GW2 | Sunday Surgery w/Jason & Steve-O | Elite FPL #FPL #FANTASYPL #FANTASYFOOTBALL

GW2 | Sunday Surgery w/Jason & Steve-O | Elite FPL #FPL #FANTASYPL #FANTASYFOOTBALL

that you are on the gave the quick slashing the lead back to settle a tough out of the new to the fact that the government to click quick service of results of its new if if if god room to room and in- the-fifth of room to do this and it’s it’s an attacking have been out of the fifth off if we have the than those of you is stop instantly with oracle 58 people crowded absolutely brilliant well as a leader of the game is all are like ready when you about 10 of the old son and my beloved claims that can get better track your show term for getting some of haft new dad were deluged used many issues seeing at what point will make that leap on the pall cast of work and people just like oral or be sure that was it was incidents of the one I agree that two and was very very very close to one to me what the guy at the height of a new U.N. but that’s that’s one thing happened and if I know that’s what happened basically Brandon final man and a amnesty these downstairs action for bakersfield’s change the direction of the roots of trees and enough fate may help, and that’s already went on in this case gallagher’s of a new and he had even everybody good evening Jason than that of hope: switzer I said to everybody will to nine center said the major age range or con con call well in the where the David grant you that the guys because the sickly bottle can’t hold on to suddenly make your expected and Jason to be a funny show that the lawsuit is not and said I just wanna say to Jason be if you look at his watch and is now online hasn’t seen jason’s room 1 to 3 attitudes purge can range and based in here that was then a basic based on myself last night and the jason’s and live stream a few hours prior I highly recommend you go watch is one of three-year because onstage is watching as an unpalatable as well I was well, guys Jason Dunn reason the killings apologizing all of a dozen Jason because all I did what I did watch a live stream lie that I did watch on the replay at my niece and what Jason Dunn iris you and he did the perky he not only the morning or Saturday and yesterday obviously are based on using joking that potentially could be missing he didn’t get a good night before Friday’s productivity and ESL together and just absolutely top is superb somewhere other than anybody watching the U.S. and a lady who could be a people work that take a very interesting why do when they got to say just watch the opening 2 minutes of the debate with a page of the mail that won the 14th of the absolutely Sears is to update and the other hand nine remained for ideas that are reaching the HR 442 and one of the top and found the body was chose one, tonight in spring five sides of the team and that I’ve also breaking news everybody is that shoppers CNN shack reactions breaking you must was a break in user recovery, transfers of Warrick Dunn won two free transfers were actually began me in the after the first renamed and I’ve just just lying there in bend the like I can’t miss out on icon the sound is to consider the jewels all in all the mention of a onto on Thursday but send with the monsters with midday down five and Jim Everett in our region many hands and string playing in the 442 have a Paris bar of gold and stand at the end of the Des Peres is a way to Chelsea the swarm a defense against attacking returns david’s he’s set me up there with Fraser as the five to pull out on idea that you Jason the Peres just is this is not impressed me whatsoever all 1/2 two fires and I’m waiting on use for another one which is also the media will see a potential hamstring injury that our city and is yes there is any news on the merits and an end to the data suggest that are just more what will pay the most yes there is the fact that I would keep them about it today is the fact that I have a team that you’ve got a teen I have already had happened and then that of all and genuinely after all our calls went on after the fact that I had this 442 and its contracts it backfired and is the fact that its present enormous disappointment since and not getting anything can have two games and favorable fixtures Wesley his opportunity vs. board has done that is going god and then don’t arrest a team that Fraser Maurice wrote about them and earning two fixtures against two, teams and I think despite the fact that are almost a school for three times in two games I think and yet I think is really just one does and what the first game and a miss 21 to 01113 of three goalies done nothing that is guarded on Peres just spoke about my green wave of Honolulu came on the industry must night and Sunday said about perez’s next two fixtures being subcontinent owners inspire a goalkeeper for them too little too and he does nothing in them to all of sorry that he has just an absolute waste space is going to be like painted list like this a overall and charge a small dish on about my an a game we won the team some action but many forward on the mall in people like if the opener to ninja ant and get the event individual again last night that hit the ball up, but he unknowingly the Wolcott that’s no way people like yourself and others that said the little town to do in gaining 4/8 on the light of that old lady gets a while, stage left field in the Jets’ I have to get rid of 45 players all I know that my teammate Pedro happy with and I copy was engendered the year as sell all standing will send them out of pretty sure that it is the key man to bore freely there’s just no player in the ways the students and Fraser Perez De the four bits I want: will the circle is two to question of which two when revealed until Thursday that’s yellow release those two of them anyway for all a bit of a dollar deal that killed arrogant bastard that is another one hasn’t played a single minute for a master the season and the whole crew of all of the act an FBI report he believes that deal that should stop playing because his coffee is tamer than two dozen of them of struggle that he’d like to think we’ll come into question when I am and the barn that all pretty happy that the only too well card and you mentioned most reminded the jury said that in the games on him against the crystal palace handler for crystal palace and when that because of their way into court for the loss without history as any issues come up trumps in something of all four have four at the six cases involving these two teams of ending clean sheets well that five of the last seven now that ended in a clean sheets to make the ticketing and any name to crystal palace that a history hasn’t come up, that runs again said and the Lester up next is Chelsea away 17 home and it’s it’s just see the break that based on what used to send and they could be a team just have an asset in any moves from seems five just a question of all people willing to trade arms for an in an a and the heat of the new and what U.N. I love the interaction of the missing the one and one thing that could slay the business of money on the same thinking has made its money could do what he did last year and not perform seldom keep up with his points because positioning play the medical care unit and a percent and best message quickly glossed over today’s games no action mention yet so we’ll see mention Chevron tonight vs. Anna Christie has been one demonstrated a goal and assisted in the one giving them for Jamaican troops that owns land on strong Henderson and that Stevens are going to get to the benefit of the house and Chelsea does in message and 11 and Mason and his first goal that Chelsea MTV and a Madison assists it’s looking like it’s gonna be three points from those points from and indeed the and coming in with two for Evans and kept the game one of which will that change in Atlanta and are working that annually and me and most of the house will run again were the state’s only solution to jets have good jobs that he confesses side and he’s on cents nine points and the caucuses and all the bench at the moment he captured two key and bonuses stands is 286 in the world can hold hat or yet reached into starting how they then that’s absurd and actually the Dickens and essentially at Owen says Weldon that the management and the team that we know has done very well above the instances if there’s your your chin graduation dns the end of that much of that send the Mets gallons some corners that’s when he and four women take everybody: more speed than one of the get things off their chest to have problems with the teams that may mean Jason Haldeman know we we can’t have it into Joseph and animals and for first installed before we get data and other quick and meant to go exceedingly high end of the people watching history the moment he clearly enjoying it just simply did not want London show your support thanks very much says David and Jason , who led in not as good as everyone else sees by all the only some happy I’m still averaging over 61 points a week from an Israeli our work, and may move over to Mr. Than any bit as good as a wedding 16 points this week he should be very very of the thing comparing depending on when you are in a challenging the army air force yet that can be read as well as other teams 60. so we always say sorry I enclose together this week goal specifically 40 and Sonja Koresh was looking out here and there the pain and we laughed about not live in any went and can zoom on any down today are your as expected and fanny hill services is the Sunday surgeries money and Jason will that take any issues if you go on this team that you need to get sorted and immediately and the president now expand the three bullet passed its weary and then, among others are going to me personally it in if you’re one to deliver this message yesterday and I think he’s got the lead in this specific position I think Wilson Fraser for the money and keep paying for the simple fact is on penalties are moving somehow not be discussed nationally game can deploy oil supplies Kevin did actually buys 1.1 last night I generally was alive when they rise 1.2 host a week and it doesn’t have a decent folk that’s me and get what he said last night Canada has a sensual brawl I think that to say funds keeping can get rid of Wilson Fraser will have to do my moves last night I was a little rock star see your income yet all you win two disclose what you’ve done to lead the way too old and told him that we wanted a post did not want my change the name might not seem as well , again so while armies of taken keen Iranian are only valid argument. You cannot use of taking open and brings out the route and emptying your as well: and bass waves on a windy soccer coming into being a jihad the border in full freezer and bouncing from Wilshire Juneau wall when does the reason why they want to transfer of last night was because when you’re a fact what you say that you spoke about and she just did you know what this feels right to the specific transfers now I read I listen to the replay this morning I had you would when you are talking last night about doing this specific move I just sat there on the bus going to the ways I think that’s the perfect run; the price rise and Ashley Boswell weld and she and I think they are the perfect names will be held in hindsight now maybe at bits and administer the fact that being in many detention of the machines after all but the only all you think they’ll three acts and transfers Jason that on the audit on the honor of the litigation now on the idea that a buried there are a high scoring game on looking at something like four enables favor 42531 thing that games can be so rampant defense is one of the mass and I think about is getting goals, who didn’t get that shouldn’t be up at the front would often taking our output set up a bench came next week by his uncle B’s style, the dimming ’cause Alexei guy working bench with Hayden and a bomb, so even just one week a crusade for example brings some of us to go back to solve all of you know the kind of work and I just wanted them and nose and the volume and speed on 74 will say again when bandit confident it means the way to get results on now jump in the burn the place while you can Barnes and had any one of the defenders ones and mailto costing them the Manson and as I went down in the midfield and send the bonds to three defenders on mentioned could get on them now there are and will consider a properly set that’s enough for two weeks and I think with two free transfers are made without being the three most mail them and see the acids you can get off the backs of pickup and well below peeled until Congress on the humble couple of bullet hole chemical worried only thing that the Bosnian them all the way spot money won’t want to that is what the top of my head I can’t think of any of the midfield as a pop and 83 that you’ve got cell standing deploying a doll doing any better than bought some and like all the talking heads Paris two points 2.3 points wider and hand them Allison Scott one assists and fall is easier Fraser dunlap’s and often see is an absolutely nothing to Willis popular midfield choices at the end of town and down to one of the seven million bracket your dad was in the Mideast and I think the Vandyke Usery got your gold couldn’t endure clinching data that is not the point on gee whiz he personally I think that is actually being to 14 at and what does seem all that bad that are unlikable and as the shrink and has rushed the ball looking into fixtures right now are from the wolves away to know about difficult fixture thing lost one meal then last season and medical-well told you before returning again we always make it difficult for them a pretty short score against the maybe last season will be the fourth brother bobby and we always began marching home 112 data will be the master them away and 5050 out and I would never be that said I think she was your own troupe the person or thing you want to whether those three specific transfers when considering exacting year period. Hers are known around, I think that’s a bios is keyed everything else said before I think that’s a boss is going to be that created the folder for awesome I can see and maybe any assistance to the port of Mogadishu five games and possibly a couple of goals in a new and an that the more one in the Citywalk at the Fulton is now with only 33 moves offering your best of us a lot of these and and while he’s at least before it was a setup in two weeks at least now we set up for the next 45 and ending in to see what happens in a stunning it back to the jeans are those that are 59 points as wide as the liaison to crime and new on our captains local men and for the ban on all the other called repeatedly called the butterball 42 points farmers for offensive across machines points for a fee, plus residuals above to challenge the adjacent to overcome up IE six your room at the same field well done that for something must be very happy that rwanda’s president, star or loss of what they used and prices and a personal trainer said all along that opens tomorrow, for what ails it’s the Sunday surgery mean Jason is talk about the team remains an issue that you may have regarding large and team and together on a straightaway that this on a signature phrase that Peres and maybe from the notice any phrase a Paris car crash scene and simpson’s so when he went on like this: slice of the quicker for the biggest personal computer is forgoing fails to make transfers in against goal to the entrance to see the person team and a multimillionaire-style arrive here again finds eight July think is Jason De La people in on the need and Mrs., a good thing for myself you and various other rivals is that its people are panicking and then looking around: Yeltsin waste and then looking around others and panicking save all college that I was trying to decide for your compliance checking for them as a true friend funds funds are still will call in the race and am I was looking at possibly making the – this way undermine into went into the -4 of the things that don’t wanna be given 12 points alliance crushingly are often are as effective in a completely from my initials. Well, not undercut instantly everything is within reason: quiet perfect as anyone play this down-the wealthy kids getting: save some money Pereira what was she thinking beyond forever for us to the lineage of funding for the next 29920 trails full and then the public about today and one timers but for writing again what if you were to find out that the muzak chief prefix region just stick with the mouse-law student, for instance, it’s just, I cannot think he’s probably one of their assets, Mr. Lindquist investors to buy medicine distance charges you’re pretty rare it doesn’t know ms is next to pitch is also have to weigh feel that great a fixture ban anyone over home again not that great things in my opinion I think the way on using Dina I read in fact all I said his last night he was a stab wound that said this he said that if you have to have 83 manner that client which would be ideal day and basically it’s the three that you’ve gone with Baring Carrera Mai said the new and if he’s not injured: was the head of thing that won the second and I can imagine defenders and few facts may be the downgrade honors finals, saying they get picks and I just realized and the 5.5 and a rally or show at shoring Michael it’s a trend that’s not a bevy of this protocol that that is set up some of the installation of July parade some of those low price of a common knowledge of stifling studies not become 140 and my drink up on the deal is no runs from surpasses and find also an new or focus between Russia and some for them -up since above the legal 0.7 in the bond said the other thing is a call right time to approve bonds or critics of the pressures of the restaurant’s world war the name of Hollywood is more from Rick five or he can still can’t because we’re one of the disguises can test of Singapore and given a one because if a city that many problems often, can train cars is bar and deploying among those that are levied on Robertson county bond on the topic is called on Monday in the middle of the design of the 4,000,050 esteem here’s exactly the reason why you get if anyone is that while copies in fact in Fairfield you all the perfect example of a team that needs to wild card here and that is on a lot about what is it barred for everybody does not track team is bay and the available on a possible in the minds of monster trucks all are for more than all of them that I would stick groups will solve based on what he didn’t feel he had team last season and in what the team came from Belgium as it was an undisciplined in article one days a week and the way driver playing and I think that the fact they got a goal yesterday will encourage even more and encouragement for him and the fact the party starts at Hansen had pretty much I would like to think a home banker Dawson teams in any given moment are in trouble said counting crystal palace Newcastle just off the top man, and 1 to 19, secure, cynical so big, bold and station from an year, eight th to garden to save people can’t remember all the land of one wore me out with Wells eventual sale and seller to miss this time you open the captains some are winstead is planned for march well again that was just what was the same old thing I will issue the team was the game updates and sells straightaway is one of captaincy box itself informally of staging a believe I had checked by the monies action are really good record vs. awesome crowd down boys and chats and maybe he will then have . Yet effective at that meeting near the only they’ll say is that to keep your eyes open for backed preview screen until Thursday because again if history is doing really really well and that of thinking maybe a little, is an if the sunrise and we’re on the day we can do some uneasiness in the fall guy and some of the different people watching different times so much bad ones goals is going and a lot of work for them but also the first one and one in some result in a memo here about VRML all phases of up to be a marathon, as tiger, moving to division. Any transfer with the community 10 from any other thing about the CIA very very good point, speeded all say the jazz age, and now they’re mostly for roughing wizard and the someone to jump on just because they couldn’t win and we feel that that amendments to the skycap are turn might make little corner but what with the Irish’s last of the termite reductions and then can answer to the mid and furthering his dead brother is watching the stream and 97 just go back and other than to simply and clearly enjoying its edge is simply that might want to show support neck school that is Jason Castillo from Australia and just use your old values and rather have them worm round or more) official city records of the school very true are encouraged this just person were to an desktop were there are old arcade errors students and are more and Wilson to return to her or the year to year or deceit and aren’t yet have the duty not to say and would not win all 10 used in the world can’t we just can’t make money order in the right on that this team is well Jason and I’m thinking wildcard an enormous mechanism of the plays they just have not done what you expected them to do for an over the course of two game weeks bells yells round or Sherman, a little worried used three trades and taken to correct link them on arms Friday afternoon for you and orphaned abandoned or new near Niro and there and an well or as roster, combine the discord and to find a strip 19 years work after another national regulators you change it or importance a corruption steelworker would take over Switzerland size and power, well that’s the thing I think it’s better to take the foul trouble enough as one understanding of my And see I think is better to take risks between game which one of maybe 456 regarding Isn’t fit more deeply than the god of captains and random plan like Northern Trust of an example of any school zones making the points that will phrase or Sunday lineup of wood and turns and clean sheets and probability the moment I think taken apart when someone team’s expert of the fact that something actually I think other people actually India within our and again that shack parts were going through and taking that you and that’s really an arm or Pretoria and earnings and were there to refer to students and parents are there isn’t a world premiere with buses some kooky and this semester player saying grew wary glances and then selling for now I am looking at that 12 straight way of thinking that said it just looks better than just looks better AIDS and Perez is the one that sticks out to me now that and we’re there were and are as rich as near your ticket sure your arm are still with a zero and two steals are happy with a couple folders or Wilkinson controller picture of your and Arguello roll each acute and news that many people crowded onto the fact that may be standing and can be deployed around that Pickens some standing movie than those for and hurled for -four and think you have as a bit of all its auditors again system full year of Mary if there is no studies, Jason working for me yet again after the unofficial, often and I think I might not specially additive to chargers and others use more of the sort of citrus not on taking notes seems to have taken a more common, both in number nine , was involved in converting from Europe nominal and businesses and that’s his recent price at AR-im of over the results makes him and also raising the millers all of the reason people who know yet the sonata for connecting on some of its use the votes. A nice to us today in a S half of them, as investors see some of the Pan Am one source of income. I’ll be missing its CC his 6 SSSFSFSS 3 years, many of us is that I think you’ll be playing fame. Ms. Tucker in the city will so I think the market points. Because of the most great pictures coming up asking where the ethical zone of defense-have so much pressure to open a DOS for no less efficient and distance learning and also think it’s yet another theater, staff and the 15 acres of animal of the doctor’s office, so sure nothing. The company said. As possible for other things that might be in the moment so this line in a edition of the questions no date yet interesting notes from a matter of how their prices of Fresno, have forever, but I agree with you on the same night bash for the agreed to seven take a and it’s not that I’ve missed a mental que IC people , most of the month of the democrat to gamble that they don’t perform the 12 simple guests difficult issues and sold this was so mad and sex. The missiles and we have an interest in bidding for the van and so it can find meaning that the law that minus the son of a low enough of them is this disgusting features a nursing care of 6.7 million Smithsonian’s law of the movie of the secrets of the CS Northridge perform, social events of the gun checks for the ire of the Roberts and force not like nothing nothing that can be used, I think the movement and the airfield and ex: get what they think is reading of company that manages the judge said he favored: and as a new guy that punished and you don’t need an air boat bring on releasing when world as they won his gun shouldn’t even though southern the garment industry in the dead people who are out this summer day on find items as a compass, Friess the street in costs and often not like I does her mother is a connection a car in the land, whereas also if she , as not that I’m thinking about this, doubled as part of our team and I respect him so they’re too is just an instrument points scary me on the bench that of the thing that sets a dividend on its debt not if I have had a nice at 50.9 miles 55 points and you’re out how pat Robertson aside his three before the deadline so is, knocks at transfers start to Dr. Watson and knight gets mitigating 34 a teams and schema started to boxed into by some of our job to bill Sanders in its revenge of directors, play at am not decide just begun thinking about, sucker for an audience eager each and every so often, but at a ballot would update of action so and not at not yet signed on the same agenda like to feel I really need its arm right now I feel like I’m doing quite fine release might call for somebody else in like mystique are on top of cul stocks that that nobody had ever been working on bringing that she can see the most challenging demand that the at 8:00 PM Friday in that all the rage on a flight plan without government met this guy going shell your second in the passion in the usual 1:00 PM at the bottom young on these really annoying by the year was like 10 minutes, said it had line right things and put the captains. Well before we get into that wanted a one: why did you become aware of the united pan all the fear I was invited and are about me out on city and IBC edges out to find your life. Seats and I would play on all the sea Presley plays in stock in all start 40 EVECR 5 will steer customers to lie on item like downright some land use the downgrade its safety and why why did the while, but instead of to you that your travel counselor game with one cell with which in my opinion with a frail vs. my opinion is that while call button for weather does on these and then explains the orange line Internet now admitted he did all that just happened in just under 3000 miles in 2877 the world I just said was second in the cast to the guy and the thing that you just use that to many chips and did the defendant the game would divide thing you have on nine on elysee upgrade, too. All you know of. Policies to be good start on time lot of geologic judges at 1.2 K. Brian Otton ons fee on I’m on cloud 90 on policy on a list of native of the new chips are to be like hi all, been starting off and on all I always seeking aid could help it any more game instead of one on scale all on the ball of the economy grows smaller young, united Latin name players any plan on why Dalzell was not having decided earlier than the anywhere to buying and I said yes, you’re just mention just now reaching your captaincy for two key to standing that was the decision-making that they’re on IDC’s IDs policy don’t think armed . He was gonna get a hot streak on always have the shot off the online marketers, schools and east school logical form of four visit the on the L34 Males might seek is outlawed thousands of lasting and eats up to invest four short stay out non CL 14 yards and Stanislaus young recruits game gets a year two goals may be on policy nearly all ones on a name yet. He’d like to design and until 2:00 PM on Wednesday evening, having captains for the whole time until all on Young’s destructive few indecision on on that cell and I got done it any unlikely that the team all of the plate and string had Carrera and that [email protected] your first sub commander mainly install some of what loyal for Sony Carrera Jason GPU strongly again even some are nature of some have as a bully at yad so the lead on 24 on Aidid. Think very reason why it implements remain used is the all of 42 skate you know maybe maybe I missed its audience think it not been fully in cornstarch and I just can’t legally school of law might draw the cell yet bus to size of the opera that all you a call from moving forward holding your second spot on the Kashmiri there are U.N. Conifer thinking my goodness the talent behind me is just very very strong and be done the same points is what allows and yet yesterday same point as Jason some local David Foster will own 62 points and a point behind the inroads were gone in 63 users needing the cash and in the demanding you while you’re forcing for the fact you have no use two ships using some men your place as any days per you and I am I still not quite positive on the lobby. I will be doing, on the NT came from its weakest link on Tristar ball: full in the bikers while flying price rises all and why not on the on the submit worried about not be on the pulling a cell it’s a fee does you can count on the school and all the scion after a nasty downgrade on the idea is to begin up from the detail on the annual ad touts the body all rushed in and put deployments to states and status and just be at the end of the things they fought so sneer Shelly thanks for joining us on and 1 gallon that another: Jason them because this party candidate has done really well thank you thank each of the join the three of us as it is as it’s been 27 jason’s just parse the team in the red martinis in the waiting room and that the U.N. world and the skin care when you look at your Allies will be bulging never save and yet 20 rates in them on skate god and grant added gag and again they regard. He And that what he gets booted on to be honest it was a spontaneous movies and because I sold don’t know which was playing against Newcastle and I’m not really I’d seen Newcastle would also was nine E from the meeting is taught and cookies about to go to 16 if he scored against the report was not considered at work here a lot of the logic that I think is completely an amount is a very very sensual movies turned out to be in a sped to can take a stab wound last nine regarding if any team team is playing Newcastle shooting And play the hand and the went numb may be away from home in knots and James Paul Wilson you cast were when orange and the been proven love and you’ll see going into the mainstream appointee of a restart and while initially was a couple of years 14 strong hand will be raising annually in the storm was on the best men are below freezing see an ornate lobby is no way Intel sees coming out without scoring records, and as condescending and was like Ozzie Newsome leaders in Internet ousted from the start biting into scoring on each team to start you get gases cannot sway winds from major knee for an unlucky your mind one massive notice was internal 0.7 on one of the campaign rain on public fight for the scheme would have killed a chip beck said it since the Sunday surgery buying the again and again in team there are three plays the I’d be thinking room for new idea than that on thinking Fraser Paris since and how are you feeling about this team and how many transfers do you have going into the game with three on a three by 8:00 looking for bodies already have one for spot majority used in signing once the price hikes to laugh at me so will be skim recovery, transforming the bodyguard to money seemed full freezer landings are one more chance you’re an NBC got you once again dues are just won the one more chance because I sold your he almost got enough to statewide standing up and so on ticking and one which runs the listings on the city and us again on getting them out yet that one of my code is not your connection of us next nothing is done the pumping plant use novel two million single two million in the bound only as a lot of mothers lot of money and resented for fall outside me and want bob you have five million about us both codes near what you’re the head and do you know when you stop the season often is the classic never have many in the bank may be part of five that most that this guy skew 58000000 me what you planning to their service to what you plan to do the five million dollar gain to Wilson for canes and in yet once was a starting job and combined features bomb waiting to see you from my Chinese went downstairs was seen some dog gets the anyone called for clues on targeting sworn to come into an unwitting to see people from seeing the next game day weekly comes back on bond senior audit of the Huntington makers that’s exactly my plan of calcium and the Yukon Medical books whether was UK to the season that needed a poll that what we’re thinking behind nothing that would to be honest on right now with a drowning gold key part of the goalkeeper Tony Eason gates about seems because it means a quirky and those on sites short spending deeper against all the team became the weekend in the combat against a shipping clerk to call in U.S. one at seen a better understanding when I don’t believe me right now the report is good enough to get the cord still needs no conceding running right now to your age and sinus involvement will keeping score a run or think easily be taking strong arm tactics and out of the Kings scored in double people’s court has softened and that’s the hell did see Gary points to get last week 84 to your you’re doing your having a really good season say for sure-brand- are miniature rainout while I can check and cost on yesterday some are still waiting for $1.00 and one would rank yet none are guessing top 3002 thousand other than 10001000100 interesting that an end-222-1122 as crazy damage to the solutions at 11 tonight and we’re going back and listen to these people who are who you gonna of jumping into the summit and I have not heard of a grateful dead and downed listen to the donor’s into the crowd do what you’re doing because I made too many mistakes like this one is into the crowd I don’t know if I listen to the crowd when he came to change your seat the end if you’re not one of the year but anyone to the point being that if you follow the crowd usually the trial’s when when he goes the best example is used in week. You know on illegal copies, and then you get an idea that’s what happened all the people really gotten some in a new court seeking the people are designed to eat that much of the Internet’s Board your your mark Eaton and you can’t she added 29 years thank you for a few dozen best you’ll see that estimate is that it’s absolutely must get on the DVD kit propped and he’s just hurts these two up dead heat with thick confidant mission and should narrow down the gag reflex and not two, gaining 50 points so and controversy with user were and are working to get more to get much about 50 points and logon students and parents working so and you’re sorry, try and yesterday that the two transfers for the post last march route buses are you willing to reveal the front yard, Pullman on margin to 21 of the moment show that the case histories and king and four margin cookie , or manor care kit one mesa man I just got good feeling about some of working together for preseason receptive to be one of the breakups 1000 season storm for the park for your workforce six million isn’t yes but the idea that hasn’t read mantle, and praise and said that he can seem been to a key figure this season yet he certainly hasn’t taken free kicks: as an obstacle to and fro. Look for kids can be pretty good neighbor entered the final feature that this is all I’m sorry but to people like saying on the garments from the bench medicine group and after the plane and struck a reef copy of person he will that has played an instrument that may simply why actually was to the plate luncheon ahead of Paris to the four million actually logic dictates that are perishable reducing its Chelsea was it turned out and that wasn’t the case but II knew I would play an instrument of any of these place setting up on avoided, stopping this team we’ve got his own be missing some people saying that for a little mention debenture think of thing doesn’t apply to love people including myself serve only comment about that I think that the ship and I think the team source for the next there are few gaming senate to work up a 1.4 in the bankers were also offered them into two were upgraded and honestly, which then up with wintel tomorrow to see a lot of shelter, agreed to the mall to martial law is AA and acid your acid great news for -4 I think shutdown your own children than a year and June 2, eager to me and come again and he then knows growth but it in handy, scan and because we are a few problems with him last night and had slightly against ordered anybody’s mind for a while it up again is down the hill defender who ever Sweden and death but it delayed its IP you’ve had a bad I did a lot of time at a party for length and exchange gifts from other risky man there and pick at tomorrow I will add onion fit with fellow that your enough yen that are really happy ending all of that made at first you up about it because I didn’t like what com stock data as of the wake of the seal of the of its 11 people were entered the garden week of the council I mean more in this minute and up to it other than the others like that, same store doesn’t like fully you add up the middle of transfer so are rather than double the political battles were the top of people’s was caught in nets which a noble, but I think these you know concern that may be sunk about showing came only thing person he does anyone the plan is doing the cut down into came came to a bounty and move has worked so far I think the bounty and begins into the pool with any key defensive I think our previous Koreans staff attorneys name rev and that’s all I think that’s all smart and score some goals of Downey and Welker striker I can see and do some damage to the polls defends I think that maybe Kane based on anecdotal evidence from various people since the truck and back a day to settle concern you are you pretty certain that Kane is gonna be AND these can do well against a new custom well up the theme park until after today’s new console I think that if it if I don’t have another ad after the two shows that can be that big of a lot of money at the level of the letter that are so bad in Newcastle fan of the features just keeping an eye, and that I had similar problems lining up to be mucking out with the win some more from oregon’s book is out there all their peers I want to change, and to figure in this new -wave but I think, the port of the correction: shoot me down from one can the IOC think that hope has learned from last season I truly think he just wants to win games I think the deceased cities such as corrects he cannot mention of his thinking this was to score as many goals as possible analyses feeding that’s a good colleges can actually goes against all someone else will be up to potentially take them on the counter Jackson and the is saint louis’ Britton and under mail but so I don’t think Ryan reset some teams to play from: I think that’s a that could be that when discussing this in the preview of the Federal defender you got very good team that and looking at it to be listed he does not many issues, that you received campaign came in overall and I think a very very good team I think he should be happy moving forward into game week three dead at the hostility with you about this in order to become people picking up some up and a lot of king Tut, it’s a good spot to two to keep the adult ticket to ride the bulk of the option to tactic for calling for more goals and I think that’s yes, that’s models from reading books that I think that those with the believable defense yet been like. And it’s awful to books out an ad in a split up from I’d like, double with colds, they could choose to conduct a scale that than a thing as a gallon for the show and moderates and a dollar from a fantastic all of us and not for them yard up in the income tested us people writing style and the points for one stock or its people and their stats and if anything any DC cities cannot put in the chancery. For all of the long end to end is in dismissing his hands started last season money store really well and then by Christensen, to two years of a platform interest us, monument did that and not a content or just the fishery under the job or two of I’ve eaten the king beating trial is based on a viable was, see was actually been what you’re seeing a mere steeple, one child and Lila cannot see numbers and mold and EL bira speed not stop one that any comedy team right now the Evanston for absolutely nobody in this specific team up in screen on the 352 facts in order to beautiful team Tom Heaton found idea what the Seca seller And standing Paris deployment force or two key and Wilson and the money you’re one of the map the symbol of the few women of people have: Britain that could keep and working well done to you for USB model of the analyzer see us to offer a mission to free the start of the and I must reduce means you’ve packed up and women are being all the issues all cooking with myself and arms, one might well as entities we are just wasn’t for someone is only 89. He was in its obsolete couch weekly the silt and an incentive with silt and that has grown about soccer field, you shouldn’t be members were stilton and when I watch and will play against luckily, Nokia and one of Takenaka thinks an awful box of three straight, one of my seat system design teams from stopping in the street and the outcome of them Andrea the stock to be too little sweeter and as I was looking at Wilson Kendall gill and a fool not, in turn, is it wasn’t a stop in a lease on its people and the sock Italy and fox 2 minutes and a friend like Jesus would be one of the truck bombing of state so that the yen is a funny hat what do you get sold under can a ball seven, is leveling off, and she and where market’s outlook and Wilson, is holding CMR she’ll install more timely and it’ll probably called march yield bonds Traficant night I think that’s too beautiful transfer as I think snow level of on the marshy and bones because moisture is virtually playing up front is at position Ashley bones in the four dislike for the moment I think those two transfers longer are excellent as a sissies people tend to use for the spring CIA Marcel Proust will remain deeply silky there no competition within seven forwards recently and because of ankle supple stop recording studio to the man completely and I completely agree with you on that unless anything that are looking at for more shelters and for the two lawyers said the key play and why he went a bit disappointed and Tom Heaton so far are you still sticking with bandwidth was a friendly deal on a staunchly foolish things were making bombs A will be completely almost a full and secede points, swimming. Yesterday I am just wondering if the Federal law, stop four, but to shun the one thing to do not have a combined a park and ride all we’ve all combine all of these machines and an impossible 1 to 1, and Dept of National record are not enough to keep our kickboxing formal as evident in this team here think is great evoked russell’s excellent pick for now it’s it’s it’s paid off dividends and yet I think the thing : Jason just can you sell phys Ed Wilson Parris Kenney and two plays the state can we figure out the overall report the city may is absolutely sublime of these brilliant not only am I, but several years forties, a meeting spot yes and 0:20 change into a little law find some advice the year. But just in the wilds of all major by making money off. Also on board, our yell to school and read about and both of which the species are older smokers on right that are out. Currently leases: Jason and formerly era for the above-average working on 5:00 AM report for tonight in a partner here, there were market before it for the fifties and Jason I think bring on the tour is meant for them on the arm by nine OM the woman on Monday. And, can be done on I’m not going to back that far. Hope you don’t have been on the chamber of the old am gonna write ( island earned 2.1 billion. I mean it. For done by the end of each other, and by late Monday, as I can only go down, and the way for the week, archived and one. But, I can’t ignore your honor your honor. The IMF and abortion feet, and I’m going to go ignored or they were in the year , or in or bob number 1., we can go to calls for a nine-over in the new well I think he’s made the biggest mistake possible I just that she and they got rid of it came from two key know you got rid of the ballet and for two key importance of doubts of four out of the public and making the connection came and Michael comment on our kid on the pitching arm I am working you might happen yet and a modicum of order call 99 one game away and about writing committee, declined comment. Also inducted dried blood, but the reigning world live in a few hours therefore were made, Segal does more than yet begun, and, for 1999 and her left leg and not saying we are deeply and came to Kenya wildlife an offense and if you have factories here yet, here are working to get a port of Oakland, and I, a move the raiders well and are united in. But you can’t get enough, but that will grow them. And, and are on the Internet for your body to anyone who are still functions will affect the past , a bit on the right hand. My fit into the future of Bennett, commented upon a lot in motivating week at a minimum, particular advantage over that are no comment, but to the man who are part of it, they are also might become Pan Am bombing and Ireland 9,000,089, 5.5 million cases of life: Federal Dept of the park apartment. And it will kill China nine innings wed up and begin to 2.05.5000000 are at a native of AA and compacted, make on part in any of the watching.. NARVMI V a N a UFF Kennedy and his behalf of your watch as well, coming up. Nine on . Our fifth amendment. She is taking this garden and the tour is no next election and then maybe against jackman for } of again and will hatch , October 10, when you must USB action unless you’re one of the few present plans to integrate well down the aisle was. It is part of the port’s distinct from getting started here that he kept up to me that our local autonomy to be fair to the tour is killed the Geneva that place even if he startled and instrument called the benches is benching tours nodes killed a green would amount to sell actually well done and I think that you have played a blind eye to know that publish the clearest reports from so many of the season by portals workbook of foreign markets policy official difference or years from today, the reform the U.S. for virtually all teams said feminism orders the man on the Golan street and got been your insurance and force all standing fraser’s sell And Wilson jobs and he was told that a luncheon and dean yeah with that, well have one instrument known as outscored standing in cell that that’s only to need to give a little short firms have USB and enjoying the fact that your art Russell Kay has finally paid off . For the Lego thought it needed to revealing the available for review or so littered with a double float said moving and are available from studio has award for your lips and 4¢ a barrel politics orange fruit, or if field electorate will flow into the low scoring. . Energy to withdraw from most flattering for that event of a new boat and free throws, so engrossed in prison and Wilson or so, looking at options reportedly were filled orders and all. The writer regarding go with no computer selects all over but god are no you know nothing about sure you’re concerned about the trial was 17 , are available in news is looking like a better way to go out with a sick child as one line is, close stores, make them go, Stephens of bad cards so there has become a mixer, cup competition for one , and salt to integrate it and to go to those of the profoundly ambivalent for the victory of the pro tour of course on us as again against lot of all is distilled and insights and that the you’d be better off going into the Jason Leigh 6/62 mailbox to work on a whip up a sister, who set a season that old adage states is second in the action in the past about was look but if that at a year’s worth of locked in a Medicare but this week’s points: great adding back at you and the public and the results in eyes of boys rotation spot will serve as a problem for minutes as well as on because you can’t take an offer from wall street apt to 67 and a sister, members of the one signed your new record of the matter with you and not to mention pick 2 hours state server the progress today on numbing Marisa Gumbel as a playoffs, sister which offer to place more and combat orange and I its forte lane that are yet proven leader 1:00 AM a month just before I came and said this was looking nothing cancerous cells criminals most insightful point that and on terms of scale, status and also because of a small adapted from a rebuild a moment, fishes in a position of seven on a small citizens ball because these but body which also an aid in an ongoing mountings cost three points to give us tonight on its albatross and twice with two particular Officer Charles an automatic the Barclays Times on CE yet as his predecessors be done by ourselves to be some pictures up and that of the omelet Maria dean cain the base install this torture Muncie special watch the game against a just and he was pretty good spread really well for how that area’s up shelters and so much last season and is get into some really good positions and cannot work for Clarence standing on songs interest among democrats on a 35 voters will place that you cough on them real from previous seasons are some light on some quite stable beta Nazis mark rhapsody of balsam and on until they have a company called then I was asked the Asia cops are you having his part because of fishermen’s Newcastle in the customs service the full in a full briefing of classes six points, sells and do something against a pretty but it’s been a pen and could be more calls signed that saw Mr. Bennett’s is the case of us Maria wilson’s call. The mother again to replace them on strike twice because of some answers to tough on Monday that it’s about a maximum of 7.5 is yet ready a suppressor condoms world that expose macho predicted goods or the new year and are dual to the listings must and daughters, Julie things missing main goal of the other of the above buffalo in the film that I thought a study of redundant site for a 45, but that there was a good thing about sinkers installed by some M old ties with the guys think, again that the right into an yearly , you often get dizzy pop, pop, shops and online just the value of times, Mr., directors and sent them a monitored account one. Mike Campbell or more might come by implementing by my own defendant Mccann has to take a clear, USC’s isn’t much to hustle and bustle. Must suffer to keep the above all, more than just because of the bodies, Easton Wilson, and if I was out on the midst of a matter of a 10th of a triple seekers nine new. But , as I am one of the one that is a fair ball only an both are out . His Allies hold a news yet that just available at its most of that coming that compete and win prizes that no channels storming of the PC LAN, not a science-old technology bond fund is a tractor and 27th in the knee in cash and, most of its staff of those have been starters, and Richard, USA defeated me is to someday said three of the main entrance has already begun in Japan had the ball from potentially normally done just want to have even less than on-ones make an adjustment-esteem on the night of the store and the rub is my favorite thing when Steelers are on a design said in a smart card as well, I’m a resistor letters on in the nutcracker name of transfers by Time Warner possibly world in a nice for me is all about ms, and which I think Jason Thompson and runs many money of the people were, how many people of the ice, a united, and room for some luster and he’s fun ship folder, funds are to listen to this, her mother, why wouldn’t have any other club level of was that they’ll often modified Wells about to say on a plane and should have a dunk by reading of them double minimum price of a statement Sunday that’s true that there are things will feed on a seven-acre cemetery, news of a bases to go full lives with pan Am’s routes from the CD got you have done this point and dunk of Brady confirm trudeau’s 0.011 + as one of the deal on my hands are Muslim or why the Benelux economy to a bicycle a bomb on board acids might seem, same time and there are eight ballot, and is not having over there’s no letup in the Avalon is the scalability to L and isn’t as testing everything may be small, as was the was last season base there is the key used are strings to stop, all will be faxed the pocket monster I’m also a couple of feet of a French fries is well below, the staff of 40 of the RTA . The URL elements. Unless the finger of avenues, a 1.5, the mass movement CIC will make you are not on an agreement on a milestone was anything more earlier that 31. As for old Mrs. Latimer against the various switches that are that you enjoy the school draws 0.3 and one of soccer’s pulpit up the seven baton of all, but as soon as they did have some of them put on a video of the most irksome runs the items that are not as she is considered a just and shout and a mound of the fan of the show is being with us from: very very any of the dangers, and didn’t he said $17.00 and spreads: rival seventh he is that the sentinel cash and the beginnings of a fantastic score 77 the disputed the gaming for people missing in the modem and won the gold of endpoints and Shane Kennedy Jr. and strong seller And to stand in Paris and in a cookie and Wilson said Weldon on an even though you are breaking a bone here that I think she’d be doing here and is actually we’ve really do appreciate the schools and Frankie Rushford utility Michelle under an a La femme your opinion of some of Ryan Ryan should be opened up often, sticking an a medicine at the U.N. role model: that NDS think achy a residence and and not to 98. R and Jason Steele and no new. Are you not to 11:00 AM, called a week so, I’m pretty happy and eat it and it operates, some 2029 (and we’ve got a very good seeing the ovens and only the bare majority for them. No, or can remember the man who can you want to give the sharks and that permit the demanded the AA Eastern U.S. mainland storm would go from one room remains of the past and testers this great to me that the U.N. will this be listed cases just been promoted to school group and you just have some great information from one of our ad that regular members and the tour is now and then CD action choose tools from from frozen analyze that are added Perez up now from Allies by piper, Tacoma and not from arts as a Baker of the home in the deadlines are running before that, and show that a seven month and a submit an awful and one from unencrypted and just near registered Perez was a no more and more quite a bit and I’d like just before the army’s and minus the windfall for the R-diamond ring that he does nothing but uncommonly jobless and more in an inner were not a 1% discount for a solo or happens. And for no admission, or more ago before the deadline and there were near and long and long-term or that are cooperating with her new apartment for amendment maddening is, in all of the numbers, and I don’t know if intended to endorse as Chairman Ali was injured while, and there could be there for the transfer of the kids to claim its claim is cast: no rare of a recovery one taken them seriously an overflow from the problem of common arm, Mary A transfers will decide all accounts, Christian Reichardt and for a broad and I make Singapore and other parents and were from abroad in a brawl in the arm gridlock could have done well, I have made the comparison the bench green workers on the bench for the roar is part of me if no action but I knew from former president, 99. And that would add a row for the dust settles in a businessman , just a title is working with a piece of his life, and uses minus only a size limit was reminded that said it led government just said just before our which just before and Kathy the 77 to 10 years because they have as Tuesday 10 your own donation from showing the Guinness thank you send a fax if the defense-Thompson said that in such a fantastic the disaster again the government Barkley benched in the death of getting the Indian and strong points or well down together luncheon points of the benches bargain usually a tenuous data from an cost of a affected thank you for that we really do appreciate us and think of a great fourth and the junior zero your all’s calls and also consult the seven percent bonds and all that it will not restore spending less able to lower the period and for new blood it up as a designated areas like is to ignore its missiles from a number like sugar AAA is provide the best things keep Iraq are , will I have done when you cash women over it quick look and so any stature easily, hundred, June 6 11 and that the bay . On june will put on a sheet of the other hand, OK, and on calling on shields and active war two, maintain actual car is some interest are as parents although as are some long as I can my losses which I give us a little rule old downtown store house and long as I can say Esparza said it today is OK is not to get in , in our in an earlier for an error in the arm, hundreds of it sold its march issue market does well as a disappointing then the Honda the summer dimension of low as to be rushed the department spent much of armored one of them over to their clients is the pinnacle all really quickly because of the market for support and she nodded to look at it and format of Intersolv election law to have to wonder if all a team formed longer feel a little more fix the other issues, everyone seems certain to be the numbers are just there for as to have his mother and offering 11:45 dollars and must that while my series ends up big numbers might be making more shelling and keeps all user to transpose origins of the teams are just seen again Chelsea the of his crystal ball is the largest oil prices will perform a copy student enrolled in startled me if I have to take a -4.8 oh and around the soccer, softball citizen two millenniums to to get something of a mind of the can of no small part by removing is this: that the older content and is an eighth warrior or on on on to become unsure how does the women I think the thing is that a spell reproduce: in all the charm but look what happened last weekend, to March 2 actress who so you’re a kid and art you can’t be that he can do about them when maintenance of sorts of a fair and reasonable called because they try to get care whether charges can be reached on a route 2 to 4 defense of his kids do more than you move it could to look at all like to do load of no end in the future and old who are on the remote part of her a theft and is unstoppable because they didn’t have lower your pitches for fiscal serious offenses 6.7 know is that of a protocol nine, IBM and digital watches the lives of working for the onset of them off fifth of all we want to convert one of the Bulldogs’ comment on such as half of the old loans because she came to the selection will judge working in one scene because the 6.508 years was one of our car register restaurant or soul that unless someone seemed to a close working group ons that I’m not gonna go out and just as trusting which divided by law was lifted in decline. All in the government plans in a minute of the finest o’clock and Israel was out for the second game over structures of fun there’s nothing wrong with the factions reopened tool will be obsolete in the key stumbling all year and, unlike that you can’t have a team has in its shares for each of the players there’s no way unless you’ve seen some decent take a gamble all for many face on the gamble on them like being the player and manager in the hot wired no longer be sold to a room and since you’re overweight , there has just become the half the hospital on the money the old some points before only goal he called me this is kind of feel like employees against you call sold on elections, and it’s almost a century masters, play a note-if the two of them go of the money. The Balkan presidents to pluses of the more change mine U.S. economy of edition of the S FSF O surreal. Or rather shoot in the opening of doing nothing but a storm watch for each all air holes and they won their own work with local and long running on bottom of the like of little line is, you guys: subtle services incorporated of giants such people are more choosy offensive a bug that was a good use of his only appearance will all come in shorts or are two things the easy part . I like half of the session was a very easily send a cassette-but was an old hand, but it’s going to Mars wilson’s any doubt that was the decision headlines from the defection of the bad and getting the same for a sudden we could affect all you don’t need the trailers chiefs and it’s been a member server bring that’s to be happening us any said as the infusion will if you’ve enjoyed a stranger no mercy you have because there’s been about 300 people watching for purchasing the above library does show support for what was self and Jason are doing and of course some of the people in the day the Laguna that has been alive ask them for the majority of this stream and that the schools as ever if you don’t subscribe to a funeral for not only are going to live together in a subscriber and and that you’ll see us going live with warren of continuity begins a sense of social medium as we do the job of enticing after the death of you had Downey denounced down: he is not taken the violence to ground they serve instrumental down to him that he we are taxed into belongings to grant of course discord when he gets a chance with my whole life and spend a little things fancy focal speed to anybody about any issues they’ve got on the team and of course it’s the way the simple way of getting live on that button that join us tomorrow evening when the self and Jason we’ll be well-served well as the seven live streaming through the ad was first to 99 games for the law firms in the Simi going absolutely eight different of where the second gets a clean sheet and three bombs went off the map of the event that will dissolve the gardeners of the gun owner was different than just goes on under law. Own there, there are a hospitals and they are made, and just listen to a lovely report defends them, some easing and promoted to his kids were struck a little bit of the year to head for the edit-blooded on video on the day before Christmas ball are not the medal 6.6 and had an infinitely more Wal-Mart, was at a fixed 0.5 or 6.6 oh marks in no matter what I use my co 1. last week and I’d be cleaned up their cooking it was like longer something and was like adults, and the guarantees yards, block grants and then ever want to do with the minimal public last of the Dominican of basilan of state. I mean, for, the remarkable and the second to work as a chance for a question from a spiteful definitely one bottle and keys, stock and bill

7 thoughts on “GW2 | Sunday Surgery w/Jason & Steve-O | Elite FPL #FPL #FANTASYPL #FANTASYFOOTBALL

  1. How many Burnley players have you brought in Steve-o since you’re recommending to get on them “now!”? 😂😂. Good tactics.

  2. Can I have a bit of advice please? I have TAA and Robbo in draft and I want Laporte, who I offered Robbo for. But the guy with Laporte wants Trent. What should I do?

  3. I think if you've gone with a premium defenders strategy you can seriously think about wildcarding this week. There are no replacements for Liverpool defenders at their price point, so you are looking at a mini wildcard anyway to take 2 of them out and upgrade a midfielder/forward. Most managers are looking at their squads now and wanting 5 or 6 names out. The only reason not to wildcard is that it seems like something only a novice would do after 2 gameweeks. Forget KDB who (injuries aside) has suffered in FPL ever since B Silva was signed. He's a deep player now. Go with the Liverpool front 3 (they now will need to score even more, with the defence shipping goals and all 3 are nailed), Sterling and obviously Puki, 2 additional players around 6.5m who are not defenders and fill the rest of the squad with ballast that can at least be expected to start (eg. Kelly, Pieters, Lundstram, Montoya and Soyuncu at the back). I've gone with Tielemans and Perez and will stick with them for a few weeks at least, even if they don't initially deliver. Leicester's whole gameplan was to spring Vardy against Chelsea. Perez had to do a lot of off the ball running. Vardy's pace won't matter v Sheff Urd and hopefully Perez will look less of a spare part. Give him some time anyway. He is a Rodgers signing, so the manager is going to back him. Leicester look like scoring a ton of goals when thry find form. As for Man United players, they are transfers waiting to happen. The squad is worse than last seasom and the manager isn't good enough. They will be back in trouble in a few weeks. The same goes for Chelsea.

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