and if it’s not I
strike three or whatever I know we gotta catch the ball for strike but I mean
higher up the umpires already know you don’t have to wait for strike let me
just catch the ball they already know when you catch that
ball they already know if a striker or ball you know me I mean if we’re playing
I mean literally or you know I don’t want nothing it’s literally but I mean
travel ball whatever we might have to catch you first right but I mean higher
up or – or college though some parts kind of put a band and you you have to
be moving because somebody’s running there’s no time to catch it for a strike
and then throw so I mean we just get ready catch it and don’t wait for that
what about you we want we want a guy that is running we don’t have time
that’s a great point that’s a great point now let me ask you this I don’t
know the answer to this as a pitcher I just like to use to throw and trust in
my catcher what he calls most of the time sometimes it was shake but one
sometimes I’ll let you guys figure it out for me about because you know more
you get to see the batter’s you know more about the swing so I used to trust
in you guys but tell us about let’s say you do have a fast base runner on base
are you changing the way you’re calling the pitches to the batter for example
maybe not throwing as many breaking balls in a base stealing count is there
anything you’re doing pitch count pitch calling wise that differs with a runner
on base it so depends on the game is gonna dictate what you’re gonna call so
if we are I mean losing by a lot winning by a lot the game is right down
the line lays on there I mean the preacher gonna have to I mean we’re
gonna get out we got to get out so I mean it don’t it doesn’t say anything I
mean there’s some point on the count that yes you as a catcher have the
knowledge when they’re gonna run so maybe one two
I mean maybe Oh – you know they’re thinking breaking ball and those points
right there just get it out some pitch not on the zone so they can we don’t get
bid on Oh – and then see if we can buy it and run and then we got em a second I
mean the game is going to dictate the here at the count but I mean we don’t
say anything I mean if you call fastball allowed to get that guy
I mean he’s not going to happen because they’re gonna they’re gonna hit it right
you know so more more importantly than anything even though this is important
and we’re trying to get it out there you can’t give up hits because if you leave
one up for the sake of getting him out you might give up a home run here now
that’s two runs there’s one out at second base so this
is the most important guy then that is secondary to what you’re trying to
accomplish were saying before I mean the picture they don’t matter what he throws
breaking ball fastball if he can hold the ball give it a good home and I mean
slight step down out these days one two on the one three we got a pretty good
chance anyway no I mean no matter what the pitch is we’re gonna get a good
chance to beat it right out that’s a great point too for you
pitchers that are watching or coaches that are watching as a pitcher it’s not
only about how fast I can get the ball to the catcher but also changing my
looks and my whole to the timing because if I can do a quick pitch boom versus a
long hold his legs the runners legs are gonna start getting heavy and heavy and
I’m just messing up his timing I’m making him feel uncomfortable over there
so that when I do pitch it he’s gonna have a bad jump which gives us more time
to get him out so that’s a great point yeah as well now take us through you
catch the ball take us through the arm path what you’re trying to do how long
should it take you once you catch the ball to get right on mistaking you
should be taking the ball out point one for beating one point 1 4 and 1/6
something like that I don’t take that shit to the here yes yes if you want I
mean work on and I mean have a guy Baba beside you and then work on your
transfer is between point one four point one six seven something like that okay
you got it gotta be quick if you’re gonna be in that range that’s something
I think it’s like a more be average so let me ask you this now that you say
that are we trying to go out and get the ball with our glove and then bring it
back to us or are we trying to go with our body to get the pitch or how does
that work what are you trying to do in your head I mean what I’m trying to do
yes you don’t want to go out with your arm
because then you’re stuck and it happens to a lot of those young kids going with
the Buddha arm and they get stuck and then they they cannot get the pitch it’s
like like you’re saying get your secondary stand and then have like a
little moment here will you knee and forward a little bit but you got a
knowledge what the pitch is gonna be on you cannot go the the pitcher is coming
this way and you already because what about the ball take you out of our line
so when the pitch the pitch is throw you got a watch halfway I mean if you ask
the catcher you know be coming if you’ve been catching your whole life you
already know what the ball can is gonna end up in you’re kind of taking your
momentum to through the ball so you can throw a half I mean a quicker exchange
but some guys I mean you have to be I wanna mention any names big league eyes
hall-of-famer they already turn that when the boys come and already turned in
this way and they all they are like you cannot teach that you know I mean that’s
that’s knowledge that they have in that’s like ability they have a billet
already you cannot teach that because you teach some of these young kids take
teaching that and their boys gonna be in the best of all all the time you know
what I mean yeah I remember there was a team a year ago two years ago that was
doing a really far staggered stance they were almost like this with a runner on
on base which was great I think it worked well for them but at the youth
level it’s gonna be tough because like you said those guys don’t have the
ability just yet we want to work on the fundamentals so even though you might
see something on TV big league guys working on things those guys are super
athletes they have this ability to do this so sometimes it’s not always what
we see there we want to work on the fundamental stuff and then how’d you
grow and get older and get better you can kind of mold your philosophy to what
works for you to be better at catching now that’s a great point the way I mean
I teach the younger kids and and even I mean some professionals I mean level
players we just get your secondary stand in and remember your stand is gonna be
different than mine and I don’t I’m not going to teach you stand like this thing
like that because you’re bigger than me I mean other guys
gonna be I mean why do they mean you know me but you cannot see stands so how
are you feel comfortable if you’re I mean comfortable this way if you come
over this way I mean it’s different then in the end of the day get that run it
out in the quickest you want I mean you can do it that make that makes a lot of
sense one other thing I wanted to ask you before we got into the throw part of
it was you mentioned kind of anticipating the pitch not getting too
far forward knowing your pitcher is also a big part of that 90 point I was
pitching you know I’m throwing a sinker and a
slider so you know if you call the sinker typically if I’m gonna miss I’m
gonna miss ya this way yeah you already know he knows what I’m throwing he gave
me the sign exactly so he knows if I’m missing I’m most likely gonna miss her
so he can kind of have that in his head that he might need to be moving more
this way so knowing your pitcher is a big part of that as well and what
pitches he has and what his pitches typically do so learning that what about
the throw part of the of the way you got a big big point on that to knowing your
teacher because like we were saying before you cannot be watching I mean
those same will be catching on it because they been working with their
picture for years some of them and like you said I mean like like I said I want
to don’t wanna mention any names but have some catchers they got a lot of
people our second because they know the pictures they already if they caught
that pitch they know that pitch is gonna go there and that’s why I can cheat a
little bit this way because they already know they’re not
gonna miss if they miss it’s gonna be like this they’re not gonna miss by a
lot right so that’s why they can get away with some of those things that’s a
great point that’s a great point so now take us through the final step of
it the actual the arm path and the throw of the pop so I mean yeah give the sign
I mean then there’s secondary and extend it’s not I mean different that there are
the regular stand borrow a little bit and then as the boys come and you
already know what the boys gonna be that little movement with your knee and your
body and then the first step is the quickest that you can have your right
foot plan on that you can get a lot a little
bit of ground don’t get me wrong I mean some people go like that that’s not bad
but I mean remember they said heater there that’s you know it might be
swinging so I don’t want to replay feet if you replay feet that’s too far that’s
far away and then you’re getting away from the back kinda from your lane so
what I teach I mean the young kids or what are in professional baseball player
whatever it’s like right foot the quickest that you can get it not jump in
either be coming if you jump that’s slow too so you want to kind of like pictures
drag that foot there to the middle and then plan and then it’s going to give
you a straight line anyway if the pitch take you this way that’s going to be
sure anyway that’s that’s what I am and when you are practice I know in the game
you’re going to go a little bit far because the game there are speed out
there the game is gonna speed you up but I mean if you practice this way it’s
gonna take on the game you’re gonna do it like that I’m pretty sure you’re
gonna be sure so practice is short and then I’m you’re gonna be I don’t I don’t
fail you’re gonna be in the right lane all the time so let me ask you this now
let’s say I’m a right-handed batter what is your your your thought process are
you worried about me are you do you care about bumping into me do how does that
work so let’s say this is the plate I’d be probably somewhere right around here
right so where what are you thinking with with this right-handed batter and
my main thing is not I got it that’s a good point if you want to know if you
are far from the body or to close so you use ten and then if you can barely reach
it like this you’re in a great position that’s a great one if you’re like this
you’re too close if you’re too far like that you’re too far so
you gotta be with your glove stand when where he stand if you can barely reach
it no this is gonna happen that’s a great one so if I just every every hater
you gotta be a pair that you that every hit is different right so I will be here
I could put her back in the box okay you’re going off of the batter not
a distance from the plate exactly exactly and my main thing is I’m not
gonna worry about the heater because I already know that I’m in a good position
and then he’s not gonna hit me and then plus I know for sure they went his way
he can I step in my way because make contact and this day you don’t have to
make contact with the heater if the umpire see that here instruction you’ll
throw he isn’t out so if I’m here and I’m like this yeah and I yeah even if
you don’t touch me now now these days it’s an umpire call
it might be call you out and then going back so I got I got another question for
you what if I’m a guy who is up further in the box right and when you you do
your your test obviously you’ll know you don’t have to do this every time you
kind of get a feel for it after a while but my point is when you go to make this
throw to get this guy out now I’m putting you in a spot to where you may
be stepping on the plate and if you I don’t know if you guys ever done this
but if you have spikes metal spikes when you step on a plate you can slide out so
what are you trying to do with plate awareness are you worried about that or
now not much because like you said you’re gonna after the game going on
you’re gonna have the knowledge and if it’s that far
I know that I cannot get close to that to that to the home plate I mean because
even is gonna make a difference to in the picture on on breaking ball whatever
so it’s gonna be either you’re gonna move forward yours a few inches not that
close but I mean you’re gonna move up because you’re not gonna be out here I
mean either but you’re gonna have to move close to it and you’re gonna have
the knowledge I mean when you’re behind the plate this arm I’m here I’m good
here I’m not gonna get hit I’m gonna get everything I mean there’s for sure for a
strike and I’m gonna be able to throw to second base – that’s a great one
that’s a great so now we talked about the set up the
stance the footwork and everything I guess the last thing is the receiving it
in the throw what do you got on that yes I mean you never failed it never fail
when you have your right foot and your left foot in the right position now you
have to worry about your arm that because your right foot is going to be
quick you want your damn gonna be quicker – you don’t want to be you’re on
behind so I assume your plan that food Deb I mean how am I gonna be ready ready
because your brain is going to follow while you’re arming food or whatever if
you go slow your arms gonna be slow so when you plant that food you get a move
that I’m quick because you don’t want to be behind that’s when you’re both gonna
be telling to the second base and then another point – when you plant that food
if you are coming in a straight line you can be a little bit open not much but
you want to you don’t want to be closed for sure close for sure you’re gonna cut
that bar up and then it’s gonna be tough to reach that second base
I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be a good throw just in a line a little bit
open not much but for sure you don’t want to be close you don’t want to be
close for sure that’s why I mean we have those things
here I mean that’s the bad boss but it’s happening a pretty good
I mean Gaiden here in the green thing here – these two tapes black tapes
– stay there if they’re I’m practicing in the key go like this is good but if
it touches this the other one that’s bad so after that after you plant your front
foot there then you follow through your TRO and then you don’t want to have
these are the gloves I – hi I see a lot of people I mean transferring and go
like this I mean you come a lot it’s like a heater you know you want to be
loose here so you can follow the throw so after you traffic the ball in a good
positions right here now I’ll here so that’s why sometimes
you gotta do one drop at the ball I don’t care what you
the ball the Susan you have the sooner you have in your hand is better so if
you transfer it you can travel out here I mean why if you can get it out here
why get it out here to transfer it that’s a great point I see that a lot
yes catchers they try to bring it up to the ear back here and then they’re just
like Jan it doesn’t look athletic it doesn’t look powerful and I think it’s
because they were taught that way exam so it’s not their fault
but yeah you at the end of the day you want to be fast you want to be explosive
you want to be an athlete right tackling you got to catch it and do what feels
good have them the quick hit it’s almost like an infielder – right that’s a
that’s what I was gonna say it’s like a shortstop a second base you don’t see
the short on a second base like they want to get get rid of that
book quick strong for here and then same thing catch it is kind of like a that’s
why you see I mean some catchers go down infuse second base sometimes do you have
you don’t have the build you came I mean get a little bit of you can move a
little bit everything hey let’s right here I see it before and
then that trying for a second base come easy you come in see because you got a
there and transfer the ball you don’t have to catch it then come here
you don’t have time for that and the quicker that you get the ball the
quicker that you get here you can hold I mean changing your hand and throw it if
you get it here it’s no way you gotta fire yeah I didn’t even think about that
yeah it’s the point that’s a good point okay so now what about arm strength like
how can a catcher work on his arm strength to throw faster maybe he’s
doing really well with his footwork and his transfer and everything he just
doesn’t have his arm strength obviously this is more most important being quick
here but this will help obviously if you can build up your arm strength what do
you do to work on your arm I’m just you got to throw every day but like you said
now this day if you have your footwork working I mean the right way their boys
gonna get the day but you see a lot of catchers I didn’t have a great arm but I
was focusing always in my lawyer half get that free moving and then that’s
gonna help you get the border they followed through but I mean if you have
an action that’s a plus that’s a plus for you because you can get away with
something that maybe I cannot get away with it but I mean that’s applause yeah
I mean you gotta throw long toes every day and my target was when I was playing
the edge of the grass the back edge of the grass
I just always not throw there I was trying to throw it through it not throw
it there because if you try it to try it you’re gonna try it like this high it’s
going to bounce so my target was the back of the edge of the grass and made
try try to throw through it so I can bow and then you don’t have any problem but
if you try like the second baseman when you throw it and you’re gonna try to
throw it to him you’re going to bounce it I’m pretty sure you’re going to
bounce it because you’re gonna throw it low and it’s going to bounce but if you
throw this is their second member your shortstop you’re trying to throw it
through the glove try to thread through the glove I’m pretty sure you’re gonna
find the high it’s gonna be there all the time that’s a good point just having
that mindset of where you’re trying to throw it because your body is gonna your
body tries to find the solution to the problem that you give it no matter what
you’re doing whether it be baseball or something else once you give it a
problem it starts calculating how can I solve that so if you try to throw the
ball through the glove your body’s gonna try to make that happen
in return you’re gonna have a lot better throws down a second base that’s a great
point let’s talk a little bit about when you were playing some of the things that
you used to think about when let’s say you had a fast guy on first base you’re
in a game situation and you’ve got a obviously you got a great major league
pitcher on the mound what does that feel like you feel all the eyeballs in the
stands you feel all the people in there or do you get used to that over time how
does the game situation play a role on what you’re trying to do as a catcher
and if it does mess with you maybe it was only at the beginning but if it does
mess with you what are some things these young catchers can do when they go from
high school to maybe a college were there’s a lot of people in the stands
now or maybe they’re going into pro ball because I know as a pitcher when I first
got in there and I had all these people in the stands it was crazy I felt like I
couldn’t mess up like the pressure was so much you know so I had to learn
how to deal with it what about you I mean I said catch it perspective
everything start they’re gonna be watching they they might know who you
are but a star always in the infield infield they’re gonna see your arm so
you better make good throws because that’s gonna dictate what’s gonna happen
in the game if you do I mean you gotta go wrong are you trying to cheat
yourself I mean not making good throws and infuse you know they’re gonna try to
steal and then you name your nigga I mean practice gonna traffic to the game
that’s what we practice for so if you may go throw anything they’re gonna say
I mean we’re gonna be careful I mean stealing with and then between innings
to you how only have nine chances to practice your throw it’s not like an
interview that every inning they get like two or three to total first so
those practice throw they count take advantage of those nine throws to second
base so we have your opportunity you already work on it and then believe it
or not they make the team I marry you think run only on the catcher if they
see those throws they’re gonna might text you in the beginning of the game if
you got him back out by a mile I go out they’re gonna think twice so a star
always in practice that’s a great point because me when I’m coaching that’s I
always do that have my stopwatch ready when the catcher goes to throw in
between innings I’m always seeing where he’s at just so I know sometimes I mean
like you said there’s a lot of young guys who just get it and there’s like
and I’m like you know what am i I can’t get the time on them maybe that’s good
on their behalf but again you only get nine you only get nine throws and at the
big league level they already know yeah exactly but in the youth level they
don’t know so they’re watching you but also take that opportunity to that could
be a good thing if they’re watching you because now they know oh we got to hold
off on the running if you’re popping some good times it’s like you say – what
about if you don’t get that’s the only chance that Scouts come to see you throw
and you don’t get any base stealers and they came to and they cannot come
anymore and dokdo got nine throw to show him that you can throw the ball what
about if you don’t get any chances he leave and he’s not gonna see you and I
didn’t see you leave and then in between in it he goes laughing the ball there
you gotta make that on line two don’t yet think about yeah from the
scouting perspective nine shots because you know I think about that’s only nine
throws like you can go from you know I’ve seen guys when I give him ten
throws to work on that pop time going from like a two point two to a 1.8 you
know there’s it there’s a gap there if you do everything right you can you can
increase your pops I that’s a great one I don’t even think about that if you
don’t how many base runners and their Scouts there let’s talk about that for a
minute what can a young catcher do let’s say a
high school age catcher what can he do as a catcher to impress the scouts what
should he be focusing on Colin I mean good leadership they start with
leadership I mean farm I just wait I’m scanning a
catcher or where it’s gonna catch her and the first five innings you don’t
have a runner to steal I mean I’m watching the other two I mean behind the
plate calling the game the harassing with the picture if he’s a little out
there because because we don’t want to be waiting on oh he got a good run he
can you know mean we got all those situations if I can come on him so first
of all I mean have literacy I mean you don’t have to be like I say like a
cheerleader out there a waiter you don’t have to be like that we are some catches
they are kind of always free roaming on that way exactly yes exactly so you
don’t want to be like that but I mean some things like the the picture you got
a left yeah you got to go over you got to get over things like that you know I
mean I mean a.m. you got a spirit on a you know things like that little things
that you can and believe it or not those little things they’re watching they’re
they get on that because it might kick touch it come from high school saying
those things already that I mean Pro people or college guy mentioned to them
to do it and letting them know that you already know those things
hey get over a I mean remember he can see you you know what your looks
turn your looks those kind of things so shows them that you have
knowledge of the game exactly that’s me you own the game exactly what about talk
about strength training as it relates to having a past faster pop time and even
just being a better catcher in general did you do a lot of training like in the
gym and stuff actually I already know the answer because we used to work out
together yes so how important was that to you I mean
what’s up betting put them because you’re gonna catch 100 and something
games and you want to be back there every day for your pictures but after I
mean you gotta make mix some power I mean heavy weights and everything but
don’t get away from the LED world and everything because remember we’re
catching and we gotta be able to move we got out here I mean if you can do some
agility three times a week it’s gonna be a big difference believe believe me if
you can do that I know you got to do some squat for your legs I mean run
little bit but you don’t have to run long distance because catches then I
make the wrong long distance if you can do also my it really work it’s gonna
help you you’re popped I mean it’s gonna help you
I mean hitting you I mean your lower half is your it’s your I make your model
that we said I mean your lower half is your if your everything on and on
catches even pictures or what our own influence but your lower half
they gotta be in the right right I mean right way and hips mobility and
everything because we’re here we gotta we gotta be able to move we don’t be
lifting a lot of weight and I were to move I mean because we’re not gonna turn
nobody out that’s a great point to think of it like that like do you want the
motor to be a sports car where you can handle the turns and go really fast
where do you want it to be a dump truck where you’re really strong but you move
like exactly exactly but I mean if you can make that believe me even people
that’s you play before they’re gonna notice and for yourself when you start
blocking balls like three or four feet you say damn how can I is the work that
you do that you really work I mean when I used to play in the beginning I didn’t
do that and then when I was turning with you
guys and everything that I started doing those things I mean I was available to
do things that and I really have I mean good arm stretch I mean I just
my lawyer hat I was good and was quick but I mean that our unity stuff he
looked kind of stupid I don’t want to say that but it works it works yeah so
we used to get together how many days that we would go train with Andre over
there probably 4 day 4 days right and we did the strength stuff but a lot of
agility a lot of sprinting explosions the plyometrics that I created and that
I felt the best one of my best years body-wise explosive lies from training
there so you talked about running long distance not being great for catchers
because that doesn’t really matter but what about like sprinting and the
plyometric stuff I know you said agility which is really to me speed and agility
is working on the footwork and being quick and moving and nimble and having
the mobility but what about the power like the jumping and the sprinting how
do you see that fit into it no yeah exactly yeah I mean when I say oh you
need to stop and everything I mean those things everything yeah everything I mean
pow I mean explosive stuff explosive Jack sprinting hard maybe sixty four
five times then come down like four fifty forty they gotta be everything an
explosion because you’re here you’re catching every movement that we do here
we can be here like like this and every two pitch we gotta we gotta move quick
it’s not like the infield that he had he have to move but he have some time we
don’t have time back here so everything that we do workouts and everything you
got an increment that and pull some explosion workouts in there don’t even
don’t get caught up on your heavy lifting heavy squats because I mean in
the other day that’s not gonna it’s not gonna work for you that’s that’s a great
point too because if you think about baseball the way it is is the pitcher
gets the ball and he throws it probably between 13 and 20 seconds rest in
between and then you’re going again and you’re going for a split second and then
you get 13 20 seconds and then again boom really fast so if you’re doing more
long-distance running you’re working on just conditioning right but if you’re
doing these speed and agility explosive jumps and Sprint’s then you’re working
on the same tempo is baseball where it’s as fast as I can for a couple seconds
and then 13 to 20 seconds rest time and then repeat it so that’s a great way to
train same thing for pitchers as catches you want to be athletic you want to have
the speed and agility you want to be explosive because that’s the way the
game is played give us one more tip for the for the young catcher what should
what should be their number one focus as they’re moving forward if they take
nothing else from this video what should be the number one thing that they focus
on practice today what you’re gonna play you gotta practice in at full speed
because the way you practice is that what you’re gonna play believe it or not
your mind get trained for that your mind you gotta practice similar can act close
to the game speed it’s the way that you’re gonna best training like if
you’re gonna hit I mean you gotta hit tough you got to put the Machine and
some breaking balls and some speed because you gotta train your brain and
your eyes closest to the game time that you’re gonna be playing so the best
training that you can get is game speak like that’s the best training that you
can get and it’s been proved story and everything the best training is the one
closer to the game time that’s a great point and that’s great advice so you
guys you catchers out of watch and you coaches that are watching even though
some of this stuff that the three of us talked about for catching if you work on
will instantly help you like if you work on some of the mechanic stuff yeah you
could instantly get a better pop time but the main thing is to practice put in
the work have the hard work find a good coach learn as much as you can and just
have that mindset of getting better every single day those are the guys who
you know have that have that ability they’re gonna grow faster they’re gonna
get better faster they’re gonna be leaders on the field and that’s what
Scouts are looking for and catch yourself hey guys I want to ask for your
help with something Triple Crown Sports Academy Romeo Santos
his wife coach Andrew a few other organizations they got
together and they were collecting some used baseball equipment and recently
they took all that equipment down to the Dominican Republic and handed it out to
players who really needed it he was telling me there was over 200 kids there
some of those guys were down there fielding with bare hands
building balls using broken bats and equipment so it was really a great
experience for them to go down there and just see the benefit that these kids got
from getting some of this equipment and he said it was a real positive
experience and they plan to do it again and that’s what I’m reaching out to you
for is to see if you guys have any used baseball equipment now I’m gonna be
going through my house in my garage and seeing some of the stuff that I got I
know I’ve got a bunch there and I want to bring that as well and if you guys
are interested in helping with their cause their initiative and you have some
old stuff laying around I’m gonna leave a list on below you could ship your
stuff right to that address I’ll make sure the right people get it these guys
are planning to go back to the Dominican Republic Columbia possibly some places
here in the United States you know they’re playing just because of the
success of it the first time is to keep doing this and you know omere
is one of the most generous people that I’ve come across in the game of baseball
and just in life in general and I just think it’s a really great
thing that he’s doing and I want to support it and you know having this
community you guys here on YouTube I just wanted to reach out and see if if
anyone would like to do that as well so thank you always for the support here on
youtube with me and if you do have some equipment we would be very grateful and
thankful to you as you send it in thank you so much guys I’ll talk to you soon

9 thoughts on “Improve Pop Time with MLB Catcher Omir Santos

  1. Transfer times are .6-.8. He wasn't sure in video. I think average was .74 in MLB, but that was a few years ago when statcast just started. A high school guy says he wants his catchers at .8. This isn't an age thing. Transfer/exchange times can be low for youth catchers unlike pop times
    Just double checked. March 2018 article, .73 average exchange rate. .64-.85 range. Obviously type of pitch and location a huge factor.

  2. Nice video, will help a lot! I would be happy about a more detailed video on this drills I could do to improve my agility. Keep up the great work!

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