Game of Thrones: Season 7 Episode 2 Clip: Arya and Nymeria (HBO)

Game of Thrones: Season 7 Episode 2 Clip: Arya and Nymeria (HBO)

-(WOLVES GROWLING) (HORSE WHINNIES) (GROWLS) (WHINNIES) Nymeria? (SNARLS) Nymeria, it’s me, Arya. I’m heading North, girl. Back to Winterfell,
I’m finally going home. Come with me. Come with me. ♪ (SOMBER MUSIC PLAYING) ♪ That’s not you.

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  1. Arya : Come with me
    Nymeria : What and have to pay taxes to your stupid Kings and Queens that change more often than the trees change leaves ? Nope we live free here with no taxes . Isn't that right comrades ? For the wolf-land ! The North is red !

  2. This is a beautiful scene. They both aren’t the same as they were. They both evolved into what they were always designed to be

  3. Am i the only one who thought Nymeria will return with her army of wolves to help Winterfel in The Long Night episode ?

  4. What im upset about is that Nymeria is so big in season 7 but Ghost is still small in season 8, which in my opinion doesn't make any sence

  5. I don't understand why Nymeria is properly gigantic here but in season 8 ghost is literally the size of like a normal dog?? so fucking stupid

  6. Infinitely better than Jon and Ghost, shoulda had him march south with Jon but then he refuses to leave the North or something, fuck Jon

  7. Nymeria no pudo ir con Arya porque ahora es el Alpha de la manada y no podía dejarlos, además prefería eso a ser algo doméstico, Arya tiene ese toque salvaje

  8. Thinking about it, Non of the Stark children Including Jon no longer have their companion Direwolves, some have died and some have gone their separate ways, it's pretty sad. 🙁

  9. After finished Season 8, I still don't know what the f**king point is of making Nymeria back in season 7

  10. The huge size of Nymeria illustrates the leadership and wildness that Arya has developed over the years. It seems that she's even bigger than ghost

  11. Go back home? Up North?
    What d'you mean, what d'you mean?

    Yeah, Nymeria

    One line howls, yeah, I got some of those

    You get me, Arya? Easy


    Nah, that's not me
    Go back home? That's not me

    All the way North? Nah, that's not me

    Take orders? Nah, that's not me

    It's the return of the pack

    I'm still alive just like Ghost

    Wolves in the front row, dogs in the back

    Spit one howl, everybody's like bark
    Flashback to the cold nights in the North

  12. A reflection of Arya's own character and ultimate destiny on the show. To not obey commands and ultimately forge her own path away from home.

  13. Did anyone else notice her size? Is it just me or Nymeria is perhaps the LARGEST of the Direwolf siblings?(at least on the show, she look bigger than Greywind even)A Truly wild animal(more than Ghost even)living it's life the way is supposed to: FREE

  14. Nymeria was never tamable like Arya. In the first season Arya couldn’t make her get her gloves.

  15. We really need a new spin off series for Arya and Nymeria; Jon and Ghost. I bet it will be better than GOT itself since D&D ruined it.

  16. Maybe it was not nymeria and it was going to attack Arya before bran controlled the wolf and made it go back

  17. I wish Nymeria had gone with her. I would have loved to see them back together. Oh well, too bad they ran out of budget.

  18. Ugh they teased us with this in season 7. Thought maybe we might get to see Nymeria and her pack come help with the dead, but nope. 😑😑

  19. I wish more had come of this scene. Wish Nymeria had brought her pack to Winterfell to help fight the Dead.

  20. One of my favorite parts of the books is the random bits of dialogue that mention a huge pack of wolves led by a gigantic wolf that have been attacking people, we always knew Nymeria was around and was being a badass.

  21. Nymeria never responded to command. "Not you" means that she's not one to take orders hence she's as she was since the first season when Arya asked her to get the gloves.

  22. the line "thats not you" was a nice touch but its also very confusing… When I was watching the scene for the first time, I thought "so, it was just a random dire-wolf the whole time?" … they shouldve included a hint about the line "thats not me" from S1 so Id make that connection. And Ive watched the all of the series back to back, so everything was fairly fresh; most of the people even had that 6 year gap in between.

  23. It's too bad the show didn't explain or elucidate the audience. I am, however, glad they included a morsel of what could have and should have been.

  24. Had to see this again when it was revealed yesterday D&D wanted Nymeria and her 50 wolves army fight the night dragon…would have been epic!

  25. thats what a fucking direwolf is supposed to look like. sometimes i get mad that ghost is so small and then i remember he's the runt

  26. How amazing would it be if Bran summoned her in the great war instead of doing nothing at all, but as always fu*k D&D.

  27. actually there was the idea of nymeria and her pack attacking the night kings dragon in the defence of winterfell but that idea was dropped , but it would have been cool if they would have gone ahead with it

  28. Arya:Come back home with me


  29. Was I the only retard that thought that she literally meant that it wasn't her Direwolf. I forgot about this scene because I thought it actually wasn't Nymeria lmao

  30. If Arya wants to let Sansa know how her voyage is going, she could warg into Nymeria and persuade her to leave coded messages, like a dead squirrel means still at sea but a dead deer means found land.

  31. It's been 6 years since these two were together. They should've met before in season 4 when Arya was traveling with The Hound.

  32. maybe it's just my love for wolves in general but my heart broke a little when i first saw this scene. I can understand and even respect that Nymeria became Alfa wolf of her own pack and in doing so no longer answered to any human, but having once been Arya's beloved direwolf she could've at least let her touch/pet her one last time as a way of saying goodbye before turning away and leaving with her pack.

  33. That look on Arya's face when Nymeria turns away, I like that she did take a moment to come to terms with it and then even realize with a very humored and proud look of how much they are like each other.

  34. I couldn't stop crying after I watched this. Damn, GoT can hit you in the feels. And it doesn't help that all the direwolves are dead besides Ghost and Nymeria

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