How A Blind Person Follows And Enjoys Sports

How A Blind Person Follows And Enjoys Sports

Sports! People are always wondering
do you like sports? Are you a fan
and who do you follow? Yes, I do, I enjoy sports a lot. I’m a baseball fan,
a giant baseball fan. I’m a baseball fan,
a giant baseball fan. I root for the
New York Metropolitans. I love the Mets. When you go to the game live, When you go to the game live, how do follow the game? See, that’s tricky ’cause
I have to go with somebody who’s like my brother-in-law he’s great to go
to a ball game with ’cause he’ll do the
play-by-play and stuff and because I know
the Mets very well and the other team,
you pay attention to lineup and you know who’s
coming to bat and stuff. That’s the way I get to enjoy it live and it’s just fun to be there. It’s great to be there. What games are really hard
to follow on television? See like tennis isn’t very interesting
for me on television or golf isn’t terribly
interesting on television you know what I mean? But I don’t care for those
games to much anyway but Not like baseball
or basketball or hockey. How did you follow sports
when you were a kid? How did you follow sports
when you were a kid? I didn’t,
I didn’t really understand it. Well I did, I followed basketball
and hockey when I was a kid because they were
on WNBC in New York and Marv Albert did both
the Knicks and the Rangers and so instantly I was a
fan because of Marv Albert. As a kid in the ’70s right and this guy was just
killing it on the radio. In those days, I think
they did radio and TV at the same time. But then I discovered
baseball in the ’80s when the Mets were
starting to turn it around in like 1984, ’85. And I really got into it,
and then I was hooked. On the radio is the best. It’s fun going to
a sporting event with you because you pick up on different things in the event. Yep. That refocuses what
I would pay attention to. One of the things that stood
out to me was the crowd. When we went to
the football game. Exactly. Yep. Somebody takes a major hit. Yeah, you just hear
the whole place go, “ooh!” It’s sort of that thing
if you’ve ever like in a bar It’s sort of that thing
if you’ve ever like in a bar while there’s been football
or American football or soccer or any
kind of thing like that. The whole place just
groans at the same time and it’s marvelous. What sports have you learned to play or tried at least once? I’ve done baseball. I did golf Little basketball? Basketball, yup, that’s right. Shooting? Fast draw shooting. Anything else
that we didn’t film? That we’ve not filmed? No, I don’t think so. Archery? I got a list of sports here. Bowling, have
you ever tried bowling? Oh bowling, I’ve done many times. Certainly as kids and stuff. My worse day at bowling
ever was like a three. In 10 frames of bowling,
I got the first ball and that was it. I just couldn’t do it. I can never keep my wrist straight. I can’t get that action,
you know what I mean? I don’t think I’ve
ever broken a hundred but if we put up little
bumpers, I’m much better. Badminton? No. or table tennis,
that kind of thing? or table tennis,
that kind of thing? Ping pong, yeah. We had a ping pong
table growing up so I would play with it but I always like to check out
other people playing. It’s a wonderful game to listen to just the sound of it. Yoga? If that’s a sport. Have you ever tried yoga? No. I think, you know because I’ve started
to run now and stuff and I’m in much different shape
than I used to be so I think yoga would be
a nice addition to it. What about surfing? Surfing. Ever tried it? Never, I’ve done body surfing. Hockey? Hockey, we used to like like I can skate a little bit. Well I could, I don’t know
if I could anymore but when I was a kid, I could. What about karate volleyball, anything like that? No, nope, nope, none of those. Fishing? Yes, I’ve fished! Yes, I have! Yeah, with my dad and a couple
times going fishing. Yeah, with my dad and a couple
times going fishing. I never really caught
anything but it’s fun just the togetherness of it all just the togetherness of it all being out of the water. Right, just hanging out. Yep. That’s a nice bonding
moment with dad. Yeah, it’s great. The old man. The old man. Did you ever try to bait the hook? No. That’s a little dangerous. Yeah, that would be
pretty scary, I think. That’s what,
that’s a six pack in probably? Maybe 9 or 10 beers. That’s like the end
of the fishing trip. I wanna try it now. Come on, let me give it a shot. On land when there’s no point to it. Subscribe to the podcast
on the new channel or or you could find it wherever
you download podcasts. Hear that? What?

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  1. Thanks for watching our latest video. This is a highlight from episode 2 of the podcast. Watch: and subscribe: 🙂

  2. You‘re such an impressive person! I couldn‘t even imagine what its like to be blind, being blessed with the gift of vision

  3. Love you Tommy, you've got a great personality. Glad to have you back! Im trying to think of something cool to send you! Hi Ben!

  4. I might be stupid. But I have always wondered how born blind people learn to stand and walk and how their balance organ/labyrinth works.

  5. Brazilian JuJitsu is something you can do and excel at blind… And learn to choke people out and break their bones at the same time.

  6. I just want to thank Tommy for sharing his experiences and thought to the World
    I've learned things from the perspective of the Blind and it opened my eyes to a Wiser understanding things

  7. This Brazilian mom just was nominated fan of the year by FIFA for narrating the matches to her son

  8. I'm guessing listening to radio broadcasts from sporting events would be easier to follow generally since the commentators have it in their mind that their listeners won't probably be watching the action, whereas on TV, there might be a lot of "oooh. Look at that basket!" Stuff like that? I mean, clearly I've not WATCHED a sporting event and been bothered by such things.

    Kind of related, when I was a tour guide on the tour buses around my city, I had a few talks on how to adapt a tour to make it more accessable for people with problems with their sight. Some of these lessons we'd use to change all tours, like I stopped saying, "on the left, you can see…", etc. Very useful actually.

  9. I think you should collab with Molly Burke. I've always loved your channel so glad your back with new videos! I would like to hear the different perspectives of someone who has been blind from birth like you, compared to Molly who lost her vision as she became a teenager. I know shes always had some vision impairment, and never had complete vision, but I think alot of people would benefit from seeing that everyone who has visual impairments can vary completely. Thank you for taking the time to read my comment. <3

  10. I think an episode where tommy trys yoga would be amazing. that would be a good activity to see how it could be taught to a blind person.

  11. The football club i support, Bohemian FC in Ireland have started a thing where there is a commentator specifically to describe the match live to blind people at matches, earpieces hooked into one ear so that the atmosphere can also be experienced.

  12. fishing is pretty much the only sport that makes sense for him to do (since most of the time, you can't really see what you're doing anyway), and yet, he's barely done it

  13. tommy's back!!! he is just such an absolute darling. he's aways so positive and funny and sweet. what a beautiful soul.

  14. Tommy Edison – The only person on Earth looking younger in 2019 than he was in 2010.

    You are looking great man!

  15. This made me realize that fishing is probably a really wonderful activity for blind people because fishing really doesn't require vision. It's all the feeling in the rod

  16. I'd love to see a full video covering Tommy at the shooting range.

    Surfing, volleyball, or badminton would be way too extremely hard for him, especially badminton. Then again I would say the same about baseball, yet he at least tried that a bit.

    Better sports for him would be swimming, rock-climbing/bouldering, gentle skiing (or cross-country skiing), possibly ice skating, quinzhee-building (if you call that a sport, although he doesn't have the snow for it, at least now), or even martial arts (despite it being unintuitive).

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