GWENT: The Witcher Card Game | This Week in GWENT 07.02.2020

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game | This Week in GWENT 07.02.2020

Patch week is always packed will lots of cool stuff and this one is no exception! Lots of balance changes, new products, season of love and Season of the Wolf qualifiers! Lets jump right into it! Patch 5.1 launched this week and with it a lot of changes and reworks for existing cards! You can read the full patchnotes by heading to the news section on First qualifiers for Masters Season two are coming! First Qualifier will take place on February 15th, and the Second Qualifier on February 22nd-23rd. To see the list of eligible players head over to Season of Love is here and with it a brand new seasonal mode! This month whenever you play a non-Spying unit, move a random enemy unit with the same power to the opposite side. The season will last till March 3rd, 2020! We have two new items in the Shupe Shop! Seasons of the Cat Bundle with all the seasonal goodies plus more, as well as the Syndicate faction Pack which features a pre-constructed deck! Be sure to hit up Shupe and check them out! That’s it for this weeks TWiG, see you again next week!

46 thoughts on “GWENT: The Witcher Card Game | This Week in GWENT 07.02.2020

  1. Господа русские модераторы CDPR, прошу вас от лица русского коммьюнити – возьмите себя в руки и вовремя подготавливайте субтитры.
    Я понимаю, что гораздо легче сказать, что все понимают английский. Отчасти это верно. Но все равно неприятно.

  2. Could be possible create another gamemode? Something new and fresh like coop matchmaking with 2vs2 matches or something like this? I would like to play with another random player on my side with a lorefriendly ally faction or even the same faction. For example Scoitael + Nilfgaard on my side vs Northern Realms + Skellige in the other side or Monsters + Monsters vs Skellige + Monsters, etc. 2vs2 would be crazy and super fun, because your ally player would interact with your cards on the board along with your cementery (Monsters or Skellige factions). Please think about this, specially on PC platform. You can do this easily with 5 cards from your faction and the other 5 cards from your ally faction (10 cards in one side, 5 from your deck + 5 cards from the other coop player in the first round, both ally players can interact with all their cards, 50 cards minimum in a cooperative deck, the other player skins in the right corner, etc) 4 players. Please think about this. It'll be amazing.

  3. How about you guys hurry up and release gwent for android it's kinda irritating that I have to face people on console who have access to cards I have no way of getting

  4. Remember patch that changed 200+ cards and when they said that from now they will be releasing small balance patches every month.

  5. We need this neutral card : Cancer (deploy) whenever you play Nilfgaard or Northern Realms you get every patch new cards that will give you an insta win, more poison, lock, and more special cards (destroy 5 units with 5 hp or more in every single row) for 2 provision cost

  6. 0:33 I think it would be better to not give the list of players. Instead you could just show their ingame avatars and borders. (: (:

  7. So when is this balance patch coming? Did I miss it? Are you guys aware the meta revolves around a 5 provision bronze. And whether or not you draw your 14p scenario and stick your leader? Literally wtf are you guys doing………

  8. "balance" changes…. sure fuck this game. first few months when it first came out were fun as all hell but now its worse than hearthstone

  9. Quisiera que las unidades se animaran en 3d y parecieran en el campo de batalla sería el mejor juego de cartas en la actualidad

  10. lol who tf plays this game. Homecoming destroyed this game. Old Gwents lowest viewercount on twitch was still higher than new gwents highest viewercount KEKW

  11. Dude you lost all credibility when you said harmony and scoiatel are in a good spot dude. Your team is inept at balancing card games. Can’t wait to see cyberpunk and hopeful next installation of Witcher. But stick to those

  12. Be awesome if you guys sell other Witcher school merchandise because Wolf is mostly dominant. Let the other schools have some spotlight.

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