How to deal with fast deep push — TOMORROW TABLE TENNIS

How to deal with fast deep push — TOMORROW TABLE TENNIS

And we have an introduction so as you saw in the introduction Our organization is a non-profit. our goal is only to promote two table tennis on global scale, and I really hope you know more and more people could learn about it and participated, but enjoy it. It’s a cool sport, and you have been really supportive and for that I really thank you, and also for your amazing comments you have mentioned You know. I’m only doing videos for you know on basic techniques But I think it’s really important to have a solid foundation but Just to respond to that I will be starting a whole new series, purely focusing on you know the tactics in games and How you can do on competitions how to you know a gesture mentality and possibly some tips and strategies and games and I’ll still continue posting in this technique series and also start in Just a recap in the last video. We learned how to develop a powerful backhand against backspin But for some of you might notice in certain situations, it will work for example if your opponent Give you a deep long fast push, and you won’t have enough time or room for a full swing What Should I do? and in this video, I will compare and contrast these two situations But first let’s look at how the experts deal with it It out of position are simple as it So the biggest difference between these two loop is timing We have enough time, you can wait for the ball to come to you,then you can go forward But for this one. You don’t have that much time, the ball is already approaching a racket, You should be contacting the ball when it’s still rising Maybe even a bit earlier, when it just bounced up Since you don’t have enough time, everything has to be shortened. smaller You will noticed I didn’t put my hand down that much I didn’t you know fully rotate my waist and Have this big swings So all of them have to be very efficient in that short amount of time Okay, since the ball is already coming with speed and power in the horizontal direction Then you don’t need that much hitting or going forward you need more brushing and creating the arc let, the ball spin over the net By creating this vertical component, it works with the forward force the ball is already carrying All the other steps are the same as shown in the last video To practice this loop, try to start with moderate strength Get a good feeling of brushing the ball, also get comfortable with the timing. when it just bounce As you practice more and more, you can add force and try to keep the arc as low as possible Now we’ve learned forehand, backhand looping against backspin And I think we’ll be able to draw analogies between different techniques For example, you always have to relax before you contact the ball. For forehand backhand, you always have to relax and then all of you feeling, fingers, wrist has to work on this [contacting] point So if you already use all your strength before you even hit the ball then the ball won’t go over the net.. try to.. get all the brushing, acceleration on that one point And just some tips in using this loop This shot is when you are not ready or for very fast long pushes Don’t use it for every single backhand and usually when your opponent gives you a fast deep push, They’re gonna pivot And wait for a weak return and counterloop it You can increase the rhythm, you can also try to change up the placement Variation will give your opponent difficulty Don’t expect this loop to kill your opponent. Most likely you’re gonna get a second ball And you always have to get ready for it, and that’s your perfect opportunity to finish the rally Thank you very much for watching, and I will see you next time

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  1. Again, thank you for your unconditioned support!!
    If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, plz do not hesitate!! I'm reading all of them!!

  2. One of the most straight forward and informative content on youtube right now. Truly highlights the key fundamentals of table tennis and never ceases to enlighten me. Thanks you.

  3. Thanks for helping me to solve one of my problems!! Excellent technique. Hope to see more receiving techniques for sidespin serve (top and under, long and short). Some serve and attack tactics would be nice.

  4. My new favorite channel. Again great explanation, technique and demonstration. Please continue the videos explaining basics as they really help. And the examples from matches are really cool to watch. Keep up the good work. Waiting for the next one!

  5. I really like your very analytic approach to playing the correct shot. You seem so young but clearly you have an excellent understanding of the game. Keep you analyses coming!!

  6. Can you talk about how to deal with deep push to forehand? Especially if you are close to the table? I always have issues with this in doubles.

  7. I see that you keep uploading, good job with the videos, I really apreciate you for making videos because you love the sport, not for money or fame. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us and promoting the sport!

  8. I'm sure the numerous pay per view, tt coaching web sites will become ever increasingly more worried, every time you post another video. I always felt it was a bit of a poor show when people made profit out of beginners just starting out on such an accessible sport, and not doing it for the pure love of table tennis as many of us do…and when they are not face to face with the person of which they are 'coaching'…well you get my drift.

  9. Wow amazing! Thanks so much :D. I will continue giving support and you deserve so much more than non-profit :), but the idea is good :). Thanks again for this very useful video 😀

  10. Can I donate somewhere for some good scissors? The way the rubber was cut in the intro hurts my feelings 🙁 Otherwise good work!

  11. Good advices for the beginning of a yt channel. A GREAT thing is to show a proof with the pro players. Speak a bit louder that's all. I send you motivation from France 🙂

  12. good video. thank you. my tt partner is bossing me around with short pips fast long push (pen holder) sometimes the backspin is heavy. How would you approach that? Tnx

  13. You have a really good " loose " grip on the backhand. Seems that with all that " relaxed " grip, what effort you do have goes into creating the " effect " on the ball.

  14. Can you do an in-depth forehand against topspin technique? Since you've made videos against backspin it would be nice if you'd do against topspin too!

  15. What do YOU mean by “brushing” in this particular case?
    For me, brushing means to touch a ball in a way that your stroke does NOT go through the center of gravity of the ball. And the more the line of my stroke away from the center of gravity of the ball the better. I achieve more spin. Which means I need to be VERY PRECISE. Which means I need more time and I can not do it with all the balls. And I do it with my rubber without involving the bat. At least in theory. Or in my imagination.
    What I am trying to say that in the situation you describe I do not see where I could find the time to brush the ball. For me it is not only more natural or even only possible to hit the ball as a WHOLE through its center of gravity involving my bat as.
    Or your mean one have to lift the ball up in a way that “rolls” on your rubber?

  16. Good video. So do you get coaching from Sun? Seems like he's feeding you balls a lot in these videos. Not too shabby of a coach there. 😉 j/k

  17. Those are the smartest videos i have ever watched on youtube. You explain it the way that noone does. Please continue doing this nice job

  18. you say " in the last video we learned how to develop a powerful backhand loop against backspin". I can't find a video about looping backspin (forehand or backhand) on your channel, except for the one against chops. Can you put a link to theses videos?
    Thank you, great videos.
    Only thing that would maybe make them better is maybe some slow motion shots when you demonstrate the shot with your partner.

  19. Looking forward to your tactics videos as there are not many people who talk tactics and why you would perform a certain serve, stroke or placement.

  20. I have a little tactic too 🙂
    Try to do forehand loop with hook sidespin to parallel. If they are not prepared for sidespin enough the ball will hit their hand(For shakehand grip)

  21. you know what you are brilliant… I mean it… I have never seen anybody explaining so well, really appreciate the way you explain in detail… great job 🙂

  22. Nice. I mentally learned the foot work pattern, balance , wrist position etc., i find it very difficult to actually play it. Its very challenging to break old habits. Do you have any tips to overcome?

  23. Hi Andy I am 13 years old. Ma long and Harimoto are like god for me. Could you please tell me how was Ma Long practicing in his 13th age or could you make a video on that please

  24. If my opponent is pushing short of the table every time then I cannot loop against that…then what should i do… thanks and regard from an indian fan.

  25. Still inspiring players like me to join Table Tennis. I joined my first club last month and your videos have been quite helpful in helping me improve quickly.

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