15 thoughts on “How to Do the Matthews Cut | Soccer Lessons

  1. danks dude looks like you are only getting a few views but that doesnt stop you from making vids thats great keep makin them

  2. I'm just learning soccer and I can't seem to grasp these moves, but you're videos are helping ALOT!! Thanks, and keep posting!

  3. Matthews didn't invent the – Feint either: he just made it both famous and popular because he was a big star that did it w/such precision and skill. Eric Brook of Man. City was a contemporary of Matthews that was stronger off of his left foot and primarily used the Shuffle to go around full-backs on his left/their right side.

  4. Brook was a fast, strong, physical wide-man and if the fullback didn't get out of his way as Brook started to accelerate past him Brook would just flatten him like a runaway lorry.

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