I Snuck into NBA COURT and This Happen…

I Snuck into NBA COURT and This Happen…

100 thoughts on “I Snuck into NBA COURT and This Happen…

  1. WHAATT!? Didn't expect this vlog to be up already. Yeeeyyy, coming home after work and seeing that you uploaded is THE BEST THING EVER!!!

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  3. When I watched this there were 652 likes and 1 dislike. So almost 100 percent of people like your videos. Keep it up, great work. I love watching them

  4. I love that you went and spent time with Paul.
    I'd love to collab with ya once you get to LA, or even just hang out!

  5. Wow, loved this vlog!!! It turned out AMAZING and you can defo be proud of yourself!!! I hope you and Paul had an amazing time together and I hope you'll have a lot of fun with Jukka in LA too!!! Hopefully we'll see an LA vlog from you next! 😊

  6. You should visit Thunder Bay, Ontario, Jarno. We boast the biggest Finnish population outside of Finland! Would be interesting to have your perspective on a mini little Finland outside of Finland.

  7. On top of everything cool you guys already do, Dudesons is showing what true friendship is and you can't put a prize on that! Much respect Jarno & Paul and the Dudesons crew!

  8. 10:45 kun positiivinen ilonen henkilö, joka ei varmaan tiedä maailman menosta yhtään kohtaa nykypäivän uuden anti-white, mustan rasistin miehen oi voi.
    Hauska oli katsoa tota tilannetta kun itse älyää että kummatkin ovat ihan eri maailmasta niin päästä kuin myös kirjaimellisestikin.

  9. Hauska kattoo tätä ku Lauri on mun kaverin velipuoli :D(kukaan ei varmaa haluu uskoo mut whatever se on totta kuitenkin)

  10. Jarno the right way to write title is " I Snuck into Nba Court" . Not hating on you, I realise english is your second language. Love your editing skills too 🙂

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