FPL | GW11 | Sunday Surgery | The Elite FPL Call In #FPL #FANTASYPL #FANTASYFOOTBALL

FPL | GW11 | Sunday Surgery | The Elite FPL Call In #FPL #FANTASYPL #FANTASYFOOTBALL

in you don’t really mentioned we
don’t really hear at the crash
were a file contains a chain of
it, just a just and Maurice than and as clean and here is when we
do it live from family and doctoral services when I when I
click dials in lack of sleep all
went upstairs losses like ours
was generally hope I was sold ho of the pitched a three edge. And
every other word was this shop on for all the distorted bed and it’s a
matter for the morning has let us to coordinate Ramsey
about 500 times and of the debate was gonna speed and ease the transit U.S. cardinal service did you
beat the things from Genoa said basically to paraphrase
whoever is arranging them, since they he only goes to the formation of
a 12-June 23 of a satellite has
said all those are the event of a pay-as- serve as a stranger’s have more this then there was a higher level of-seven-a-a-half
my life is like a home-a-half will hold over the top of the effect of the life and I have enough money for many of them if they have us to have a lot of the 12,000 strange but the goal is is doing
everything that all-news) sent
the account of that said that
have deposition that is highly
unlikely copy of that for some
of the evidence presented hours
later the end of a Jason was one
of those guys where the
government for if you’re one of
the land a : Karen licensed driver of the
middle of the wrath of lonely
you buy only happen very often
10-5 songs like a lot of whoever is just a
minute ago
you say some of the shah, now of the service or even a fair level they have a high- hole if they are seen as long as you have to guess the northern -if they have a life of the fire high level of easy money and have a good to have a vote of the server and reading their welcome to the
latest and the FBI was Sunday
said to myself and Jason hello
everybody how the Jason that a well as I mentioned 2031
am I have gone more things to
get off my chest are regarding
yesterday only and does you may be the
main nobody does everybody lies
at the happy about this
particular game he may be
thinking of speec however if you will remember a
premium and that you are seen in
the Exe rented called cast on a
29 was offended forecast base me and sells some fourth and we’ll
see how sick and the company
games today eighth and that my
goodness Jason and top move that
dre and more than the CSCE a singer was used for large and that saluting the mandate of the game going to get
better control again and one of
the two singer and adding the
goals being and some of the
assis said two or you guys and I’d
like to say I’m getting servings
of a chess because I love you are the swearing and with the
estimate was another challenge a
single and you can’t lead the
U.S. and again I’m calling us
where path into rubbish to the list of
URL for find it extraordinary
the matter is garbage that’s you people giving
us stick as those were the
network beginning last wishes
from defending the lost if I
seem to g deadly payoff but what it stood for and
against just come as quite sure
married all go to the cabinets
and involve display at the
citation tha won the day for seasonal
medicine into the and value of another piece of paper
from the and pitched one that won by a sequel to cut as this
for all I really want as many
have any more funds for page of
friends and they had a faulty
Jimen an $8.00 and that I that rehear the radio about
Latinos aside for dns himself,
nothing can prepare to 16¢ and to us that that yet what a local seven -401 is an attempt
to gain of five islands seen as to how or when
downloading the mass regarding
players are rounded up to one of
the 11 plays above the Bosnian
ca today with appoints the bonus
points everything and one 8th
and 588 points and that’s 35
points include emotions are
coming from , the going ahead of the sand
and clay is one end up 25 points
behind you will be the 17 and
one points while fourth when
calcul the 71 points or fourth on logon
locally I haven’t had a good test 58 for said that list is this just gives a
larger show we said yesterday
was watching all solid this
festival yesterday when I was watching
orders during the match today to
challenge the whole point of it
was that I didn’t know what the
r that knowing what my fantasy
football team was 1¢ was
two-thirds on that day I will be
avoiding every single penny
result that and it went off the five this
morning I watch the show back
and the man Moore owns the icy and
shacks doing that for a fact
which at 99 after the fact that
I was ever found out that maybe haven’t stopped right angles like me and we’ll sort of
U.S. hostages Contras and the
FBI and to see a clip of many
are finding out that U.S. unit and efficient and more
efficient Ryan Oakes said to me at we ended we can find out from the game
that Nancy they’re going to win
two will move on to shovels and not much
will I think in my head is the
team and the couple one for 1.,
that allows going from one of
the if you want me that you could do
that, Saturday, the results in
action page of a major challenge
is just a normal effect of the the deals with the mat and the
fish than a day come up with a
more just like you are pieces weather for what he set out to
any of the decision for July again and its policy at a Seattle some
schools first, for any of the
action was heavily of mystery and fake bomb below
much of our 40 my goodness knows the school’s everybody in
our cash and the bones and
should wonder how to check if men be
started that came on for 1.
carrier landing sites the right
the first of a challenge by 1.
she the was not knowing anything to call
for a couple of the outcomes
wanted knowing exactly what
happened and I just wanted the city that
point were find out that and
maybe at the stops more 0.5
thinking icons are members of
the natio one deals have been serving as a
fan of covering up the points on
the phone and five assists very
difficult month, he the only c widen all will and that hurt our house that was
when I actually save on the
streamlined one need to check if
men becoming over 1. of the
people in the defense to miss a beat that
is a nice to see the same sad
and an and trout and the divided because they don’t I
don’t know when the what we do
as much of a challenge for one
player it and it may do gonna look in
help a lot less specific, they
bring a star that said that when windows from scored a
second goal of thinking that rest of the mind is that
everybody comes from what I
don’t understand this like a
role for factored into the
second she says is for about 10 youths I couldn’t
give two contents about the
overall rank if it means likely
in the cash to the kind of six
millio at the edge of the ballgame at 758 percent of
people and when should I would
want to surround a guess that in
all cash and the need to be any
FBI w now than he played war was first
sold with the cable all I can
give any contract with Lockheed and
factually looking kid that’s the
point the news that I just never
going would sure what it doesn’t
ma because of evil and check the
phone alike in a dozen or order to get that
many delegates want the doesn’t
matter because of last season game weeks want to install instilled on state: if
all do that or the top of sense was sent off well as of yesterday of
yesterday’s and play a role was
four for forget who is not a drinking a record yet, and the
only one when I check Taurus and
managers revealed lives to where
I am specifically is, like th reality is this is but am I
happy with my game score well,
he’s the guy I am that it’s more the disappointment
that’s my two differentials have
done did not think and will send
a fact it’s as the usual story
br publish and it cancels
everything counts and it doesn’t
matter whether one Knowles
sensual points or four things
game we cannot I would I would argue again most
will have the right side two
eyes on Ronald van strum and
Mason mounts deploying that
money 800 I couldn’t care less about
because I’d like to give you some added in the oven of a record in
casserole over and that I Care
about the casting don’t worry
about the oval rank the law was
a clear the letter you talk about bad
shots of it is that right again is a question
about gaining showing bring up
the chance came to this Japanese
southerner summer 7 to 67 is
whet but added that a soulful that wondering if a selfish, view and
if I want to catch play is about
me and stuff when the 24 inches
to disobey any cutbacks and I it is open council that will be
done nothing in the pay and are
shunning the show and the money
he was told no second into the reality is this is
that’s he needs to do something
that is gambles to make sure
that he either to stays on top stays ahead and
tell whether the forces him and
just like in my case taking
payoffs in ads and thus is this
is g in the differentials and logical
ones that will pay of and nephews are still to be in her
average between 50 and 70.044
strokes and the people two saves
me well I only got 40 points
stand in a little guy 30 $9.00 debt and then I’d want a lot of reaction on making the
point is that’s the players are the odds of stepping in the
way they come across as if like a you know this one before
saying I made a decision on this
point no point to the multilayer is
amendment to DOS about 10 people
have about traces the cetacean
today for example right indiv what you don’t sign she wants to
blame should shut the mid that and it hasn’t been seen in the game
and I’m just saying that’s what you happier if what
difference of wanting more
happier if mossimo payee goal of
the 14 to 21 points for those
shows when sh majority of people and said it
doesn’t mean anything else to
make a point yesterday that is
what different combinations that
whe but in my position whether you
know who I play a play displays
and staff before the points
revived within a block shows up
on ga but most people happens from playing
the first press and when when
when tomorrow comes and if we do
to restrain tomorrow evening ref the headquarters for lined up
regarding have many points I am
all four county points or fewer
thing is 24 she has written yes and the broker but Bristol Bay and the Moses faster than but was into the prison now will not stand and we all know there are
some key battle about the fact
that the triple cactuses, the
user play every Senator Ginny Alta bates and get stopped me
the day the political game
reverses are the same as west of
writing in an order for the
triple It the white of the members of a new and began a rather than just a
generic just addressed as the
second point, get into which is
people people said about that
CMA stati me as uses this if either one
team for this week the same land
members of the pork a steadier to release any other financial
modem and independents and all
around Mason mount marshy help
deploying a monitored account
the d that is easy it is a regular
market like this and this isn’t
a sand castle as the than intervene and I’ll tell you now
president and watch O.J. Simpson
yesterday that I do know what he
would do if that isn’t as with because if that happens it just
started in the field goals and
astronomy at the pentagon plans
game don’t even bother to waste
t of this year to the police were
some buses known protocol to the
number that it’s this game is
just issue a shoe up and cannot abide and a
store at Wilson shopper told them not an an end and have the fifth television and tortilla team
there be the sick leave nothing
was fit to which are starting at
the head of sensual Wilson will
be weaker and what is or was a force on this
whole goal of keeping clean
sheets standing as of last night
you are finding what about what
he u if there were new and for the DS and the applet to start
to just sit just amazes me that
she sent me amazes me that
services happened that the man
who wou represent them that what we think it was taken off of an the people watching over gold and an new only a very nice, from three is
all this as NT four, Steven
Jason holding back opinions thank you both your hard work
and dedication two this channel
and you’re having them sit-com:
any of his role as it is or cash
a an half of them were errors arrives in as pastor of the 50 stress
there was the color of the more
latitude 40 of the conversation
review of the more rapid city
belo and one to gain Loyola has
apparently was written on the
scale the shelling and the golden egg and iced yet
majesty not Tuesday’s run- up had new and old lace and eat on inland from
St. Louis hat off the bench to
many 68 points and you must be gotten us being said
disappoint standing behind yet
tell a lie in state and
deploying Wilson again very frustrating
C’s gone to meet this, this week
on the rise in nine think it’s a
little later in the same way bec I was thinking as he wouldn’t
Wilson Health and human eyes old policy many D and Fulton and
the song on base in the town
bite down on named it also may
be because I was staring also
manda seven someone to call off the
bench have us in a losing everything in it,
this week by Don many years
instead by midafternoon. Next
week may be a three day the oddest thing I’ve seen the
lyceum holding a BB like it was
last year on the below 118-2921
either way, as some of the
histor to that allows them to be an and ¥97 68 with a mission, malls and , before breaking on the nine
hits and as well which is nice but the assistant crazy for his crazy or
less in a few new offer a
broadly defined I was buying my
nails the whole game because the
ceil definitely I fought for
distressed years after awfully isolated be
the first one on a 40 minute set
on so on zillionaire may be all
right, seal block by block lead Lansing are defined as long as
all a seat head bald with you
and think in a reasonably out
out in a full five mail it was
just on ages out what’s going on in
elysee eight states to one analyst
inquiry will the goal by unit
deployed and standing just not
think once they were terrible
when it’s yes payment on pain. As I am not in 99 points ahead of the deciding points that we have
this time last season is 99
points more than that number one
that has a fear that the head of
t and its impact of the mysteries and
it . Now not already this isn’t as many differentials
to be on its still mildly
seasoned military threat than a year definition is to be crazy
to a little off all the silly,
augmenting thinking you know penicillin a starting
place inside the same 24 blacks
are played in the cockpit and
cynics recalled and eight are
deplo but Brian cut of bald my ranked
weighed down by Michael hundred
as stated policy yesterday night’s policy stance
on his body -7 and all the scene
and some points are gonna be
coming on bond sale I think 10th in and
bought I’m still I’m still happy
bringing are still at the tiny
state is on two stages to go yet on 93, won by just a fight and
Iraqi T. Dunn. The study and
country solution that all four
are cautioning the fifth year , but am I love-icing-31 and we stuck on
a leash always a listing
connector in policy Wilson how
to finance a loud, you know policy now you
can use the local man seen is
that I’ve done enough to think,
one of autobahn wanted to wear
bri for his excellency the question was due
to some groups are some downtown Annapolis Mac Bernd (a
car and pulled to the effect of all well as I was gonna take a 1
B any wine and on Botswana, died in 1 minute on a
93 and see if it pays off doing it to rival and if it pays off yes to flee as young as orders as Disneyland is
weeks near year have a student at the bus sedative of a man it right when I was watching the game
last night match today in to see
everything every highlight is
Trans on raw industry houses
Delino freezer that states are on the skin,
keep the middle of lasting call
eight states Congress, it would four were the ones or were you last night in order that you are saying she then
voted today that’s enough and 17
points and she has an even
larger some 20 points isn’t the
goals o hoped that are lining up to settle used to any of the mainstream of
America Leon Searcy think of
contemplating a -4 to get rid of
where are the head while fleeing
the building to bring to them that the Jamie Valentin
Jimenez and for for aquarium and
pay said and art Robert reed 141 for each And volleys well
and other data to stream
everything but you say to say that would pay up
against Norwich conceding goals
for the moment of Nomo paid
decent four of the late show me
the that is: what will of the
school’s six goals in the last
two U.S. And other brilliant orders are you are not print shack in the arm
are articulate and Ernst and his bodyguard 61 state funds
can be a rarity of the event it is
appropriate to the cruise of the
national average, which the
blood stains and you are binary
onto the and had money doing this season
of arrival of Anaheim at large
will win a world and all the
guys actually are touching all
hosts you as 38399 plays what they should
refrain from TM of this kind of our system and all but
for some are not sink because
rafts Russians just smart
money’s worth considering older
workers a , Roderick might start march or
reducing the use of decent arm
source for your wares getting
extra points and once a cold
temper us in Gaza outstanding
drunkenness and then the actual
results itself being in 21 mask
as a matter of Barkley was our needs, such a
large rocks are not see
archived, black and white
stockings workers in to quell
her and tell our p new me than ever in team tennis
prince Ahmed of the loans on the
sea of its 14th as if you are
sorry state and partly on just
two Dr to something called 1214 points
and 0.7 points for wins a needle
scored off a 611 minutes and an
Oscar in sheets and overalls Ma a medical and are more were
searching around bringing to
eight often starts into picture and really bullish in racial
agreement runs on running for
7.30 averages story arts targets and to ensure
that it was reviewed are
bringing that runs on role for
the moment are walking to school
like i billing artist and not one of
our interest modern audiences
are respect you punish charges
are kids and Marjorie image and
getti of the offing or mostly outwards
dispatch from the network under
his yard performance use used on
all the founder of everything we’re done, no suspects or I am
using some of portland’s an arm
of one reason or margarine or
unlimited vs. a long-he is rights and you are partially young souls
sculptor matson’s four this
season start Korean summer and
earnings are two sisters stock
offering her just your sentencing about
ms and passing you by singer.
You’re more women since you are sick and starting next next
season started a new era of war, but the loss from
the sentence and some orders for
our schools this week of our homework, from which you
to know where on Turner new cash or two in the new its all -but if death and the death of her fellow visit our think stores
are grabs you are concerned that
some inmates acts of Congress
say much for just six points and
so our dog running right price
specimen Russians are things are
not thinking this is probably
far higher earnings playing 8:47
104 to bottle of sync costing consumers
as well as all watching it and I
think this will get some mom
United’s means a cash deal was
ov for think of the united a
colossal new reservoir players
are just different server need
to live in use and in others,
scored deb our new user. They didn’t have a
decent stops you from arms I
think vs. low margin, and a
Singapore reports about
surpluses and seidel points. All of our sync with some factions
there’s a starter bob Arum a few
more practice of his workers
marched 80 call 31 of those
restaurant they were all or
part-of-competition law and
recent signs, of north for the
forms nine, but it isn’t on
yachts and one of the ot or is this: as an audit actually
are massive differential of
listener beans or 18 points each
for bonds and often I think I actually build a
market. The boy’s parents aren’t
often called of $2.00 Ya can
call art galleries and offering
is the I don’t want 31112000000 dollars
arms work a week team of Russia
does have the option of
rationing of the few things, the lush and
faster in the GI green Russian
bridges is part of a chapter of Rwanda are serious issues better
option of oddball worse by SMS two weeks
on all policy you lost your ideas can
take a little smaller are
probably a man possible accord
plainly trucks and vans and
costume are and th arm tactics over like to
be further season as the racism
of them for you. Concoction ever
since and he was pretty this value to
the supermarket minute or two
Marxist and limits are one loss is also an issue
and tortured. Bands are the
arsenal rushers, Colin Marshall
was on the other had a modest
beginning the season long legal
fight my first week of Ireland
points and use of artificial
stars in J that a child-centered for a
sentence that again-reviews and
articles are rational results
are in the Marmonte on the force of some of some of
Wall Street’s no students also
an extra year of five report on the efforts to
possible use of CS lying to his feeling and doesn’t happen is to say for
example you just building team
all of the highest scoring plays
as of now said you could stick
in f over Boise 60,000,000 refugees
downgraded the couple plays him
that threatens the U.N. planes
which actually playing from producing teams and
that has just mention: good for
an said even he was contemplating
reading and you need statistics
were brothers studios and he just
pick that credit for the best
performers in fact that he sold
out potential instead of the foreground
essentially doubling of former
chapel Janata defense that a lot was it and just only dissenting map of
claimants and in my case on top
of the plane mendiola way into
the pool but that’s down to go
pl the boon for conceding that
Tottenham all this leave it open
to the stillness your top 14
doubts they have told me she
used to s us. Corsi at the knees and it
was more elegant shots and
you’ll know what he can do that until the next week for
this goal of the starters and from nearly thinking of that was all good until today pretty much the 64.0 and it is because I had no page sent her an there any violation of them as
reading somewhere that’s steady
at about 24 cups in the box and
anyone checked the above and the IDC and having potential
game at two or three assists and
therefore he came to nothing
because the changes required::
th them in that it is afraid they failed to
split the string of clinics and
used it, and a careful about
basically arrested as the best case but the biggest
loser have to be transmitted in
use for transfer to a matter of
picking up litter and three -year pay their intended targets
of- the-record within two free
transfers are you thinking of
maybe that’s doing the sideways
move to sell some of the media
say that yet he’s and he’s not only for
comment. He got a Clinton and an address also would not say
whether they were taking and I
was able to record a record, all the
ninth for your company for a
game in a way to Spurrier. A
sticker on the routing of these
were issue and how to be the movie did . But I also have mail system
and I would have to be transferred.
In such a break now I was thinking of that may be
setup, fitch and, combined something along those lines of
MSN 123 kills your computer corporation in that your ear of them from democrat to
know what I need to handle it.
Bodies were on the show because of the head
of the department, and I think
it could be good, that [ from what evidence of weapons of
the goaltender Middleburg are
stoking clean sheets the
dispensing data on it yet there is no evidence that if
there are missing if it somehow
happened at the cookie patients and because last season and
there’s a mother and I have
where I had doubled and defense
contractors only old son Trevor
Wilson b there’s a reason why the lives
and called offense because they
were consistent increased to two
different schools as the colt wa a year and this season people
itself a doubling of the defense
and it’s just not working and I
just think that people who sell
f sent as an African traditions are
thinking of just being quite
cheap, defense and they were
committed by the French
interests sorry for wars of the home of
murder and was unavailable that
shepherd alliance over them and
then in the fixes or end of a
horr the 99 your Sunday when of Henderson
gold and the points and maybe
even a contract adults are wise
said they think they did that
you’ve that the man by next and America take the hit will
use to three transfers and Fred
and ginger Mr. Baker, car keys
and crystal ball, where we’re
here them among the one that’s – were
you doing this year when was
that of the Maryland 60 can only
do many wonder if you do really
w then taking taken from that
really that many are evaluating
the assessed Watson Chesterton of income apartment,
but a friend of the deadly this
week for some, as much time today was affecting his users
large enough for the fantasy
football focus is a bug in the
sun-usual alma and that was seen
Jason that we’ve got the lead in sun
city of your life attention that
we can cover with all six games
in the 3:00 in personal income a that it sells for two were like
another fascination as they can
be both to the match and a
challenge up at some point in
the sea for the past that he is afraid that for its latest is the difficulty of
funds was installed a stream
before master days inside are
saying about the fact that there
are very surprisingly well, we’re
thinking is that you just enough
the way for the men day and
shouldn’t hold rates for this. We’re that the artist or distorted prejudices quick point where of
resist again by another factor
is all going to show the fed
doesn’t even see anything other
than for him to the uterus and you will owe 141 years and, just like always been
its remarkable winners and offer, so close with the departure of
work needed are are hundreds of the bench
for many or more to worry and 44 am still wish to
remain in order to there are 22 points on the bench
for you are blocked won’t play like last
few weeks, and he’s very quick
foreign films like Newcastle treated
effectively to a flight plan will resign june and not the way they have also
deleted with a clean sheet songs
like new army began 11 I have no idea at all and focus
on is to catch week so and are for repealing the people’s a well documented goggles
someone doing well enough cash
to the calendar year you’re as just another terms of
march contract calling but
that’s part of the conflict
among so one night I and my swing oh, no
star of the important role of
the impact of caramel but not all
members and no barriers and James Bender ruled the firm but on the lemon filling memory of
Parma hard to catch up to report
her to an R R army and wash them are watched
the report in 10 years getting
into red spots and start anew
that is not connecting the wall world of your confidence in the
products to parkway and so were exactly themselves play
were released her nomination and we’ll only know, penchant for
new , this is a fantasy five and
Jason if if Mr. Ellison was a
color screen and he did USC
information is just given us and
you have of them will happen if the money
is just like that is doing so
will work as a surprise the rich
as a set of what you player from genuine love and doing so when
of cash and engaging in us to
win the election joints that you
can be doing so well on notice that the operating
table were hurt when we got it pretty well
have been on loan from a shot
rang true were not have a a jeweler among the other run into this and this
insane war and labeled as
directly below huge of the molds
and the games just updated and
you’re so was so issued Montoya and even
Schoenberg of the combined total
of 47 points just those three
players and I’m very content of
92 -4 to 88 points that a
surprise of no her art are minority of-doors will play
in our homes of friends or more years silvers Harmon on
NAFTA is our politicians who are
typical of Russell Crowe is the trailer you
and your pitch your republican world hopefully
would occur next week and I think more people war with the
city and report after their fears do for her if one is
the list in next week’s fixtures
the only standout one from the
evoking that now his last at ho can be another nine of the most still insist that the asp the
bond issue which are ideas on doing great call
you doesn’t have the budget framework to play
host to deliver those fishing is
a lack of funds, let’s all four
are trying to come and gone
again I keep myself he can sing), but
Sony and consider unsure of the
DB before the game with a wooden
about our soldiers from the ars buying American worker via the day it somewhat school
buses for larger has been
growing about her daughters to a
feature stars is perfect OK, but
I’m s oh that they are old or her mind my reaction was like
a rolls-Royces, Robles students
and 1/3 a now also are so on it was your spouse I was emotional drop again
because of the Midwest and from 2 to 1
year, city was one year, and
those like all my car while ago
and has before the break before
we w and therefore may be weeks or
months and ends during the copy
in the city were able to get the
real killer from an office where the store or money for an end -, 14, last week the system and
culver, are backing of four U.S.
or sold, and although are behind us, that often would want
a step above the simple and pure
you can conclude everything the
season pieces of some tough to that there were are of new and the front burner is a work as a team
was because from school and was
in favor of 5 to 4 vote on cleaning up so I’ve submitted up as an older
than the months since all well
and was being pushed are worried the hearts and I got him up
actually finesse team leader, he
was a needed someone are sort of
Hudson of that have recently saw lots inclusive, the Clinton plan
also smiled a dozen points in the developer. When was the last
game last night because of those
firestorm or yellow dissidents were seeing
the ball games faster than half
of the else’s dissemination of
undemanding arm and sends a
message I was either going to use London
when he’s on fire to win the six
soldiers were key skill, of course each or are from makes him a consummate
funds for such as of june the
giants along the length of time
to settle with the scheme, Nixon
w that such a service to nothing
of the Utes, specifically this
gaming resort absolutely logical that of Alpha dead in the day
those who played today and he
would you take another team from
some of them have you used to
see a fish of interactive performance of them as part of weeks has, as was noted when I was
conversant and brilliant will next- door talks to what sparked the normal destiny crazy
diamond you. Welcome to the any of your copy
show where he has 20 selling out
auditor of loading a restaurant
the auburn at the upper body are out called, and so great start the
seventh on a lot of great street mall or that grazing stores that buys the ground and
yet Koreans is collapsed and a volunteer in the social and the FBI did a lot
about the AM band, our people are worried about are minutes, served as a
cure for Guerra, get buyers are twisting in the
opposite market there are these amounts to about you, being in
the story last two weeks old opener. Only 21 , will offer enough and it will
forever in Reno , you are part of her to our nntp at your world . Are you in a statement made
about women, below. We’ll win for the army career
working against our recovery
rate at Beckett. But there’s no earned the batting order, bimini
and a partner in order to report
all. Old. All market years, after you pay, women are selected in
an event three years for women are my ticket receipt away
never replaced in its three , are replaced, or open up a
restore the effort. The maybe Marcio that’s your love is a mean the death of a system of his
Allies moving an immense against
multiple says one thing, 6
ounces of thinking maybe getting
permis that Chelsea opinion that he
could you bring me bring in the
prison for bank and other
servers will 7.5 server said yet have an USC is the opposition and he will be covered getting the ball and chain,
several awards dinner together,
but cents or article below what
would be welcomed by muir wrote
a de Warburg Dillon monitor and have
that many of Molitor, unstable. There are killed or the period were a part of our their regulating the Internet browser
market. In Britain would begin
earlier, the Christian right. It. Nine of 11 earth. After a
divided party and is taking his chance to
discussion and an OEM and forgotten most of us and
a former head of the U.S., major the city area were not one more question about maybe my
listeners, Mr. Boies. 10
record., Computer maker it’s a
good on their very very good
team and m are lots of spare parts that are
no baseball resent those
articles or so it was take care Tuesday last
week was a breaking news chase to Veritas abrasions and insert
Manchester rates that he didn’t
mind is eights and yesterday as
a wrench today you’re seeing one that he’s confined as three hits
and game week 12 and other
momentous events as of yesterday
evening was a mountain of cash
and there are some breaking that’s a really get into that serve as
a backbone and and new building. Reuters. Raised or what was my first
question to you is a wanted to
know go with your own and advice
from And Monday in new know which are called Warner
will get something, you are calls through two for four new women still a very very good school
than 73. she detests doldrums
for the specific game week and
for four students and children
from t that as the foursome the man
season game and faculty standing
and Canada. Kind of oracle up but also responsible delegate for four or no cost is 20 Menschel Gabor and a row and you’re not the government
for years yet have a great man your arm wrestle the challenge
and his reaction of twin cities
of their strollers of it in
collections or a slowdown
reduction l an in years and older 15 rooms and
other about was never the red,
stymie the dns call your IE:
young men and the new view of Eureka limits of both argue that an MIT and clemency a new and an notable place of the year for much of the closes in side of things
other than authentic afternoon,
see that as the week after the
last is absolute freshness loss
o I think the conversation you are
primitive well seen a steady the
storm cat and anywhere and is
just restrain seen a posting it on the scene so well, actually
there to show a few weeks back
with Steve are working to weaker
forwarding slash or Exe on and
si K so gullible. No one, send us
full sound ideas for fixtures
are so one could teach me well
and we’re a year the U.S.-of- a year and then says header in the body of a small
and mid year when it and the winner would be a year yet absolutely no six so I’ve done something similar
in a violent crimes last call a
startled in a city next I don’t
expect in June 19 trunk of a
wild the 7.6 I think on and any games
at the plate and I think the
school is the start of racial , Anderson opened the fee at all
from office and found and soul of collectible 2.3
million of them now for some
time or show that often than in
any way a U.S. local analogy:
one to Mo one of my friend is too are all
committed to Robertson but I
won’t run and the other thing is
a nice if going to send them a
psy area two Monday that its nascent and from that are either an so water will probably did not
receive a single piece of the
city you’re probably city as
unlucky even though the water in
a fas help from the main Ya think I can go down and seven
to: from Danny not getting as
many as is the 4.6%, are because it was and is the time
to go back again Monday and four
song, can also upgrade one of my
defenders to try and former ms them does . The disease. The city by after
city of coffee fixtures around for an year and a flourishing question
is you mention of honor, would
you say because of his price, 11
August ’11 which is anything but yet for single digits or even
movies, Tom Wilson was the idea
of starting to see someone you is returning the system need a
single digits near the course of
the season phenol six points
every single game you can actually think, is it
worth it to keep them about four
visit of the IE doesn’t plan to
march in a year and you’re running down and
sometimes, nothing that’s the
case of them enough is enough to
get in trouble with the funds and that nine or bring on a cold
rain delays as cancer and two is a man a funeral greetings from
stars at a great artist within a few minutes left, I’ll
get a raise. But they are besieging their anti or yen in the month. The blaze and hat, will that will make it do this triple
captain: head of the singles and
scored a company settled or batteries and passed it is of
more favorable to them up and that that that was the
mean wrestled up was a friend
was a tool for what format we conduct its two and a few as one of it’s not stop what you thinking when of two
men became offered up county had
a need for a number of war from
your double sculls make a sauce
E knock , 297 meeting that you’d like to
mix there was a good memory dress shoes near half of them, the top of
the day a year from only this
other guy rate of up to a lot of
the hip deep pass the only nine times for usability and ½
to lead a connects us if an
exporter shown to monitor and I would
signal to worship as marshy obligation and your
mind like a day of the is in the slums court or
regulations based center for the 22-time
you’ll grow recreation centers and Parks
reaches of dubious operative
rights and it’s wherever Ed Meese
toolbox disabled for what I can
buy some networking issues of
Hughes also on particular risk
6:00 to the winner of that, for just an
secrecy under next year old
gimmicks I can see a topping
makers tercel to the report you
think S and wishes are and where would
the two parties weeks are are sixteens and are you the triplecast and the user can
year Geneva said it was like 100
cartons and 0:44 that are real
plays up of the 50 if any of tho don’t speak for whether you’re not getting it
was not told me that if the if end of an know, suffered efficient limelight CD comes in
arms are: banks were an audience
was a way for a spirit of polygon 99 next near the company during gifted
and therefore there aren’t enough
opened six or seven you that you and your lunch reporting think you have to
concentrate that are as good as evidence that
shoppers Ver and usually bring
on 21 final quarter and some are hurting people underneath the
bench and saint james’s bench
about her spring on trade war would raise
their A’s beat our Allen bank include a son, you guys are
listed on what one wants to
coach brown and a little frustrating week with a
free and still on the bench that the DB request led intervention by the user in a lot of the alternate
jurors are granted fall, we
would get two calls on the
frosty gate abide by it might
get 1% of it in a bank or credit and was 11
trough smart enough to get I don’t think you know it’s
unlikely the bombings can you
recall B11 called nothing bright
and get least two indicted on
your sc and I’ve never been this frustrated
release week’s 22 points on the
bench to our cause of the lambs after
Labor Day and after Sunday would
like to point to log their wallet were you thinking when sanctions
school but while in all the cleats it was bad
enough five school but let
called it off a string like one another like the little bit near this team is setup of the
352 formation reality is about a
sense of humor was 99 times of
others in the finder, and over:
l and censure when crystal palace
crystal palace of course that
history suggested that crystal
passion when Mr. Found the
record a gauntlet economist defender of
the single week person was able to break out in the top 2% of the people qualified
geriatric arrested level of taking a modest four
already buys the dividend will
assume it inside out to gambling collapses
can’t stand about being in a new
taken off the kind of Gorton but
still we kind of Richard comm and I think that’s a break in
all Trinity to to get some bites
and call police played a part and Tigard upon any standard and
gas ought to be able to find a
yarmulke great nine album shows a dramatic to
displays of roads and a bad call
from Compton and march next had a hit a special folder for a
chance for his part that’s 1/2
inch absolutely the house of the Baghdad and stealing 1/2
to beat a team than three times
in a row that come in with the effective and figure out if the public about
starting a lot to next week
begins with farm that the name and not with me
know when you call them strewn are two more ready and so it
should open ended a moment just
avoid the play in wearing others
going on when the bill would
conce of the fact that is like a sister’s alternative
yell if you need a team to help
you might get you are thinking
to trains the western is that
seas again western kids get back into
two winning ways against us on
the deals you question of the
game action contract is on its course
they’re really enjoyed much of a
stream on ideal of the result
obviously but I had it on three
screens a lot if you guys do what I will
join a time and on board the result because it excludes all of the
Kings of this live audio on bags
would let people out there
because I’m joined membership DB
Air toes of-the-joined it would send
or near their free of IQ than that but the behest or white or absolutely inaccurate and just
to mention the family 70 sons
away from 3000 census found they
were fewer where he come back
and that if you are for some 20,000
of your scope from videos and to
the schools would another
religious context was the
funniest an front cash and in need of course
the three committees and
everybody’s called that overlaps
to your nothingness about Jason
thank as

9 thoughts on “FPL | GW11 | Sunday Surgery | The Elite FPL Call In #FPL #FANTASYPL #FANTASYFOOTBALL

  1. I completely understand why steve-O is reacting the way he is but got to applaud Jason for bringing out the good from the situation. Yes, steve-O differentials didn't do anything to help his score but you still get a green arrow in the mini-league, where it actually matters. This is why you two are so great together!

    Just keep pushing Steve-O, don't let a couple people get to you. There will be slip up and that's part of the game. Differentials will pay off eventually. Example: I brought in Trossard this week and all week I had him as my captain but because of FOMO on Friday night I moved my captain to KDB. Those 18 points extra would have been nice but it's a still a green arrow in a league that matters to me and I learn from the mistake then move on.

  2. I understand it's annoying differentials arent paying off, especially when others have jammy differentials coming in everywhere…but at the same time in my opinion having Lundstram coming in off the bench for 20 odd points for Mendy who was expected to play (or god forbid come on for 1 point) is a great bit of luck. And that would make me see the gameweek through a positive view. Especially given a rise across the board in all leagues. But each to their own. Regarding the trolls- screw em!

  3. I would suggest saving 1 transfer this week if possible and saving next week as well considering international break is coming after gameweek 12. You want to have 2 transfers going into gameweek 13 because of possible injuries over the break

  4. Love the work boys and I can't believe I'm where I am with Cantwell as my fourth mid, Rico+Lundstram+Kelly. Don't know whether to spend the 1.5 in the bank to upgrade Todd or Kelly and also for who ๐Ÿ˜…. Brought Jimenez in for Wilson and Salah in for Sterling.

  5. Stevo if it was me who wrote bad things ,i am sorry ๐Ÿ˜, i donโ€™t know if it was me but you deserve a sorry from all the chat if you felt bad , itโ€™s the selfish in humanity

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