Football – Wide Receivers and Tight Ends Position Group Preview (2019)

Football – Wide Receivers and Tight Ends Position Group Preview (2019)

Rebel fans, it’s time
to dive into the world of offensive play makers. We’ll break down the guys
with big shoes to fill, at wide receiver and tight end. No more A.J. Brown,
no more D.K. Metcalf, no more Dawson Knox,
no more DaMarkus Lodge. But just because the faces
you got familiar with over the past few
seasons have moved on, it doesn’t mean this
group will be rebuilding. They’re ready to reload
and raise the bar in 2019. They really helped us a lot. Like, they really
showed us, you know, what to do, what not to do. As soon as we came in, they like all, all took
us under they wing and, you know they really
showed us, you know like how to be an
Ole Miss Rebel, so. We’re really like
grateful for them. Tried to tell the team like, it’s a lotta people
against us this year. We’ve got a lot of
people to prove wrong. But it ain’t about
provin’ people wrong, it’s about doin’ what
we know we can do. What work hard for, during
the summer, conditioning. Just know we can do it,
that’s all we gotta have. Just, as long as we
know we can do it, that’s all we need. We got a lotta guys, you know, that people don’t
really, you know, hear of a lot, but,
you know it’s gonna be okay. You know we gonna
start the world. In the receiving court, Braylon Sanders returns
for his junior campaign. Sophomore Elijah
Moore made 36 grabs as a true freshman this
season ago with two scores, and he’s excited
about what the rest of his room brings to the table. The whole receiver
court, you know. We’ve got freshmen, we
got Mingo, you know. Kinkead, he’s solid,
we got Dannis, we got speed. We got Demarcus back in,
both, Miles, six five, you know we got, we got we got all different
types of talent, so. We gonna, you know,
expand all over the field. Seniors Octavius Cooley
and Jason Pellerin are duking it out at tight end,
and with new OC Rich Rodriguez and first year tight end’s coach
Calvin Magee running the show, the sky is the
limit for this room They workin’ us harder
than I have ever worked since I been here. And last year, it was
the defense workin’ hard. Now, it’s the offense. But I like it, so he gonna
get us better every day. It’s going to be
another big year for this high-powered
offense in 2019, we look forward to seeing you
in Memphis on August 31st.

3 thoughts on “Football – Wide Receivers and Tight Ends Position Group Preview (2019)

  1. You call that a preview? Everything is so generic… I need details. How familiar are the receivers with the route tree? Are they burners? Can they grab contested balls?
    Did you even watch their practices?
    Shame on your poor reporting.

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