GW2 FPL Team Review | Should I play Wildcard in GAME WEEK 3? | Fantasy Premier League Tips 2019/20

whats this week average score? Welcome to FPL edition. We are discussing today week 2 performance. How many points I got.. Whats this week’s average score ? what happened to this week to become so bad for all FPL managers? We also discussing about GW3 and possible transfers. what strategy we must use ? how we can maintain a good score over the coming weeks? I got just 46 points. just near to average 41. Meaning, it’s a poor score compared to week 1 There is a reason behind it. Every big clubs conceded at least a goal despite their victory. Hence, all the defenders gave a poor return from these clubs. this is why 6M fpl players got an average score of 41 . Hence I am not worried much about my this week’s score. I am not panicking here since majority faced a bad week. We can maintain these lost points in the upcoming weeks… we need to have a good strategy for week 3 and need to get maximum points possible… let’s look at week 2 team performance now. During we can discuss our future week 3 transfers and potential strategies… Do we need to use wildcard or not? All the things we will discuss… Ryan missed his clean sheet points due to a 1-1 draw. Kelly didn’t play well. Entire Crystal palace team was under performing… van dijk also missed a clean sheet opportunity due to a difficult victory over southamption. Liverpool game was interesting but a difficult victory… Goal keeper’s mistake spoiled clean sheets from Liverpool defenders… Everton is the only team that got clean-sheet points this week Digne’s assist helped him to get a double-digit return. Not many FPL managers owned him yet. Which is something a huge differential in GW2. Most of them owned Robertson or T Arnold. Now for GW3, most of the managers will be eyeing for Digne. some fpl managers go behind inform players than thinking future fit for their team. You choose which player is the most ideal for your team and get them in by thinking long term. Duffy also lost clean sheets due to the tie. Salah disappointed in week 2. sterling scored a goal from a header. He is in the form now. city opened the score sheet from his goal. captaining sterling could have been the right decision. Zaha once again disappointed. Fraser is no more visible in the ground. Unlike last season, his form and ball controlling all missing this season so far. High chances to transfer out both Zaha and Fraser for week 3 King and wilson saved my last breath. One of the two forwards will be transferred out for GW3. What should be our game week 3 plans ? Due to poor score in week 2, we need to have a solid plan for week 3. lets see which players need to transfer out… deadline is on 23rd Aug I have two free transfers ….. I will use these two transfers to replace zaha and fraser. Even I want to replace McArthur too. However, no free transfer available to do so. I would rather transfer out my poor performing big spenders… In the attack, Wilson and King .. Both payers to meet MANCITY in the coming week. Hence, its good to avoid any Bournemouth players for week 3. Kelly, Zaha and Mcarthur should be transferred out too… So total 6 players to be transferred out… To do all these transfers I need to rely on wildcard. Should I go ahead and use wildcard? Or not? This is a million-dollar question. Everybody in panick mode and considering to use wildcard. Across social media platforms, everyone urging to go for wildcard. People want to bring Martial, Lucas Moura etc with Dani Ceballos etc… And many combinations for wildcard. However, I recommed not to use wildcard. Reason is, this is just week 2. We got many weeks in future to go… wildcard is a powerful card. This shouldn’t need to use for a situation like this week. After 5 weeks, we have international friendlies, where many players get injured. and some players become out of form. at least 4 players will be exposed to injury or out of form after week 5. Hence, use wildcard at that moment. If my star players like Salah, Sterling, Digne get injured? Then how do we replace them if we use wildcard earlier? Hence its better to wait before we use wildcard. Maximum do free transfers and if not, get some negative hit if necessary. By the time, we get to know who is actually in form, and which is the right combination of players for your team. This is how we must manage team and wildcards. else, we will get hit with unwanted transfers with minus points… So i don’t recommend going for wildcard now. But if you are sure about your planning and future players, its ok to use a wildcard. But be 100% assurance in your team. Because it’s your team. Your decisions make the difference for you. But never get influenced by the opinions of bloggers… Hence, think twise before you make a transfer… Find out best combinations and scenarios before you do wildcard. Get the players who can bring the best return for your team. For example I have Digne in my team. But he injured already. He got less chance to play in coming week. I could transfer him out and bring a cheap player. He got easy matched in next 3- 4 weeks So i might bring another Everton player for Digne. Kelly got touch matched to play in upcoming weeks. So to avoid the missing out on easy points.. For example, I can bring Yerry Mina for Digne. He is cheaper than Digne 0.5m cheaper than Digne Surely he can bring good points, many clean sheets. But this is not a great transfer to do. I will tell you why… Digne and Mina are different types of players. Digne is an attacking defender. He takes set pieces. Such as free kicks, corners etc Hence high chance to get assist or goal by Digne. On the other hand, Yerry Mina is different. Mina is a complete defender. He normally doesn’t cross the centre line. You cant expect Mina scoring or assisting on many occasions. So Mina only gives points for cleansheets. But Digne brings cleansheet+ goals So always bring players who are more attack-minded. Ensure you get such players while using wildcard. Look into my team Duffy is an attacking defender. Hence high chance to score goals or assists. same case with Vandijk Players like Robertson, Trend Arnold are attacking players. Mendy as well. Having such a strategy always going to get you more points. Defender or midfield, always keep attacking-minded players. Else you need to settle with normal points. Goalkeepers strategy will be slightly different from others. A player who saves penalties dive to the ball, being offensive are good to consider. Like Alisson, Ederson etc Ryan and Pope also good + cheaper option. Then also need to look at the fixtures. Easy fixture should be something to consider. Hence, don’t panic on advises from Social media gurus… if you sure about an advise, go ahead and do the same. If you enjoyed my video, please subscribe. LIKE please comment below for opinions. Wishing you all a good game week 3 In another video, I will shortlist some potential transfers for GW3 So stay tuned for my next video….

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