Honda Accord Sport 2017 Review | TestDriveNow

Honda Accord Sport 2017 Review | TestDriveNow

The Honda Accord has been the most popular,
best-selling car in America over the past 4 decades. Need more be said? It’s pedigree of reliable motoring has matured
over time to include such hallmark characteristics as sporty handling, get-in-and-drive ergonomics
and big car spaciousness. And what’s more, you can still buy one with
a 6-speed manual. This Accord Sport sedan is one of 3 models
in the car’s lineup you can still have with a stick shift in lieu of the optional CVT,
and they all are 4-cylinder powered. They also all reside at the lower end of the
trim spectrum; the manual gearbox formula most manufacturers’ follow these days. Slotted just above the base LX trim, the 2017
Sport is priced from a modest $25,250 including destination. Last year, Honda gave the Accord the once-over
infusing its flat design with more dynamic styling, fortifying the body and upgrading
the chassis. And man, did it do wonders for the Accord’s
street presence. With upsized 19” wheels fitted with V Speed-rated
ContiProConact tires, larger front brakes, dual exhaust, rear spoiler, aluminum pedals,
leather-wrapped steering wheel, and carbon fiber-style garnish, the Sport package is
a modest though effective grouping that adds some real visual zest. Even though it’s positioned near the bottom
of the Accord ladder, you’d never know by looking at it. The use of LED lighting, chrome accents and
rich paint further provide an upmarket appearance with sporty attitude. Under the aluminum hood is an Earth Dreams,
also known as a direct-injected 2.4-liter 4-cylinder engine with a very small bump in
output when compared with the non-Sport models, generating 189 horsepower and 182 pound-feet
of torque. Suffering from a bit of turbo overload lately,
this naturally aspirated engine is a gutsy but smooth performer reminding me just how
satisfying a non-boosted motor can be. It’s perfect for this application; a family
car with expectations for high comfort and yet delightfully fun to drive. That equation is bolstered by this sweet-looking
and ultra-smooth shifting 6-speed that can be rowed without ruffling your occupants or
tiring you out. I’m not one of those “save the manual”
guys but this is exactly how I’d want my Accord Sport. Plus it saves you $800 at time of purchase
however it does take a hit at the pump dropping 3mpgs from the CVT model, netting 26mpg in
combined driving and reducing the car’s range by over 50 miles, though still able
to travel nearly 450 miles on a full tank.

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  1. I absolutely love my 2016 Accord Sport. The 2.4 gets me shockingly good mileage and as well surprisingly quick acceleration and gusty highway potential. Once more, here in Canada, the Sport models get the two-screen dash layout with indeed, Andriod auto and Apple Car Play !!!! A

  2. Every time I see an Accord, I wonder why Acura exists at all. This car is better than the ILX in every way, and it looks better than the entire Acura lineup.

  3. If Honda could just add a touch screen with Apple CarPlay I would consider it. But wait! There's a new 2018 model. I'll wait.

  4. I would not be surprised if this is the very last generation of accord that is available in the US with a manual transmission. I hope I'm wrong.

  5. Such an amazing looking car for the price. Really wanted to get this but no sunroof and to a lesser extent Apple Carplay killed it for me, I went for the Civic instead.

  6. Hey Steve, my brother said the 4 cylinder accord and civics are having problems mainly because of the CVT transmission, he's a head technician at Honda in North Carolina

  7. You know, Steve, it's funny: We've gotten so spoiled by turbos in cars these days that it makes naturally aspirated engines all the more charming, especially when it's mated to the right kind of transmission (a.k.a. The 6 speed manual).

    Let's hope that the 2018 turbo-or-bust redesign actually makes the statement that "turbos are overrated because of mileage, numbers, and just pure bragging rights, and underrated because they're overrated" actually end for good. Especially when it's aimed at the typical family sedan buyer.

  8. When it seems like just about everyone with a GoPro is doing car "reviews" on YouTube, it's nice to have a professional review like yours by someone that can speak intelligently about cars.

  9. So the next gen Accord will be built off the Civic architecture??? I think Honda is taking a big risk doing this, or they're very secure about that Civic platform to do this.

  10. I wonder if you can build this engine up with k20 heads etc like what tuners do, and get 260HP? Do suspension, smaller wheels, better rubber, LSD and basically build an Accord Type R and this would be so fun and unique.

  11. I have this exact car (2016) and boy is this thing a joy to drive for something that's relatively large in size. I love the freaking interior of the sport model. Super simple and easy to use. The large 8" screen serves as a sharp backup camera with three different views. Cmon Honda why didn't you just add keyless entry and push start for US buyers????

  12. I'm so glad you include drive-by shots of the car you review. Too many YouTube reviewers just stick a camera on the windows and talk for 20 minutes.

  13. #savethemanuals, Honda has a homerun w/this car and it's been on my "next car list", right next to a Golf SportWagen S 5M, and a Mazda6 Touring 6M. I like the Honda formula, but I am not thrilled that I ONLY get to choose 4 colors w/the manual transmission. CVT buyers get 8. WTF Honda? I know this is how they "do business" in the Accord line, but I think it is stupid. I want a blue exterior, black (dark interior) and a manual. I can't have that in the Accord Sport w/the manual. The Civic Hatch Sport gets all 7 colors w/either transmission. Other than the limited colors, the car is a win in my book. My next battle is bringing over (back) the Mazda6 Wagon. Can you help me out w/that Steve? Thanks for the review.

  14. The fact that this car didn't come with push button start killed it for me. Like, come on Honda. I can get a base Altima with push button start. Why can I not get it on a Honda Accord sport. Ugh.

  15. Lucky I'm in Canada we have so much features in our sport model. ACC, LKA, sunroof, heated seats, apple carplay/android auto, push start and I can't remember all of them.

  16. dont really like lip spoiler…i just upgraded my accord w wing spoiler thats bigger w break light. its just stunning. its little pricy but worth it

  17. I just purchased this exact car, oh my do I love this smooth as silk manual. The reason I purchased this car was the intentional lack of electronics. When a car has less electronics onboard, you are less likely to have a "glitch". I also love that it has a naturally aspirated motor, this motor has been around awhile and is easily parted out if I need to get a part down the road. Steve, I generally watch videos of cars that I am interested in, however I watch everyone of your videos because of your ability to describe what the car you are reviewing makes you feel. Great job and look forward to all of your future reviews.

  18. You're not a fan of the "save the manuals". Interesting comment. I'm all for progress. Matter of fact, I wish Honda offered the Accord with the 8-speed double clutch from the Acura line-up. However, your range of 450 miles in an inline-4 is interesting. I just purchased an Accord Coupe, V6 6-speed manual. I'm getting a range of 450 miles, as well, due to the manual in an engine that is approximately 50% bigger. Thus, not only does the manual afford me performance, if the driver is disciplined, it can afford a "real" high MPG return. Thus, we need to "save the manuals". Great review.

  19. Steve you are the man. If I could have Alex on Autos thoroughness, your voice, succinctness, and commentary, and SubaruWRXfans enthusiasm and emotion… = perfect car reviews. But I still definitely will always check your take on a car before considering it. Keep up the good work!

  20. This Accord is amazing, fun as well 189hp is all you need in a Honda just have fun, and when you add the the exhaust and intake which would add more power and torque, I kinda of like the 2013 accord sport styling, but this one looks very luxurious for some reason.

  21. interior is just a drab, ugly steering wheel, it looks like a sporty limo not sport sedan. styling is just ok , too much chrome looks like too much lipstick. Positive is that it does not have CVT.

  22. Test drove one of these yesterday. CVT model. And I absolutely fell in LOVE with it. Honda took the CVT trans and made it feel sporty. Go figure lol. Was looking into a manual but the smoothness of the CVT while still feeling sporty won me over! Plus it'll be good with the girlfriend and kid!

    I've test driven a few cars and the Accord without question was the best! Looks nice. Feels amazing to drive. Very grounded and sporty for a family car. Not a ton of bells and whistles which can be good. It's a drivers car. And I love that!! Can't wait to get one!!

  23. Can someone help me out please…I have a 2017 Accord sport cvt automatic. I love the car minus the cvt. BUT…whenever I put the car in cruise control…the car pulls to the left. Only present in cruise control…can someone chime in on wtf is going on. Thanks!!

  24. This car was perfect in looks and package except I would have liked to see a standard moonroof. I hate and I mean hat the looks ot the 2018 and electronic e brake.

  25. Hello Steve, I currently own a 2014 Honda Accord EX, while I enjoy the push to start & sunroof features I’ve been thinking about upgrading to a 2017 Honda Accord Sport or 2017 Honda Accord EX-L model. Would you recommend me sticking with my older 2014 car or pulling the trigger on one of the 2017 cars? Thanks David

  26. Fantastic review, concise, detailed and thorough, and without the annoying/distracting muzak soundtrack that many reviewers use! Also great interior/exterior and driving shots. I love this car. Just test drove a slightly used 2017 Accord LX with the CVT and I thought it drove very well. Trying to decide between the CVT and the 6-speed. I've mostly been a manual driver but the CVTs really work smoothly. After your review, I'm leaning toward the Sport over the LX. Thank You!!

  27. I've been shopping around for one of these, and the 6 speed manual's a tough to find in my area. Cant decide if I want to get this one or just save up more and get the 2018 with the 2.0 t engine

  28. I bought my first brand new car in December 2015, a 2016 Accord Sport 6MT. Best car I ever owned. Traded it in for Acura piece of shit and lost a lot of money but more than money, lost that car. I'll never forgive myself. I envy the person who owns it now.

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