Guillermo vs LeBron James at 2017 NBA Media Day

Guillermo vs LeBron James at 2017 NBA Media Day

– You know, every year
at the NBA finals, they hold Media Day. This is an event where
all the reporters go to interview all the players. We’ve been sending Guillermo– Guillermo to media
day for six years now. He’s talked to everyone. There’s Steph
Curry, Dwayne Wade, Kevin Durant– they all stop. Guillermo, how many times have
you interviewed LeBron James? Zero. None. JIMMY KIMMEL: Zero. No times. He’s kind of like
Guillermo’s own Matt Damon. But this time, Guillermo
had a different plan. This time, instead of
chasing LeBron around, Guillermo made it
known that this time he wouldn’t be talking to LeBron. Hi, it’s me, Guillermo. I’m back here at the NBA finals. And guess who else is back? LeBron James, that bad hombre. He never talks to me. Hey, LeBron, just one question. This year, I’m going
to flip the script. I’m not going to talk to LeBron. Let’s go. Let’s see how he likes it. [MUSIC PLAYING] I want I want to
congratulate you. You make it to the finals
again, three years in a row. Yes, thank you. All right. So this year, it’s different. You guys got Kevin Durant.
Run Yeah. So, and also this year
I’m not talking to LeBron. Really? Yeah, so, I want
you to do me a favor. If you see LeBron, tell him– say, LeBron, Guillermo’s
not talking to you. I don’t want to
talk to him either. – No?
– No. Oh. Last year, everybody say
you hit LeBron in the balls. But I didn’t though. You’ve got to watch
the tape closely. But I defend you. He say– I tell
everybody he didn’t. – My man.
– You know why? Why? Because he doesn’t
have no balls. Ah, man, I don’t
know about all that. GUILLERMO RODRIGUEZ: Can you
do me a favor and tell LeBron, Guillermo is not talking
to you this year. Oh, man, why don’t
you just tell him? No, because I’m
not talking to him. Hey, Ashton Kutcher, do
that thing where you say, you’ve been punk’d. Tell LeBron James, Guillermo
is not talking to you. OK?
– OK. – All right?
– I’ll tell him. You promise? No. Knock, knock. Uh– Knock, knock. I’m not here.
Leave a message. I got to tell you a joke. Knock, knock. Who’s there? – I.
– I, who? I’m not talking
to LeBron James. I know that.
You tried. – Huh?
– It never happens. – You get it?
– Yeah, I get it. Are you stretching enough? Uh, I could be stretching
a little bit more. Yeah? How about you? Can you tell me LeBron
James I’m not talking to him? Uh– I would appreciate it. So I got to tell him that
you’re not talking to him? Yeah.
I’m not talking to him. You think he– you think he– you think he’s worried about it? Yeah, yeah.
He’s going to freak out. Yeah.
– Yeah, OK. I’ll let him know just
so he won’t freak out. Hey, Kevin, I have
a segment in the show. It’s called In Your Shoes. OK. So I want to be in your shoes. [MUSIC PLAYING] Is he freaking out that
I’m not talking to him? Yeah, I think on the bus
ride over he was pretty quiet, so I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t know if it’s
you or– or what. Yeah, I’m giving him
the cold shoulders. I’m not talking to him.
– OK. – All right.
– Yeah, I get that. All right. So if you see him,
tell him that Guillermo is not talking to you. OK. I don’t have a
lot of love for him. Whoa. Whoa, but you’re
wearing my shoes. GUILLERMO RODRIGUEZ: I do. But I love for Guillermo. There you go. Let me hear how you
going to say to LeBron. I’ll be LeBron. Hey, man. Livingston, what’s going on? Hey, I just
wanted to say, um, I don’t think Guillermo is
speaking to you, so you know, he told me to– told me to pass that on. Oh, that’s too bad. I got to play basketball.
– Pretend I’m LeBron. Hey, what’s up, man? Let’s go and shower together. Whoa. Uh, you have
something to tell me? Guillermo is not
talking to you no more. Why– why–
why– why not, man? Because you haven’t spoken
to him in seven years. Is– is LeBron freaking out
because I’m not talking to him? He’s a little disappointed. He was hoping that
you would go over to– to him first. But I think he
understands that me and you have that relationship. GUILLERMO RODRIGUEZ:
Hey, LeBron, I’m still not talking to you. OK? There he is. I’m not talking to LeBron. And there’s nothing
he can do about it. He’s freaking out. {MUSIC_- CHARLIE PUTH,
“WE DON’T TALK ANYMORE”} No, we don’t talk anymore. We don’t talk anymore. We don’t talk anymore
like we used to do. LeBron, just one question. That’s LeBron right there. Hey, LeBron! Hey, LeBron! How are you?
LeBron! LeBron! Can you take a selfie with me? LeBron!
LeBron! LeBron!
LeBron! LeBron! LeBron, are we OK? Man, leave me the
hell alone, man. We’re not talking
to you, LeBron. We’re not talking to you. He knows he wants to talk to me,
but it’s not going to happen. Not this time. Well, that’s it. I didn’t talk to LeBron. Mission accomplished
until next year. Bye. Adios. I’m out of here. [APPLAUSE] Thank you, Guillermo. I’m sorry you had
to go through that. That’s why he’s losing, I guess.

100 thoughts on “Guillermo vs LeBron James at 2017 NBA Media Day

  1. People that are saying they should've interviewed in a different area probably are the real trash, these are real canadians 🇨🇦

  2. Guillermo stop harassing Lebron james. Lol 😂 I wonder if he’s ever going to talk to you or keep ignoring you🤔🙄

  3. When Guillermo said “This Year” at 1:12 my phone’s Siri activated and thought I said “Hey Siri” not even kidding lmao

  4. When he said MAN LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE, Kinda pissed me off. Everyone else has been cool over the years and I'm sure most people realize that he's from Jimmy Kimmel show but yet LeBron is rude what a complete disappointment. I don't care how good you play basketball how much money you have never forget where you come from and treat people the way you would want to be treated

  5. I felt bad when the compilation happened 😭😬 I’m not a sports fan but I don’t like LeBron because he’s rude.

  6. Imagine being the star player and while warming up for the most important game of your life, you have this ferret yelling at you

  7. Lebron, should realize that nba is entertainment not only a game.
    He should respect more for the fans.
    I'm from indonesia and i like nba game, more than basketball league in my country..

  8. Jimmy said “that’s why he’s loosing I guess” 😂 exactly people humble yourself because if you are not humble nothing good comes your way.!

  9. When lebron and klay and steph were trash talking klay was just telling him Guillermo wasn’t going to talk to him

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