FULL Stretching Routine for Soccer & Football Players ⚽️ Increase Your Flexibility

Hey guys here we are again. Today we’re gonna do a little bit of stretching. So you just need a space in your home, a little space and yeah, it will be cool. I hope you enjoy. So you can do this before your training or maybe when you finish your training as well, okay. Let’s do this. So guys, here is my friend China. He’s my friend. He’s a personal trainer as well like me, and yeah, so he’s gonna do a little bit and then I’m gonna explain to you how the stretching is going to be. So China let’s start, you can open your legs. Open more if you can. Yeah, let’s go down. He’s really flexible, so guys if you can’t reach the floor, it’s fine. But just try. He’s stretching both legs. You can hold there for 30 seconds. That will be great for you. So now China, you can go to your left leg. The left one yeah, that’s good. You can see he’s stretching really well. Hold for 30 seconds and then you’re gonna go to your right leg now. Great job. Now let’s go a little bit forward. A little bit more. Yeah, that’s it. But the most important, you keep your entire soles of your feet on the floor. That’s really great. It’s a good exercise. After that, we’re gonna go back. You can go back more China. Try to put your arms back. Have a look how he is doing it. He’s doing great actually. For 30 seconds. After this one you can close your legs China. Just a little bit and really slowly. Close. Now you’re going to work your hamstring really well. That’s good. After that he’s gonna go up. Then after this one he’s gonna bend one knee and stretch the other one. Take your leg with two hands. That’s perfect. Yeah, that’s really good. He is stretching his calf and his hamstring as well. You can change your leg. That’s great. Well done. Good job. This next one is really good for your hamstring. So China let’s go forward to work your hamstring now. Stretch both legs. You can see both legs are stretching. Try your best. I know everyone is different, but let’s try to do like he’s doing right now. Looks great. That’s it. You can change your leg China. Excellent exercise, good job. That’s it China. Let’s stand up and hold one leg. Yeah concentrate and get your balance. So you need to look somewhere and fix on that. You can see he is stretching really well for 30 seconds. Then after this one, you’re gonna work your hips. So let’s go to your hips straight away China. Yeah, that’s good. Make sure you open your chest. You can open your arms like that so it’s gonna be great for you. That’s really nice. Let’s change again to another leg China. We are nearly done guys. After these stretches, you’re going to be ready to start the workout. Change again, China. Let’s go to your hips. Open your chest. That’s great, well done. Good job. That’s it. Great job China. Thanks a lot guys. I hope you enjoyed!

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