Football DNA — Robert Pires

Football DNA — Robert Pires

I will present you today with your DNA results. That’s me? Iberian: 48.5%. 38% Italian? It’s a lot! 4.2% Irish, Scottish and Welsh. 2% English. Your Portuguese ancestors are mostly from a region called São João da Ribeira. So, in fact, all your ancestors in the area got married, were baptized and married in the same church. This article in Spanish is about your great grandfather Macario Fernandes Lerentes who, in July 1926, was third in a bowling competition. And who had, on that occasion, scored 105 points and won a prize of 50 pesetas. Ah, but it’s huge! Because, ultimately, we do not know everyone. All those who supposedly belong to our family… But, we are connected no matter what. We do not think we’re part of this world or that part of the world, or this continent. But we realize that, thanks to MyHeritage DNA, we are really really connected with everyone.

4 thoughts on “Football DNA — Robert Pires

  1. MDR. Il n'a pas grand chose à dire parce que ce n'est pas très intéressant.
    Mon grand père a été 3ème à une partie de pétanque en 1926 ? wahouh vraiment …. sans intêret.

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