Houston Texans Fans: Ben Hates You

Houston Texans Fans: Ben Hates You

as we’re watching jacksonville yesterday
nearly the houston texas i was watching jet warfare uh… attacks in france in houston and they were here during the thing that
you do when you’re going to do when your battle is again that you shouldn’t was
fifteen point three percent of the jaguars nak so and the fans like this right you know that the or the things
that ten states offensive and i think and whose attraction checkpoint nobody relief who has passion for the
houston texas tonight a role i don’t believe nobody cares about the
tax there’s nothing you could possibly feel passionately about believed one of
those people would have had their day even marginally effective by jack wong the people around since
like tuesday u_k_ possibly feel that in your bones you
know there’s no there’s no such thing as an old-school texan jersey whether we
would that be you’ve old-school take bali there david
carter data tracking exactly delegate big of the david crockett name one all types of cases they pay disagree
with you and i’m gonna stick up for the texan says mainly cuz i’d no that’ll be
on my side i wanted to give the think the adirondacks only because of the
online site that still the they work i think they were except i’d feel like
it was a market that was did if you wanna say dominated by the astros it was
a market that need a football team a lot of these people probably refer the
cowboys but didn’t have the road team they put it in houston great stadium
they’ve really built up the team to where it is today and if they’re a lot
of good decent access to it no i i don’t like it they got team it
just don’t pretend like you’re really into it just be honest with yourself you’re not that it can you tell them how
to manage their emotions and early dealings had given me a platform darnell that wrong public about are
looking up there would be debate for that literate i cannot remember
wikipedia trusted website like it but i can remember any all or texans who was the atlanta all these
pretty good running-backs for awhile ante up dot check it together here on
friday this is really good segment work this is
a large in thailand and looks at a wikipedia page says nothing cameron everybody come watch that anyway it’s a very old on someone getting kitna
faced which is great for you to their wares what’s there now the

99 thoughts on “Houston Texans Fans: Ben Hates You

  1. ya thats the texas area that game means more to them then jacksonville san diego tampa bay and miami combined… every team starts somewhere but they got some exciting players doing some exciting things… 20 years from now there will be people with Watt and Schaub and foster and Johnson jerseys this franchise will be fine…

  2. Didn't Benjamin make some stupid comment some months ago about soccer or something?

    He has his moments, but most of the time he's a myopic dumbass.

  3. What do they matter in this conversation? They moved to Tennessee and became the Titans. Ricky's the one who failed to mention them when he said Houston was dominated by the Astros and needed a football team.

  4. Maybe you should do some research before critiquing and analyzing a team as well as their fans. Not very professional looking at a Wikipedia page

  5. Really? Dude bring your ass down to Houston and all you see is Texan fans. A person not from Houston has no right to say they dont got any fans. Who the fuck this nerd dude think he is? Loser!

  6. Maybe he doesn't understand that football is a religion down here an after the asshole who took the oilers from us left. We got a team to call our own. Any way he might just be apart of this hate on the Texans group that thinks just because we have no history that means we can't make history.!

  7. And people do have emotion for the Texans. Do you even know football? I dont think so! Because every team fan get nervous when the game is close. Idiot! And dont worry Ben, Texan fan hates you.

  8. Not just texan fans cuz he just thinks that texan fans only had one team to cry about and he just forgot oilers plus chicago had fans last week just like that and my friend happens to be one of them but he didnt mention them cuz dispite they got superbowl rings, they just aint making performances now….this guy should really think before he speaks and the guy with the headset on the computer i agree with u man

  9. plus its not that many number of insults its barely like 6 or 7 maybe less cuz seriously, i heard better insults by my nephew who happens to be 3 years old and yet you give bad insults…get a another job dude you suck at insults, you suck at looking at the fans reactions right, you suck at game reviews, basically your just a robin williams look-alike….

  10. You should of called this episode; Dumbass guy sayin stupid crap because he doesn't like the Houston Texans! (probably a cryboys fan)

  11. I'm from Dallas and have lots of friends in Houston, and I can tell you that they did NOT become Cowboys fans between the Oilers and Texans. I can guarenfuckinteeyou that.

  12. Dumbass, The Oilers are now the Titans….including their history. The Texans are from scratch so therefore Ben is right and they have been around since Tuesday (compared to the Bears, Cardinals, Packers, Browns, etc)

  13. The Oilers are now the Titans. Ben is right from that aspect that there are no old school texan fans. Texans is an entirely new team. I do think that the Oilers leaving for Tennessee did leave a huge hole in the football market which made it easier for the Texans to pull in fans and they probably do have lots of the old oiler fans.

  14. Nope, you're wrong you fucktard. See, when ya'll pissed off Bud Adams and he moved the team they were the Tennessee Oilers for about 2 years. Now, if he had changed the name of the team when they moved you might have a point. But that's not how things work in the NFL. If you keep the name of the team it don't matter what city it is.

    That's why the Arizona, formerly Phoenix, formerly St. Louis Cardinals history books go back like 125 years to the Chicago Cardinals.

  15. Same thing with okc fans but Texans got a good fanbase just not a passionate one they do got a lot of bandwagon fans tho

  16. Who bandwagons the texans? But I do find it funny a lot the bengals "fans" that magically popped up out of nowhere these last couple years but just as fast as you saw them they were gone. I cant talk sports with someone that is born and raised in say ohio but they like yankees lakers and pats. Support where your from even if they suck. Nothing more pathetic than cheering for teams you have absolutely nothing to do with emotionaly and physically.

  17. Kinda weird thinking that Jacksonville's the "old school" team compared to their opponent. How often does that happen? Like, almost never!!!

  18. yes i was just saying that the city has a football history and many associate this franchise with the oilers..i know that the oilers left to Tennessee

  19. ok i dont get how ben had to make a video of how the fans are not supportive, Did ben not have the balls to say it to are fans when he was at the game??? is it just me or does ben seem like a pussy???

  20. LMAO look up definition of a hater and you'll be directed to this video. What a dumbass….lol thumbs up if you think there are more texans fans than of this idiot

  21. Youngest team in the NFL with one of the best records. Already in the hunt for Super Bowl. So basically what you are trying to say is that Houston or any Texans fan can't care about their team because we are too young as a team…and that is your argument?…..lame.

  22. Ideas for original texans:
    Chester Pitts
    Aaron Glenn
    Jabar Gaffney

    This guy should realize that the texans are the best team in the AFC (record wise )

    He doesn't realize the impact of football on this city, from all the way over in LA

  23. Ben is a fcking idiot…and he just insulted the 4th largest city in America like we're some backwater city or something….But anyway, Benjamin is degenerate gambling loser whose picks are always wrong….and he's frustrated his sorry ass San Diego Chargers won't win a Super Bowl before we do..

    I understand he's jealous..lmao..

    Oh yeah the motivation for ppl who are Texans fans before they started winning was to be on board win they did start winning…And oohhhhh how sweeeeet it is!

  24. Hey Ben how dumb can you be? Just so you know This team was made when I was 10 years old and when I just started getting into football. I have never missed a Texans game and I grew up with this team. Even the tear they went 2-14 I never missed a game. How you can say this team has no true fan is beyond me. I breath this team. If they don't win I usually have a bad week because here in Texas football is king. Grow a pair and stop hiding behind your crap show and say this a reliant stadium

  25. Really man have you ever heard of the Houston Oilers. If it wasn't for Bud Adams and his punk ass we would still have them in the city. Then the football obsessed state of Texas got another team and in the biggest city in Texas WOW. Now most people that were Oilers fans are now Texans fans, amazing how that can happen. And now some cowgirl fans are "warming" up to the team too. Your really horrible in sports commentary btw.

  26. this dude is soo ignorant! theres more texans fans in texas now than cowboys fans. oh ben you will be fucked in your ass and then hung by your ballls by one of the 5 million people/fans that live in Houston bitch!

  27. This clown's could argue the same thing about the Titans, Ravens, OKC Thunder, or the Nationals. Stick to local radio markets.

  28. Been supporting the Houston Texans for a good 10 years now. Ben should know how long 10 years is, same amount of time since his last sexual encounter.

  29. When Bud Adams fired Bum Phillips just after the hey day of Luv Ya Blue and Earl Campbell, when Houston had passionate Oilers fans, he severely wounded Houston professional football.  When he moved the team out of the city, he killed it.  He is a sorry and greedy man who treated so many passionate Oiler fans as so much feces.  Many of us have never taken to the Texans, and many of us never will.

  30. Correction…they put a team back in Houston. Ben may not remember this team called the Houston Oilers. Next thing you know, if we get an NBA team back here in Seattle he'll say "whose an old school Sonics fan?"

  31. I may hate the Texans, but I know that they have passionate fans all over the US. Don't say a team has no loyal fans. Every team has loyal fans.

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