How Every Football Fan Reacted to Leo Messi Winning the Ballon d’Or

How Every Football Fan Reacted to Leo Messi Winning the Ballon d’Or

Messi should win the Ballon d’Or. He’s the best player in the world. 4-0. People forget about that? I don’t blame the Liverpool loss on Messi. You can’t play every position! Neymar would have won if he didn’t get injured. No player dribbled past Van Dijk in the Premier League, or the Champions League! Neymar wouldn’t have gotten injured if he didn’t try to transfer. Who cares if you can’t dribble past him? He can’t even win the Premier League! If one player would have scored one goal… I’d rather have the Premier League trophy than a Ballon d’Or winner. As long as a Liverpool player doesn’t win it. Ballon d’Or cursed Luka Modric. I hope Messi does win so he gets cursed, too! People need to start respecting Lewandowski. Champions League success matters. Ballon d’Or is an individual award! Four to zero. Lewandowski’s scored more than Messi! Ronaldo did score a hat-trick in an international semi-final. Best FIFA Men’s Player. Won the European Golden Shoe. 36 goals in La Liga. UEFA MVP. Highest duel-win rate. I would give it to Sadio Mane before I give it to Messi. People hate on Ronaldo because he’s successful. Ronaldo beat Van Dijk in the UEFA Nations League. It doesn’t matter that Ronaldo didn’t score, he contributed. Messi’s the best player in La Liga. He’s the best player in the world! If Messi doesn’t win, they shouldn’t even have the award any more. Strikers always win. Defence wins championships. Except in the Premier League. If Van Dijk doesn’t win the award, the award is biased. They’re already reporting Messi’s gonna win. That’s six, baby! Ronaldo fans gonna be sick. If Ronaldo doesn’t win, it should be Van Dijk. It shouldn’t be Messi, that’s all I’m saying. Lewandowski’s always underrated! Van Dijk is winning! Messi is winning! Messi won, let’s go! Are you kidding me? Messi won? This is some bull! Van Dijk should have won! This award doesn’t matter any more. I don’t even care about this award any more. I knew Messi was gonna win. He’s the GOAT. I just wanna be good again.

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  1. I don’t know about you but getting out scored by a 36 year old in serie a is better then being the top scorer and assister and carrying your team to la liga

  2. Lol the fact that Liverpool fans bring up one game out of an entire season on the basis that VVD should win is the reason why they don’t let the general public vote 😂

  3. Hi your vinds are so funny 😂how long do they take and Madrid's my favorite team and I loved the man u at the end

  4. Should've been given to Van Dijk, as a Napoli fan. By the way, who the hell still thinks that Ronaldo deserved it this year?

  5. As a Ronaldo fan I don’t think he deserved it this year. Hopefully he gets his form back and puts some numbers up next season tho

  6. Messi should be the best in the world, Barca have invested over a billion of whatever currency you would like to choose to put him there

  7. As a barca fan messi did not deserve ne ballon d'or Virgil Van Dijk deserves it more
    Messi-Golden boot,La Liga los against lvp
    Vvd-UCL,Super cup,Monster in the qualifying Netherlands for euro 2020 and to top it off he recently almost scored a jat trick Im sorry to all my Barcelona brotherin but VVD deserves it more

  8. It was a bit weird to see just recorded video with sun light while preparing to sleep, but I bet that is how earth work, so ok.

  9. Still think it downright should not have been given as there was no obvious choice last season 🤷🏾‍♂️. However, they have to choose one every year. Even if there isn’t an obvious choice.

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