Game of Zones – S4:E5: ‘Blood Mark’

Game of Zones – S4:E5: ‘Blood Mark’

Well, look who it is the Brow…and the Foul Just ignore them. They’re trying to get under your skin Aww…how cute is that, Enes Look at them They’re like closer than his eyebrows! Looks like Boogie Cousins has a Boogie Brother I don’t know though, I’m a bit scared I mean, with this chemistry they’ve got? I think they’ve got a real shot at the 10th seed You know, you talk a lot for someone who has less rebounds than his point guard Keep your focus, DeMarcus If you get a technical, you’ll be suspended again I’m sorry. We’re being rude I’m actually a big admirer of your game I love da move where you fake left, roll right, and then get ejected You know for being a big, whiney pu– I’ll knock that fancy little stache so far down your throat you’ll have a merkin on your entrails Hey hey! Stop it! Stop it! It’s not worth it! He’s right. Enough of this King of the Prairie! King of the Prairie! While we’re bickering over eyebrows and mustaches, Golden State is marching towards the championship Save your energy for the real fight ARGH! FINE! To hell with Golden State! Technical foul! Oh, c’mon! You gotta be kiddin’ me, ref! For what? Uh, disembowelment of a referee which the league is sort of crackin’ down on now… Do you like it here…in Dallas? Very much so Better than Golden State? Golden State is a ​very​ special place dear to my heart But I’m very happy here in my​ new ​home But don’t you miss being a contender? I have a much larger role here thanks to the graciousness of our Lord Ah! Nerlens! I almost didn’t recognize you without your cylindrical hair It is an honor to present my king Lord Mark of House Mavericks Kiss me, child Thank you, Harrison We’re delighted to have you here Please, sit! Would you like a rib? No thank you, I’m not very hungry Oh, child. You can’t come to Texas and not enjoy some ​barbeque​! Okay You like the ribs? It’s very good They’re Chandler Parsons …favorite thing to eat when he was here Oh, you must be thirsty Where’s the sweet tea? WHERE’S THE SWEET TEA? Well don’t just stand there, you imbecile! Get the DAMN sweet tea! Now, I know things were…difficult for you in Philadelphia I’m very grateful for my time at House Sixers– Oh, stop it It’s ​dreadful​ in that chamber pot of a franchise Now, come on you can be honest with me I’m not like those other owners, you know I’m a cool guy Just a normal cool guy Noted Well, if I’m being honest there were a lot of centers and not enough minutes Frankly, I was very sick of losing There there, child! There’s no need to worry anymore Here in Dallas, we ​never​ tank Now, chin up! Aren’t you excited to play with Dirk? Oh yes, he’s…very good He’s the greatest Yeah…he’s great The greatest The…greatest You see, Nerlens I personally ensure that no one makes light of my Mavericks Or else… Or else…what? Ah! My sweet tea!

100 thoughts on “Game of Zones – S4:E5: ‘Blood Mark’

  1. See, don't roast me, I don't know much about basketball, but this is hilarious! I get some of what happened in real life and how they portrayed it here killed me xD

  2. Can’t believe I just found game of zones!!! I watch basketball videos all day but YouTube gives me cops getting tased by other cops in my suggestions.

  3. Lol.. you really have to have a firm understanding of NBA basketball and GOT to truly appreciate this series

  4. I didn't get the bit at the end. Did he get the ribs from the mascot? Is it Chandler Parsons inside that mascot suit?

  5. NBA needs fighting like NHL and don't go bringing up the sucker punch that almost killed a guy. Just square up like men, stop when the refs say "enough", take your 5 minute penalty and move on. BUT NOOOOOOOOOO that would be to entertaining and fun can't have that.

  6. I know I'm late to the party but I just realized the little "rib wiggle" at 3:56 is the same thing Ramsay Snow does with the sausage to Theon lol

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