How to Play Rugby : Drop Kick Rugby Rules & Tips

How to Play Rugby : Drop Kick Rugby Rules & Tips

Hello! I’m Miriam, this is Bess, and today
we are going to be going over some basic rugby skills. Right now, we are talking about the
drop kick. All she is going to do is hold the ball in front of her, point down, and
then literally drop it on the ground so it bounces ever so slightly. Then she’ll kick
it with a straight foot. Now we are going to show you in slow motion. Hold the ball
directly out in front of you, point it down, drop it, and then kick it as it bounces up.

37 thoughts on “How to Play Rugby : Drop Kick Rugby Rules & Tips

  1. dont worry at wat ppl say bout ur technique everyones different and theres nothing wrong with wat ur doin u just need a lil practise ๐Ÿ™‚
    and aleast ur spreading knowledge bout the game so keep it up

  2. dang those dropkicks sucked haha for all rugby enthusiest in the georgia area come watch my team the lakeside panthers play ARC in the state championchip

  3. Not true, although you may think that, they have tried it many times and it always ends up not working, rugby is surprisingly different to football.

  4. Well put bru, this video shouldnt be used as it is wrong in many ways. Also to add distance to the drop, take a step forward with your right foot, then drop the ball as you take your second step with your left and then follow through with your right foot. 2 steps not 1.

  5. They tried to sign up Brian O'driscoll for the NFL, but he turned it down. Trust me it doesnt convert as easily as you may think. Gavin Hastings, the best scottish rugby player of all time, got signed but he failed in football. It's a very different sport to rugby.


  6. For god sake, anyone learning how to kick, DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS VIDEO!

    Seriously, what the fuckk are these Yank rugby coaches teaching you kids?!

  7. I AGREE… gives more balance n force to ur prefered kicking foot whether ur a lefty or a righty.. ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. this is why im ashamed to say im american….

    of course the two people who DONT know how to play are the ones making instructional videos

  9. This is not even close to correct. Don't even listen to what people are saying in their comments. Watch Francois steyn.

  10. @chocomanization ever seen a punter kick a football 60 yards with a perfect spiral?..i have…and in high school football..

  11. Some say rugby is a hooligans sport played by gentlemen… Reading all those comments make me doubt that.
    Keep on playing, perhaps you are not the best teacher, perhaps you are, but dont get demotivated by all these kiddies around here.

  12. Wrong u shouldnt hit the balls soon as it touches the ground it should come back up a bit about ankle height and then you should propel you're foot forwards

  13. Go back to cheer-leading, trust me rugby is not your thing. You obviously don't know how to play rugby or even complete a successful drop-kick,never mind teaching someone!

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