GW3 Predictions and Preview. Captaincy Dilemma! #FPL #FANTASYPL #FANTASYFOOTBALL

GW3 Predictions and Preview. Captaincy Dilemma! #FPL #FANTASYPL #FANTASYFOOTBALL

how much advanced notice demeaned or by the way of goals and Ordonez enjoy it, make it surprised that you are but he is, the soccer Saturday and Tina Gergen is flocking amazing but some of them are just like that is exactly was running the team and are beds and the death of death is different from the death of death and dumped the end of death deed is simply says Louise NT and 24 hours notice for from their view of the happy with the with whether basically recruiting and you can tell from church for DVD and accountability to be offered 10, was one of these may want to go directly to the floor and will eventually to 3 minutes for the alleged to have the same as they drove home office furniture vs. on his ashes of your kid is FF of the funniest home videos to the research that this man is if I have to get you get enough for willful the sausages and forms like you have a common news a new home-ten’s second term in the SF home if the if if you can do to a room is the fact that left only have a history of the- up of the U.S. Of whom only seven of a semi-seven-of-a -vis the U.S. And the media for a man of the four-for the F-five-a-F-F : the if-of-the half of them in a move some of the movie-going-loftus only one of them I have ever won new analysis is saying the arrival of the fervor of Fuhrman to deal firmly on leaving really like if you’re sending many of them don’t even say they can’t stand in the hope of a fair enough it intends to death and injury of the death of death death of death of death was everywhere you went into the neatest thing for the L. Polk as for myself and Jason think gaining three a preview of the one we’ve all been waiting for we’ve got about 300 different captaincy choices to choose from the court and I never said it is a prediction day which means them to get what you guys alive on them and us too unpredictable along with the games such as adding about 300 people waiting for us for very long time to teach yourself and good evening everybody loves a saint other rock and 1/2-a-half of them off the guns of additive of a conditions of a bad anyone and help of an amendment and the bad and that Russia is worth reminding room like Mr. Mom you remember that serve by U.S. things like that give that a large Asian studies show preview show normally taken many course notes, due to preview gala predictions and go for myself and Jason for grosses in the game in three and then wouldn’t do is take a few course enough to open a monster and talk about his wild card is chosen you may get your: body of an efficient at o’clock tonight to make sure that a but when you are coming on that front, doubled as we get to the court as quick as possible into Srebrenica Tenneco cuts are whichever one of the guys are in the way men was to come alive and that is down to Jason anybody wants to pay to come alive and then to be the predictions are with myself adjacent to Jason Scott lee Wilkens one that shouldn’t either sell a fantasy football focused George Jones were terminated doubts that you want to come alive on the the FBI will show two predicts along with us a copy of the 15 in very serious tear in the end of the newly opened after the application that gaining three company you are you making for a yield than the last week I get near it. Said bass and await the way the predictions were quite simply this is simply predict to school and then I calculate the points which attention up as following CD at 1. for the great tank and you get two points to close enough and you get three points for bang on the money last week I came out on top 41 Jason that the openings in history as it ever will be giving you a deal statistic about the specific things to talk about just over the last six games last six games according to the last six games he’s a plane touches are wary that includes friend is a market does a man is the last six pitches purple so I’ll give you the history regarding the most popular captaincy picks for this upcoming game week you’ll be very very interested regarding some of the plays of the plays a picture this week that we believe will be this comes only from me know that some of the state pay the Canin said was a Jason senate banking tool to talk about is the enemy of your community team you guys can and should make sure everything is that right now you guys have voted to get rid of Fraser and Wesley which leaves you with 15.4 in the bank said right now we can’t appoint two, can’t get a general idea of what’s needed fields will strike as you would want to be bringing but it looks like based on jason’s maps the look and unfortunately a 7 to 8,000,000 pound midfielders to replace Fraser and a east sixth at the yen of the seven million pound striper guy will take cell and if you are just the Jetsons Point of view for and neck and see if the chats and he can see what the general consensus is so he can about the fed’s Potholed roads in the discord and then you guys convert officially which two plays you want to bring in the Fraser and Wesley Addy at afternoon at me and that’s gonna dixon’s Jason York and Dick first will get the call off with Ast and that this is an agenda Friday evening Jason way for Sunday’s game in a huff of up to a life of a cut of the things that aren’t exactly one:: one that and the simple the simple fact that a avid cinema got the best defense in the barring the man seen the poll asking been the biggest actually shambling go for death is scored goals but the errors and Sean under one knows wealth had and Johnny Willis in this game on Iraq is the league’s light on things that I will school are thinking be 11 of the city’s sinking center actually one of history’s going with a three month 632 at the 10th and designing has been the past and east, Cindy happened was in fact involving edison’s game vs. Bolton last week where a high scoring game would then be followed by no scoring game in this case a clean sheets and games then followed by Dole’s goodwill game in this particular case and affairs committee 312777 moving on two and a rich vs. Chelsea and rejoin the party train including myself will so my video yesterday and that will keep the score is a simple question Honduras as simple categorically us Chelsea just a shambles at the back were still thing that really get used to whether the system that’s a different outcome is wanting to play and that Jason undergo with that, the 11 of the client of the valley company in that sense and brokerages that I’m I’m quite confident, I think it’d be too stale using a high school in game that again aren’t putting out yet both teams are we want to go friendly I like the prediction for this Tuesday that 21 to Chelsea that the net that the three goals in this picture of three Chelsea winds and he doesn’t like his commute of games were basing his drink and 8:00 PM and two are bright and vs. of Hansen and these are only 4% , much of a anytime you predict the same as we open up into the camera devices at one particular 721 to all know Mr. Additional ago too ill to Brian I just think that search is something about Bryan which I’m surprised that began pressing needs some hands and I’m not looking at greater torso edge of the , if Johnny out on the Iraqi is committed to e-mail as well an effort to gain by having two mills wed his initiative ago that history is going two of the treatise of Hansen has four of the last six games and played a bright and ends at a house in the one for even to many of the the the jason’s team 99 Duran to crystal palace is that will kick off than one person using them and not in a Caltrans and quite country on the good to know Jason to more showy URLs missing from 99. Yell at me for Neil O’Donnell yet four Males I think, so, so all full on maybe one by whom I feel my shipbuilders at least two, born in this week little intimidating john Dingell and can even though the CSUN Davidson has been top of the many me for that history, two known and the last three games 13 plain old Trafford and it’ll been held a clean sheet back why can’t we find out who knows many were seven tonight vs. less to succeed and Jason Leigh force in this , and old. At the APEC members of the not one and it may have done one thing no cancel each other and ago 11 thing for me the students seemed to be firing Wilson and is earnest base of one hand sinks and seven are just the phone company man on ago 11 tried out of one thing can be to one passing last estate trustees this week on a thin and 21 we’re bringing history this is going to want the basically analyst Ron Deaton the last six vs. then check the winning four of them are moving into two of the worst teams in division the moment watch and western only as a reliever Jason of a two and one of the reverse of them with the two women two west allergist in rule for just this is a sinking ship them and they don’t have unlikely that can change the manager was the been doing in previous seasons of the known troubled frontage on what your fifth of the move to the reef, companies can be quite a thing of the 22 30 or you were around the world history is going with 82 military tool for that have been 32 nailed it reasons to take a fixture at two of which have grown to watch them in the industry has been actually more to say the winning for free or for reliever the last six Friday we move on to them and captaincy games here and the evening kickoff between medical and lost Moon I’ve been courting a big school hale and going because I think that this is going to be goals, where party and that no nails anybody would trigger an attack would offend some government defense congratulations in another life an ongoing 42 to the poor Jason 53 law which way to the motion : well: 1157 and just one mention of annex all good friend and follows in juggling on following on follows the one that creates a law firm names and ages one and was really say we’re really do appreciate the incredible work we’ve done we’ve got a special treat for everybody from next week’s added to the fun though he’s come up with is absolutely genius for the actually helped us, the pope has a lot of wild night light, ValuJet Staffing is to be another high school in game I think it’s gonna be 4374 are in the game world as it planned for one to the poll that the decline the last 61329 goals: this in the last six and there are the brutal 19 Austin Hansen said if something ever reason up this is the history regarding captaincy picks of them is usual hope you’re not say where was stolen from me and for me know this place six times vs. often is call six goals and freezes know I would have funded by the way this is just acts that would assist the zone at the old penalty assessed on those been quite a lot of things in this game and I don’t know who he was actually got the assist for those particular and Kelly said it could be inside to be neither the anybody psychology eyes to the thinking that actually from the nose guard Fuhrman two assists because he was found inside unknown but send all back for more data from the nurses goal three assists Monday the date: Monday is played in six times vs. Indiana lost during the score four goals and two assists F and wants to be tough meals-engine and Jason thank you too greasy trumpets for your donation and media well might use a sense of appreciation down from the sun from South Africa Armenian Jayson more appreciative and of donation Jason goodbye to the inquiry golf engine of the U.S. and sell all is played by Ross snel four times he’s got three goals and two assists again I misread his points to sell money and Arizona’s confesses to Japan was to be quite a few penalties in those but that a fixture some in straightaway signed action saying that sell one of the last years and a screen or three assists as an example of sale and that we are the history that had you be willing to many of the three players and just and complained to me at the move onto a bonus vs. man sitting at the people who have these things take actions that have withdrawn me and Jason e-mail on which only the second and this in your forms of payment that is not as deep as its a missile and school Jason and, if a lot of financing of the file you are one game anymore that she goes six I think that I think Mancini said the mourned by what’s happening is taught me that I had known cedars school and three or four action goals they didn’t and say I’m gonna go 611 junior Jason for something that were almost a fifth-Jennifer but history suggests are given that send a chilling you’re forced to add as Iraq and it’s gonna be all 27988. And I think I see will win the thing last few seasons as being. When these are played both the way it’s been quite close the last two years on the fifth on threes off room on the edges of this e-mail the donation from that Brandon Denny seven ice creams be there when Jason Osgood at any one of one alleged evidence of the many are used-it up a bank here as thank if that’s the primary defeats should not and at Yelm to the issue has to take advantage of the ban on the money that is before clean sheets are from an scene is predicted for example that is being read it every time it’s is any be the Golan and that this is going to the 2132 man seated at the Woodlands standing is played against this concern is traded over six times in a pretty good. He scored five goals and two assists said that we are and if you’re choosing the capsule between the starting cell money from me know it’s really a tossup between standing from ESL based on history that serve by Jason thing standing as part of the best catches to take an answer and end of that potential As you know what people don’t think Ana is, those new cash from adjacent your scored its run it again and again and only in Newcastle until an ongoing training and forth in and out of new gas and using 31 to Norwich one of the top and in history suggests is wonderful that Jason and storage of the you’re fortunate to have them all out laughing to one win four out of thing you cannot no 127-4188. Release: many as four on the history and he’s even going as shore this morning when two military to top month and at five gained as any team won gold that in three in the speech interfaces splits the two teams and has been a mention in the day the last two games at the Thomas crown will be at the old while on a service being candid one Nelson May be in the history is not in favor of hurricane more people at the tension in some that hurricanes played Newcastle five times he scored one goal and son has there been involved in five games please me started two the other three were such appearances and he’s any just going to be back the Golan, cyst said Ivan the last year saying that hurricane Mrs. College and college vs. are watching the coordinates the top man in was any one know anyone who ever born hurricane for the pitching to gain every show Mr. History them, self may be wise to visitors and said there was a fun game is the weekend is lying on my guys vs. there was Bengals vs. Bernie fourth in the just the cancel each other and don’t think that said was added in a win a game engine owners against control every single game this year than the 40 points at 438 points Sunday and ago 11 Jason and trying to have the opportunity to be one Milburn a young and you’re better than willing to settle on a pretty good addition to the hardest thing on your area. You’re a very solid seen on on wharf’s I think it can be played tonight against three of the pitfalls are being played a pretty strong teams I just 898 completely on Mac and I think. Blondie, wait for the history and is actually going to have to burn the new building is fiction has been for clean sheets and three of which are going to burn me for the sale of system to rate for everybody and having And seed on them at the one thing, six copy the Is impeding week after me know that this is also 643 assists and sell three goals to assist Monday four goals to assist standing five goals two assists came just one goal and sound one, says john before they can go plans ahead of gaining three your reaction may transfer gov’t elimination we found out while this week high of the Midas gold Allies took out and Seagate seven on a balmy night, boring. I’m Marcie all annual company didn’t have a nice picks you confident that this again and yet I think even oversee the stream of caning new class league, I just think new castle rock shocking out think of them while on your bar and on NT Marshfield it’s a few calls as well with this as reminders four 10 yes. And then was off-the-bring any of that sent the shelling was ever mindful Yelena scalia and we’ll use for its own and then dropping out where each of the contents of the top four in the any of your cash and a yet the eye of Lacey still placed in a statement late singer yet in Ohio and are you at Compton and moving back up that’s a game that profit tops for 10 yen, click off and then I’m just worried about online office in last Monday’s whine about winger I think I will in the next couple of weeks I will try and getting depending on how he does his you know he’s I mean the ball really good features my city block ideas that came does the businesses while sneakers of spots on three Sean with the only ones in mind that all may be 15 am not on the path we need is a key goal came out books are not many people calling site begin to do business on U.N. and just interested to understand your thinking in CMOS 6.26 points of postal buddy and roast fee at the plate and while Congress week and they just taken a minus for one thing you that bringing this to take a place in the first place online officials to be honest and on young martial art four a brightly status and the four on us. They’re really well bought and when Allison Marcy all united call really good stitches unites all youngsters and to avoid off four and for all of them all by young a lot more on the wake of sex in any fund their off-the transfer of your call. Yet only one piece on his way to fight extending the school roll band, Bangkok to nine in use on these points and yet cannot be and this isn’t yet know was that five of your prediction and we’ll see a gala well be in the game gets his last night’s little and the half of which said it but cuvee breezes onto all plans ahead of a gaming three we all know what my plans are and what seems just gotten the discord featured up on screen at the moment and this is the idea that every soul of the best event and who know we’re bringing the issue now and then went home, the key saves this a bit of allen’s below was already graphic design from Naylor hearing and 1/2 impressed that into the lead all that paved the way it is the students at an auto in the cities of 35 jury knows what is the senate last night and their thank you for never even join me for the 23 am from shootout and streamline different less than an hour into the long end up choosing technicians are currently doesn’t matter to go to point out that to the minors states and the other city on pretty happy now are from two and decision of another one in Montana, but honestly couldn’t care less I just think about seven things that people actually ways to make the point of intense chapman’s like just 71 another and to win another influence your decision under the influence of your business isn’t any laws and nothing I was just my game and then the minus a content as great as chaplain to one’s mind is as if at all as an old of evidence is unwise as another is actually stunning whether there is other people to play the ball comes again on what is the one they have risen 3522 nation on more than likely than standing And is nothing like that one can say is that on the same now citizens for it again doubled home vs. Aston days, gang in my one no predictions are getting goal clean sheet and free bonus points for nothing happened that was his face FS and whoever else-home of the image of an oddity is that of a bit of a of the Allied dancing at a rate rob new and any other player, and the memo president of the divine doubts the enough to get into the acid content to do anything is all that happened death every transfer ever done in the history of FBI was was back from the sun’s let me know and other is thinking of getting rid of the play’s libel remove all of Canada can deploy is another one e-mail blank that phrase will get is that they’ll get a free kick in vs. man system your noses or the happened to me and my voices stick the phrase arresting dissidents and stick to Wesley and stick to Wilson has the limitation this weekend and a pentagon’s Fraser and Canada born and Andy the plan are completed on some analysts are committed absolutely nothing Jason Donald Wright, basically because the grade I reckon I would’ve gone thru -12 if I was one is no 0.1 short game two of the I don’t know what if it’s such an early stage of the season like a set of rather do it now didn’t do it in gaining 31 and said the guard Eddie Womack are divided on the neither team now but for me personally I think that doing he had now I just get out the way while we can get a team which are happy with Rollin using any chips and everything and I think if he did against a -16 class things get hit in the wall, be wise that’s all I’m now pretty much say in standards Tino happen with is pretty much given take the teen are stranded and Jamie one barrio playfield at and it’s when a nicotine are just like happens better I prefer the fact we’re having a Wesleyan was being absolutely useless as a simple example Fraser been absolutely uses how I’m a bit hesitant on metal reader Cincinnati they can deploy that season and could even have really said else really is that punts but he did really well vs. banning U.S. Atty. and a lot next door again and unknown of the spot where Olsen high scoring game of the top in the fall and winter weather but I’d like to things about us is and is gonna do really well for us are not getting now than there had to spend 6,000,001 half in the future novell’s toasted and standing as of them said they announced they cannot stand yesterday that there is genuine wrong there is there isn’t a heartbeat and she and that to live and Giordano which Jason Murray said ago and the community team that’s what you guys you bother them looking like it you’re wanting two and get rid of phrase and Wesley in and out with 15.4 on the banking looks like you may not have the 7,000,007 to 8,000,000 pound midfielder 7 to 8,000,000 pounds striker and shore Jason some points even more proper poll which plays to be bringing you need two in the chat now she can kind of guy was a general idea for president cannot but U.S. NDS adjacent to the barber pole now in everything and then I’m sure Jason probably most obvious candidate is possible me if people would have your gas into saying now we want either moms and team in everything from a city-Jason USC cannot be a teen teenager that Vizquel Board and big a server anybody that doesn’t knowing the team and I rediscovered the policeman Leon Morris said Jason will bring up on screen for in a few minutes telling a quite simply that you’ve got all know that my an initial goal know it’s there is any part in an uneasy about what our target the broken goal and you’ve got won the SAC a dean Yeltsin changer ads on Ronald sell standing Paris Fraser begin get rid of Wilson Wesley Anita get medals and then chases to the proper polling discourse you guys to go four to see who you want to be bringing an end as does anybody a few candidates this thing logically he had been counting into a virtually impossible to be bringing in someone like Kevin deploying Il sung because looking for five plummeted their 5.8 strikers is virtually impossible to say anything in that in the 442 and formations charge them got them and said that mean they send an end to the polls in now and that can eat pasta in that truck stops the end of may and an ifs a a a a one brain on a new chair when brilliant and an nearly all the great DVD and CD disc or right now I’m sure your members and that if you know of Dominguez and description did he go to the Poland and he and men left hand side and as the winter feel that dean to replace a phrase that is incidental some are shelled for so little Canada limited to one game now if you want to bring you can deploy name any of 5.8 to spend on the striker just let you guys anonymous way you anything this usual team that we have to sing logically here and then the proposal that now on the left hand side now OPS and the Jason Forbes ahead of gaining three and your team at my friend is whether we lost the e-mail one and if jay they don’t transfer and you are seeing now and again ever known as severe as something he said is a Russian mafia we’re bringing transference of the data -4 budget wouldn’t and occasionally have the only light because of the clue what effects are some or Russia report supplies where you’ll kill continental Russian them in fort in is the fingers in Britain as I said Marion Barry and they expected me just to see I agree that the opening of 17 and enforce a condom on talk that the open issue would bring an end to discuss is well coated . Ours on bargain rates of infant a fifth of October, red hat and a part of an open and become a role as well I think along that it is being afraid of the price fluctuations this week is less than a move could offer for the summer and , Madison I just testing, you are going to do it but in a debate seemed to think about it and really need is a fake event of this vision of a sudden stop action cuts is a need. A button that it seems a year of service provider that it can happen would not put by other remote enough for us in there to give errors of Canada to a lot of that of duty bedding down the NT CD and of course, the technician and that’s been a JavaScript me down for members of awarding Pedersen audio one is feted at the top 1% of 7:5 1% of the same thing, and I will compete as the other person for a way of adults 10:00 AM Monday mafia EL standings for burnout and had 12 -the Hereford firm with all the key untamed captain booth, I did the wave prop up the topic is a boon for anybody watching the morning and the coach and we’re watching on using have to say is a beautiful that pitch in the half cup red wine team I think it’s fantastic for the missing or dead is that the old monkey emerging covering his Allies across Cantwell that adults and covering the a substance is hashed had blamed do not stay cool line on part of our new yes. But instead it’s intended as a student no of total state mandate this to us tonight when adding studies came and Adrian-handed at the end of a selected a that’s after that that eight of the unnamed 10:00 AM to that kind of , that was unsure of what led to the walker pieces on 24.52 not something I’m still considering them but I think that P is it could be sexist a final other than even the bench last week and you can’t relax and troughs so , thinking that if he doesn’t have problems from the beneficial in the world of medicine good money by some good money with this one, so on that, is a very belch is a work was thinking there was neither year but had been lax in defenders Malev stubbornness because I feel that I fill out that the defense and two to conceive of all head of the data that and that was missing and in a new owner that of them could have made up of the way up to basically. You got your eyes mail: it’s a service center at no half of that, but in the 50 are chosen for the implementation of fish and team and the debts and it’s a slip inside of a citywide forbid well actually I give this team the reactions of the net to give my reaction was quickly say that for anybody but is willing to take any of your community not seriously going to the poll that he and menu for the discord and events to which midfield of the U.N., bringing for Fraser and which four Cuba bring in at the Westin at the moment the more she opened thinking about winning at what few options that you are being given a particular and that was recorded see that option processed begonia that said if yet that at the Vienna PDT not just assisting Cantwell pages Stalin count when bond and I don’t like that to work but for the intranet does any any somewhere some ways to bring cable to open them on a pick what is the feeling that will be bringing in money seems the seller I just think the monies can hang from perform some next 23 matches so I think that you’re way ahead of the candlelight kids Chapman think your own head of the calendar A spinoff from prison prevents the acute shortage was inside the Caribbean’s endangered surprise team up on them on my screen and I really like announcing its AL wildcard and Mary lots and you and your husband, and real time trials, so there are quite as half of its new levels, eight and is all running on sales of wills same time it was a member of knights of the year’s all the cool off the walls modicum of take some companies that sell at 70,000,000 as a bios you transfer and running in trust us the state tables albeit a lasting is at the altar on and from three bombs rocked and beat they get calls made a lot of old our daughter ion of the brain and worry and it’s the content of the Marcos was asking us if the fed has harshly Wilson and that if the estate said that the devices rouge, investors as long as I said it was all an network of any grail of god save the disease in my opinion on the Feds would drop one of three strikes again Marsha Anderson battles with Baring that I think it said either one of the managers think that’s pretty much what I would require falls into the wall, some of those images that is excellent . Last and the suit was kidding or the armed and in early pharaoh are jittery children working group spent your fervor people missing or dead and not on the goal of the second e-mail instruments and change of any of the five on the field of deploying them on a standing some marshy health up from two Cubans and for an end on the bench abortion are based in on playing players of Barings the state bar in Lindstrom is just the fact these four million acres 4.5 work and can last as for millions of a pain and I like it but unlike that the palm Sunday and what ascended on his history as a master of six fixtures to ease send me play toys from the stall an increase of appearances and images coming back from the suspension seen a man she started gaining the industry calls and many many other people accompanying story party will stall butts and he doesn’t stop and that it could be in the database to remove doubts other than that I think it says the berries standard team that we demand a specter 4515 of them were playing one strike as the strike isn’t a crime for premium that that Jason you will force in this particular were counted for failure year in . Year you’ll near your scenes and state last week in march in multistate and the day and added that the java Manual: in order for a distinct than shrinking around a bit, parked in the queue where you’ve got to 24 just over 24 hours two children and assure the guides to discuss court to have you had the adjacent force them to fill a consistent of George year shoestring Tuesday Jan van free you’ll come back on the over the weekend and see how well you for the taken down for the day and the And warm up before I do that again have been quite quickly based education joined a strange city in the blood and tissue supports a password to show support for the FBI or the whole cast largest city in a letdown whenever we do our streaming or sexual brown uterus and a few enjoying what you’re seeing any and all subscribers into their subscriber and we are approaching that 2000¢ mark of course we don’t currently have in the separation as you know that means Volcker shops us send a sustainable per gallon the oval to shops and that enjoyed apply along with you guys celebrating 2000 subscribers has gained a grouping of games really really enjoyable for a finance and lesbian And wildcats and lock your money in each of your game in three and preview my friend and container a 20 minute space in mind as a gift that are as bad a very similar to the Simpson case that one difference except that you’ve got won the second Michelson shaker Seattle rush hours are from a furious of course you enter or not Dennis and that that is pretty much to Tina daunt wants and I congratulate you on having apps and that there is absolutely stunning team her friend or but I am a while, and we’re starting I think the only black in case you didn’t well compensated in captain what Jason to bring his team are Sir Isaac said 21 17th that said we’ve got seen in various into mind is a wildcard team since after they just wanted a walk on what you do that And that the costs, to readers all our players around to our courts are getting a one and I will work like 0.2 with a game that too often goes for ensuring away courtyard basically a can of the dissenting And Jason is pretty much the teen on one that is the data is bang on the team, I think it’s absolutely stunning year and for that often posted recalled the course is is a measure that Ross open and art and are working more conscience and more chairs the finance officials of the city of living every knows one for some Bryson misunderstand they are the parents of the evidence in my actions do think that some even on the two military and had anything to change that 221172 known as Sony facts both Jason and Charlie NT demo seller and go said two known history thinking the same hands and when that there are 21 that’s a lie agree with you on the law firm that rhyme or some other what we we shall see I do agree with you than the pope’s when it comes to ban me this is just a free connection issue was of him against awesome women have lost 567 is not afraid we are we just restrict or the team’s two and one rain shop symbols of those things working as for about 77 contains many artists as foreigner that is not installed as this week it’s right next line a nine games were things, also called were in the that I think are clean balance while the shooting or injured fall and start again because you always evil and sea cows Carlson Norwegian and called me just automatically that mark rucker’s art or just just just one final question for the ego And all that any place and his team way of thinking on may get rid of him for himself making don’t just travel cross off to Montoya Kazakh position may be more easily set with this no idle about two weeks in the $10.00 or 70 years each for our partner or script calls from the daily of the Federal cleanup was downgraded to a near internal picture but his Allah is always there, and until later that Wallace wake of that yet, but it. Old year while I like to offer the court plan calls for playing in the air from Portland for his is the first one from (Jim Carrey is for the ring for four longer works for the guy on the same their views you And the thing that can worry about the dominion the pageant is better have a plane play a submachine than not having any than light means coquille back to it’s been a disaster I guarantee that an and net loss for the first level studio bench cost you never know cooperatively-anybody would like schoolwork largely for whatever reason source. Yet even judicial parties to watch while the La Jolla finance and a lot of all four men who drive them and laughter and shooting them another and it would open up a new detonates nuns to continue as public and gestures that if a judge has a thick add a third that will add to their balance. Every eight rows Fraser Wilson what the back of the decade of the sun originally backed by the downgrade listen to six million on the striker and said I couldn’t see anyone in the bucket of evidence should not so I decided to downgrade phrase that it had a lot of great wealth and took a week and is at 1:00 on Sunday yet knows of any setting about five or eight cents year and CSU to them with an ad that of the gist of the people you’re saying nothing world under two free throws a perfect and a good of the game and a friend just enter a chance to thank you thank for for joining us that on-one NFC mounting crisis team of 21 for three and a few minutes before we go fast and try again for the school as quickly as possible for the NFC members are you enjoying Islam Dini I feel that preview show me the name and a ban on happened after that we’ll get more friendly to the history and the moment, it’s a very unusual set of the 532 for people here say, hey Robertson dean your own string MSN ads on their own cell deploying a marshy help came And two keep the 532 NFC yesterday for 1 mile Iditarod County mortals: Moscow for weeks from all the while call one of the autobahn that were issued a man she isn’t yet unknown should know a lot. Based on what you want the 532 and often are collectible and local control by states and clean sheets to just by Mr. Wyatt mark Roberts and try and give them more time and they will get refuse the bench and the man in the army of strange and partner of understanding what they are accurate wilbourn chelsea’s and do not wealthy Black Group are body of ticket we perform more to the lockup children still be answered in Montgomery on the press and for all our might not get you some get again stressed out and arrest are black and site names are killed by a good players of you and because because this is an area and then only thing is the show will continue and you’re going seller had the money on your athletic and capital formation trolling for needing to time around her that you know and I’ll see you can’t run into the poll found that when reading from the money seems to you’re going to desegregate more and then seems to them a mathematical scoring single server your money and expertise or four least playing great wall of our clock of the mouth feel guilt and chop install a short wait in line to get more time. And the more U.S. official cautions for an head of one-time work left to not need , and new your opinion of the golden creek and Charles Bradley called after fearsome change parking lot to understand what you’re afraid or ARI but not working our kid down by ms Somali free world for trend of Richard Jewell got what you are catching a stand back and your your your your neighbors are formation cutting off park and banged on launchers and killed all year he’s risky hundreds or a string and understandably about what you think would recommend watching Washington year for a U.N. also known as string of Washington plays into two balls and that our adventure opinion monster and an yellow dust and new and you’re always be a wreath we are working with the kit were then it’s an insane risk if it works is that of 90. And that it up if you’ll hear about half of all my CU of our odds that we find no luck who watch about them from king of the script may be required to pay a ransom for bound by gain of four midfielder make standing on bend your rockin’ or I’ve got one back and play them all to ensure our but not the Budweiser see is just to use the discord get advice from the regulars and there and see what they say thank you for joining us to see them are very very precious time but knowledge management style meal choosing of the dead, bring on just quickly and antiques soldier and the soul please bring sure the yuan mu you like for the needy in the file of the show for a very very little of that vu be a sustained effort to get a fair and just a few minutes and is sorry to see the commune that microphone will be a strapping a handy idea that nicer than confront this thing a bottom on fatigue or but why not my team all and body was tamed. Nine British will work in 29 the ninth inning Michael aris and governor arch from 29 into a saint. You are ever before the data is the only legal hunting in gold and onshore to change and strength end of the deploying a cell spending much of an rational stank at Babson the benching: if that doesn’t consider playing 10 gold care and piano civil process is that the garden playing bingo greenspan and you’re out of the cast and crew was unlucky loss came off the bench for one side of the skins seat in a tin can see ones from reason to end up playing is an extra two as an install a sign it and if he does concede Tennessee’s &Equipment to combine splits up in just a bit more upside and a monocytes else is supported by our I had to work site is what led them are just one quick question why a shorter than among the second on partial recalls a pink on to leverage moss east and maybe more calls than one such as tiny meeting man who called seat know that one says I play: an addendum, but that’s just vs. Marshall pressure off the pace in the crease wheat buying into an economic 0.9 or are lifeless look for next week bought by rink in happens on one thinking of buying the Salton Monday to nice not an Edison asylum’s turn been called into mice not an author and all are no buyers from a store or seven if you’re confident in mesa man I think that this week and I think the Chelsea vs. Norwich is a Chelsea interns on margins were shackled and I did a good friend of mine is no mystery has lost top of the cash and the need for a printer for the society when he a reaction: Mason had lost Barkley innocence and that’s a fact he is goal and the opportunity to get you a minimum of one attack and return cross two of thing is deftly worth the policies came Nordstrom of hands, meaning goalie behind the strike and everything to life in the tournament is a good move the thing that watched watch tomorrow’s game vs. march CIO replays as look and lively anything even gets an assist with the gold again and cleanup plans remain a good parking or release all your call. They keep the channel to skip up a public banking and bill of an enigma to absolutely as kernel of thank you ever so much for joining us as Jason 70 you guys to me is the data are some point and he had as an if you’ve enjoyed the street is simply about what can just to show support the best way to show you support or just simply did not like bound for visual and join the content just lengthening from excessive and just banging icons and every single game virtually then just keeps getting better bets are better than to simply enhances crutches to simply hit that subscribe arson and then you’ll be cautious honking either buildings from discourse you had discord and patent cases doing is creating a deal that can keep help of your prints on the disk or get involved a discordant sure there are people like daily left open the bank and that simply put them in ink in the chapter from notes there is the link in the description fits into the web site adjacent design is actually be applied to see just before came on as absentee fantastic just check out a look at that of the disease tends to be she is hard work for one thing the forms and social media And outfielder of 20 and instruments In each of your honor of former covers down is running beings to grant a snowstorm the things a grandson has done that because of the downs: worsening relief ranking from fans of the nap spent on getting the string trimmer and Jason for your standard looking into teams before the game update store when the game doesn’t pay a reaction that thinking the you’d just as chairman said this was not make new government or a planned speech you that you would you mind if you want a strange margin that day and everything on maybe us to join the details for the just one day off and then take ransacked our jaded that might take the easy buyer and own the soldiers and just last

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  1. Hello loving your streams at the minute as am a massive fantasy football fan… how do you join you chat and discord would love to get involved 🙌

  2. Anyone think I should keep this team or play wildcard

    Foster (Watford)

    Trent van D Lundstrom o’connel holebas

    Kdb Pedro lucas salah


    Keep this team or wildcard so stuck

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