Game Theory: Feeling ALONE? How Fortnite can HELP! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

Game Theory: Feeling ALONE? How Fortnite can HELP! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

So fam it’s your boy again, and you know what time it is for night video time and today I’m joined by my friends Drake and ninja That’s seriously who these guys are so put in their name of the title of this video is totally not clickbaitttttttt now a lot alot you been blowing up my feeds lately saying that I’ve faked my videos that I have someone else play for me and that I and I Just kind of sit here and react well that is totally not true I mean why would I lie except to make myself look better and rake in those sweet sweet youtube dollars So today even though your accusations totally don’t bother me (even if they do actually bother me) MatPat 2018 I’m gonna show you my hands while I’m playing haters gonna hate boom. Let’s do this so here We are play important it with my boys Drake. I hear you’re a fan of this game. Ah Boy look at that sick kill wasn’t that a sick kill. I totally just got Yo, ninja, aren’t you jealous of that kill? I hear you’re pretty good at this game, but you know I’m better right and you can totally tell It’s me playing cuz you can see my hands right now live in that upper right hand corner Yeah fortnite cool Kinda bored of this game anyone want to strip. No all right. Let’s go Hello Internet welcome to game theory where it is officially the end of battle royale weak weak weak Weak weak weak weak so far we’ve scientifically proven that the Tilted tower meteor should have completely reinvented the fortnight map and we’ve Disproven all that scare mongering around battle royale games causing kids to become more violent, but today I wanted to ask an even more important question can I prove that there are positive effects to playing these sorts of games? Parents news outlets often claim that video games are causing violent loners and social outcasts But uh is that really true I mean it games like fortnight and pub G are online With other people most players like to play with other friends form teams to can playing battle royale style games help make gamers more comfortable In social situations, are they making you new friends and most importantly of all can I prove it with science And you know it’ll make people more likely to believe what I’m saying again I had the hypothesis that they are my Hypothesis here was that games like pub G & fortnight were actually helping gamers create new friend groups and making online gamers better socialized relative to others with similar Personality traits with that being said let’s see what the data showed as a quick reminder to help figure this out I asked you all to complete a survey three hundred and thirty thousand of you responded from countries all over the world the US Canada Spain Brazil you name it it was in there even some countries I’d never heard of like your mom and your mom gay, which I can only assume is like the relationship between, Virginia and West Virginia Your mom your mom gay the Democratic Republic of your mom’s super game other representing countries included tighty-whitey timid But rages a lot and what is nationality my name is Michael. It’s odd. You never see that nation represented at the Olympics I really would love to see their flag then whether you were from America murica murica America the dank the good ol US of A or any of the other hundred and twenty different ways of writing the exact same Country I asked you all to tell me which battle royale games you were playing a bit about your gaming habits and then some information About your personality via the myers-briggs test which breaks down your core personality into one of sixteen different categories the first key finding was that regardless of whether I was talking about Fortnight errs pub cheers both errs or neither earns the distribution of personality type was largely the same nearly 25% of all responses fell into the INFP category known as mediators to let you know how unusual that is only 4% of the population is that type and yet here it wasn’t data 25% of you guys responding nearly twice the size of the next closest category was the mediator type Crazy now mediator personalities are more often than not reserved And shy that’s where that introverted eye comes in at the beginning as a result mediators often feel misunderstood they have a tendency to withdraw into a form of hermit mode figuratively and sometimes literally hiding away from the outside world seeking escape via their passions and Passionate they are for despite that quiet exterior to have a fiery inner emotionality which leads many to express themselves through art Writing poetry social media and of course video games in a tight race for second place where the pattern loving logicians INTP the 3% of the population who immersed themselves in debating ideas and theories and the independent charismatic campaigners ENFP the 7% of the overall population who craved freedom and creativity who still see life as a puzzle the work through it via Emotion rather than logical reasoning so between those three types alone you had nearly 165 thousand of our total responses about 50% and yet if you were to add those three types up as they appear in the outside world you would only account for 14% of the worldwide population It’s crazy how the personality distribution of gamers can be so vastly different from the overall world Population right oh and if you’re wondering who’s doing all that shouting over voice chat it seems to be coming from a few bad eggs in the EST p-type the entrepreneurs Described as the eye of the storm the type to leap before they look the ones who lead a life of risk and the ones Who are bluntly honest according to the? Personality assessments they tend to break the rules and live by their own moral compass and based on our data They’re also the ones who are least likely to turn off voice chat by a huge margin an enormous 66% choosing to keep it on compare that to the average for introverts at 44% and average across all Reverted personality types at 58% now one thing that those personality stats showed was that while yes Battle royale games tend to attract more extroverts there seems to still be a majority of quiet introverts playing these sorts of games our data gave it a 60/40 split so were these players socially stronger than introverted players who specialized in other Genres of game if battle royale games were truly helping their players and not just the battle arena But also the social arena you would expect to see the numbers for both online and offline friendships increase with more exposure to battle royale style gaming both for introverts and for Extroverts so back to the pivot tables. I went to look at three groups the battle royale errs who played both games the pub nighters who played one or the other and the idubbbz the ones who would say I don’t usually Battle royale not to be confused with mega fans of content top this time I moved away from the aggression and risk taking questions from last episode and instead looked at a different series of responses Ones where I asked about both online and offline friendships, how many close friends Do you feel like you have do you consider people you meet online to be friends? Do you follow up with people you meet in a game over things like discord or Skype and across every? single question the more battle royale you played the more likely you were to report higher levels of positive social activity and satisfaction for example when asked whether they had a lot of friends in the meet space only 18% of I double Ah’d of really close friends that jumped up a full 10 points to 28% for pub nighters and the hardcore battle royale errs were at a whopping 35 percent the same held true with online friends when asked whether they follow up with people they’ve met for a game only 33% of I’d ever said yes that jumped up to 44 percent for pub nighters and a whopping 53% for battle royale errs, it’s a huge spread of a hugely positive influence, but again there’s a variable here that we have to account for all this could just be the extraversion talking after all making new friends is gonna be a lot easier for people with an extroverted personality trait and in pub G and fortnight steam modes Communication is absolutely essential so that you can trap enemies in that perfect Insert or to make sure that you’re not building walls in the middle of someone else’s staircase so didn’t sure I was comparing like with like I said read it out the Extroverted gamer data set from the introverted ones so I could eliminate outgoingness as a potential variable here And it was here that the positive benefits of Battle Royale games became Perfectly clear when introverts responded to would you say you have a lot of friends IRL only 11% of I’d uh bird that they felt like to have a lot of friends that jumped up to 17% in pub nighters and an astounding 22% with the hardest core battle royale er for extroverts the battle royale friendship boost also occurred and was even more Pronounced jumping from 40% saying they have a lot of close friends on the low end to a whopping 55% an enormous 15% increase in the battle royale or category the same hell true with online Relationships as well when asked when they followed up with friends from games in places like discord introverts went from 32% Yes for the high covers to 52% yes with the Battle Royale Er the data is screaming that there’s a positive relationship here, but again That’s only numbers anyone can have a larger friend list especially those who play a game that Encourages you to build that friend list except Here’s the thing perhaps the most positive binding of all of these episodes these relationships are real, and they’re Long-lasting for both introverts and extroverts when given the opportunity to agree with the statement I consider people I meet online to be friends to about 28% of idubbbz did a number that jumped to 44% for battle royale errs Which ultimately means that these games are encouraging new sets of friendships friendships that feel and behave? realistically even if they’re only taking place in a virtual world and Psychologically, it makes sense when activities perform together help build trust and understanding a friendship conform a number of studies done over the past Decade have asked the question can games with their physical separation and their visual Anonymity create the same level of bond a number of studies have concluded yes Yes, they can one fantastic study named social interactions and massive multiplayer online role-playing games even found 27% of the male players and 47% of the female players in their study to find themselves attracted to other players that they had never met in real life Move aside tinder there’s a new best dating app and it comes with Sand I don’t mean that as a sexual innuendo And according to another study titled the effects of playing cooperative and competitive video games on teamwork and team performance while playing games only solo competitively might not do much playing games with any Cooperative gameplay even competitive team based gameplay can help promote teamwork and positive social skills according to new boy the effects of pro-social video games on pro-social behaviors international evidence from correlational longitudinal and experimental studies Pro-social behaviors acquired from cooperative gameplay can last a long time after the gaming stop making at least months long improvements to social behavior It’s just a too bad that it doesn’t make Improvements to making shorter research paper titles huh am I right up top up top slap the screen player smack in the screen rocket ride Your way to the subscribe button Appreciate it. I feel I feel accomplished now. That’s it the numbers are clear Battle Royale gaming Not only doesn’t cause increased levels of aggression It’s also helping gamers grow socially and find new friend breeds, but those of you Who are shy the web is a? Perfect place to interact according to a study of German Internet users called friendship and online gaming among emotionally sensitive gamers Shyness is usually caused by an excess of emotional sensitivity Often abbreviated yes those with excessive amounts of emotional sensitivity you can often feel judged and stressed during in-person social interactions some of the separation that gaming provides like physical anonymity can help people with high es Communicate more clearly and comfortably helping them develop attachments Which are more difficult? To make for them in person this can do wonders to help someone who’s normally unable to start building social skills at all to build A certain level of comfort before meeting in person and who knows maybe we’ll all be the first generation to evenly distribute the social skills Among the masses we’ll call it socialism Wait no. That’s not right when I first asked you guys to participate episode I mentioned that it was my goal to prove the good that games Do and I think between these two episodes we were able to move toward that goal just a little bit more as we saw in the data today gamers represent some of the smallest Percentage of personality types out there in the world and as a result of our unique combination of traits It’s hard for non. Gamers to understand our worldviews How we interact with things around us as with anything that people don’t understand their knee jerk Reaction is to vilify and condemn it try to make it into something scary because it’s different but just because it’s different doesn’t mean it’s wrong the Situation is far from the bleak picture that the outside world would paint and by spreading awareness of who we are and more importantly The way our minds work We’ll be one step closer to bridging the gap, but hey, that’s just a theory a game Theory, thanks for watching learning new skills. Did you know I’m working on learning how to solve Rubik’s cubes now It’s no joke I’ve always been impressed by people who can do it So I’m working on learning the strategies myself as you can see I’ve got a long way to go I don’t have a whole lot of time to practice, but I am getting better with the help of our partner for today’s episode Skillshare skill share is an online learning community covering everything that you want to teach yourself you want to teach yourself Magic it’s in there. You want to learn some advanced tactics for streaming games online It’s in there and since as our data showed There’s a lot of infps out there watching you want to learn how to be a better artist in everything from Watercolors to pencil drawings to After Effects to custom gifts to custom gifs there there there there and there Remember when I kept talking about pivot tables in this episode And you were totally like what the Bhoots is a pivot table well guess what skill shares got you covered there, too So now you too can crunch huge amounts of data in an attempt to erase decade’s worth of stigma against gaming Skillshare has thousands of classes available for you to watch and learn online higher quality videos than the type you’re gonna find on YouTube and Definitely taught by experts in their fields not some Rando with a camera It’s also more affordable than most other learning platforms out there an annual subscription to the service is less ten dollars a month Getting you unlimited access to all their high-quality classes So you can do the work you love and not only that but the first thousand people to sign up right now with the link in the description will get their first two months for free so take advantage of The offer and go to sk l dot s h slash game Theorists orb since that’s really hard to type in just click the link in the description below as you saw three hundred and thirty Thousand people took that survey, so if you are even remotely Interested in educating yourself through high quality online videos. Well then get in before those thousand free spots are taken That’s now If you’ll excuse me something different than Fortnite in Pub G though they will be back I’ve got one last Pub G for tonight theory in the works as we speak but uh that’ll take a while Next week back to something scary Subscribe now! Thanks for 10M subscribers btw!

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