How to Play Rugby : All About Rugby Open Play Binding

How to Play Rugby : All About Rugby Open Play Binding

Hello! I’m Miriam, this is Bess, and Jen
and we are showing you some basic rugby techniques. Right now, we are going to show you how to
bind in a ruck. First we are going to show you as if you as a defender so we are coming
towards you. Jen is going to come forward, place the ball, as if she is rucking. Then
both Bess and I are going to follow. Bess will come first and she will grab her around
the waist and shorts, gets low with her arms, and is able to push. I’ll come around, grab
across on to Bess, get my shoulder low and we can both push. Now we are going to show
you from another angle. Now from behind.

13 thoughts on “How to Play Rugby : All About Rugby Open Play Binding

  1. arg!!! that does it!!! why are you ppl even commenting on this??? if you know so much about rugby- go to the advance rugby videos!!! stop being sexist "rugby for girls?" this is for beginners like me and this is actually helping me learn about a game i never really knew much about since im a canadian girl AND WE PLAY MAINLY HOCKEY!!! im glad that even though this is not the best ive ever seen or very good- it's a major help for ppl who dont konw the sport at all!

  2. Don't listen to everyone being down on these videos. For the most part, they're fine. Billyboard27 is talking about being tackled and on the ground first but the whole point is that you want to AVOID being tackled so you set up the ruck if possible in this controlled manner to make it easier for your forwards to maintain possession. Plus if you go in driving with your elbow forward, it's a good way to gain some ground in the ruck. Or even better, you might just drive through the defender!

  3. calm down, we understand these vids are trying to teach beginners!
    the thing is, they're teaching beginners THE WRONG THINGS! A ruck is formed after an attacking player is tackled to the ground by a defender. Not only is it illegal obstructive play shown in this vid, there is actually NO POINT in rucking while in open play! why slow down the ball if you haven't been tackled?

    okok i know that probably sounds like gibberish since you're a beginner. But don't do what it says in this video.

  4. OK so this is just wrong especially seeing as it is aimed at beginners. Firstly you would never go into contact that way when running into a defensive line which means the subsequent "BINDING" does and should never apply.

  5. women stele every thing like scouts football what happened to net ball u were happy with that till men started playing basket ball and u say its sexist so u get girl scouts girl football fucking girl rugby like wtf make your girl games dont just fucking take them now the whole of life is defending women like rape and its unfair u cant go to the gym or soming so u have to have a day just for women cos u think men r looking at u fucking women rugby joke

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