Houston Rockets vs Washington Wizards Full Game Highlights | 11.26.2018, NBA Season

Houston Rockets vs Washington Wizards Full Game Highlights | 11.26.2018, NBA Season

On the year, they’re five and five here at home they beat the pelicans here Saturday 124 Rockets come in nine and nine. They are five and five on the road They lost at Cleveland saddle interesting to me about that Chris is how often those things go hand in hand, right getting stops defensive three So we’ll see how that works tonight the Wizards, obviously played really well against New Orleans and the alley-oop – Thomas Bryan really plays with great energy and gives this team a presence in the face Easy lane to the basket for Eric Wizards, we’ll be in New Orleans Wednesday night and Philadelphia Friday night baseline shot good John gets some space and his jumper is true Nice job one thing and to get that chemistry with the second unit for the Wizards But I think he’s rounding into form and what I was impressed with was how much into that Cleveland game Leave this guy open and he makes him pay Where that was can’t happen again and can’t continually happen If you expect to beat this Euston rockets team wall drives using that left hand off the glass. He’s been successful going to the rim Beautiful pass and delay in the harden also had nine turnovers in that game against the Cavaliers Gordon again Bob about that the Houston ears hardness Averaging 30 points a game. He is number one in the NBA He scores and rear he averages 26 points a game on 49% shooting and the steal to Hartley and he’ll get it easy to Once again Washington will have to take a time and save that Now wall gives it off the peel with a fake works himself free and drains a three That’s a good path holding other franchise records including three-pointers for this team Harden dumps it in And an easily and that’s his seventh assist We’re still in the first quarter talk about passes saturon ski final for Washington SATA rad ski Keith Morris is open for three and he knocks it down now when he gets Field nice pass for rivers to go to satyr and ski inside for Green score the field wall and he’ll go to the Heart alley-oop. What a great pass Pardon doing what he does best draws contact me knocking it out of bounds Rivers lawd a contact and he scores cut off baseline needs help satyr on ski Wall with seven to shoot its into the paintin slams it down It’s no good at Keith Morris is there Otto Porter now he shoots and hits a three Harden gets around Morris drives to the glass and lays it in 15 points for James Harden Here’s Porter streaking into the paint to lay it in a I keep doing that becoming again tonight 17 points led by Morris with nine That’s a good rebound and a foul and a basket both little tips Right one with Markieff Morris and one with Kelly Oubre and he walks away with a clean sheet on both of them Bradley Beal with a tough shot off the glass Gordon Boy just a strong move he had Porter come out Wall snips inside it scores Harden steps back to the jumper and Kansas no call ball downcourt behind his back lace it up and then with War will try a three just missed it rebound Porter to put it up and then in the Wizards a Great pass Fabulous pet Peel for Morris Excellent passing by the Wizards the Wizards have the rebound good box-out wall nice pass for Santa wretzky To collect it 12 into the corner for Beale Luckily satyr ants he gets it back now Porter on the runner good Harden around Saturn ski off the glass and in The Rockets bench 21 to 5 He bores with 11 who Bray off the glass wouldn’t go rebound Thomas Bryant to put it back up in the technical foul I guess so he’ll pass over the wall. He’ll try a 3 and drilling in us Short rebound comes out And they try again and this time school dumps it in knocked away by brian Wall drives little contact he lays it up and in Okay, so we’ve seen john wall. Maybe since the second half of that Los Angeles Clippers game Gordon Unbelievable seven for both Gordon and harden. We’re just at the beginning of the third quarter They slide three good for bradleyb powers just Campello sets a screen Harden drives and lays it in that’s really good. I mean Johnny’s able to finish just a sappy play 29 for Hart Field drives into the paint lays it up and in beautiful playoffs Screen roll capela goes up and in that’s a nifty play from Eugene, Oregon Beal gets free for his jumper. That’s good babe’s on Jeff Green Harden steps back to the jump old school You know where this is going Unbelievable go with one section Green keeps it alive Morris has it and sends it down. Love it feel Keith for three and the lead That’s calm over two million cars sold into counting Gordon pulls back for a long three that’s good Nice crossover by rivers up and under score the field goal You were playing in the league where you stealing moves from other people to trauma. Hope your game expand So I didn’t have a lot of gear out of boots in the mag nobody asked me Nobody asked you Jeff Green baseline House swings it over nice fake by Gordon works himself free and how good is that gun? Wall launches a three got it Big Shot rivers That hurts and they do that, I mean they try to get you With Jeff green and step back for the long jumper score the field goal. He’s fouled That’s a big play right there four-point play Beal on the baseline. Got two of them back It’s on the line and Houston Has it Wow, Washington unable to take advantage? Of that and house scores wool long three off of the iron tip up. No good rebound feel the jumper got it for Close to five seconds Gordon shoots and that is going to be over the shoe John the jumper from 15 good Peel Swing it to wall one second on the clock big four fouls Knocked away stolen by Porter. Here’s Beal down court Timeout 843 to play a no team was by Seven-card, we’ll take the shot and hit three-point field goals. They get it – Gordon Shoots trying to draw a foul. He missed it tipped around. It’s on the ground. It’s Taken down. It’s scored by Capello and bench production for this Wizards team John Wall misses that one and that is your ball game the Wizards come back from 17 points down early despite 54 points from James Harden and 36 from Eric Gordon wall and Beal prevail in overtime and fans remember since the Wizards won at scored 135

100 thoughts on “Houston Rockets vs Washington Wizards Full Game Highlights | 11.26.2018, NBA Season

  1. People keep saying Melo don't play D, but they never talk about Harden, yes he's a scoring machine, but dude don't no D at all

  2. Harden must've been mad as shit, dropping 54 points and still losing to a bum ass team…. its Melo's fault, he ain't been scoring lately,

  3. This is just so…wrong. At 5:53 you can see all these "fans" walking on the sideline, with tons of food and drinks. I get it, they pay big time for those front row seats, but it just feels wrong. Not only they come back at 5:50 into the 3rd quarter, they bring half the buffet with them! Who allows such people to take over the best seats? And they're also being "served" just like in a restaurant… Disgusting!!!!!!!

  4. Harden got same move every single time and still nobody catches up on it? He’s easy to defend if you just watch him play. He has 3 pointers and layups and no defense, that’s him in a nutshell.

  5. Washington wizard is still not at their best. Better defensive play this game from wizard and this gane wouldn't go to OT

  6. If Melo played, this wouldn't even go OT; Rockets would take the L during regulation. Melo would have saved them 5 minutes of extra play time. LOL

  7. Guys stop acting like Harden is a god. He is overrated he made 54 points in 47 minutes and got a damn ton of turnovers. Harden only gets points when he gets a ton of play time

  8. They won because he is now letting beal get to his own rhythm, not just as a spot up shooter. Hope they comeback stronger for a playoff spot.

  9. Bruh, no cap 🧢. James Harden reminds me of Baron Davis, if he was a shooter and not a dunker. But their both bigger built guard that has their way against their opponents at will

  10. They need to bring in Melo instead of letting him sit, he helped them out big time when Harden was out. No reason to have Harden out there scoring 50 everynight.

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