Game of Thrones: The Frozen Lake (HBO)

Game of Thrones: The Frozen Lake (HBO)

♪ (UNSETTLING MUSIC PLAYS) ♪ ♪ (DISCORDANT MUSIC) ♪ (HEAVY BREATHING) It was a real back and forth about who would be
on this mission,who wouldn’t be on this mission.The Dirty Dozenobviously
came to mind.
Everybody has a good reason
to hate everybody else. DAVID BENIOFF:I mean,
it’s definitely got that,
you know, gathering together
these kind of misfits. A bunch of our
favorite characters, many of whom have never been
onscreen together,but who all find themselves
at the end of the world
for one reason or another.So, getting Tormund back
in the picture, The Hound,
and Jon and Beric and Jorah, uh,
it’s a fun group. D.B. WEISS:
The sequence of it is so
well-conceived on a visual level
by Alan and his team.To do that with hundreds
of people and weather
and visual effects and fire,
with lots of moving parts
and still… have that sense
of artistry about it,
takes a different level
of directing it.
Three, two, one… action!
TAYLOR:Our story
is seven guys on a rock,
being attacked by Whites,and trying to tell
a clear story of…
you know, your task is to defend
the perimeter and as you lose,your perimeter is gonna
fall back and fall back.
And how do you kind
of hold order
against just pure chaos? It’s, you know, hurting kittens.
It’s, um… (LAUGHS)You can’t see anything except
people whacking each other,
um, and it takes
some effort to…
talk to the cast to sort of say,
“No. The story is, here’s a line and we have to show that
it’s not being broken,or that it is being broken.It was important to create
a situation where you,I’m hoping,
the audience will think
that one of our
beloved characters is gonna die.
I mean, we wrote it and we were
watching it, and I was thinking, I was like, “Holy shit!
Tormund’s gonna die.” But it, somehow, he managed
to override my rational brain and make me think that Tormund
was gonna die. No matter how great your
visual effects are, or your… your art department
and everything,there’s just nothing quite likethe real thing,
if you can find it.
Iceland exists and it’s real
and it’s cold as helland it’s beautiful and…there’s just nothing like having
that reality onscreen.
WEISS:It doesn’t look like
anywhere else.
Half the time,
it doesn’t even look real
and I worry that people
are gonna thinkthe blues of those glaciers are
some kind of cheap
special effect.The more spectacular-
looking it is,the more difficult it is
to shoot there.
I think there’s, um…
it’s a sort of kick-bollocks
scrambleness to…filming out here where you,
you have such limited daylight.
And you have conditions which
are like this or worse.It just gives it a sense
of reality, you know.
In the world ofThrones,it’s great coming into
these landscapesthat just really kind of…
are back in time
and take you to something very,
very brutal and barren. There’s an extent to which
nothing ever surprises you
on this job anymore. But this, you still can’t help
but be impressed by this. I mean, it’s nuts. You can’t get to this location
without literally monster jeeps.It’s a hell of a way
to go to work.
The Icelandic technical crew,
setting up the base camp,have to have everything,
uh, ready
and they have to do that,
under cover of darkness.So, the crew, when they arrive,
everything is ready to go.
We’re shooting the glacier,
everyone’s got the crampons
strapped onto their boots
because otherwise, you’ll slip and, even with the crampons,
we had a bunch of guys fallingand banging themselves up,but luckily no major injuries
this year. TAYLOR:
Three, two one, action! What we had to go through
to get the zombie polar bear was writing the zombie
polar bear into every season of the show for about
four seasons. We thought they’d be so excited
to do a zombie bear. And uh… And it was kind of like,
“Oh, my God, they’re serious about doing this
fucking zombie bear.” Only to have Bernie and
the visual effects guys tell us, in the nicest possible way, “Fuck you. We cannot afford
a zombie polar bear.”This year made perfect sensethat you could have
one of these things out there,
and we really put
our four feet down and we said,
we want a zombie polar bear.” -(GROWLING)
at some of the, uh, the…
the beats,
the way the polar bear…
in the… in the previews that
we’ve got,how it swats the guys away,
how it picks someone up
and shakes him around, um…and then we get our wires in
and start rehearsing with guys,using different methods
to pull some around
and get me the right body shapes
and the right energy.
Everything’s made sure
it’s super safe first. We test everything over
and over again, um…usually with a white badge
and when we’re happy
that it’s safe to have
someone on, we get someone on…
the flaming sword in the jaws
of this thing,
so the big guy was able
to move the head around,
which was something
for our actor on the floor
to work against.
I’ve never really worked
with this…ping pong ball thing and
pretend that’s a bear and…
I’ve had people going,“Oh, when I come towards you,
I’m a bear.”
No, you’re not. (LAUGHS)
Your name is Toby. TAYLOR: And… action! (ZOMBIE POLAR BEAR WINCING) Most of the heavy-lifting
of the sequence,that was all in Wolf Hill Quarry
in Belfast.
It’s one of those things where,
you know, when you film something
in another location,then you’re responsible for
finishing that location
off somewhere else.You have to really do
your homework and try
and make sure that you match
it as best you can
so that then Alan would have
an entrance for the characters.
When you stand up on the top
and look down,
it was like we were building,
I don’t know, an airport
or something.The scale of it is enormous.We built nature. (LAUGHS)You know, sometimes I walk
out there and think
we’re crazy people.
We had a very tricky time
trying to work out what a frozen lake looks like,
and how we can achieve that.And that went from compacted
quarry floor to…
putting concrete down, to nice,
flat finish,
and then there had
to be hues of color
that were added to that.Then we had to work out
how the ice would look,
trying to make that look
and as if it was
transparent ice.
All these things were
really, really tricky.
(ICE CRACKING) Stop! (PANTING) (ICE CRACKING) We paint the cliffs
a little bit, and then we snow
the cliffs a lot. Three and a half thousand
bags of snow through six machines
with 15 guys.We’re constantly re-dressing
it and adding to it,
and every day we have to scrape
it off and start again
the next day and…
Yeah, it’s full-on.
It’s a really cool set. Like, it’s a bit– It’s
an amazing set. They… They cemented
a whole quarry to flatten outto make it look
like an ice lake.
The amount of workmanship
is incredible. and I mean it really…
We’ve had to run across the ice.It just looks so real,
it’s fantastic.
I thought it was a real lake,
and then I understood thatthey have made this
for this sequence.
I– It blew my mind. This amount of people… When… When the camera rolls,
everything just sort ofcomes together precisely
at the right time.
Original intention was to
dig out the areas on location
where people would need
to fall through the ice,
and then it became clear
to everyone that probably the temperatures were gonna
be so terribly cold. We figured out if we use
motion control,then we could achieve it
on stage.
When the Whites fall through
the ice, we– we’re doing itas a separate set pieces,
and then building rigs
to drop underneath the ice
to take away the actors
and then allowing them
to drop through.
BAUER:You know, even though
we’ve got ten guys falling in
while the camera is moving,
by the time we’re finished,
we’ve got a hundred guys falling
in and the camera’s moving
five times as far.Everyone’s always like,
“Aw, you get to shoot
in a tank. Great!”No. It’s end of the season
and I get plunged
into cold water
with full costume on.
When you’re in the middle
of a fight, you need
to have all your adrenaline
on a maximum,
so I had to keep pumped up
and ready, uh, in five to ten seconds,
and then calm the fuck down
very fast. (LAUGHS) You’ve got to loosen up.
You got to be ready for a fight with a big Norwegian.
They were both looking…
(SCREAMS) (GRUNTS, GROWLS)Even the actors were so into it.They were… (GRUNTS, GROWLS).
(LAUGHS) One of our heroes gets
chased to the top of the island.The higher edge is
about eleven foot
from the frozen lake.Big trust thing goes on,
falling into the guys, the guys are catching me
off the end of the rock,opposed to, uh, where you’d
normally be falling
into boxes or an airbag.(SNARLING) (ROARS) STEVE KULLBACK:
Well, it’s funny how times
have changed.
In season two, the dragon
was riding on Dany’s shoulder,
and now Dany’s riding
on the dragon’s shoulder. And when Dany gets on and off
the dragon, it’s sort of like wheeling
up the stairs to a 747.We’ve modelled the dragon
and then laser-cut
this full-scale, giant piece
of polystyrene to create
a section of the dragon’s
back that is livingon the island
at the frozen lake.
I’ve got a bit of claiming
to do on that contraption,with a person on my shoulder,
and I just thought
I can do it.Well, I’ve never flown
a dragon before.
I’m sure we’re fine.
Just hang on.
things are a little bit beefier.
We have a bigger motion base,
we have a bigger bot. WEISS:It’s a lot harder,
especially for Emilia.
It’s one thing to act
in a room with somebody, and to draw on this–
your considerable resourcesas an actor.It’s another thing
to have a situation that’s
supposed to incorporate
the same level of emotion, but in the most
artificial environmentyou can possible imagine.It’s the opposite of walking
in costume through Iceland.
the harder the challenge, the more I relish it. But this… This, really, you’re like,
“Can I just even maybe have, like, you know…
like a screen… with, like, clouds
or something?”Like, I’ve never flown
on a dragon!
And to just harness that power.
I mean, can you even imagine? BAUER:The fire column
slicing the ice,
we wanted to make surethat it looked like
a cutting torch,
and it’s exploding the ice,
um, atomizing the ice
immediately, so we worked
with Sam’s team again,
and when you see it,
you know, it really…
is awesome.(DRAGON WHIMPERING) (DRAGON GROWLS) We knew that the Night King
would see and seize this opportunity,
and like to think that when the dragon dies,that it’s kind of
a nice 1-2 punch.
Because on the one hand,
you’re just seeing the horror
of one of those three…
The three only unique, amazing beings like this
in the world, uh… going under the water
and not coming up again,and you’re processing that,
then you’re processing
something that’s even worse,
which is when it comes
back out from the water again,
the eyes of the White Walkersand the Whites have been
such a prominent feature
of the show, and a lot of work
has gone into the specificsof how the eyes look, and…And to see that hopefully
iconic image, at this point,blown up to the size
of, you know, a beach ball,
uh, that seemed like it was
an inherently, crowd-pleasingly
“Oh shit!” moment
for everybody.

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