GW2 FPL Draft : Bank a transfer for Martial? | GAMEWEEK 2 | Fantasy Premier League Tips 2019/20

Welcome to Fantasy football. Today we are discussing FPL gameweek 2 draft. Which players to substitute? who will you transfer? What should be the formation you will go with? Also, we discuss some potential transfers that can bring a differential to your squad going forward. Is it good to involve in an early transfer? Or should we wait until week 3 to get a 2 free transfer to make a better decision? See my last week (GW1) team. Got 83 points in total, which is a good score in my opinion. Draft for Week 2 team Pope gave me a good return. However, considering his GW2 fixture, he is not the right choice. He is going to play against Arsenal in GW2. Hence, not the right bet to go with… Instead, we must go with Ryan. He gotta an easy fixture in GW2 which is West Ham United. Hence, Ryan will be my Game week 2 Goalkeeper. Duffy got an easy match. Hence, I will keep Duffy this time… Digne also has an easy match. He will play along with Duffy… Next four to five weeks Digne got good fixtures. Hence, a good long term solution to rely upon. Next is Van Diijk. He is my star defender and reliable option to go with. He will be in playing 11 weeks in week out for almost all matches. Even if its a strong opponent. He got the ability to score goals from set-pieces. Hence, a good option to get more points from this defender… Next is Toby Alderweireld… Despite the win against Aston Villa, they conceded a goal. This reduced his points from 6 to 2 in game week 1. His next match is against Manchester City. Hence, not an ideal placement for this week. Last time when both teams met, there were enough goals. Hence, it’s not a smart selection to trust Tottenham defence at this moment. Salah is a permanent player in my team. Hence, he will be playing almost all weeks going forward. Streling also same as Salah… Next is Zaha. a 7m player with a lot of expectation. He gave only one point last week. If he doesn’t perform in week 2, I will think to transfer out. Week 2 match is an easy fixture. So let’s see if he shines or not… Frazer also didnt perform well. Hence will be given one more chance to prove. Next match is against Aston Villa, which is an easy fixture. Hence, let’s see how many points he is going to return in GW2. Frazer also got an easy fixture this week. Wilson played better. However, expecting that he will be consistent this season as well. 5 points in week 1. Expecting a good performance in next match. King… Didnt perform in week 1. So high expectation on week 2. If he doesn’t perform in week 2, i might think to get rid off him… Below is my week 2 tea draft. This team will be 90% confirmed, with a 4-4-2 formation. I am expecting a clean sheet from Kelly this week. Except Kelly, no much changes in my week 2 team. If Zaha, Frazer and King don’t play well in week 2, I will surely transfer one of these three. If Kelly doesn’t play, then Mcarthur will come in his position. I will not use any chip this week (bench boost or triple captain) If any changes, I will do it just 2 hours before the transfer deadline. Some of the potential transfers this week … You can transfer ZAHA with Martial… He is good form and got easy fixures in the upcoming weeks. Next one can be a change in the forward position. You can bring “Rashford” instead of “King” or “Long” Also, Harry Kane can be considered. Except for ManCity and Arsenal, he got good fixtures in the coming weeks. Buying him will be tricky because of his price. You need to replace more than two players from the current team to accommodate Kane. This is a difficult task to get rid of multiple players to bring Kane. To do this, you need to either take minus points… Or … Otherwise, play a wild card and change squad completely. Before jumping into wildcard, think thrice and see which is the best move for you… You can bring a city defender if necessary. Zinczenko is cheap and a good left-back replacing injured Mendy. at least for first a few weeks, he will be permanent. For now, I will wait. Won’t do any transfer this week. I will wait until game week 3 to make my transfer… Please like, subscribe and comment… If any question or opinion, please comment below…

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