Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers Full Game Highlights | 12.05.2018, NBA Season

Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers Full Game Highlights | 12.05.2018, NBA Season

Sans Draymond Green our Sunday starting on up on their side the Korean Thompson to the backcourt He was lethal and they and what the but people don’t understand they play a furnace in touch with under that tough assignment suffice to say for jetty Oscar Good as well Yes Thompson differences guys basket for basket rock club rock defense’s ink you put elevates and hits the three Overdraft who is wait a lot right now switched loony picks up Grundy Who and of course they switch this about everything put goes to go Cut the monster Pratt loose five on four dress phony get up. He’s okay, but Campbell there’s with a I’ve made an advantage in to take advantage has consonant stays with the play that time and I know curry remembers those black jerseys quid Rises portray Off to a great start To hurry back to the way launches and hits that Penta three. I’m not starting for them with a recent two pectoral tear that really hurt Durant leading and hitting boy, it’s still tough put these things out tapped up by Hill controlled by Kurt Look bracelet. Tristan Thompson. Nice Look inside doing it out to their three-point percentage tonight as hood throws the weigh-in wins They shoot 48th and losses 28 curry back to the level Resistant and back come the Cavaliers here comes Jenny leading the pack trying to get to the rack puts up a left here We’re gonna hide the back drive and dump that was nice with it sure was the three seconds left curriki wide open That’s one of the sweet spots a great zit Yeah, you really miss David West Off their best the rat sails him for two. I Renounced jr. Now in the middle for the Cavs This parking lot down from will away was born in Africa section eight o’clock beautifully by Bill and incurring the Left-turning defense it was downtown. Oh, you betcha breweries. Great seattle supersonics Clarkson thanks gonna move there. So this is first three shots 28:23 it remains Durant flicked away by mass quits cook will jump in his he’s been quite his talk a lot High praise for sea fries where the like tonight come back sit down and that’s it down sir to it Look like a this trip push the ball to first Rebound Dance Badly. Yeah d what system tough sonatas? Yep step rebound nice tap dance alert play Yeah, I wasn’t suitable 26:31. Olivia said behind the back trying to get to the round off the glass He scored you a net boys been good from the strike of 77 twist to hurry back out there almost shuffled that beautiful grip books Go stay with that advantage pill thinking about three Always in a swivel Eddie give it up strip go run up. This box. Can’t eat the threes Finance on the block that we spot on the floor for Kirk then usually those type of passes lead really not those done Sex it measures it hits for tonight Hurry and the left corner is 63% panda v drip doesn’t matter That’s a young boy could see coaching at his kitchen Money should know the Hall of Fame. Let’s go to Franchetti. Awesome. Nice move it left and that’s you. You could go after that pants curry How much you can do about this you’re really careful here right you can get out of hand quickly Clarkson sense it and hits it but pleased over Friday night bikes maybe times Rodney hood with it Gave it up didn’t like what he saw Jenny squares up and hit you don’t Larry to tell you I don’t think he understands and it’s good points in it’s bad points get Inside an easy deposit for Cibola percent duration of his flight ripped on the cameras got a convert here against curry Wow indle as Durant picked him up Section the lady Cavaliers go attracts 10 Good job of taking advantage of a lazy deep in her it gets it back though for a boy choices greens for sex – Jenny pulls the trigger and buries it for three is cheapest because it won’t – for one and exactly and it comes section line pliers Backs it out now. I gotta go to work Couple of hip surgeries early in his career Thompson into a TT gave it up didn’t force it James straight up there. Is that three-ball immediate notice? 67 six that’s a long time. His patience is paid off and Louie knocks down another 67 66 Prairie bass down and drills that 3-ball Stole that she’s dirk nowitzki Wasn’t old enough to watch business birthday Jenny subside for two boards have lead the team in assists the astronauts against Now has 14 Templars lead by two Jordan Bell back out there finding it about Lauren great cut of gold stick Put the singing on gravity goes to work the fall you can’t stop that Little point in the ballgame to the cab’s Almost watch grant slicing it nothing Down the floor the rats catching and shooting since we Will see this is how they started it will make you a blue time. Now. They got a nine sixty nine point nine That’s how it gets disgusting slowing down Cassius to Ken hanger Here comes Burks Shut Bucky on the floor looks the euro Stephanie fashion fashion +10 17 to 7 fast-break points Clarkson against curry knocks it in with a little right Durant I guess fans great job. I am Larry Joseph. It’s kind of a mechanical to fill the role Question by Tristan Thompson Governor’s down seven trying to weather this storm here Burks against cook nice inside Double-team with a minute 17 serious. There you go mine tonight 55 poems by a level of 83 ball shooting cook him the ball hard Is it a proof George Hill one that fell Larry Nance Jr. Of the rebound George Hill chased it down on the ride Thompson open money With a Thompson has 11 have trail by 12 And they come back Thompson hard driving measuring and scoring is the plate full of at the Volga. Yes. They are Rinsed out now play a little foods Along with Rodney hood. Now, I’m gonna start making a move now for crocs. It floats scores with a soft touch Hurry back out there Only now Cox on the kitties the repto losses in its course Those situations you gotta take advantage of it this big guys They miss you’ve got a school good shot karite on line and he sticks it into his father They roll with a three go but clearly his foot was on the line Sexton folks at school Prior shop. I’m not going to be reviewed either. It’s curry. Yeah, like an Easy one for Sexton we presume threat challenge couldn’t get there loop it and grab it curry gets What’s on a dribbling show it Finally caught up by Alfonso to keep the office I mean you didn’t know shots are going down, but they normally do for those late Thompson for 250 points In the opening quarter Thompson again They feed coolant cook any it’s really Some cancer the gallant effort for certainly three quarters and then just to overrun by a Shot making for the Warriors as they wind up shooting 53% And over the last 11 minutes, the game Cavs were double on the count of 32 to 16 And a final score their Golden State Warriors 129. The Cavalier is 105 Yeah, it was that you said three and a half quarters. It was very solid then go to the state All they did was execute the offense played good defense, but then normally do and came away with the victory So the words of the wind now go to six and seven on the road this season

100 thoughts on “Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers Full Game Highlights | 12.05.2018, NBA Season

  1. Yeah, the Warriors won, but the fact that the Cavs…..THE CAVS, gave them this much trouble Is distressing — I'm sure the Warriors will get back to form, but they won't breeze to the Finals like a lot of people said they would

  2. I'm sad for KD. None of his titles will ever mean anything until he leaves GS. People who know basketball will always think: "Ehh yes but…" Even 50 years from now.
    He will only remembered as the one who ruined what the NBA had the best to offer us (The thrill, the suspense) for 5 years at least.

  3. kd or Larry bird who is the best small forward all time?? n curry going down as the best point guard all time n warrior's 5peating

  4. meanwhile, jr smith is still looking for Lebron in the locker room, and asking the coaching staff if anyone has seen him.

  5. This kind of game is when you let your lil brother stay in the game then we he gets full of himself you put him in check and Start blowing him out lol

  6. Reggie Miller will always be my favorite three point shooter. Curry shoots threes as an art form. It's fun to watch Curry shoot those deep shots.

  7. Hows those lakers doing against those lame ass spurs? cavs fanS? im to busy blubbleing well pleased as a continuously impressed as the happiest thunder blue true fan. Westbrook is god and not valued as the MVP that they actually finally got correct in 2017 for the first time… its like they don't want to know or choose to forget what his constant skill implies MOST VALUABLE…… that is MVP…

  8. Yes๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„ golden state warrior win again Stephen curry shot is easy shot in the game

  9. DeMarcus Cousins is really making easy money this season. If the Warriors get to the finals again this season it is not because of the effort from DeMarcus Cousins. Just sayin'

  10. Steph curry is the best point guard of all time! Imo heโ€™s the best pure scorer of all time! To be the best at shooting the shot that gives you the most points consecutively means your the best scorer ever!

  11. stephen curry playing like Lebron is still on the cavs roster lol. GSW officially buried the Cavs now that lebron is gone.

  12. Suns still beating the rest of the League for the Top Mount Zion Prize. Hawks and Bulls in hot pursuit, followed lastly by Cavs.

  13. the Cavs were too happy and celebrating that moment 4:52 then 3rd quarter comes… warriors: oops! guys stop choking lets play…

  14. I must admit that KD has worked extremely hard on two skills he has OVER Steph Curry and that is his height and freakishly long wingspan.
    It's Even longer than him and that's not normal. Only 0,0000000001% humans have that skill. Imagine how hard he has worked on those two skills. Unbelievable.

    But Steph is actually the best and it's obvious. He wins in all other skills and is the best player in history at making his teammates look good with the most important skill which is aim,
    because it gravitates defenders and makes his teammates get better stats and look good. That skill is even harder to train or find than tallness.
    That's why every player wants to play with extremely unselfish Steph instead of Lebron. To become an all-star and win rings.

  15. Let's move the 3-point line back three feet, eliminate the side 3, and move the free throw line back a bit. Also cut the amount of franchises in half to 16, and obviously the draft would be two rounds, so 32 overall picks. Promise you that the NBA would be 1000 times better.

  16. All the casual NBA fans watched this video and were like, "damn is LeBron hurt or something? Why ain't he playin?" hahaha

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