100 thoughts on “Guess What’s Melting In Reverse (GAME)

  1. Guyyyyys my sister has a YouTube channel it’s called Annelise Raedy, sorry I just had to say that. I’m done now 😂

  2. I have never been as frustrated with the BOTH of them as I have after watching this episode.

    They should have allowed only one guess each for each item.

  3. Boo, Rhett's being a sore loser. Like doesn't act like that when he loses, which in comparison is quite a bit more. He should've just chopped him in the throat when he was leaning back, he deserved it

  4. Do a game where you try to guess what you smell. And the loser of the round gets to chose if they want the other player to eat or not eat the food smelt. So if you were to guess that you smelt a squid you can make the other player eat it.

  5. Rhett is so immature at the end and I’m loving it. It’s like an older brother and a younger brother irritating each other.

  6. Can Good Mythical Morning do an episode on who has the best iced/sweet tea ? Every fast food/restaurant have their own

  7. Rhett looking real good in this episode lol. I can't even lie. I've always found Link more attractive (Link is fine 😋) but Rhett starting to look like he could get it too

  8. Do more "Will its" I saw a will it soda stream from someone else and I bet you could do it better. "Will its are infinite and forever entertaining. Lol

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