FPL Sunday Surgery | Call in  w/ Jason & Steve-o #FPL #FANTASYPL #FANTASYFOOTBALL

FPL Sunday Surgery | Call in w/ Jason & Steve-o #FPL #FANTASYPL #FANTASYFOOTBALL

the than have them map that has been tough new and that of all new to help if the path of the move from which it should be tricked them and an riots and steal the chaps and then the 10th in for the lead Jason needed your PC and at risk and was in the Simpson mansion of the decline of traditional and social workers, as well as I tried to avoid each had tried for fully talk about the many press eight as we can be coming up tomorrow evening event beginning of the things we needed to modify get people posting me to my request a policy of people saying some zones top of the need arose in the cover-up letter to try to avoid action on target more people close to the Japan and other than that and court and who live in gold and Hampton that you do you have any training, for the death toll shipped in northern schools could for winds and that’s up and then there are hardly the snow had she knew the weapon on brandy error if anybody who are at the today content to both former row where worldwide are eliminated an additional anything from rock where where were you in oak and the U.S. on an apartment and on a rack own them , as to the than the fifth and basics of the six points and that nobody everybody basically on land of activities and.said this game is just the age of innocence is exactly the same as last season the start off everybody getting the high eighties 19 hundred’s in some people’s cases and again we pick it up again with humor and a plan which ended that does nothing of four Donna whenever they get a clean sheet surprise of ideas cheaper on it paid off with a condom, and she and I was with them once ran the above is a just and assistance to digest like I just failed cheering you and me just like already having another break in season where my differentials are missing ads because you’re differentials are coming in around and balanced water came at one-point man on the Sackler gallery deal of standard on all I know about the planned on null and not knowing that really annoys me because he’s connected more same points and bonus points needed all bank in season last year at you and the industry in the way it will admit I just think what fixed budget times you’ll I hate this and this season absolute claims that the suit yet are meant an animal is a killer would have to get was a bit discontinuity is the finest up some of the 4421 being basically the same point as you barring three or four doubts about it and mean you’ll be reversed the same points out on the icon of the happy right I just can lead with certain factors that go completely against the inning of a key battle and not knowing that I mean a thing is getting back to base in the same content-11942 last season in which waded into the last season’s getting a clean sheet sets say that the points going into a single say the point yet one game against us a pointer flame and bonus beds this, today’s game and also won yesterday to arrive today and get a stadium deal all wounds going to be the lead in half by debating on the day you are saying there and beat Jason trying to do the stream and I cannot Cheshire cat that if anybody has seen the adjacent at scarecrow wonderful video from the stream that he did for 5 hours and a highly recommend he was watching timidity about receiver Jason Reiner is just enjoy worth that send you a testimonial of the negotiated, Tina half the European Jews, just sit back and said were pressured the god of defense offered to watch people when your when when you can live on that he’s watching games that are self and Jason Dunn had the game’s weapons login for what the hell did the distrust 21 to watch the game fish and that was spurs vs. Gaston den of them really insightful about became especially in the maximum that the fantastic if anybody has insights into when they watch the game had people like Peres 19 loans to body and Daugherty eccentrics actually get the idea that that correct Pereira getting free bonus dummy and Evans was a Newcastle vs. also that history got back down on those for the dish and suitcase that can take a stab wound record to show she did say the very very tight games that the people shouldn’t act of an infant and deeds come up with a goal in mind because of the egos and a guide to the very strange bonus system is said about another goal in mind a cyst I get the fat than in all three governors Socrates two monreal one and got 1,000,000,008 27 points and estimate of 30,000 and completed passes two lead the weather was in defense of the understand how we got one done this point he did now than on two of the 94 Chelsea and would not like the Denny case to go for a larger question on that you’re forced to Jason it sounded like the hay had amassed to class chosen like they bombarded at golds and 99 just talk that and charges and schools in Russia to two loss Yielding got a public cynicism per average person free bonus points are among the SEC will discuss the two that came with two Jason Bakke and the like the today called moving forward to an year that the event take that bet that said that’s a great question from a man for some more she of the good option 7.5 and found that a lot to that he’s he’s somebody there is to get instead of Fraser old Jessica the news. The Liggett will do it directors way and his men to questions or lost in the stretch when as austere Brands are well in Chelsea performs an exile fascinated by this has had its hands of its bought my nephew are a step that would have said my main issue to a 16,000 block because of SQL my main issues will add that Barkley, last in preseason he did not play one game out on a small one alliance of any thoughts of the mother’s illness mount the decision a street and has a three com formation of Solana southern united call faucets middle of a strike back with the probe of the bridges were also at the slowest growth of this one out of sight when he’s played every game in the end as pressed in the middle of the design of saint joseph’s that I played bad boys of hemingway’s content was zero for three seasons out of balance and why the most recent album and I have said that the substitution why take him off links in a struggling in terms of his account each when you’ve had a game yet every play on a fixed width on a potluck and Macleod to run the setup will be the top players detail also has little about how does a descendant of the decisions it was a lot when it does make sense to nix said it did I think a lot of headaches a bit off the wall and roll I have a nice early to digest editor john Thomas alameda’s time open up the save the stomach was full of love is is isolated ways to stray shots of the expected loss to decide middle edit out of mind about 10 among the less you just taken a business operating hours best position it is this is where it even starts actually get someone did not forget the elks in this locker stall at saint martin’s them out of sight start your blood not really a ton of supplies a foot below prison for missing a wall surprised by the web is not. As a thing as a demolishing the subtle below, states Barkley and Pedro and, yet the event will be mesa mom Barkley and Pedro Biden had less about men may some of your left late trading preseason and Basu been the middle and then takes a lot of the major source of our mail at which assigned to settle on Anacostia , offers no time taken a close the file not do you think that the reason why the established else after which, do you think that the reason why he switched up chains and that means we watching the game over the cleanup will support for the Cold War troubled of TV just panicked and fourth day he wanted to go at the conservative potential of maddox’s fuss changes predecessors up with some shows a sign that the more testing as he’s a relies on the land and trust the client and close a log the summit books and, in and around the box but it just stay bringing along the party should take the place a number that the play of the leases best meet the needs and kept Barkley because Barkley as the physicality of them it’s not a sweat of some started, and so prices let you go out and earn a year of that war in the fall before we post, see your second team of the first thing I have seen how could the hunting or you have to listen as if this is absolutely amazing and watch disinterest why have you got two teams as well on some awful presses behind that was lost it and I thought I was very indecisive, but I jumped out of all made all the citizens of stardom and the folks I made a comment to small and states and the massacre dropped second half of farmers and just do like to comment last resort budget cuts are stunning suspect it’s a spell of memory on that account but at least am a segment of the date as mastermind of the season is aimed staff and a well and not to be fair on now you’ve been a key anybody will be lucky to be a hat trick and free bonus points and a clean sheet, one triple And this season I think the only thing you played one person fee to play that I think they’re absolute the line that my friend, as a second team of reducing the credit line that chased or from rock enough us as a man at least one more week was always said the event even before the students tide for the season’s outset isn’t any student to see how does on size every indication at this afternoon as I’ve seen a state of the size doesn’t begin at statewide changes the trust us are still a million in the bank Boston next week as I wanna ask whether they’ll see someone on one box on the loan was formed as a star Bebe Steele of such boxy Wilson and trays of those us three players on Batman a certain isthmus two transfers would marry the carriage we’re Euro now and again are allowed on the Touche said stopped all but 1:00 off a list of bob Alda bet on by its morsel, bought by state of mind your but also wants to debate in ads if they keep them at this event and its fullest effect a lot of schools on the serious console you not present ’cause we’re up there that are less allowed are not selling any chance of this region of assessing all have to make some do something Kazakh Tucson stars and other methods kids always the chance of that call it like a street is not just restart establish of a sadistic makes all of your son Isaac and as I write in their dead silence on some of your exact with nuts yeah , and the alum and in terms of bases truck after all sides I’m not on upset with the root of the ghetto Lott said the bodies of three season became the villages and it’s a it’s not a banquette on a salary cap for because of slow starts if they give them a second season and make some other, but the players they will buy #some of the signing some saws on running lost out on something up with an area of bobby someone will have to focus on issues ought to cut an illegal in all get sidetracked to zero when it will be a big sign and thus to be denied happen if that’s the source is unrelated to the ADRS is to say I just wanna say congratulations to confirm those were minor and that a regular contributor a regular bookshelf the streams of the money raised 104 points that psyches that comfort in that manner of action in the many want it kills and all was well to say what is the ad about me and a marshy Allen won the second plane today on a 4 to 10 points and a wild and scenic imaginations of the U.N. should not be intent of the art moi spree sherry out alternative think is adamant these are online for none none of the departed or one saying the money is the Matt Ryan game two burners but one doesn’t cover pan and won the SAC a two extra bonus points on a clean sheet is just a juror Senator Warner wants as 12245 points and selection and that’s just really really frustrated in the south won most restrained $1.00 bonus points as they just I just fine with a strained when the team is one said Heidi and as a bonus points and inking given to the attacking players weather for the first rain but again in a one to win two to win back again it only about once a week and 1000 clearances that have the game is life like that we’re on me and said that what is a luxury of all go problem is just the fact that if it is his is the seasonally by past season all the list not the one the only one gone looking at all thinking that I can’t wish and never got you is Westley Dodd to weld because either on the kind of fantasy football player which looks and do my stats the actual returns and was this into a pall cast and build today are previewing the penny and that basically the talk about the Wesley Saunders said he didn’t play in the the Belgian me nothing they can all trees now thinking well Sunday as south American Express the same about highways he’s the kind of play that doesn’t the score many goals mainly holds up with creates a peek around our thinking along bells are ringing is Steve and then you can’t go on a but again on all this and I’m not changing any players are happy with this team for next week on those who plays in this town opening any emergency transfer them open the older one seems to be the any of your community transfer it seems to be beginning for Fraser and I’ll be interested in orbit in for the community to community and some very well 88. Well done that noses and fortunately I am handed to the anybody other than to author of the golf industry charges that his three children to schools but said the Jason Dunn our eye and I’m happy with that the school had any people at the opening the window and then into the waiting room now slashing along the way to come on its knees and 77 the single guy from the navy began a published and the animal that’s the very brink of treatment as encounter a little of it is about the Donnelly on the margins below the flag over again, that alarms or two or an art that it’s the kind of user and the city’s 15 of these is the daughter of the 15th minute set up and start and shackled stock to come near me. And in row yen, up from current Congress our madman who And are well armed compound near rate of just posted the youngest person that community team in the at the discord that shore community team everybody but that they had the effect of the live on that you cannot seem to think moving forward into the question will be when we do have older than the evening Iraq and Jason is off you guys are citizen of the business and own a car that valiant, and eventually would as an hire a different test that was at his talk will sell for past 5 minutes of action really enjoying 1% mortgage deals is talk about the community team about how the trend yesterday due tomorrow evening and 40 go through the many needs that is that’s we want you guys do I make a transfer to this community that meets at your team if you guys to the discord say U.S. women’s open up the pole and said the same rights which position the one change and then you’ll see say defend goalkeeper defender midfielder striker you’re going through that and then we would be up to put up the pole for which plan to get rid of the known for his quite simple release elementary get involved tomorrow evening where we Mason four decision the jury this in a few people know which actually measured on someone’s got the shelters i.e. the only persons will gain we were one and a game since we’re the first joined the Eugene the thing is is a lot the vengeance and I am a bedside and that is, being made and and I’ve been invited here sits around December 7 at NEC so we’re all doing on today at the tools to die as subsidy by an manor of city year and definitely had typed it on the Masi I’ll take that as a stallion religious belief raise them already has caught on the right one even brighter and Andy and they’ll call of the product settled in the same things Italian cafe one that while there the day after that, they should be in skyline of the control to immunize advantage gained three and have a tip that she has said the meeting of the default up and getting up and unable to muster the CLU to the highlights am not saying it is not yet in Cal and there is life into game 3 May be why can do is take out by a subcommittee, located at the plant and Stephen ad copy that take up kinda thing the week three of the city into a single NIC of staff, begging for the ethical 67 spotted the one transparent just enough stuff to see ability to listen and can evaluate the Salton sea on a defensive back and they add some action media filter into the hand that I believe for the sake and the line 22nd, could be wrong and that 18th and a light of the EL Reno in as a human values like to say at this PLC very much a novice we have a lot of lost an eye on Sunday, Alabama, and Scott seal it a Los que well as a SQL is to you’re up there with a bright Mollison and ended at the open that day the knowledge or updated on my top cop fans I can’t even be watching since December palace you felt being called this the lettuce community base in scenic grandsons has huge O’connor assured as you the proper bank to think that we’ve been streaming to attend the reason for mobile phone and now with the two page the cameras and straining to what is now than 70 people have called me for Seattle am I think the kind of a Puc staff when I watched in December, city and state 25% in the NL expecting whenever I come to the stream of the stop the if the minimum then you sell its status had already and not just nice is applied couple points to take had a thing as a preemptive and nuance and as of the ICC another 13 cities and if that row and kind room to grow the working world, will will be from four one or more work for the former and current of our own about the murder rate for all about from bobby Orr and be more and more ram or are these or pro Rick Ames or arm around or greater wind are or are killed or near to know that none of us ever fallen short of the behind as a way to 70 were cut by, or your way around the menu that downtown Algiers into the side of the city but right you are not for the way averaging that school because both teams goal scorers: the mail deliveries for less e-mail keep all of us were running around, or about four weeks or three me that if you listen, if you have come to break 19 preseason cry and tried to dial kicking off the Jason said get a ban on whole gamut: bass Kennedy me and but we’ve come through and in the game down a 26 points and youth country with 87 points to the best be overjoyed that in the abandoned and are pictures come one through five of the callback team, city of hope that’s enough because far safer transfer but again Sunday and our life and Anton Or three or patch are rare and I bet returned, the combined stains are ruled are runner up right from wrong or three or a three round up and are open up more land near or people who know about four or or pro rata that the couple were your forearm reporter Ron requiring some really before we’re before we get around the sink ramp you go again Monday when of his airstrike chair and for everybody was watching this if you haven’t learned that 1 pound pieces in the long bond issue to support one single click away featuring join what you see how subscribes to shed just as subscriber and we are here have your: that any of your: share of individual features like speaking two hosts is winning the console given him the subscriber and from that we can then move on surrounds the Sinclair the adjacent of this is a fantastic game week one team in east then there was just above the commission and rabble rousing road biking the community are attached and you’re out that I can be happier that can be happier to the expansion thrashers is that it got last and if the former Ashford because of which was at your pictures did your he asked a man about Sunday’s Times and background as a people problem sent scores are at Seatac world where you bring our call your union or not you set your are owned key ally on the list seem far been a good 10 weeks during a loss and I’m already looking any transfers and maybe Peres to come out and kind of economic and an often-disappears worth making an inmate’s expansionary that charged for nothing less to play them next study press could do a cadence Chelsea to marry and I sat here is a scene had a really bad can use to constitute his legs out and making court ordered to nine , unassigned it actually get your court would start on really bounced out scares you could start on a restart his wrist that this school is misleading crazy, and you’re well and a lot to be honest of a length behind exciting players and I just think that rollison was the more exciting option and burned and sing a song and Schumann in a victim or exploring some of them that burned service and that seemed an abrasion and again. And the fire fighters to agree on the announcement do your thing around you been a fan of the chauffeur for many many many many moms are you finding a whole new set up with a deal being in any of your: the a lot of that of another two bits of of really needs on the streets and Ostankino staring out and sing it be talking breaking from its reach our ideas that have been used in testing really really gets on that is just as actors make the season so much better in cash were at all I did one essay is autistic son of a signal nine nights and days, surprise and lots of people were so you and the united mine from us a recurrence of that buys them a dozen of the letter says another perfect game week and I am in the world the second coming few and that none of the excellence: fair play again in the top 10 of the cash from anywhere from Saint Pete Brian are starting to see if you ask me if they didn’t last chance I just let me know some tennis team because the action there is something all I was thinking that are on the list: they are giving them to penalties and is gaining four on two Carries at 10 days to go into the problems getting their goal was disallowed you know much about what happened and Jason and part of the listing of the client of FBI or if you open the strain there is actually gained concord goal but bony hand for the Hechinger and 19th until green scored wild goose Juppe said Tuesday that happens in the Cal state of the sea haster he was going to watch DNA of no idea what his paternal, given that the thank you for joining us as the most important thing for the simple us to get a dozen of them as golden age: Jason and that it on the Internet as a fundraiser for singing and praying after it and let stand 20 of the world a bit with isn’t this a isn’t this the team the impacts the 451 , I’d say there is a dead after that that is the exact same or I can convince them to stand up and are Rumsfeld had endorsed any changes taking your house and a surprise there are a lot of people were transferring our outs and runners in scoring one game and a clean sheet or innocence and I remember and that the men that I was keeps saying this you go people like us of the whole school fantasy football players we treat statistics watch shows like this and every thinking that wants to keep garden panic the other five million of them can’t they just play this game for what is and that’s why robinson’s the transfer that he did nothing to make the valley college’s transcendent recordings on Ronald were found on one of the two are guaranteeing that happens all the good and is on the same frame year but that and ruled that the training that as pastor at all surprising west end of our itinerary and Sarah C. Anderson has a man of steel acronym for them that we just talk about the deportees now the question to you both-cent for folks and does anyone think the palace intrigue affecting the polls clean sheet potential listed the launcher is knowing I think that things are very very good goalkeeper and one when you Jason is an an an ifs and are before they go tell crossing this quick question then is unsafe and is in hindsight question now is the view menu that’s a country and was going too are becoming in the game 4.5 and guaranteed to be playing game we too would you and bringing in hair Ryan Perez-text of the Federal and state and Alex Edell a reporter for states can order and get a constant worry more than ever before and it scared me what the Dr. wrote that many still get an IHL at last, probably sell six rock star editor that adolescents are mart and a present a list or completeness and have on the part of southern Philippine choir of the other minority director up of the rules for the fans, and it didn’t include sent out and sent me some pointers and services shores here is, 7. Host and you go . The first on suspense came about as close to full on that again and also would limit growth of its action, arcade and that the quickness if you do is that last night you are basically saying to make a -4 the section that we still feel and in the minors for rethinking no one around to the state with more of that maybe get a chance to what is a model of a single one of a sleek as adults Attila the hun at my own eyes, and on disclosed in a problem because if a few players by the time of the Clackamas event of following the sites to the data is desperate UC of no real mad at O’connor, presses on my concern announced a coffin makers: next week and a lot of jobs and taxes to fulfill my worries from the muddy that plays on destiny taken out definitely what even more up on entitlements and country running on an index and on MSN, considering up in Paris on a so called Venice not just the fact that he returned 2.6 in the form it like I wish to the game today loves the game as a TV at the other less than a month and a sentimentalist unite. Until smooth and Perez was there when I was very involved in a unit he got hold of my decision until inspectors that is a devil-may and then chances performance of aid and relief, much confidence of an icon of United States if a deal estimated damage costs are so are . In nearby scrambles, segmented on state parole in one or more interest me there is the fact that he had planned and reality is that it was more has actually paid off in English and is expected from this was an evidence as you go in this is the reason why people remain unions are having say is the lack of down the main thing is when we don’t know the fix is all surely must then must be at one to stick to the plan your region have to know is more of the Seattle Westin and more just didn’t look at it and maybe fairest of the nest of snakes came in a market that different, 1981 hopes the vine just changed and the restless AM when we come up with Singapore nine on a 99 minus enough emergency monotonous of the navy are not aggressive as coffee and considering, one of them was – the coliseum prestige of an area to return an event in points full look into this point is generally a nutty say, since many of you know Madison but he didn’t involve today NS of corners on that show the defense isn’t exactly rock solid right now live outside one option in a sense of often is on another call from rich Olson and attics and generally from the lack of a highlights of the star of the season off and running with the downgrading what is the life of Dr. Criminal 0.5 system to monitor out there on another defensive end, all for all of the year that to . I get the idea of , not every single [email protected] should be an honor at a police force, cinnamon, just in time to open in about 71, Maffei of stuff that sense that it was that when I think as much as united played well I think chelsea’s defense was shelling out of CNN, fisher has a margin call one of two goals and avoid the bets dropping them all in a sign that the dead. Baden be the other point, one of sitting on my fellow at the moment his bullishness as a defensive end of the ball a column that the defense of some of the united will have a much tougher challenge labels and of itself sits there, and others in a database of history of these folks and has risen anywhere to test and the band that already one would say is that the history is suggesting that opening game vs. you’ll pay couldn’t only one meal has been at 31 Knowles involved in the last six fixtures and between you guys said Yang most likely to be a tight game but who knows you did come on yesterday and said that you can get absolutely destroyed said that have been few and shows sale of goals scored again shooting and three of them matches as well so it could be either one of the freeway can go either way can call chairs. Yet the only one line, and it’s only then that has cut our Jaeger died on watching on TV and on behind the study to a young guy I know why on a roll of film of the gain of one of one star on based on their a little better yet enough for a pretty place for a body was an ideal is just exacerbate the CIS Corman week in may on a 97 Yamin the festivities as the same time offset and rising¢ opting out the AA. While all of these kinds of the on the movie was column and the rest of it is a bitter disappointment on grade E worry about glen Murray was busy striking the right of all come off the bench and scored twice on unite not live in and out all peoples 87 calories than on users Asian restaurant, stocks and bonds are not a serious than just a lot of calls to the outing, why about one and so on your as a result was so taken over in and out a statement, Campbell. Differential impact on on one of the decor eight on business as a time when I mentioned Reseda Leanne Kolb, the ball was, Costa Maria for Mary Duffy school, to Korea last afternoon wine in new and modern state seven on human, show. I live, john Alden all signed by the activity. What that as of nine of the day I was a serious more than one and the guys in all, Kathleen AC on interval house and came out is like offers the season basketball as I was using up and people on the state dining out is dissolving crazy lot of races that base today as a and NAFTA has also found please others old today the answer was a great game to watch a movie like James Weinstein and are it was just a case of crimes around there’s already a full name of partly well on them. We welcome) 12 rest of it was pretty average, quirky plans else in the military and elect a second string basically while you’re young enough to solve some of the defect on spas and Friday, these imply that they became more light on basil glass national zoo Security Consulting bicycles quite it wasn’t quite black solidity and feels like I was quite worried by , live on in the castle like mime Elmer on list Friday was in. Demers Barnes on U.N. approval bottle and commented on the great run head of the best of me says minute now on is true of the mall and you know of a freefall three formation of a lot these and all my of the day from anti 1:00 AM a famous on 4. it’s a steal off so much because I’m pretty sure all of its new stock, resigned as new stride rite and is gonna play the next year might want to get their your nanny for up to 63 seconds off, and on the CIA, and stopping to 19 and also as a boxer and I’ll often writes about it started , it was just a case of my daughters of the small presses on Friday limit is more of the senate has been get alike that speech strike, more trusted them are a statement on the heat of Perez it now is that for most of all, actually touching them Friday to stop 6:00 on time but the value of job as old as a level not join us on the autobahn signed on to my mind is to stop because bottles and that is on his record>cannot be something out nine and an imminent with it as a sign of a message from last season, stay there was lots at all four corners of the airline on Tuesday by week after week, several well-4.8, when the cat when you play all play for the radio on committees cruise operators Allies am in awe of the survivor. In the stomach white box eight of nine and seven testing services of it. I’m searching minutes designed by Liane Melvin- print and just let me just let me know when they can belong to the next 14 minutes were going off their 10:00 channel four initial off the bench actually get through them as many constructing one -0, I think the burning to go because these teams and the one candidate and 9:00 his teams come in a ceremony today from 01 livestock and Jason Yevgeny gets yet in the year of 77 to 6 months and it didn’t dawn completes the forbidden to want someone who hasn’t been a stray away with just get the question of that than all of those silver doubted senior wide yet to offer as in a stunning the something different venue of understanding sauce, they become red hat contest and if it until eventually backfired and reading the letter and standing on hat trick up before that can almost feel the bench and yet Indiana and standard and frozen happened until has even got us even a single assist our youth in all of the massive public image of a cell to solve my husband and I did a lot of material in there and at some ways, not three guys and near the nine cities, not not not a lot of time in a June 12 inning and discomfiting dollars 9815000000 studies: actually contain for law and yet very modern as a hopeful of getting picked up another bid on a silver played in the tree every game last season and added one is inside and I have to, sees that way is a problem crazy new where according to your home your own interest and yet is a steady stream of what I90 something quite so I title erased greater the risk in the San Francisco Chronicle that organized by the league has been on a silver plate the next game four police E. Knowles, you have to get what was supposed to open near to commodity against his job training for money and that that that was gonna be my mind in the two substitution and are identical as profit and other places above a suggestive of army was anything other than that. On our streets and out of sync with the sources say, and are on the line below are still don’t know lot more new form of yet have any sense was either lacked the proper finally won and fund monies and in all my needs now long gone on them until they’re catching up to be so that’s a difference , but it occurred to the report you start as an athlete and painful Monday at Belmont you can work if I get an inkling that mean autos and Norman afraid. I would call them just keeping prey and animal chip economic and Thomas and could cause them to schools that much of the day down watched beginning school received by a lot of them to comply to Schultz was smart move with nothing to hold tool to Maria Hsia Bothell a gain of 49 am in a watch the game and all the rights and some in the night before the upgrade in terms of beautiful old Monday with a small clinical into the work I’m not convinced about 99 for Wiesel Chelsea is Joe Serna goals: at the top of many night and easy being tool freedom and four movies with which one is all new what time is limited to the county’s one 8th to close those eating at Markham and barked and barked his knowledge of the one which the gay season C posted up a lead it to come to mean nothing more than two and we’re taking it here I am not used yet to come get me out for the upper boundary to ration of actually save me and an axle and so the city of my watch the small but not something, that of the school’s network, but beyond that, as many as 55 and the coordinates many residents of clipart and Ted Koppel think who’s been beds that the struggle Shelly chicken team can know selma’s bringing on his images are spitting said last time the spreadsheet shall you would surround us several counts and sell us wonder about the placing them today well, if any now all of us don’t see how you on glass and often one. As almighty large bowl with ralphs world of market is on its nine hours of uninterrupted state law isolation and that yet these users man that there are probably not because of designs that the falls on saves you the results was always easy and four great for plaintiffs all preseason book, and on any games and plays a man is an ensemble Glendening and ice into a tacit the meeting site lies it yet yet yet yet as in all in all new money to buy stock up on the icy silly act as a policy on blasting on the off. Streaming to four defeat in is even before deciding game on the state’s nesting box into bite out of money and annual scientific meeting am also not on columns of Reno, do not on are on my front of me I must use a one on designing the analyst with 6 minutes and also my pocket at UC the FDA techniques and in yet a law designed is no silver lining is quite false book your personal and in most none notes the ira’s them very well on the loan would say that said you must be feeding the downed the fact that you use to triple And the more people there in the high hundreds from them on the radio 104th in place triple And even nastier be disappointed that are unique and action on the few people have and use of Colson marriage, points out yet yes test anything I will miss the old one is watching that Washington might see Mars airline of all stand to the real estate on sunny days and is acting income of four goals and one SEC spending all of that he wasn’t a penny a singing in line with that plan to offer them and economics east is also an even worse than that on the youngster 1:00 AM still quite a field seats on the city and all in all the series on silo of all a youngster copies to good starts there brilliant and gazes by some and you have been a shutdown that in the waiting room for one of the game on user stage those worried and did some of that no one has been an news here with that in mind, that on Jason 20 in this matter, if you keep them from our regulars in the chancellors callanan and that is just as the team standing Were in our county by the wreath you’re absolutely brilliant and standing And they hear and see fantastic we can’t get through these courses court is possible safety committee making points as quickly as you can regarding the team straightaway the simple question is , of the host city up next call you worried us that all the other is on his way else often Sunday, and to a place and some undecided, to be Mcguire was in turn calls and there’s already down to stopping me this goal to these intricate and just think bulls a shortened the building and one is in a season or 40% of the sort of jason’s Allies and Sunday at seven and a devastating that he would do any offer 1/32 operating off now to discuss one thing was another shot at the same decide what it when it’s which qualifies to debut of the Nazis minimal get the symbols of the sport’s accessories and the war went roaring every game than mailed up that the state Minister Marie the release troubles and the snow, call the school decided he had I not only be set right now is a hindsight by the descendants of Dave go back and gold that was disallowed by the AOL said one of the incoming owned by the defense arcane units and disappeared to decide once you’re saying soon there’s a saying that said that President Clinton title and Jason for all and 64 was just one quick question before we let you go and you must be overjoyed with a standing 01 people why when the standings to sell because it is so bad that we sell only with a blunt end of the old a priest an answer for the city and that’s what was said and a similar feel they have sat for two nights and southerners are tears go on tour know a lot of our own of the March 2 seconds and art and then not the best books it could be worse just given to wearing one of the locks and the women they use on 50 or 60 soared to weaken more for them that of them pay for just straight away can’t be for what will wait a few teams will lead and won a senate run again for the course quickly as possible is any immediate stand issues you’re thinking of: get rid of these plans straightaway leader fed and not religious the more dollars, two more wild soul, good acidity plan to subdivide the city or a good time for tears on milk bottle, board am not a panic and more a political opponent in and out of that all of them three million in the park on a bus clinic in the three are concluding was awarded a list for 41, became a former courts don’t see anybody get world war together will send an not have now the mystical Wilson Fraser be the one true shall be the one knocked on the chopping block them to looks like you’re just the Winston cup and one called the retreat last year and I just finally some balance of solid people have the best ball last year when matched Nicole Wright been one of change and often the word, content with the team where critical of the government’s policy Rockingham need perfect bulk of quietly and I just won agreement from this will not close to Usenet next week balked at the moment I’m on the part of an acquittal on the field wall, kept clean sheet an awful record at its ways in which many were told to last few minutes and then he looks cool adults or parliament was later in the business so it’s just this month, stirring often in one large birds were their last chance for us and we’ll try to mobsters, citrus farmers on M at the next hour and a 56 and Margaret just down the word for more than skin with one of them because Emily Mexican regard to the one in eighties and is a useful control console market system that allowed the most part of that does not stand for four or dividends are looking up at this point our ability to feel close to full with the fit him about the disappointment of a result, one for one 3rd season of 50 of us who knew I would, I was on the 32 years young award winner advances and only fresh breadcrumbs that would pay for the writer of a known as the top of double bonus four and so the thing about three more and more will give an would have been up to us live in the course of the AC act, the element: size and scope, the hello everyone will have the emotional to two: about one choices and a few things in Hawaii from a oracle goal which tickets and three times the normal 17 plus points among the fish and meat is there any president in your thinking immediately off guard Evan butler came across on a number of him awake us added what I agree there are plays in 19 am thinking only of the wanted you one more week or not there is one plant thinking of getting rid of them living as a result of that can someone was the point is well as our thinking from Federal winning one the old days, type and also offers for 70 minutes of the produce minutes and for was the same up in her room only candidate who said about the men’s choir children call so before the senate bill one meal times as if he did they also had an idle so someone said about the large defense. The tires awful party together and imports Arkansas judge or jump from valley to forming on the charging more talking about now: four for the next week or two and I think the fully owned industries recovered itself, and so unhappy on Unix light on the big cats and a modem or there and so often offered only two will be from a noble me I’m unsure so there are four team of rushford’s and seven years of often-a month or next week and often still be a rock wall clock and spent more 8.5 and we’re that there was said there was a member of the carefully, and the staff is a mall called the 11142 or someone else’s from his local bird; server that other than the rest of the slider just said, and earn 5 seconds three two one that is nowhere near saint world for our love that are new immigrants are world that world are by or oracle and in the world of Robert world world of decent certificate points were mailed one record and world tour world for me or F become the world who pleaded not guilty or [of them would have given them the birth of them world and the other , higher than that, senators was released on Jason he’s gonna love will arm are ready and a decided are using it as an attachment to the car and not only can world world war going on on the epidural or on you as fine but my gut, several of the winner’s choice for an hour to about one person would like: women in the office or the Moon and they can’t I can’t stand it when people say this again and Steve around haneda saint the wonder of them will America are that need the people itself to say I’ve got to the people were two toddlers wanted to their two top of a city known beginning play man sitting next on the one and only the four processed on as I want to transfer all just one hit by cardinal led by I’ll be done should have more thinking I was downright can have a hard stand out in your opinion the thing that the men then played them on a thing, I was was on it like he had almost as if bottles like a ricochet are up and Kings scored a goal on Canada but like I’m not really young to be part of a single he had been using the same bed issues saying that said he isn’t certain happy with Turner whether Wilson revenues and where easy thing to do them on the surf or maybe even lives and to size team me know you thinking on the men same lines demise was there that on was just a case of none will get done in offering answering -4 ballot could be started to risky because Jan switch more optimistic march were shot dead spots with big buck or restriction on other two are beat really like a risky bonds for our next week may be Monday and may be plenty of our butts the pictures are really at Ireland, all but one last thing on so maybe just one transfer more commercial or maybe I’m not too solid working just percent interest in interest and corporate data lead us be very happy with that allows that he has the unique in all others in my other tkachuk some single player shot on the side of the withdrawal of the other other gimmicks and coming sold for real automatic bid on the market are in our young are not have us unlike the local rivalries, queued up for Patrick Goldstein also your arm got some some frustrations regarding the star of north has faced your great job of rigorous training for offering in my quest of an that and won the same as when the soccer two bonus points you’re a Knesset move to a city of injuries and a of the city of another edition of the jays as he did mention about sharing no word on any of your pall cast of the data was posting me and red mountain very very good case and that he would know when the shuttle of 20 to view and switzer and frozen at any time of year you guarantee a retreat for we and pasting one again wants us to share from that’s what this is a set of us have enjoyed the Steelers had not one person for the fur you enjoy the Kandahar and subscribe lineups we just keep bringing more is content for you virtually every other day that we’re back tomorrow evening on adjacent some point agenda when we are to be back tomorrow evening discussing the meaning the ICS to be discussing amenities and seen him said topper for the cash and the most important the top four places and the hairs in the running for the maximum of 12 world law firm that good stuff said at the DOJ single band and dusty and all of that you’re a new that was entered this data and a brilliant, when they don’t need to get to bed from the basement that was done a superb season Monday that he and can or can’t I just an already existing to steal on all the men and see the sense that suggest Jason take at own lemelle of the 12 yuan of the united house doesn’t like it that assisting! Box in the direction of art and there are letters that will be there any sign of their shortage of colleges five are just pulled into the guardsmen can recover costs for parties of Chelsea, Levine told her Charleston just want to know who know, I’ve known to have there been and is possible to the newsgroup he was here for the opening of the owners in message that if the committee will take enough to find the new deal year by the death of a leader who gets even thousands of an office near the stuff of it written an upcoming battles and adjust to a stream at big tells me that I would put you on school when that will fall back and see what the Chelsea leavens, in the mid

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