‘Game of Games’ Favorites Play ‘Danger Word’

There’s a brand new
season of my Game of Games starting January 7th. But as a special treat, we’re
airing one final new episode from last season tonight
at eight o’clock on NBC. Here are three of my favorite
contestants from last season. Very nice meeting you. Please don’t make me do this. Please don’t make me do this. I’m super scared, oh God. It’s about to happen. She’s about to push the button. Oh, shoot! Oh my God. I’m about to go. It’s happening. It’s about to happen. Oh, shoot! No Ellen! Ellen not yet! Ah! [SCREAMS] Your question is,
how much of our DNA do humans share with bananas? [AUDIENCE CHEERING] All right, Ron? Yeah. Yeah, yeah 50. 50 with the bananas. You know that for sure
or you’re guessing? Yes. Delisa, if a man or
a woman says they have FOMO, what do they mean? FOMO? What do they mean? Well, where I’m from, from
Arkansas, when we say FOMO we mean, can we have four more. FOMO, can I get FOMO? [AUDIENCE CHEERING] We say that everywhere. I have FOMO. Yeah, FOMO. I love those contestants so
much, I brought them back. Please welcome Lori,
Delisa and Ron. [MUSIC PLAYING] All right, hello. Welcome back. This is exciting. She’s right here. All right, I’m right here. So Delisa, your
episode airs tonight. And it’s on in about FOMO hours. Gives us time to play the game. We’re going to play Danger Word. Ron, you’re going
to be on my team. But I can’t risk
getting dirty, so you’re going to go sit over
there on that red stool. And Lori, you can join him
over there on the other stool. Delisa, you’re going to
be over here next to me. Here’s how the game works. Delisa and I will see two words. One will be a winning word
and one will be a danger word. We have to get our partners
to say the winning word without saying the danger word. We can only use one word clues. And if you say
the danger word, I will be forced to push this
button, and you’ll be sorry. And if you guess
the winning word, your opposing team will get it. OK? It’s my show. I’ll go first. All right, so I’ll start. Ron. Yes? Brunch. Dinner. Drink. Mimosa. Yes! Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go! Good job, girl! All right. All right, I was going to go
back to drink after brunch. See, it helped me to
go first, didn’t it? Yes. Go first again. No it’s your turn this time. Ron. What? I’m sorry. OK. All right. Let’s go! All right. So, Lori. Lori, panties. Underwear. [SIREN] Oh, shoot! Oh no! The winning word was
thong, and you said the danger word, underwear. [SCREAMS] I’m sorry, Lori. All right, let’s keep going. All right, Ron. Yes? Pucker. Kiss. Oh, shoot. Blower. Fish. Noise. Smack. Umpire. Down low. What? Did you say up high? No, she said umpire. Umpire. Up high, down low. Up high, down low. Oh my gosh. Blower. I already said that. I can say it again. Because it was a good one. Blower. Put all those together. Keep thinking about– So, blower, pucker, umpire. A whistle! Yes! Oh no, that’s me again. Yes! All right, this is exciting. It’s green. You’re in danger. Oh, I get it. You’re in danger, yeah. Well, it’s just–yeah. All right, we’re going to
finish the game after this. All right, this is
the most exciting game of Danger Word I’ve
ever played all day. Yes! All right, one more and
we win if they lose, because you’ve got
two strikes right now. We’re in good shape, OK? OK. Espresso. Starbucks. What! Got you, Lori! Yes, you can do it. That’s my girl. [INTERPOSING VOICES] I didn’t mean to. I didn’t mean to. All right. All right. I was a little late with this. It’s tied now. I’m sorry, Ron. I’m so sorry. Go! See, I told you to
close your mouth. How come Ron is getting
more on his face? That’s not fair. All right, so this
means it’s me first? Yes. Ron. Yes? Listen very carefully. This is really important,
because you can’t see me. I can’t. Toupee. Wig. Yes! Yes indeed! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! [AUDIENCE CHEERS] Yes! Congratulations, you’re each
getting a 65 inch TCL Roku TV. For second place,
you’re getting it too. And be sure to watch my Game of
Games tonight at 8:00 on NBC.

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