How to Play Fantasy Football : Fantasy Football Mock Draft

How to Play Fantasy Football : Fantasy Football Mock Draft

Alright guys, so we got a draft beginning
in about two minutes. So when you sign on, on ESPN it basically gives you a list of all
the players that they think are in order. Now, what I like to do is, I put a lot of
research in picking players and I like to look at stats. I go to like and I
look at what people did last year. I also look at, the big thing is checking injury
reports and then also you got to check drafts. See if a lot of guys were, did you see them
taking a running back, was another running back taken because of what I was talking before
about committees. So you want to make sure that if you’re picking a running back, he
is the guy to go for. Also, we look at a lot of different things, offensive lines. You
read a lot of different things from around the league, a lot of different reports.,
Ben Mauler, Yahoo they have a little different blurbs. You try to get as much information
as possible, because the last thing we want to do is draft a guy who in pre-season is
injured or is banged up. So, like I was saying running back, when you’re going to draft,
by shear luck I got the number one pick in the draft and the clear cut guy is Ladainian
Tomlinson by far. So, basically what I do is to actually pick is I click on to Ladainian
Tomlinson, and when the draft starts it will assign me on to a running back. Now, it’s
very important though when you’re picking guys, is to look at some sleeper picks too,
that’s important. Because some guys will go to some name players who may not perform.
So, for example we have a guy like last year, Drew Breeze was actually a top quarterback.
He’s a guy that I targeted on a draft board, and the one league that I was in he was around
the sixth round. There’s a lot of those players actually that if you do a little bit of research,
you’re going to be able to go out and find some nice sleeper picks. Alright, so here
we go I got time remaining, started right now, I got Ladainian Tomlinson on my squad,
and I’m pretty happy. Now what happens is it’s going to wrap around to all the other
guys in the league and then since I’m the number one pick, I’m going to be picking like
twentieth again. So, during this time right now I’m basically looking who I’m going to
pick next. So, I have to really go down and see how the draft is kind of branching out.
But most likely I’m probably going to draft a running back, unless there’s really a good
wide receiver out there.

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  1. Not so sure I want to take advice from someone who picked LT with the first pick. That didnt turn out so well lol

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