Forehand Tennis Lesson (single and double Handed)  | World Class Coaching –

Forehand Tennis Lesson (single and double Handed) | World Class Coaching –

forehand ground stroke single handed from the ready position forehand ground
stroke grip shoulders rotate away from the net as the hands separate backswing continues in a slightly circular motion until the racquet hand points directly
behind arm and racket drop below the ball as the weight transfers to the
front foot either side on or slightly open forward and upward swing commences to contact just in front of the left knee comfortable distance away from the body racket face vertical note the flattened
u-shape of the right wrist this provides forearm and wrist stability follow-through continues forwards and
upwards towards the hitting zone hips and shoulders rotate towards the net
note the high finishing position of the racket arm natural over balance may
occur for the forehand ground stroke the basic
target area is cross-court towards the long corner Forehand groundstroke double handed in the modern era with players learning
the game younger there appears to be an increased popularity with two-handed forehands note the slightly increased shoulder rotation until the racket is pointing directly behind point of contact laying back of the right wrist and an increased tendency for natural over balance the basic variation to the standard
cross-court forehand is the forehand down the line this is achieved by rotating slightly
further away from the net ideally on wider forehands we’ll move to the right
balance and play the stroke on occasions even wider balls will require a natural balance the same requirements exist for the
double-handed forehand

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