GT Sport Challenge: Super GT vs Lewis Hamilton

GT Sport Challenge: Super GT vs Lewis Hamilton

Hello everyone. Super GT here. I’m gonna be taking a look at the new Lewis Hamilton DLC in Gran Turismo Sport. I’ve not touched it yet. I haven’t seen what it’s about so we’re gonna
jump in. I’ve been told it’s in campaign, there it is. So you just jump down to the bottom here. The Time Trial Challenge. So, the man himself has set some times on
the game and well, here are the tracks that he’s done it on in the Mercedes GT3 car. Apart from… Oh, yeah. Apart from this one. I did see this during the presentation he made. The Sauber C9 at Nürburgring which is probably a very crazy combination. Let’s take a look. So we got Dragon Trail – Seaside. Maggiore. Brands Hatch. Willow Springs. Suzuka. Monza. Mount Panorama. Interlagos. Nürburgring and then Nordschleife. I’m gonna go, I’m gonna go Nürburgring because that’s for me my best circuit. Probably have the highest chance of trying
to actually beat him. So, let’s jump into this. It’s a 1:56.5 for gold but lets try and get
his 1:55.3. Gotta be nice and smooth. He was really smooth on his lap. I would like to know how many laps he did
to try to get this lap time. In fact, I’ve got traction control on here. Turn that off. That’s not gonna help. So Lewis Hamilton was actually using the chase cam in, at least, the exhibition race we did together. So it’s quite interesting approach. Not too many people were using the chase cam in these live events. But Hamilton is a fan of the chase cam. Obviously it’s working for him here because
he’s bloody flying away from me, look at him! He’s miles ahead. One and half seconds ahead at this point. So it’s gonna take me more than a few laps. I think it’s gonna be a little bit harder
than the Circuit Experience where you normally can get a gold first lap. This is not gonna be as easy as that. Certainly is not. So I think if that ghost gets a little bit
further ahead, I’m gonna lose track of it completely. So lost another tenth of a second, or more
than through the Schumacher-S. Into the next chicane. Just see if I can can get that delta down
a little bit from here to the end of the lap. We saw that he didn’t take too much kerb on the final chicane. So again I’m just losing, it’s like I’m losing
a tenth for every chicane. Or a tiny bit more. Let’s see if I can gain some tenths through this one. By taking plenty of the kerb. All over it. I probably kept it about even there. But I wasn’t very clean. Ok, so that is quite a horrifying effort. Two seconds slower. So that’s gonna take quite a long time to beat. I didn’t even get the gold time. He tells me it’s a great time but I don’t
think it was. We’ll go again. Let’s see if we can beat him on our second try. 57.3. So I need to get eight tenths quicker to get
even the gold time. So getting gold is quite hard and then beating Hamilton is even harder. So we go again. We’ll try once more. See if we can beat Lewis Hamilton, now the
six-time Formula 1 World Champion, of course. Gotta be gentle on those brakes. He carries so much speed in. Look at that. It would be interesting to see Lewis in a
GT3 car actually. But… For now he’s got his heart set on Formula 1, probably gonna try and beat Michael Schumacher’s records. And again, just on the exit, he gets
really good exit speed. So he’s already six tenths of a second ahead. Just gotta try and keep it nice and close. He just keeps his mid-corner speed up so much. He’s really good at that. Maybe I’m not on the throttle early enough
through the middle of the corner. That is the problem. He really, really committed there. So already pulling away, a second ahead. Through the Schumacher-S, can I pull anything back through here? Little bit of gravel, that’s not gonna help. I can use a little bit more of the entry here
to get a better angle. Again, too deep on the brakes. It’s actually just costing me time. I’m trying too hard to beat him. So that gap is gonna … Where’s my other ghost? My ghost is just there. We might get a gold … Might. Actually I probably won’t unless I really
get this dead right. So I did catch there a little bit, gap down to 1.3 but it’s not gonna be enough for gold I don’t think. So these times are pretty good. You know, Lewis Hamilton hasn’t held back here. So even some of the best players will take time to
beat these laps. Ok, so I completely failed at Nürburgring,
which is my best track. So I’m not sure how I’m gonna do another track. We’ll try another track. Let’s see, let’s see the list again. Ok, so I guess it’s gotta be a track that
Hamilton doesn’t do too much or doesn’t do in real life because of course some of these are in F1. He’d know those very well. Suzuka, Monza, Interlagos, Nürburgring. So he’d probably struggle around one of these ones I reckon. Let’s go for Dragon Trail – Seaside. It’s called the death chicane. I’m assuming Hamilton didn’t get killed by
the death chicane but we’ll see if we can beat him around here. Right, we’re gonna jump straight in. See if we can beat him. Big rolling start here. So you only get one lap, it’s not like you
can keep lapping and lapping. You just do one lap and then that’s it. So you get the same speed over the start line so it’s a fair start. And he’s already, look at that. He’s already beating me. I do have traction control on though so turn
that off. Oh, God. That’s not how you wanna do it. I’m a bit closer though compared to how I
was at Nürburgring. Half a second at this point. Let’s see how he deals with the triple chicane then. Feels like I’m under-steering so much. Not getting on the power at the right time and he gains on me again. Maybe Lewis Hamilton should start competing in the FIA Championship on Gran Turismo. Try and qualify for these World Finals. By the looks of it, he’s pretty quick. Ok, 1.5 seconds down. This isn’t going well. My YouTube career is over. Oh, God. I think Nico Rosberg’s gonna have to do the
‘Is his career over?’ Because by the looks of it, Hamilton is massively over-shadowing me here and making me look very stupid. Final corner. 1.8 seconds down. Ok. So these challenges are hard. They’re not gonna be ones you can do first time I don’t think. 38.8. Again, not even a gold. Across the line and it’s not a gold. A silver again. He’s told me it’s a good lap but I’m not happy I haven’t been able to beat him. I haven’t been able to get the gold time even. So on this occasion, I’ve been defeated. Twice by Hamilton. Unfortunately. But that is just a quick look at the Lewis
Hamilton DLC on Gran Turismo Sport. A really good challenge, a really tough challenge and one that I’m sure a lot of people will
be spending a lot of time on trying to beat him. If you did enjoy the video, make sure you
hit the like button and subscribe for plenty more content. But also in the comments section, do let me know your times on the Dragon Trail circuit and on Nürburgring GP. Could you beat me? Could you beat gold? Could you beat Lewis Hamilton? Comment down below and let us know. But apart from that, thank you so much for
watching and we shall see you next time.

100 thoughts on “GT Sport Challenge: Super GT vs Lewis Hamilton

  1. isnt super-gt played the fuck out of this DLC on his challenge beating the required time , why i pay money for tracks and cars already in the game so i can prove i can better than Lewis Hamilton??come on … we that this is not his best times secondly where is fun doin that for hours and hours and eventually gain what?where is the fun man??

  2. Perfect analyses about the moment Lewis puts the power down exiting the corners. This and his perfect braking points are, for what I have found out so far, what makes him really fast. He is for sure a champion.
    And so are you!

  3. I don't get it ,On his channel he beats all the tracks easly .. how is he struggling here .. is it just to lick Lewis's ass lol

  4. I've been able to get gold thus far and I anticipate a diamond on my strongest circuit, Nordschliefe. I've suddenly realized that my g29 brake pedal needs serious mods to match the braking points of Lewis or Hizal

  5. what i noticed is that Lewis is trail braking for a longer period of time holding the stability of the car. While you are more divebomb braking trying to minimize time between throttle and brake, upsetting the car. Just my rough take on how he is so fast without abusing the game mechanics

  6. It seems like Hamilton brakes in a different way. I noticed it's as if he breaks later and enters the corner while still braking

  7. How many times does it takes for Lewis to make these 10 circuits laps? Hour? Days? Sure that he makes those times with hard tires??? I made 5 diamond in 1 evening. still remain 5 circuits to do…

  8. Buenas, rápidas e interesantes carreras. La tecnología de Gran Turismo es maravillosa, nos permite competir contra un campeón mundial. Este jugador de GT solo estuvo un suspiro atrás, muy bien.

  9. i see the issue you have at nurburgring gp. the switch backs need more middle track pre angling, not track abuse. that exit on the turn after the carousel was killing your laps.

  10. LOL Lewis's fastest lap when he played this Jimmy broadbent beat it by a heap (You can check out jimmers video for proof). Now you launch a Lewis pack and no one can beat him hahahaha Well played GRAN TURISMO

  11. Good business plan on this lewis pack that he didn't even drive. It's just an Ai ghost. You can check out how fast Lewis is over a 2 day period on Gran Turismo's very own channel. He was that fast that Jimmer beat him by a heap and nowwwww Lewis is the worlds fastest GRAN TURISMO driver hahahaha fucking joke

  12. So this is you trying to be famous by saying you can compete with an actual F1 driver????? What a bellend. Your good on a computer game! Well done! Get over yourself and try a real job.

  13. Omg cant believe he is in gt sports channel now and this is the first time ive seen his face his voice don’t match with his face lol

  14. Might be rigged since it’s a video game? Maybe they combined all of his best virtual sections. Just like your virtual lap in Harry’s lap timer app, it combine all of your best sections to show you how fast you could go if you drove every corner to your best ability. 🤔

  15. Lewis is so good, swear he does this for a living, and in real life, and conditions himself for driving, and uses simulators when he's not driving on the track, and is very close to Schumachers record….

  16. Hi steve
    How are you? Happy xmas mate ☃️✌🙂
    Love your videos
    Any idea where i can get gran turismo tshirt or jacket ?

  17. TGT is so good that the GT needs to nerf Fanatec, if it does not take a beating. I am not hater, I am 30 years old and I have always loved the GT franchise since the first, now that I can buy a first class equipment do you do with Fanatec? I just want to say something to those involved: you guys are RIDICULOS.

  18. I haven't played a gt game for about 3 years and have just downloaded this dlc…. I'm struggling big time to BEAT gold Times let alone LH times 😭 any help or hints would be appreciated….
    Lewis, if you see this, your more than welcome rd my house to come and show my son and myself how to beat you 😂😂

  19. I can tell you how many laps Hamilton needed…1.
    His time is way to much worth to drive all those circuits over and over again. He probably did it with a hangover as well…. but nice driving mate👍

  20. Don't feel bad. This is an all time elite racecar driver. Forget F1. He'd be great in an Indy car, would likely dominate all the road and street courses. I'd give him a good shot in stock cars too. Looks like that skill translates pretty well lol

  21. He´s not one of the best drivers in GTS. Take one like Fire or Lightning and see what they do with Hamiltons time. This guy is around 1 sec slower or more per lap at any track at any given day.

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