Former MLB draft pick Noworyta provides hype for Hawaii

Former MLB draft pick Noworyta provides hype for Hawaii

ROB DeMELLO: WINNING-STREAK… THE RAINBOW WARRIOR BASEBALL TEAM… WEEK…PLAYING HOST TO NEVADA… THAT’S OUT OF 299-D-1- PROGRAMS… AND FOR ANYONE WATCHING…IT’S CLEAR…THAT MUCH- CREDIT… MUST GO TO THE TEAM’S BULL-PEN CATCHER… THE HYPE-MAN AND HEART…OF THE RAINBOWS… UH HEAD COACH Mike Trapasso: you noticed that because that’s exactly what this team is all about. You got a guy that hasn’t played very much but yet he is as important to our came here when I was a freshman, I knew I was guaranteed a roster spot, I wasn’t on scholarship or anything like that, so, I knew I had to affect the team in someway, and if it Trapasso: The reality is, Dave could play a lot of innings, catch a lot of innings on a lot of other teams that didn’t have a Kekai Rios, but, Dave is real special to us and he’s really guy to help out, you know, New to coming here because they, you know? It’s their first time ever coming up to Hawaii and now they gotta play in front of these fans and they don’t really know the impact it 1…TOMORROW-NIGHT AT 6-35… GAME WILL BE TELEVISED…ON O-C- SPORTS…

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  1. And I thought I was the only "Noworyta" with athletic talent. Best of luck to you David. – Paul Noworyta

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