Huckabee digs into US companies siding with China, reacts to the NBA

Huckabee digs into US companies siding with China, reacts to the NBA

100 thoughts on “Huckabee digs into US companies siding with China, reacts to the NBA

  1. You know the NBA is going to knuckle under to China when their markets are going to be threatened. Oh, and don't look to OMB in the White House to protect you.

    Remember 2016-17 Golden State Warriors — NBA champions,
    2017 Minnesota Lynx — WNBA champions, 2017-18 Golden State Warriors — NBA champions,
    2018 Seattle Storm — WNBA champions all who would not visit a Trump White House?. So why should he negotiate with China to protect your interests?.

  2. All these people in the entertainment industry produce nothing of real value for the ridicules amount of money they get. If it weren't for their jobs they have now, most would only be making what a janitor or door man makes. There should be a entertainment tax on their income of 85 percent. Then the government can reduce the taxes on the lower paid workers that actually produce something.

  3. Oh yeah Jewish corporations aligned with China corporations against America and its Christians citizens

  4. Wow!! How about it NBA??? Wheres your flag and what are its colors???


  6. The Hypocrisy of the players in the NBA collection tens of millions of dollars each, while taking sides against the US in this matter.
    Yeah, too much profit made you blind to your roots?!?
    And you are all for socialism?!?
    All too obvious to everyone but the NBA and players . . . L O L

  7. I think everyone in America needs to boycott the NBA like They boycotted the NFL matter of fact the NBA did worse they need to be put up for charges of treason and thrown out of our country

  8. Real Americans don't waste their time with the NBA. I cannot remember the last time I wasted a minute of my life watching that crap.

  9. If they fire that manager then the NBA prove to be communist authoritarians just like the Chinese.

  10. The NBA needs to stand up…strong arm NIKE and all the shoe and shirt companies to leave China go to Vietnam…along with all of our sports…if every sport in every country boycott China…and move their companies out

  11. For 1000s of years, the Chinese were the most passive mellow laidback people. Until the Japanese started attacking torturing and killing them. They fought back and won. But they've never been passive mellow or laidback since.

  12. That bald man reminds me of one of those magic creatures is fantasy stories but, I'm not sure which one.

  13. I thought you trump supporters believe that China leader is a great leader, that what trump says. I bet Kaepernick thought he was free to protest too,u people are a bunch of hypocrites

  14. China is SINISTER. There is NEVER going to be an actual trade deal. Watch for top democrats and RINOs to side with China.

  15. Hey NBA, American do not watch in great groves. We do not care about you or your players. You tell them like it is Mr. Huckabee, we love you and your daughter.

  16. I bet they give that coach a big check and he will resign saying it the best thing he can do to end the trouble he caused. And there you go China happy the commies still get the Chinese 💰

  17. Let's keep in mind there's a difference between the Chinese people and their (mainland) hideous government. I have a few mainland Chinese friends and they are admirable people.


  19. What’s NBA Martha why don’t you keep your mouth shut and let your guest talk RUDE woman TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  20. The NBA GM deserves a hell of a lot of respect imo. He seems to be the only one in NBA standing his ground against China Commie censorship influence in American politics and culture.

  21. Amen. dancing to the ccp, just disgraceful. -they can take their phones, apps, sneakers and balls to china. And good luck to them.

  22. NBA social justice fraudsters, f'k them, let them fall… and f'k the communist party of china , xi jinpink can step outside and any number of us can end that mofo and his trash talk.

  23. China has been more bold since Clinton, slick willie, gave china most favorable trade status. When will the general population wake up to our freedoms and vote the demonrats out for good? Go Trump 2020.

  24. As the far leftists watch Hong Kong protest with the American flag and not burn it, they will soon accuse Hong Kong of being a Russian led protest.

  25. Mark my words soon as China thinks they can beat the United States in war that’s when they will attack. The clock is ticking. Let’s not help them get there any sooner by buying their cheap crap!

  26. China should return to their cocoon.
    The world don’t have to deal with those communist.
    The experiment of China to change has failed

  27. The dems say we are such a horrible country but yet they are waving our flag in hong kong within protests. Why? Because we have something they dont have. Freedom

  28. I don't watch commie loving N.B.A. I enjoy watching the ball take a bad bounce.
    LeBron take China's doink out of your mouth and speak up for freedom. LOL I know that's not going to happen. 🐖

  29. hard to compare citizens putting their life on the line to get the freedom the NBA players enjoy … and … the NBA players … a group of men who get paid to play a "sport"(God love them), who enjoy that freedom(and more), while cow towing to the vicious Chinese government because they won't get to play basketball in China and will lose some monies because their games are blocked in China.

    What utter assholes …

  30. If the U.S. government tried to position itself to block U.S. companies from trading with China – the blowback from ALL those U.S. companies will make this NBA issue the least of the U.S.'s problems. Huckabee and Fox – as usual – focus on the lowest hanging fruit, while completely disregarding that globalization of economy is a real thing, and that posturing in front of the cameras for political capital is, besides being naive, is completely "simple."

  31. Tell Eric Danziger, Trumps Hotel Collection CEO to put a hold on the 30 Trump hotels he has planned to build in China.
    Trump Organization sold a $15.8 million penthouse apartment in Trump Tower to Chinese-American business executive Xiao Yan Chen, who is linked to a front group for Chinese military intelligence. Tell trump no more sales to Chinese nationals.
    Tell Ivanka Trump to pull all of her shoes and clothing businesses out of China.

  32. THE WOKE LIBERALS ELITES IN HOLLYWOOD, NBA, NFL won't dare condem China but are so quick to Disrespect America and the US Flag and our National Anthem. Meanwhile People in Hong Kong are waving US flags and singing our anthem. Let's bring those people to America and Deport all these Elites to China

  33. Hey, remember when you were all foaming at the mouth trying to defend Kaepernick's freedom of speech? Yeah, me neither. Hypocrites.

  34. Just say it Governor. Kowtowing to bullying China for money is prostituting yourself – shame on the NBA and other sports affiliates.

  35. All these self proclaimed capitalists sure do have a lot to say about private companies making business decisions.
    Typical hypocrites.

  36. China has 0 say in who can and cannot be fired in a company that is not based from China. This policing the world will back fire.. Ask the Dem Elites how policing the world is like…

  37. With China there is NO GOOD FAITH, Their word means NOTHING. We are all better off just leaving them alone, keep the sanctions on and break their economy.

  38. What the West needs to be prepared for, and this is a guarantee, is that the Chinese Communists, very vengeful individuals, are feeling very wronged right now by the West. So far, they've more or less laid low, kept their heads down, mean while the Trump administration, in their very intelligent use of foreign policy, has aided in ushering out countless foreign owned factories from Communist China, and the Communist Chinese economy, thanks in part to the Trump administration, is at a 20 or 30 year low; Communist China is hurting, make now mistake about that. But the reality is, their laying low will only last so long; they have a plan for retaliation, this is almost certain; and the West needs to be prepared for that potentiality, because they are going to bite back, the only question is how and when. They are very smart people in Communist China, and they have lots of access to Western economies and societies. They are planning something, that is certain.

  39. Attention Mr Huckerbee, , the word you couldn't mention is "Mercenaries" In the meantime these Chinese Lovers should carefully watch Hong Kong – this could be your life. Be careful what you wish for.

  40. What is disgusting are the players like Lebron James that are making comments that support China. Take a look at the 'swoosh' on their jerseys. Nike is one of the biggest player sponsors in the world. A significant portion of their products are made in China. I'd like to see Fox News ask Nike for comment on the human rights issues happening in Hong Kong.

  41. the entire NBA management players the whole organization leftist communist Traders have no place in the United States of America

  42. Funny how the NBA doesn't want "Owners" to be named. Maybe because the Owners of these NBA players are their Chinese Overlords. Stupid hypocrites.

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