GAY SHORT FILM – The First Last Kiss?

Good to be back? – Yeah. It’s alright.
– Cheaper. The missus wanted to do it out here,
Near the old schools… You, uhm, you ever wanted to leave? Not really, no. Each to their own. Thank you. Nicky restores cars, Sam. What kind? Anything, really. Mainly British
classic ones. 50s, 60s, Jags, Aston Martins… – There’s loads of collectors out here.
– That’s cool – Obsessed by anything vintage this one.
– Nice! – I was never much into cars.
– No? It’s just willy waving, isn’t it? Not
interesting. Give me a plane any day.
That’s how you make a statement. Depends what statement you want to make. A massive one, obviously! – Roland?
– Yeah? Are you coming up? Yes! A beautiful bride awaits. – Good to see you mate.
– Congratulations. – Can I join you?
– Oh the seat’s taken (!) – Just joking!
– Oh! Fine. – Don’t worry.
– Yeah. Cool. Amazing reception. Enjoying it? Not even a little bit! Your brother’s good, though. Happy. That’s all that matters I guess… Enjoying being out of the city? Er… it’s fine. So what have you been up to?
What are you doing? I finished my first year at uni. – It’s medicine, so…
Right! – Yeah.
– Are you in for the long haul? Yeah. Saved any lives yet? – Oh, erm, no I’m not quite there yet.
– Right… – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Nice?
– Yeah! Try some. – Nah you’re alright.
– Oh no, go on! I insist. – What did I say?
– Mmm, lovely (!) – Weddings are weird.
– Yeah. It’s like… It’s like celebrating being normal. Well cheers to that! – Come on!
– What? I’ve got something to show you. Bought and restored it myself! New body shell.
Reupholstered the interior. It looks fantastic. You wanna get out of here? Have a look around! Want to go in? Okay. Cheers. Can you just hold them as well? Cheers. – Can I have a go?
– Sure! – Okay, so grab the oars.
– Ok… That’s it. What you do is basically
pull it towards you, yeah? So you want to put it in the water,
and then pull it towards you like that. No… Sam… are you alright? I don’t want to, no please… – Can you…
– Alright, relax! – Can we go back please!?
– Alright, sorry, my mistake. – Can you take me back please.
– Ok, just calm down, alright? – Sam it was just a mistake, ok? Just calm down alright?
– No please don’t touch me! Sam! Sam! Sam! Oh shit… Sam! Sam! For God’s sake, man! What are you doing, eh? I’m sorry. I don’t want to be like this. It’s fine. It’s okay. No worries. Come on. Get up. You alright? Nothing happened mate. Ok? Come on. I’ll drive you back. Sam? Yeah.

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