How UK Paved Path to NBA for Chad Sanders

You know, I really I think everything
that I’ve done since college has been a result of attending the University of
Kentucky. You know, after working for the
basketball team and and getting the opportunity, I worked for three different
coaches in five years, and got to learn a lot, both about basketball about myself
and was able to, you know, relay that into a career. So, now a general manager for
the development team for the Toronto Raptors…we’re taking the guys that are
on the cusp of making the NBA and trying to, you know, bring the guys in that we
think that we can turn into a future Toronto Raptor players and it’s been an
amazing experience to get to travel, you know, the world, not just the states but
travel the world recruiting these these kids that are either fresh out of
college or some of them who have played overseas and now making it a chance at
the NBA. I would say that my undergraduate program was so influential
both in finance and management. So much of what I learned while in undergrad
that still carried over today when dealing with financial decisions and
then also management, work on how to manage a team and manage a group of
individuals, both players and co-workers and peers and things like that, so
working together as a team and just operating. you know, it was all very
beneficial what I learned in undergrad and I think it provided me those
opportunities both as a student as an individual and as a professional. I owe
so much of my success right now to the University Kentucky for that.

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