HOW TO BUY & SELL in the FIFA Mobile Market TO MAKE MILLIONS – 6x your investment

HOW TO BUY & SELL in the FIFA Mobile Market TO MAKE MILLIONS – 6x your investment

[Music] hey guys finally sleeps here I’m back again with another round of tips on how to farm the FIFA mobile market for easy coins buying and selling Silver’s again the thing I’m most asked is why silver players it’s easy it’s very low risk for a very high reward when you do it correctly why would I invest a couple hundred thousand on one player that I’m going to sell again for three hundred thousand I mean that’s a hundred thousand coin profit I get it but is it really that impressive I think not it’s really only a 50% profit and half the time that players value doesn’t go up or it does but it’s only a few dollars screw that even when it does work and you get back three hundred thousand the D percent in profit I I put two hundred thousand on the table and get back an extra hundred thousand to put down two hundred thousand and get back six hundred thousand or one point two million that’s six times what I invested that’s what you get out of working with Silver’s keep watching to see me do exactly that I’m gonna get back six times what I invested and we’re gonna do it in real time my last video on market farming if you haven’t seen it check it out is my basic technique for mind-numbing farming for beginners like easy it requires no intelligence no real skill or intelligence required it’s the Paris Hilton of coin farming work the ton of money but basic and downright stupid at its core what I’m showing you today is the next level of silver farming requires a little more effort some thought and a bigger investment if you were successful with my last technique you’re gonna want to try this one if you haven’t tried the last technique I suggest you watch that video first and give it a shot today I’m gonna do something a little bit different I’m going to show you how this is done in a real time so you can see how long it actually takes I’m going best about 40 to 50,000 coins and try to keep it under 10 minutes then I’m going to post those players on the market in about the same amount of time so try to keep this whole thing under 20 minutes and then we’ll skip ahead 12 hours or so after they’ve sold and then count the profit okay here we go I’m gonna set the search for 63 to 69 rated players that’s kind of my sweet spot on this set the current bid to max out at 4000 and see what we get I’m looking for players with a buy-it-now above 10,000 coins turning eggnog with it he’s over 10,000 but I need to bid for thousands so I’m gonna pass right now [Music] a 48,000 that’s more like it 65,000 of course now remember some of these could be anomalies they may be going for 1800 coins that’s why I’m not risking 4,000 on a 10,000 coins buy it now from here I’m going to go to my bids and win back some of these that I was outbid on I’ll keep doing that as I go along just going back and forth another point if I’m in a bidding war then it’s likely that this is a high value player I’m going to gamble a little bit more trying to win it by the way no team of the weeks a void team of the week cards like you’re flipping through the channels I’m happy to see the hallmark logo down in the corner and your mom’s like hey go back what movie is that yeah just pretend you didn’t see it keep scrolling these are worthless cards okay so you see how it goes I’m looking for Hire coin Buy It Now so I’m just going back and forth between the main screen in the search fixing those that I get outbid on basically more the same but as promised because this is real time so you can see just exactly how much time I’m really putting into this I’m going to keep going until I’ve spent about 50,000 coins on players stick around though I’ll make it worth your time let’s see I think I can multitask so let’s have a little storytime here I love sue Stewart okay you guys have realized that I’m old like ancient old playing games on a mobile phone from seems insane cuz I grew up without the internet yeah I said it let that sink in I grew up in a world without the Internet let’s put this into perspective the World Wide Web wasn’t a thing until I was in college back then it was more of a gimmick than a way of life when I was a kid instead of cell phones we had wall phones with a six-foot cord that ended up 35 feet long so you could stretch the headset out of the back porch which inadvertently was the only way you could have a private conversation a wall phone as in attached to a wall with screws and stuff the closest thing we had the cell phones were cheap toy walkie-talkies that if you were lucky picked up random conversations between truck drivers driving by on the interstate about which lot had the best lizards and how many days have been since they’d showered as a kid we had no concept of what a mobile phone even was until lethal weapon in 1987 when Danny Glover snuck off to complain about Mel Gibson being batshit crazy which now that I think about it is kind of like when the Simpsons predicted Donald Trump will become president then anyway the only Glover’s character Murtagh pulls a portable phone out of a duffel bag that was the same size as a toaster the phone not not the duffel bag the phone was the size of a toaster I was like talking into a loaf of bread big I just remember being blown away at a phone you could carry around like farther than to the back porch here we are now three decades later instead of the kitchen wall our phones are now permanently attached to our hands and is important to our life as water and oxygen when I was a kid instead of Google we had a library card or if you were lucky a home set of encyclopedias in your den which was a massive volume of 30 or so hardcover books books you know those things made out of paper that eventually gave birth to Harry Potter so 30 or so hardcover books with every fact that you needed to know about life that’s right kids in the 1980s every fact in the world fit into a set of 30 books instead of pornhub we had the 1983 Sears catalog with 32 pages of lingerie I started with garter belts and ended with granny panties when he hit the pages without models and garments that looked more like unfolded parachutes than underwear you knew you’d gone too far speaking of going too far okay instead of beef ax and pub G we had the Atari 2600 and games like pac-man and Missile Command that made us feel like gods and two dimensions much like our phones our game controllers were tethered to the console with short ashlar cords which meant you had to be sitting three feet away from a 13-inch television to even play it life was rough eventually the Atari made way for the Nintendo Entertainment System which did for Italian plumbers what Kim Kardashian did for huge butts am I the only one that was really disturbed by Super Mario Brothers I mean Bowser was basically Zedd from pulp fiction run under him lower the bridge he’d fall in the lava and it was like bringing out the guilt except instead of leather and zippers and chains this little munchkin toad still when a diaper is hiding in the back of a dungeon except it wasn’t created by Quentin Tarantino because if it was at this point Mario would have grabbed that little GIMP by his fat little neck and calmly asked well then which castle is the princess in then John Travolta accidentally shoots Luigi in the face okay let’s see what were some of the other games on Nintendo what about Metroid where you spent every waking moment battling alien after alien only to get all the way to the end and it turns out to be The Crying Game in Reverse once Sheamus takes off his helmet and you find out you were playing as a chick the whole time well not really like The Crying Game at all but more like Tyler Perry’s mad a it takes on mother brain okay we’re finishing this up here just trying to win these last two guys and we’re good ended up spending 40 6270 coins you got 18 players in the process took about nine minutes total okay now let’s sell these guys what I’m going to do is just look at each one then search for them on the market I’m looking for what is lowest Buy It Now is going to just keep searching and lowering the cost until I find it then drop it a bit more and lower it by one more coin because why not and relist it on a 24-hour cycle then just repeat [Music] lower him down to 50,000 and search okay we’ll try 45,000 and it’s coming up blank so we’ll say 44,000 – one more coin will list him for forty three thousand nine hundred and ninety nine buy it now a thirty eight thousand minimum 24 hours and then move on to the next player just repeat this until all eighteen are listed you get it again I’ll just see how long this is gonna take and while I’m doing this let’s go back to story time where were we okay Nintendo Entertainment System the NES 8-bit goodness Super Mario Brothers Metroid what about the original role-playing game Legend of Zelda I’m 99.9% sure my gambling addiction can be traced back to that first cave when the old man demanded let’s play money-making game not let’s play a money-making game and we were ok with that terrible Japanese English translation because it was 1986 and there was nothing in our Encyclopedia Britannica that told us anything otherwise okay let me interject here that if you were born after the year 2000 you likely have no clue with any of my ramblings are about if you are at least in your 30s you’re probably knee deep and nostalgia at this point pop culture those of us with mortgages in 20 years of credit history it’s the heartbeat of our childhood not just to meme you scroll past in your feet okay exploiting the bot market like this is sort of cheating really I’m just stealing coins it’s a basic scam it makes me feel like I’m getting away with something which is kind of the best part we love that breaking the rules scamming the system I for one really loved it that was half any time I can save a dollar or cheat my way past something I’m going to do it just for the thrill of it it’s the rinona ryder and me coming out admittedly this isn’t really that elaborate or exciting I’m not president kennedy sneaking Marilyn Monroe into the back of the White House or anything this is more like chef ramsay Ashley Madison up his weekend in Palm Springs and I’ve probably lost the kids good if you’re under 20 and confused ask Alexa or at least like give Google a workout or something okay anyway cheating the system always love cheating the system when I was in college and broke his hell before we had FIFA mobile before we had cell phones we spent a lot of time at the movie theater but the theater so damn expensive it always has been we were broke so here’s what we did we’d park out back and slowly walk through the parking lot looking for a discarded ticket from last night or earlier that day yeah someone dropped their ticket on the ground on their way to their car me being the environmentally friendly young man that I was would pick up that piece of little littered garbage and head for the theater entrance walk straight up to the guy tearing tickets flashed the stub and just walk right past it not a care in the world friends a few minutes later would do the same thing and space it out until all of us regroup near the concessions thing the key was to act like you belong no one pays any attention to someone who carries themselves like they are exactly where they are supposed to be utter confidence equals free movies and yes I said movies multiple we take it a step farther we’d show up for the second movie of the day and then stay until they closed hopping from theater to theater until we’d seen everything showing nowadays though movie theaters have assigned seats it’s much more difficult to sneak in and avoid detection when someone is likely to tap you on the shoulder five minutes into the movie and say C F 3 and F for our Alice you’re in our seats now you have to get a little bit more creative with the scam you might not be able to sneak everyone in but you can your seats for 50% off let’s say there are four of you going and it’s not the first or second week of the movie so you know there’s going to be plenty of available seats so what you do two of you get on your phone at the same time and buy one seed each with an open seat between them and then the aisle at the end so in other words you want to leave f1 the aisle seat open you buy f2 you leave f3 open and then your friend buys f4 you get to the theater and then you just sit in all four seats voila half price okay maybe I should feel bad for promoting this type of behavior but I really don’t six dollars for a Diet Coke you screwing who isn’t really the issue now is okay let’s see we’ve talked about vintage video games Pulp Fiction kleptomaniac we know it Ryder what else okay I got one I love James Earl Jones and I wish him no harm or ill-will at all but the guys getting up there in age and he’s like almost 90 years old right now unless he just drops over in his living room in his silk pajamas he’s gonna end up in a hospital or a nursing home before it’s all said and done I feel so sorry for the nurses that are going to have to come to his room every few hours and ask him how he’s doing then remain professional while listening to him answer through a respirator how are you doing today mr. Jones I’d like some more pudding and the rambling continues okay where do you go from here Star Wars okay you know Star Wars spans over four decades that means there are multiple generations that can distinguish themselves in Star Wars ages for example I’m Princess Leia in a gold bikini years old I suspect that a few of you are Daisy Ridley will eventually be my Hall Pass years old but likely most of you are thanks to Anakin Skywalker I literally loathe hate and the Christians in the years old which compared to the originals in the 70s and 80s and the Disney reboots of late tells you everything you need to know about George Lucas jumping the shark at the turn of the century this point most of you have probably muted the video or just skip to the end because my commentary went way over your heads so I can probably just take this whole thing in a new direction without consequence ever stop and think about how cruel the S and the word Lisp is well at least we don’t put like 10 syllables in the word stutter okay so what am I about 9 or 10 minutes into selling these players so I need to hurry this up to hit my 20 minute projection okay let’s talk soccer or football if you will for a minute here in the United States we call it soccer because the word football is already assigned to a form of recreational activity where only one person ever touches the ball with his foot that’s powerful football one person and he’s considered special that’s what Americans think of when you say the word football what’s worse is it’s not even a ball it’s got pointy ends on it like the guy who first made it failed the sewing portion of his seventh grade home economics class and was like screw it it’s close enough forget the fact that its shape now makes it near impossible to kick it’s literally designed to be thrown by your hand because it’s not a ball it’s like an obese spear like a spherical ball swallowed a stick anyway here you have to call the sport I love soccer soccer sport where every single person except one uses their feet the whole time but that one person still uses his feet most of the time but it would be just weird for us to call it football and Americans wonder why the rest of the world hates us okie dokie last one posted and they are already starting to sell all 18 enlisted for 24 hours so we’ll pause the video here and check back once they start selling to run the numbers and see how he did so it’s now been about 16 hours since I posted those 18 players and all the two of souls let’s clean these in add it all up I spent a total of forty six thousand two hundred and seventy coins in about nine minutes it took me about twelve minutes to post them and serenade you with my pop culture musings so in 16 hours 16 of those players sold for their buy it now adding up the claimed earnings I walked away with three hundred and seven thousand and seventy two coins six times what I invested that’s a quarter of a million in profit in less than twenty minutes worth of work I threw fifty thousand down on the table and got back three hundred thousand it’s that easy let’s let’s look at these centre-back sold for forty three thousand nine hundred ninety nine coins I bought him for thirty four hundred coins that’s thirteen times what I paid for him there’s one that sold for fifty five thousand nine hundred and ninety nine I got him for three thousand that means I sold him for eighteen times what I paid for okay sixty four thousand nine hundred ninety nine coins for a player I paid 1104 that’s sixty times what I paid you’re never going to buy an elite and sell them for sixty times what you paid for so where’d you do this quite often with this technique I should put it all into perspective what have we learned today number one buying and selling Silver’s is an easy way to make some serious points I spend way too much time talking about pop culture and three some of us are never going to let Winona Ryder forget that she once got caught shoplifting and no matter how good she is in stranger things and seriously she’s awesome and stranger things for the only reason to ever buy or sell silver or even gold team of the week players is to burn them as XP you can’t sell them for profit and last and most importantly Hayden Christensen’s portrayal of Anakin Skywalker as a spoiled little frat boy and Attack of the Clones was so heavy handed it over shouted any damage to the franchise that Jar Jar Binks may have done three years earlier in the Phantom Menace that’s it if you liked this video make sure you like and subscribe as long as you keep watching making videos [Music]

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