How To Cover More Distance On The Tennis Court

How To Cover More Distance On The Tennis Court

16 thoughts on “How To Cover More Distance On The Tennis Court

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  2. As a 3.5 player who had mostly played singles this past USTA season, I can't emphasise how important the proper footwork is when you're being pushed and pulled during the actual match. If you're not "there" on time then you'll end up playing defense most of the time. Thank you for this tip.

  3. I’ve seen the reverse crossover step lately too and they look like they’re almost going to fall over backwards at sped. I’m curious though as to why it’s ok on the backhand side; is it just a biomechanical thing?

  4. Why not defend the middle 2/3 and let them make mistakes with targeting lines? The new middle should reduce the amount of court you need to defend.

  5. any tips for 1 handed backhand recovery? Yesterday I lost a point just because I was leaning left after a running shot rather than recovering to the right.

  6. This is awesome! I bet 90% of the coaches out there were not really clear on this. I guess you might need to make another lesson for older folks who are accustomed to the close stance forehand. Basically it is similar with the right foot kicking out after hitting the running forehand.

  7. On the backhand, why can't you use the outside leg (left leg) to cross over in front of the right leg, basically doing the mirror image of what you explained on the forehand side?

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