How to Coach a Soccer Team : Basic Passing Drills for Soccer

My name is Glen and we are going to show you
a little passing game exercise here. The object is to have the ball snake through this line
of cones and players and have the players follow the pass which is an important skill
of the game and this is also a fun exercise and let’s go. They are going to two touch
it first and next ball, two touch the first touch prepares it, second touch delivers the
pass and this is the kind of exercise where everybody has to be on the same plate and
the passes have to be nice and crisp and accurate. The last players when he gets to the end sprints
back to the first cone and delivers the ball again to start all over again. When we feel
comfortable with the two touch, looks like they are handling that situation pretty good,
we will go ahead and one touch which is even a better skill to have in the game.

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