I’m a Mormon, Highland Rugby Coach, National Champ 19 of 26 Years

I’m a Mormon, Highland Rugby Coach, National Champ 19 of 26 Years

Brothers on 3.
1, 2, 3, Brothers! I’m Larry Gelwix, the head coach
of the Highland rugby team. This isn’t namby-pamby, let’s-
hold-hands-singing-kumbaya. I mean, I love to compete. Our varsity win-loss record is
415 wins and 10 losses. We’ve won the national champ-
ionships 19 of 26 years. When I volunteered to coach
this team, that was 36 years ago. I think
I did it because, well, I love the game and I
thought it would be fun. Looking back, my motives
have changed. Winning is important.
We’re a sports team. But to me, it’s not the most
important thing. What we have to do now is
stay humble, healthy, focused. It’s about building champion
boys before a champion team. I didn’t have a very close
relationship with my dad. I grew up, and I never
felt good enough. I never felt I fit in or
measured up. I think that’s shaped a lot of
my life. I don’t want these young men
to feel they don’t belong. One of the things I try to
do with my players is connect with them and
have a close relationship. I think what drives me is that
this is something I can do that makes a difference, that maybe I can influence a
group of 200+ young men each year, helping them
become better young men. We’re a team of Christian values,
but nondenominational. I tell the boys, “If you’re a
Catholic boy, I want you to be the best
Catholic boy you can be. If you’re a Baptist boy, you be
the best Baptist boy you can be.” I expect all the young men to
honor and live their religion. I believe we’re all
children of God. I think a faith-based life
helps us be better citizens, better students, husbands,
better fathers, and better rugby players. I’m Larry Gelwix. I’m a husband, I’m a father, I’m a rugby coach, and I’m a Mormon.

42 thoughts on “I’m a Mormon, Highland Rugby Coach, National Champ 19 of 26 Years

  1. "We're a team with Christian values, but a non-denominational team" The same can be said about America. We are a nation of Christian values, but a non-denominational nation. This is why anybody that cries about "seperation of church and state" is wrong. We need a president that won't claim "we are not a Christian nation". We are a Christian nation, but free to be who we please. We need a president with values. We need Mitt Romney.

  2. Great video. If you haven't seen the feature film about Coach Gelwix and his team you need to rent Forever Strong–great sports film, very inspiring!

  3. @miturbinesdurti What about Ron Paul? He thinks that everyone should be able to do what they want, and that the government shouldn't interfere with your rights.

  4. i dont get it… do they really PAY for these videos to keep popping up on the side bar saying "sponsered video"? what a waste. no one would ever convert to mormonism strictly by seeing these "i am a mormon" videos

  5. @KBone44 obviously not, the intentions of these videos are not to convert people, there are a lot of rumors and misconceptions about the LDS faith, these videos are to clear up any of those rumors

  6. lololol, u guys jealy? Larry Gelwix is the mission president of our area, thought the only thing is that i missed out on all his talks so far for us youth, 2 talks, missed both, i'm sad that i couldn't hear him bear his testimony so yah, now i know how he looks like 😀

  7. @KBone44 I would never buy a product simply based on add. However, if the product on the add was intriguing I would do more research and determine if it was something I really wanted. Its the sample principle with these videos.

  8. Coach taught our team 35-36 years ago valuable life lessons in Rugby. When knocked down whether broken or bloody, its not how we got into the circumstance that mattered, but our responses in overcoming it in the game that mattered. We were not just boys on a team, but future Men. Growing boys to become men with the sport of Rugby. To become the best we could on the field of life. Over the years successes and failures each of us has had. Larry taught us to try live our best and with no regrets.

  9. As followers of Christ, the real symbol of our faith is how we live our lives. These videos show how we are striving to live in such a way that others will want to know Christ because they know us.

  10. One of my favorite Mormon videos. I love the line, "building championship boys" comes first before winning. I also love that you inspire the boys to be the best at THEIR faith. Thank you!

  11. After playing rugby for USAFA, I love just about everything about the sport. Coach Gelwix knows that with God, you can do anything – only better!

  12. "Stay humble,stay healthy and stay forcus"."Building championship boys before building championship teams" This is a great model and that is why these guys won 19 out of 26. God bless you and your boys.

  13. They should go on Tour and face New Zealand top school boy rugby teams. Gisborne Boys High school, Hamilton Boys High school, Napier Boys High school, St kentigerns, Rotorua Boys High school, Sacred Heart, Auckland Grammer, Kelston Boys High school, Wesley college, Mount Albert Grammer school and the rest from the South Island.

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