welcome back guys. happy to meet you guys again ! My name is PRADEEP and my channel name is PRSOCCERART. IF you haven’t subscribed to our channel ,cconsider subscribing it coz we creating amazing football content in tamil ! today we’re inside the studio ! we’re not doing tuitorial video and all . what we’re gonna cover is football news why football news is that generally we cover news on monday but we’re in an urge to cover this news. what’s that is we’ve so many football news ,rn. only if i tell you now ,it will have that effect . if i wait till monday news get accumulated and this news will become an older one ! so, on my last video’s guess where the ball is we’ve shown a picture and gave there 3 options and the correct answer was this the first person to give the correct answer was him so a big shoutout for him ! even in this video we’ve a quiz to ask . so watch it tillthe end of the video ! So,let’s get into the video without wasting time ! OKAy,now in football news roundup the first thing we’re gonna see is that ! it’s about the AFC CUP which was held at nehru stadium in chennai ! that is chennaiyin fc are playing the ISL finals but that’s the second thing !But chennai city fc Played their AFCcup and i went there as announcer ! so many people commented that my announcement was nice ! The match result was 2-2 played with a club called mazia fc was live at nehru stadium,chennai i even did a ticket giveaway but so many people turned out but around 6500 fans came to see the match ! Compared to ISL crowd this is nothing ! but still a recognised club and for an highh level competition i think this crowd is more what’s the news here is match went well 2-2 draw all the player went to the dressing room ,warmed down changed their dress and came outside while leaving the stadium . there was a big act that happened what’s that’s it a big board was placed at hte entrance of the stadium that wecome board fell on the bus of maldivian club see this video then so many people came there ! they lifted the board and let the bus move from there and took that board inside while leaving i just winessed this i was just leaving at that time luckily nothing big happened and no damage to the bus coz it’s just and cardboard just like flex and banner ! so luckily there was no damage to the bus as well as the players who were inside the bus ! it was safe now the second news is that is such a dissapointing news ‘were gonna see ! so many football fans will get frustrated after hearing this news today, it’s officially announced that ISL final which is gonna held on 14th ! chennaiyin fc vs atheletico de kolkata ! which is gonna happen in Goa ! on 14th That final Isl match is going to happen behind closed doors ! what that means is that , even a single spectator is not allowed ! to see the match live in the stadium ! so, if you have planned to go to goa to see the final ! then, cancel immediately ! and if you’ve booked tickets on the bookmyshow ! then cancel that too because just now official twitter handle of Indian Super League that it going to be happening behind closed doors ! so no audience . if you have booked tickets then please do cancel it ! only live ttelecast is gonna happen ! why because is that that’s because of the virus ” corona” if we say that name they’re turning off the monetisation of that video ! so im gonna call it as COVID you find what it is ! because of that virus , all these issues on the isl final ! not only that there are so many competiton are in doubt ! doubt yes the next new is that official again official news coming from ! spain that LALiga got suspended for 3 weeks ! a league that happens in spain they suspended for 3 weeks not even a single match gonna happen ! for 3 weeks you can’t see messi ! whereever you are ! no messi! no match! nothing ! entire league has been suspended for 3 weeks . it’s a official report ! hot news all the way from twitter ! that’s the reason why im doing this episode today ! due to this COVID there are so many problems happeneing arround ! future competitions like EURO2020 is in doubt wheather it will happen or not ! they are planning to cancel the whole tournament now we’re gonna see an insipiring news ! it is like “whatever virus may come but im gonna win i’ll win” kinda inspiring story . this happened in february but because we’re doing this video im sharing this to you ! First time ,an Indian female footballer signed a professional contract with a scotish team ! her name is Baladevi she signed a contract for 18 month with rangers women’s football club highlight part here is first thing if you want to play with an international club your country (your origin ) that should be at the top 40 FIFA rating that is Indian Women;’s Team should be in top 40 ,only then they can score to an international club ! that is the rule of FIFA But India’s rank is in 57 Which means they are not qualified ! tosign a deal like this but they asked for a special grand ! All india football federation have backed them and appeal to the scotish federation ! they considered this and signed this deal so goo baladevi she said that she’ll play many matches and ” make my country proud So all the best to baladevi so, we’ve done with the football news round up .we’ve seen very hot and shock news today ! if you feel it’s informative give a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe the channel coz so many hot news like are waiting for you now time has arrived for the quiz . yesterday i went to that match it was difficult to see the fact that only for isl people come to stadium but not to this kin of match so quiz is regarding that match ! for what cup both the fight playing for !? chennai city fc vs mazia city fc what’s the name of the cup ? the first to comment the right answer will get a shoutout on my next video ! See you tomorrow on an another video . Until then ,This is PRADEEP signing -off !


  1. football Leagues world wide suspended and Arsenal head coach Mikel Arteta has affected by Corona virus,rugani from juventus,Calum from Chelsea
    Football is not same like before😫 due to the outbreak of Corona virus

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