FPL | GW10 | Sunday Surgery | The Elite FPL Call In #FPL #FANTASYPL #FANTASYFOOTBALL

FPL | GW10 | Sunday Surgery | The Elite FPL Call In #FPL #FANTASYPL #FANTASYFOOTBALL

the lottery that green to six
and a single black I just think
that you’ll have a way where and
how long the house is just spending
also got about the green it’s
just gorgeous this was a lot of metal bands of the PLO or Bollinger Rowland is the one you
should and shouldn’t come through the senate’s sugar is yet is on my firm gets live and check for one of his problem yesterday
genuinely because on yesterday’s stream fully exploit for some reason I
can’t start and stop and because
it was saying that we were alive a bit some of 3 minutes to get a
fifth to eighth and are our car or a usual storage is counting rid
of fish and were restricted show
at stake upped up the two and a repeat as an additional spending
program running and a really a row and whenever she it James Schorr
says James and from James brown
will back to work as a guy from
Hong Kong he said the senate as it’s
interesting trends in the upper the 1 minutes into an switch around the various James brown will get
in on them will get one he’ll be
the first one that will take a
call from using the waiting roo half gets you down, working together
when the old of the only good evening and
welcome to gaining 10 Sunday
said everywhere of course you
joined by myself and Jason
Woolley will doing the stream of your
audience actually be fantastic
hall one will say is that just
one last night thanks Jason will
not only yesterday evening gown evening
Jason benderly everybody of
either way get the coals and
only that people with schools
less than Barry draper stay out of that is
a lot of wild bill that the food
that the defense did what And volleyball here
that she’s a reason why the
captain of the icon here and it
is all the files for all over
the landi today that they were pretty much
the best assets to And anyone
jenny volume of know why some
people into, then you’re only
impro that well, as he noted that has
had more luck than you will come
to that another one of the
people of the worse the game and
mad apparently an a and truth of that differential of system of Irvine and one in
six and one more line cinema is
is that 993 March 1 dollars and
was told spread of what happened I think it sums up that specific
game are happening to sums of
not just this season overall
that may mean my season in a way
in it has: as well as readers
watching from the other clues
wet field is one of our hardcore
any of your followers and he
brought i where we’re at today and mohsen
Nash said those that can only
save the school and Russia began
a sister how much more concerned people are making the right
decisions like the self and it
just isn’t paying off I think
this today’s games I think
someone up i to add new castle one was one
and is simply not many people
have assets 141 and no known and
the kid of the cells with a goal
fo again I would expect some
options from this game to be
honest with you so I’m not
really bothered that sesay
Jimenez and onto an crystal palace two missing the
goal scorer shoppers he’s
doubted that means that matches
at Mrs. Schaffer within the
system of s just cannot make this optimism
of the ban and is out there just
scratching the right thing to do
to get rid of not only has thre house just willfully on the
voyager name of the goals and
Krista Parsons of hot on the
coffee with the assist those
medal game f getting the county science of
knowing if Henderson to
providing the first goal and at the cave and scored some
of the assistant and finally,
just mention Norwich this
extraordinary much gain of about
1331 of are with the assist and
Nordstrom and as with the goal
that butler said you can predict the
school lines which is why seems
beginning I seem to be
predicting the outcome shall
write the fa frustration that from other half
is also the bets are just a
simple but 1 pound express
school and each week and a hot
idea with alumni, fanciful and other
weekend into seems to be really
frustrating-seeded addicts games by can’t actually get anything
from fat seafood, you make a
point yesterday regarding
captaincy picks and one of the
most exciti this court was endowed weeks
against bournemouth two older
sons since you: rams that cops
and defensive Brazilians where
the CD bus just absolutely Nast ads that is set for people at
the open today due to the bottom
line is eight to bring in Marcia
of world is Thierry it paid a full size and got to be honest
with you because it’s a move that is the
only has paid off for the different path than the
others have really been to say
this is just approve all just
finding me personally this season’s reduced in windows
on Tuesday reported that
unsustainable the fact that any
think what pricing to do is just
backf the move some may call the
captaincy decisions I make the final score they’ll be back
for a day yesterday for example we
have the added the data they
want me that the doubts over
gold it’s tough because that’s
impossible that when you hear the
circumstances I had a goal came
about it’s just like so many
exodus as does the caregiver on
her recently event would have called free
bonus points or two bonus points
if not most adapter and how it’s
incomplete and reversed without
s of course dinner in the water
board of game parts and Ellis Jason when you:
ransdell the list that you just
did it has not a joke that you
just did it because just what
was the o get you went to the cheapest option
and since that day and that seems bent story too clean
sheets it’s absolutely crazy
boom of the church of the team
and those attending kids too
clean s also an absolutely crazy and it is displaying this game
of the moment is just highly
highly frustrating and specially
made a point last night on your
won regarding our emotions when it
comes and playing this game and
everything and it’s just some difficult enough
to talk about as well and your
decisions are being made it
revival of that and they just completed a flood
is just crazy absolutely crazy
plan to set any meals: the sole
stories are come live as of
Wedne cut and new and the suggestion of thing you’ve
got to be difficult to be honest
with a list of us were not in this game than I had
actually do you were talking
this game is absent this to us
because it would focus them from
la as those of course in the burn
the Chelsea game that one inning
was a wonderful mother under the
U.N. Field formats not the poin and extreme all that it says
turnarounds of the opposition
leader’s yellow possibility that
the back buffer the sons of mind
I w jab at that the men and women of the thing
now I just think that one thing
in this specific case I would
never go, some for a simple way
for is yet that juries that party attorneys in
turn, orders from clients may knew that, don’t speak up to me
on turnout was any good
everybody knew what will use of force or
stories tell me about being on the
20,000 points of the dns bring on James back away
from home: extraordinary story
about 3:00 AM Allen king area is well aware
well, place the largest late Sunday on
that thank thank you for joining
us this is more than pleasure
from us and costume of a debts: one in the writing of
stayed up just four days , eight of the business of
Serbia for all also the first question what
makes you shoot into a serving
more than what was this passion
for any of your list are really took on country
seriously this year and after
discovering your child just made
about much more enjoyable and on on it since they really
enjoyable experience than five times the course that
it doesn’t help from the anyone
else you the fact that this week
he was 61 points And deploying me if I said he must be a USB number
of single-lens of my school and
everything that gallo’s love and life yesterday
from falling a better week
little bombing in and out TAA to play but then the courts
three points on, broke the back
down to what state what you are
thinking of doing the Bowie and two players making them on
Wilson and Gordon clearly on
Marcia L ’cause I’m also stopped but not
mushy L and use it in the united
site until it was also the 1¢
stamps and lake games loss of 29 you can use to Jason Hu Yancey is the genesis of the
team screenshots by Hans Harkey of all close to
the team on the four transfers
and are not at the end of the sad thing: they would be a first
team in spite of avant roll
songs come at all worried about
valid, the day before that
closes m man that smugglers Newcastle
wide web at year end Damone not
until actually soul of a turnoff 1,000,000 but I am 112
because of the team value of
104.5 million Kurds, like taking the patient
approach of course we’re starting off in the middle
of the pack in the making my way
of using back Tim Daly about
rich your math and are to tell am also not a meeting
held for Marcy Allen, woods and 1.7: the bank and
borrow from sun, long-term plan so I went
down britain’s 2000 made up and
seems almost like bonds on
downgrading of family and two
body whic and that’s that uncertainty the griffins a
fantastic move the valley and
I’m sorry but from a deferment
the premium strike a decision
bring Enoch Arden upon the end of the
troublesome on the plan the next
three weeks ago that it’s the acts is the same
thing you did you bring until
the route transfers and
everything images completely
backfires is j lake county venal so I’ve got a
piece to watch, one sole fine
but none since dragging by 3000
subscribers on call all like
story at the mercy dozen but she does not one
but when Eisner sky comes
largely to relax the next 3
hours on done little in hours
actual song that an old IQ of any chance to bring James
back in the opener services to illegal
two assists and sugar injuries stiffest lot of new occupancy was I’d just been one
of those seasons wed until
everything around born in our
song to fulfill that large
picture was of the five seats on done little to
be done at six weeks that wielded the flavor of the top of the alumnus and I will attend
combo contribution to a way that
investor and at the bottom of a of the state said to report your that update you on all you’re on
your next week right but should mean calls there was a and a lot of at the bank you on this would add that
will not make seek outside
greater watchers are you not
usually on net when you watch a
game on on but but you just don’t get
that interactive on in our feeling more ended just
out that community feel that
just makes about much more
enjoyable than it’s crazy but
it’s more f right wing and a sustained some Nazis
liked what he does watch and
some glitch at MIT economist and
it’s much more to not think the
th from this is just from my
perspective on listen to what
degree Mason two bus back or replay
just for research purposes but
why I honestly get entertained
by altering streams because we do get crossfire motions on
alternating them but there also
a street have that Nelson say I’ve seen some
streamers ginger and live games
are just thinking summons to
score a goal and you there’s
just nothing waiting for a revolving she
denied and watch your street he
will then was like surely these guys resting
volleys games during the actual
weapon because I’ve said this
feat of the doing this job job
of the do anniversary show 25 at any one
of the tunnel is up to 10 years
and bringing people fancy focal
contents the way it did back in
t and a man’s offense spoken about
his possible to doing now you
should wanted to know holds one
of the duty of conclusions from
t your company is and when it
redoing it unwise to an
ordinance come on now as you just mentioned the future
for us issues because what to
say we get all personnel as this
is maybe this is a B.S. this is father from PM the day of the
only since it was that it can
send all five if they’re not all of the city
comes across with which makes
about much more amazing get a
completely agree and then what
the se some does this identity is a
huge baby FBI made his 0.11 or
shut he said that there is a mockup
of six million people to play
the game and even fewer to take 10% of that to 600,000 that take this game seriously
there’s sticks, 1000 people out
there that want this content
that is just not available and
the mo flee and Jason is the reason I
bring this community together:
the committee jealous because
it’s more enjoyable is that when
the at work at 1:00 PM this widening
his lead in transferring it just
makes the whole show a lot more
enjoyable and interesting that you could see its activity forgot the guard shack Jessica
Schatz days from the cave at the
health of the top 55 ether and
you say says great achievement:
t year and the nation about the battle
plans, and really surprising
that that there was no retrain
o’clock tonight, we checked for
81 else for about four years later said
that at some point in the future soul has suffered a deep into
the old one was: day will be
forecasting something that we do
have been polite you just
mentioned on a private basis with people
on all cash unity and because of
the people feel more invested in
what we’re doing but all I can see very very soon be
happening on TV than that, but
the question is when a login of
the delays of the house and
wonde doing something you’re the last of the ideas and the affidavit of up to it that like you guys on, thank you for
all fraud on what we’re really
appreciate and I’m really into a
string to a two level courses were destroyed the U.S. and its use his comments wheat and women will be anyone
improve the experience four
everybody watching as the truth
we will improve experience for a
brie forget trying to get as many
people involved as he can go
with this because we want to try
and make the driver resulting me
a ex today’s inch at the moment is
doing so well that I personally
think now this is no disrespect
that eight of the Internet in
the Cokie after she and where is, and anything like that
to everybody that is using only a stake in
the middle finger of these
latino will stop the longer one
winning this may be an asteroid
a bass all its but this huge oates’s should let
it sit for its does not many
people are Cashing in the
decline is true about it any
legal staff is one of the neck that small many people in the cache
many to come live on at or even
told in shacks and actually talk
about the many as seven money do told a group for example is entering the U.N. down and
speak about the talk about
saying that: Ian Ben Taub and
stuff, gets an a or did the
palaces that they have never stops to what’s
been to watch video content that
now it’ll show me the money they
see going to stop the leader o dead Friday to how the tat Ben Austin wyse Goldman is
the one that is going out of all
week absence of incomes up with
some fantastic arguments no resp is actually like well as the
main polls are showing this is
what this case, or at this like
this advisory between of the top
fou between fourth and fifth and a diskette scanner and I can’t use of commission for an
audience sat August, call from
an older man was born that well use of the faster the
game week from goals that paint, one of our had a fumble
get into those top four places
and Canada by the military than just try to
keep on assisted with the costly
to be a mystery shopping mall
below now more than a large oxid it strongly guess the move as
nonconference issue a few like I
feel it and a box of a test as an instinct for our own unique of shuttle of the schools and I will you and I just look or not just
mentioned in the chapter for the
Sava really appreciated: that
he’s been with us it’s like 10
or pages for those great seeing the
sixties thanking the staff
people starve in really is just
down the stretch and as night of an update of the root of the fraudulent tool that has
the reserves singer was to offer
what will happen today that the
statistics about game came from address some of them out yet on
the one to know already have a large
as follows to beat this to be a
nice easy game and Don it’s just been as many things
going on and off the shackles
will recall, and apparently he
swore to find 21 awful son and
his an our if she can work out on the busy
as mostly men are schooled for
not just a community meeting,
copy was not even light on the
benc passed a big problem for some
reason to route and seem to be
playing in a mobile. Mammal protection of
the money does play to our
replies and mike in a number 10 also sold it sold away. The bottom edges and
not one of the strangled in check up a bit of a percent not been busy livestock
right to buy bulls of this acting as a big
statement, black section and Don but then an awesome for a while
for quite a few games already
has frustrated in and of a man
and as well as July was it that
was do we get back as X’s coverage
instead and what your
forcefulness of a bomb and squires IBM added
another graded assignments on studio city is quite isolated
and all began life as a skilled trauma gaps matched it lessens of fame a default model has a
high marks for about a trip to
dying bob allen’s form of a mystery.
And the like wasn’t won by tune of lights
chances and rub against both use
isolated a stock because I’ll
see such a nice voice in a
million o on a sergeant make a mint city
from Eisenach, site of the
necessary much in my like
premium from state policy
By standoff, bowman is the ID
get some 0.1212, like of just about a tax hike up of
the night but so are basically
announced a ballgame bucket into
time and all other Christmas I was
out on some of the sign would be the opening loss there was some Al
on a novel 1.1 million and a
#before the call was made before
they continue down before
setting b -round lead yet it’s a small pond is not bow
to $67.00 to nine years because
of body and seven on behalf of the
departed the fight all see what I was on on the
ball a season battery, not as
much about it on a long and tight end of
the hubbub room window or big who use the money list of
highlights on the games will
finish off from long range is on
corners sent from taking of the
cakes an are on all was expected things
to eight, I’m all for almost on by default when two million
cranial bet you none is no bonds
and I select above the state of the
resolve of a washable chintzy and she
publishes the siege. Instead of
Saint Laurent as a speakers on a
device is all your wife he gets
more beasts the Pan Am in a recall
some holes I have seen some of
the law of the seven wonders of
watching highlights a little
tool f Assad and school arm for a seven-month prison and two
called somebody lay on it’s more
a long 1. also, and also the
lesson avoid another loss in
which thousands or even started. As I’m sitting out of , but the them, yet a customer with Alice
Simpson also sold, almighty
offer money to upgrade him a
great fan of a rating of them
out to so , I have again as a rogue
element in the school gets a bye
bye often doesn’t allow playoffs in a long time on walls are
eager to make a straight line,
but it also magazines lying to
the Miguel seeded mustangs
school site off the bench in a light users
close by the content of the
united players says women, a
women’s united is on its side of the message
mile line network men are from Yemeni like the Murrieta we
break in the summer of seaplanes
of the U.S. Senate called off
the ninth love also, my dismay of some or
all I remember thinking
preseason number, and some of
the message will call him a 7.5
and a discredited by lemon of the
listing of some believe in it,
but children can call one -setting out on cells in a great
it is the time of land like the
system also would have five
events in mime without six, one games of calm seas of the time
of death. From new and old one of whom yummy as on an office at of the first baseman Mike
Sullivan says it and it’s like
the whole 9000 small plan on Ms. Harris in mime of a
nearly 11 months ago and I use
the money to like him a new,
tough-guy out of Islam AM PST
Masaya game new laws that is nobody from the end of the concerns of the
conference on rise the lawn is
still on an 11-by in Los Alamos
victory in some of the last of the losses to the front and the headers
But the orioles the loss of
eight in the fifth to have a lot of up to 40 body of the rest of the new year’s eve, says new dns stalling on crises and
drinking brilliant game we come
in Austin one question was to
get lots of them up to that a small
segment of the son of legalized in question is this science and
Captain Jamie volley when you
hear so many ways a Ras Al all
eight and actors and 20th to 20 year- you get worldwide all the wife
of the And that this was because
he was playing and 17 is just
the same as at any event, the
Vaug the overpaid for defense of
coffee was intercepted once a
little fun and so on Soviet of
the audio, though, Tennessee and
some o no live positive effect into a band that hit me with a paper
and service release now live on
TV and yielded one of the decline was
away from home of the day as easy as of yet , in the body of the title of vice in a manner that it was listed in the
body of the decision was made
because he was facing
Southampton a really terrible
defenses and of the offer 1:00 PM: maybe this
is he a flu shot in the coming up here on the middle of the need
for the company will mean a loss
at the house veteran guard the party of ideas of the city
will he be a claim against a
team and you are actually doing
your best UPS that too much
today by you know any better than this as
a 9 minutes: I think they just lost, many in
the a: because that’s the White
House spending are really worth
of spending unbelievable , that if the army is impossible to 71
and the other day, someone else that the performance of the six
strokes and against leftist on
the day he was like three
strokes and in the Balkans I met Mr. Was just
outstanding the feet of the five
is a funny thing of the state
played any one in a
4,000,000,099 to t wanted novels and plays songs he
then to the state of the results
politics, and your system of all civil
aviation in a city that all just
love to see the lights for more
than one goal than that: enough
to 20, the door open the gate, the was
second with nine of the season
if not all souls his message: I
did a poll for quickly because
he the book opens a family of four
form opens a four K market to
enough to this historical and go cold, so happened at the
top of the S&P top 17 points to
the cell and all: forthcoming
for frederick’s, and would end up with all of the view of the
person that and the instant the
Ricci the middle of things
including NAZI because G-5° in
medici AM to 10 songs, he may be his
disposition that E maybe that’s
why he actually plays this week
in a small surveys that his love
f sold to the reality is that you
know the fate of the fact that
she has announced an owner of lawsuits are of the deal is
that she has announced an OEM
expensive version being that,
some of the digital quality of a
new and yet others than a love and other holiday, as you know why not also a lot less tables are
full of he will file a motion
saying which is almost identical
in the fall of the fate of more
th us are in a lot of that this is why do
people think all trusts NAZI war
over who was the furthest along
side the event directs the
simple re nasty dozen possible that those
amounts to a clone of this isn’t
so he has admitted us have old event of the fifties of a
part of a row, the end of the
form of them, and the other end
of shift and he has visited one of
the Hispanic income that ended
an Indian clients to surrender
the seven of every player in the
g new beetle before he goes stalling
is 40 points too much to catch
the top 4 to 40.5 fourths fault
is it too much and call 42 points suddenly the
scenario 40 points as of
yesterday behind and fourth
spoken of cash and these are too
many points to the fourth-and-layer four 4th service: that the mothers of
east is where it intends to move
up 2810 weeks if we can do is
eating in 10 game weeks what can
we old and new , and you’re new U.S. Invasion of all of the team was his polo team wanted
him to the simple reason that
the city of 40 goals: census:
consider six, the horizontal
lines fiv was a man who are the ones to as low as five 00 oh oh 000 and should win all of our own , of the own or whether that will fire told is that we’ll all
say is that I did continental
conversation he had a Jason last
line is absolutely superb have r day a special one specific plan Ozzie, as several of you who an old the cells come on when I bring
the cells of country club of my
differential takes the cake
areas of either the lead weak
spot th odyssey us a little orient are listed them to go but his
intensity claire’s paid off. A
judge to Bosnia-cells and punctured like I’m on the
forefront of the conflict to
defend all the rules are 40 not study at one of the DB 49 a
share sense the transfers yesterday you: the
cells Folsom and a anti-finance
the AA and others fall into data
to go and what why the cells o archived and I’m not start of
the differential cakes and the
start and end that new cast and had just just a couple of
tough to do something different suffered a couple dow was an
editor for the bay of lies not
in the wind and determines the
[email protected] the underlying columnist based
Japanese has done an outstanding
obviously but was not as having
me know if I can go over this a billion times
and when to sell talk about it
but when I am is doing one wall
contractors sells his selection WINNT its human eyes and
conceding that thousands of
goals that is conceding your
goal here and many have all
three clean sheets the cells of 4.4 guarantees
staff to wind up playing in
every home game lead and among
the first major beginning
duchess again t study got off work in schools
and those are you doing when the
cells scored a goal director effects of the plug on exhaust
o’clock when the sun yells out loud, the sum of
finance at the bottom of this
enough that the state are my
[email protected] price was calling to
be honest a six plays football be lots and lots of the acid and then goes on sale
this is called wall street
corners of the show, there are
loans and yet ordered point
below what honestly out there and I’m
Bobbie level is an assessor’s at
current I know he won the play
is stored he’s got all the
secret eff always as the republican mayors
are bundling is the nice styling
sums up when ever since, but as
defensive released a list of su Andrea and then 273 people watching from an
airstrip the extraordinary of asset dusty record because the records
talk about the cells this one
from bringing a lot as head of of the death of a boy did the Internet continues if the
49200 of them is open to a
couple of places tonight whether do you think the fourth 4th
spokes can be cold blame it on Monday, fostered on
the city became the ninth Monday at the
end of a canal was at an unlit
96.05 slot, minimal false, right-handed and then just two
quick mask and a full fewer than
22 black churches he has 60 ish
asus does any sent to ship the h on stolen chips into fall off a
slow start it definitely can be
calling my opinion on Utah’s us to get lucky and as
I said noll I display enough
enough to just go for all
different options but not all
data for t was no that just hope that logically
about that , in a certified having a few
differentials and 19th issue of
the start of the arts and he was
pleased with the slogan, Jason
an and in his case study in
deploying them on a revolving airports and have led to Heidi
Kunz, premium assets to name
just a single to team around
them the study will differentiate I
think it’s one thing that’s the
best way to go one thing what
you’ve done of his is an ideal
scen the marched on and answers also
start on the Times’ Knesset and crazy
decisions about the details or
twice each life of all they want
a lost most of times but if it d any money from doing what we
should be doing is looking into
teams around me and kind of
going well they’ve got explains
the lio have the cells are all pretty
solid picks to be for you to
print to sorbets is
differentials and so is that it
had taken up the I think the thing to 60 minutes
just the attacking players and plays on Jimenez as an
example would be different and
must differential to have an attack is expected be
somebody had to go into the
difficulties of courses that are
doing this for blind people just
about all misses the show’s up all the
cash and in the back seat to
decide to block of people
attending on anything to do that
but it coul IMF of a kidney to eight, and, upon phenol summit was to
not every single need as many
have entered age details and the
other team that you have
warehousi the fleetwood’s a list of seeing in the Gaza today, all of us is that
the offing as the lines between
10 and five K out of the navy into the death of a serum,
yelped I don’t know many apps
yet to a season of a the lid off a bit of the if they have a lot but just missed a knoll the
second sponsor of the helm music of commerce is announced
all white mob of the 7000 starts on Iraq as a mocking humor and many of alliances or S at the fancy, but
it offers great for us it your look at the top of the as one of
the U.S. side does what is kinda
scared man that I was going to
study is to store is our last o for us to abolish use clustering on a on a list of Mike Tyson on
the listed in the auto business
elite start a season of them
every day to the polls and a
walkin THS and Mr. and the CIA not to,
Bosnian takes I’m going to make
solar you’ll do not finish the
season to bodies as my inks and
t wrong young men on the psion of
younger slams from near and
sometimes I worry about the great yes wanted some of the loading it into knots
into stores are detailed anno one of the
discussions next week I do find
a map that you know there’s a
lot of people are regulars that
and just any of those 64 streams and 84 days
needed and that I think is now
may be potentially a PST oneself
and the business of the future of
course our ability to analyze
the future for didn’t affect of
enjoyment of the people of the
call that or five and up and his world dinner or state gained gained
eight and mechanized may be
interested in different and cool
up but as yet Masi as well the Ali Al Yamane that would have you read 20 players
playing today and none of them
do anything for younger free
after that was the acid gases and he added a goal and lying about
1140 about mafia M a hard economic trouble in
Oakland last week -4 blame him
in Bali four Roberson and again
I was a less than happy to the
ball on a modest economic slide of the tigers have been called
one happy that my displays all
in a few men on the added after India M1 a sudden I don’t watch the
game will seek the caller
nations on a short ball won only 2.5 MB and some kind of
very defensive fall full and
while on a watershed in a number
of features and as a as a bit like a friend of
Colonies of four is a married
and has broken his left high and
low-slung then left again a band
a once in a nutshell book your
time or the ball above a lot of Chelsea defense I was looking now look at PS for
them on disbelief are some
fixes, not mean that the sent
via honestly it was the musher and more playing three solid no rain fat in relay the yet to be honest on Asia’s
leading friend debt and lake
just where, like all the
transfer some or all financial
wanna do not like to run ball yen and one
sister and 20, look again
alternately out anyway and old PM-nine-embolden a lot of
difference in then deliver
better than a and yet, as of four who were but not
before, and as part of the one yen and would like to be a lot of
looking to get many of last week
and have died in October to be
really mad at the assistant at
auburn old and new weather so I just didn’t go into
free up funds bringing the
fourth and 11 of a reader wasn’t
just a simple example the third
and to five ole entire gal save on 1.1
decided by an yeah or technology King Klein
jeans that happened or why you and I am happy she
needed Marciano moving forward,
the more importantly would you
recommend others to bring it down the Chagall board fixes up and
tell the only 50 academic 40 in
the plays and fill a hole and
likeness of all for the next
form o after bobby Thigpen saw willy
Claes point gap would recommend
all the people get in and I’d
rather have him all the lake and
all yeah that something can be a winner of death and I still am glad the
green wave of bags and potential
I think I think about in the
future 100% E old we’re with the idea. But she’s not find it in and who won a file false is Sunday
disappointed with the body was a
really the only are buying them
out by available again is blank a (two to oh and no had a balance of the body probability
of a department and we are just
a system that while in a display
of his calling him much more days a week, not just the legacy of
identities, Scott Blanton a
model get the deficit has also
hear Jason make his point about
the last but I just don’t run even this
season will delay of 74 will say
again and Lester assets 10 goals
come from everywhere even Frida in the two nodes and the point
being is that at the end of the
day the goals came from every
Wednesday at all the earth was
then the reality is that that’s not
funny hat trick that’s your eye on the plate and
I didn’t have the option of
lovely and someone coming from
one to think that said you mean
a wh all just about the plight of
four people of all the pointer
from everywhere still wild 90
planes one call two assists it
just me this proves that of all new bull run into some of the
message from the law says
offensive, shareware this into
us have to be a game we can and
will a game b by stable place to start gets his left to do we bring the
land is being crazy jack and
that his son was an awesome
something , you would like to be cut heat of the idea came in last
minute income of a week after
week and Matt Aidid on the character of the
one thing I’ll allow the waters
where a lot are not not not not all along is not the top and always
like I just I really want you all in
all along to the state of the people
are lost eight whales lost a
game long enough by auto
auctions on right now copy a week lowered bragging
rights to be knocked out more
than every six nations like
almost all caught the eye
sockets are not all that was saying you’re crazy jam
becoming a week after week
regarding workers at the second
cell’s planes can stop blaming
the g ousted in these will not or not these ice illegal act as
at on us all unsold sitting on the niceties I must come back
and start spinning storm yet so he seldom points out basically
starting out the saltwater NAZI
not start until rushing all
worry that do you think that said it’s
worth the industry’s swap from a
different thread of the meeting
at the midst of an interlock i is like night and was starting
Monday on I would see you would
see all of my lack states to be
a run last at last it is the
bee’ you know out of 0.1 dots and in which
answers tonight it all starts
Monday all night is not deductible at
all may be all that none of that kind of a call, you
will get out as the clock on
site, articulate , audio, all in the old of the top year of a sort of votes yet sought solace not enough to not
scare by , of course the ally was the game’s aid
money list and signed by our
state is often get out the
Benson, but it’s not so I read
the state’s 1 was money site market my cats
and dogs are your there’s lots of money for the
second of land, and it happens
all the film has not been as
Evelyn I can make thousands of
Muslim of whom are, of all for what I know I’m I think this whole
readers all men beat kind of
clean out the Bristol with the
SMS 90 was a title acts yields
for solid Bradley 90 days to bear all
roads in and easiest to the
plate point when of server was
yards of the six million units
we all thr and on over 0000000, increasingly seems like
a place of a nice I’d like to be
yours like one silence on and on
the roads 8 miles I feel like possession of one Rodrigo signs
and all the life of 40 for most concrete
I walked out of the cupboards
and by one man sitting at a car on a road in the latter of whom live in my
post colleague who are in Bosnia
will seek one who are old and
exultation on right wing and a
lot room for more than a young wife and I already knew
right away what I believe it’s
slain a makeup of the poison
ricin of who might get back to
the run also spent Wednesday. The white bond money is going on, and
looks like the coast or not
resolve and a room of the price
of one to get real how well it all is good on bill
selling it added because it’s a vital role on one leg of
the Venice for half a month’s from then on, and retail
online. Very defensible since the death of a group of four who were of the end of the below the normal service, which are a
couple of trips out watch a flap is at mccormick’s says his two starts and Nixon
commences also was that knows
about when separation show me
the money going top of the cash
into t ion can you resist that he read or dial buyout 39 ordinary and 29 one world wall or whether I was just awful,
someone everywhere else in
Austin not boarded a single form
of brain and body and and and
the staff th ran the office can believe this
minimal, many using the cash to
use the team’s column and
garlic. It was that the
onslaught free yet. It can become legends too
soon because of where we started
seeing owls are most needy
qualified where was the lack of all or part of the
recordings blunt in our war
expected and spot men are
austere blade to getting used to
solve its and it has no , wait, the communist alliance
that will issue a permit, you
know a little short term leases.
Ms. Stone in all orderable 50
for where or when all called will , 3 to 4, and real winner will all just don’t just possible
that the more enough. You can
still on uniform and all but a little black book, was more, fonts
believe Mr. Said animal that you
are probably Marches while the
Super Bowl gold and United
Aircraft to the lists or whatever action
is a list of titles for not have
money on an FOB, which would
school money with scorn and (one
f them can see why it is the look
like what the sport number of
believe it’s over with. With current of the animal was
both a puff piece that shows and
other woman and I have plenty of
room for Walt Disney pictures w enough of a new owner. Now, how effective as well known among all the
revenue from the factory to settle one -24 not could easily
to the minors are in the
villages around the world wide
world of talented but will open with a slightly up off
the revision will have a level
one of my committee were called
a mild and so far no one’s been that the work world and wore off a week old artist.
Ariel muller commitment, and just turn
off the sport first to its
people who would roll who are unable to open the local
businesses, the court will have one of the bruins features
similar event of a workout,
click older workers pick overall
in the complaint pulled out you
can have looked at present the
church in question and women of
all make logical to three times
a minute, part of our service
people , after the Lazar and Jason put
us in downstairs in the garden
chicken chains or data and actor
and his many of these and other absolute OK Jason Allen Eagle
bonus points that you get the
point is just laughable said
before she actually play AC and
we can yet or four or apple were certain data rates started his
interest in his point here is
inconsistent about not making
the wrong decisions and I’m
telling y will but eight he’d be happy reading
and that tackles the bench and
another one that can and will
send all four write that
initially from count wilson’s of all day
and Pereira two but only 0.5
billion people sit down to how
somebody would do it anyway is
just a is that my file number is just
the simple fact the four of just
a while, 1-2 minus fourth best
to stick with the pineapple and
e when the medical bullpen of the
instant it reads seconds, sell
all came off with an injury by
herself as a differential that
off become a and that the economy and that
James bond interest has completely out my hands you
had all you can set a world of making
that decision you read that will
set a and this is one of the
doubleheader four as the brown
says is the one have installed history’s And
choice test economy think what
will I be all of that water
issue still there and get well I
wou said rather than sell some of
the grammar and the force be at any of the
funny thing is what powers that
would wear run in six matches
instead of landing a $40.00 gift
to yet that does the fact that we
can laugh about it and just
summer across the door or the wild at at the world in the top seed and intelligence, but that’s just for Iraqi mobile and one that will wield the tradition started one this
week . And we’ll work in trying. No motive, Kahn was his bench in
ice bench five communities for
use on a $4.50 was no is more or it wouldn’t work well with a single minute walk
and I’ll do that again be open again
next week I think I would take
them, form on you all but begin with. You add it all a
little too large or one of the
icons, old one was, and the
world or or the Norco animal was a
feature arts like I wouldn’t see
a marketable, too. Holistic
share Jerusalem, we’re in our
opinion on is like people need to know
would come back to limit the
father of midrange midfielder will your editors will drop or would I be
one extra 0.608 and a limit that
would enable the old uncle does
that not only reason I get the of fidelity wouldn’t like it and
Hamas and get warm or white or
at above all to upgrade and to
body which will be the logical
mo At glen Ross. For more than 4
minutes: do not have a cell
phone: forget longer have to set
unstoppable be for another week
to more than oracle or that
because next week about the
Oakmont ironie in an undermanned and IDC a colder and
colder than one city lost the
form of popular rid itself of
religion. And start work on a new stuff
that could fit the bill of work,
do this, the software industry
prevail, unoccupied of Mexico would be.
It’s beyond a simple mode. The Oklahoma new customer plant
corn syrup march after two more
advanced report. Recorded by one morning
statement and midfielder 433
more top of the bahama choir and
copy all clinic in a circle and
we live in 40219, but instead of
Forestville, the crisis, or an ole miss one, rich . Minute old who knew modifiable or back and all will market or what will
make a fortune to make a can of
linux we will have one software
and off the next week city
section a stereo. The Germans o’clock am all of them are in battle of the oracle’s mold them that has
hailed the decision is the man
city if I was predicting more we
will be predicting but you have
a wa analyst Andrew say something
like three manhole plane to open
the game I think that said that
will end up like three or four
fro 567 some really keeping our city
assets is probably a very very
good things and to be honest
with you I just think it’s the
debt was as an example why just to gain
of any difficulty in Jimenez up for them to small little touch it and you can also
was given a story for men to be
honest and started to a more
authentic, one short walks and year will wear a big way rule but
cold weather, volume in coquille
to . It costs less than the movie is annoyed when I had
a huge wall or Mrs. Was what
would this didn’t do a TV sitcom
and condemned by chopper
instrumen war were winning and winning. But this will be involved warrant at the core or orders report
recently bought a gross profit
and the Mets. You are world war . And it puts there are all went off and are old, year after year, up to open political . The fate of pressure off. If
it has been on loan from
college’s new yet been decided that he had heard of a
co-selling art store of leading
up to a large and folders have
all the cash and the demand well
as anyone that is that on outcome in the boy’s name is
by you call calmly, lost and eighth eighths: BS eight
points to assign the real slogan on the mat U.N. army said last
night in the following And one
of major And bonds of the isn’t seen a second
day on unit was the best start
in all deploy not all body and I just for your
wall foliage is capturing sorry
Jolley to you about a guy like
the memory yet, near you and me in getting
caught on in the zeal that are
less or in person to legal zero
points as we got into a fully
and of an aerial view bar and you’ll
get into said he is not that he
is just a name checking to have the whole issue Mc doubts
about the burden of settled in Congress of
racial now I’m assigning a fully
loaded the inside job of the And
what will make the caption it was just a visit scion of its 170 outstanding deploy
not all body and I just for your
wall as the last two weeks look
at things done nothing, so why
no just like to know when you’re
not seeing a lot of costs
incurred us as much time does last two weeks
like a standard all 32 points 35
points all about sunlight
glinting weeks that’s so as to say that when of this
into the stream as mobile last
of the silhouette of all things
to myself that all you can use
tha you know you went from 50,002
131,001 and 94000 come on Shelly inning and in the
your highest bracket see I was also a yearlong trial they won the two at all to no a lot of NL that NL , but if owns a a a a a a a a low nine, no allegiance on a was
watching a stream, for a
standard it’s just a Normal
State. Carlos to check out the China not a darkened I just keep on the amazing work
discovery well all the content guests do I still listed water
rights to zero but what if the police set designers decided there for debts wanted an old Jesus Christ of the guard again,
we improperly that some U.S. spending can begin to work
tomorrow for either dead are on what we want the ball think
individual person and that I agree that it’s important to
the wishes of roger their
morning after a morning show
what is there something maybe
Burks I thin it did about a few free arts
programs serving dish is his income and in seven of
the five months into the current
business world that are your school just just
can’t only for what’s up a
system which camera from that
brilliant or budgets and ex and streams are
all season of Tuesday absolutely was read at people
talk about is of interest to see
and choose that but I’d own

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  1. Regarding jumping up in leagues, the team of week got 135 points and if you check their gw history you'll see they went from around 3.5 million to 110,00! They had chilwell,Perez, pulisic and vardy captain 😂 wow

  2. Jason's luck versus the lack of luck for SteveO is actually quite funny, only because i feel the pain Steveo is feeling. I mean Ramsdale, SIlva and Rico off the bench – you could not make it up

  3. How can anyone be surprised of Ozil not playing ? it's been years now that he does not give anything to the team. Very few minutes over the year, never fit. Just a big pay like Sanchez was at United. Am I missing something ?

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