Fighting Instructor Picks Which Superhero Is The Best Fighter

Fighting Instructor Picks Which Superhero Is The Best Fighter

– I’m Coach Rene Dreifuss. I’m a mixed martial art
and self-defense instructor at Radical MMA here in New York City. I’m here to watch superhero fight scenes, and rank them on the their actual real world fighting skills. (intense music) Okay, it looks, from this screenshot, that I’m gonna be watching Deadpool. He’s fighting with samurai swords. There’s not a lot of like,
real life stuff going on. Oh, there’s a flying aerial kick that never happened in reality. That was not real. Okay, with a kind of Tae Kwon
Do kind of movement there. Okay, so from what I did
see, it was all fantasy, and a little bit of showy Tae Kwon Do. But I would say very, very minimal here skills for real world fighting. Obviously, Deadpool’s on
the first of the list. But hasn’t really impressed me with his real fighting skills. The next clip is Black Widow. Headbutt, that’s a real move. Another headbutt. Little acrobatic action there. And she does some sort of flip. She had some acrobatic moves that were very stylized and not realistic. But she did hit the guy
a lot with the headbutts. In the real world, headbutts are very, very common and violent. It’s one of the reasons
they’re illegal in MMA. That she threw so many headbutts, ranks her above Deadpool in my book. Okay, we’ve got Thor here. Okay, a lot of lightening
bolts here, okay. This bag of teep, okay. Threw a hook, the haymaker punch. Oh, he’s got a good punch. Thor has a real brawling style. Like, all these haymakers,
overhand big haymakers. That there, very effective. He also threw a Muay Thai teep, which is a very push front kick. Very, very common with
Thai, also Karate move. I would rank him number
one, above Black Widow. Oh, here we go, Batman. Okay, he eats another punch from Bane. He actually has a pretty good haymaker. I would take Bane. And he catches a punch, which
is actually pretty hard. Okay, the way he’s
blocking is not realistic. Ah, nice upper cut. Ah, he also had a nice teep. What they portrayed on
screen is basically brawling, kind of like Thor, but not quite as good. He was much stiffer. I would probably rank Batman, just because of the power
element, above Black Widow. Oh, Black Panther. Attacking him, and he’s
blocking with a shield. There’s a little trip
there, that’s a real trip. Yeah, this is all sword fighting. So, not so much unarmed. Okay, he throws, ah, a nice little hook. It was mostly weapons, just one hook. Which is actually, it
was a pretty good hook. But in another fight scene, he actually puts on a really
good Jiu-Jitsu triangle. I would rate him number one so far, in terms of technique over
the other two brawlers that we saw, Thor and Batman. It is Wonder Woman up next. She’s mostly using her shield. And hitting people with it. And she spins around and
does a kick to the leg, which is a very cinematic move, but not something so realistic. She pushes a guy through the– Ah, flying knee. A couple moves she did,
she did a nice flying knee, which is a Muay Thai move. But generally speaking, it was mostly acrobatic
moves, not really fighting. I would put her on the bottom of the list, at this point, in terms of fighting skill. The next movie is Iron Man. He’s throwing a hook. And throws another haymaker kind of hook. Firing his blasters. Can’t really see much
unarmed fighting technique. He does a knee. His backhand slap, he’s really
fighting with his armor. What I did see backhand
slap, not very technical. Put him above Deadpool, but
again, lower at the list. The next one is Wolverine. All right, he’s using his claws. He can hardly judge because he’s using his
swords and slashing. Very feral fighting style. Oh, nice front kick, all right. Doesn’t really show
anything of technical merit, other than his front kick. Maybe above Deadpool, because he has generating
power with that feral motion. All right, next is Spider-Man. All right, well, threw a hook. A little bit more like, brawl. Oh, mounts, yeah, okay, here we go. Oh, yeah, all right, upper cut. All right, Spider-Man is hitting the higher level of the list. He did do certain things,
he threw an upper cut, a very nice upper cut, some hooks, and he also went to the mount position, which is a very dominate position in MMA, and starting throwing ground
and pound from that position. That is one of the top
ways fighters win at MMA. Because Black Panther put on
a really nice finishing hold, I would still put Black Panther
at one, Spider-Man, two. All right, now we’re gonna
check out Captain America. Ah, front kick, nice front kick. Hit him with the shield. Ah, well, what a nice round kick. Okay, a little cinematic stuff that doesn’t really work. Okay, oh, knee to the
face, okay, here we go. Okay, spun around, spinning back fist. Did a throw that’s not so realistic. All right, hit a knee, knee, nice knee. It looks a little bit more
like boxing, throws an elbow. Kicks the knee, oblique kick, front kick. Okay, totally cinematic, nice takedown. They drew from a lot more realistic fighting here for this scene. He’s throwing some boxing, he definitely threw a lot
of front kicks and teeps. He also threw a kick to the
knee, oblique kick to the knee. And he had some nice elbows. He threw some beautiful
clinch knees from Thai boxing. I would have to give Captain America the number one spot on the list. Because he really showed
variety of striking technique. Great job on Captain America. He is the top of the list, for sure. (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “Fighting Instructor Picks Which Superhero Is The Best Fighter

  1. Why did they pick scenes with no real hand to hand combat for an MMA instructor to analyze. Thats like asking a blind man to watch a Mime. What's the fuckin point?

  2. Cap was the surefire pick due to the fact that most of his fighting is essentially giving someone who uses military combatives and boxing super speed and strength. These scenes were horribly picked, but given the context I think it would have been cap anyway.

  3. You didnt pick the hallway fight from Iron Man 2 for Black Widow?
    You didnt pick Ironman vs Cap final fight from Civil War for Iron Man?
    You didnt pick Cap vs Bucky Highway/Street Fight from Winter Solider for Captain America?
    You didnt pick the Warehouse Scene from BvS for Batman?

    Like I could continue but you really picked the worst fight scenes for all these superheros to showcase their fighting skills.

  4. You know one thing i never thought about in spiderman who is super strong how is doc ock just takin hits to the face all u have is tentacles u should be sleepin

  5. I find the consistency of fights chosen were combining powers and while in uniform, the black panther fight he used to rank against was a training scenario between two training fighters so you would get more choreography and less special effects, black panthers position is totally inacurate and I would put himi under deadpool

  6. I’m confused as wasent’ the motivation of this video to list the best fighters in the super hero franchise, or was it which fights actually are more realistic.

  7. How can you give it an honest opinion about their fighting styles if you've only watched one fighting scene

  8. There is something I hate about all these videos, oh sorry I know what it is! The fact they exist at all! They superheroes in movies and comics, and they shouldn't be judged on a real world basis

  9. How are you going to critique super hero fights. With superhuman strength. And say its not realistic. Its all not realistic, they are superhero movies. Should have done action movie stars rather than Marvel stars. Whats he going to say about hulk and thanos.

  10. what poor examples of fighting clips to let this guy watch! for each character I can think of at least 2 better hand to hand fight scenes, including tony stark…

  11. When some1 uses a technique or techniques you see as most common in his job and that actually do a job,even if it's just once or twice top of the list is guaranted.

    He clearly doesn't like acrobatics,because he personally and fighters he favors either can't do those or are terrible of doing them properly in order to be usefull.
    Ok some things here were ridiculous,but acrobatic moves can't be useful in reality?

    Teakwando is VERY acrobatic,and very powerful.
    It has some high risk,high reward techniques that if they connect on the opponents head,are practicly garantied victory.
    Even in MMA.

    Also there is Capoera that is also a high risk,high reward in a MMA ring.
    Very,very acrobatic,but very powerful kicks.

  12. Superhero Movie Fight Scenes I think would have been better to analyze:

    Black Panther: Black Panther vs Killmonger in their suits.
    Spider-Man: Brief fight with Green Goblin during parade.
    Thor: Versus Hulk in Helicarrier.
    Batman: Versus Bane in Bane's Lair.
    Black Widow: Versus guards in Iron Man 2.
    Iron Man: Versus Rhodey in Iron Man mark 2 armor.
    Wolverine: Versus Lady Deathstrike OR creepy Wolverine clone.
    Deadpool: This one is ok, versus Ajax.
    Wonder Woman: This one is ok, too.
    Captain America: Versus Winter Soldier in the helicarrier.

  13. Batman, Black Panther, and Wolverine should be some of the top but since they picked such awful scenes this list happened. Pick better scenes next time

  14. Nossa, pegaram as lutas que quase não tem luta em si pro cara analisar… tão de parabéns, agora entendi os 4mil dislikes.

  15. Bots "liking" this. This video should be taken out in an alley and shot in the back of the head.

  16. I was waiting to see captain america vs crossbones or bucky scenes. For black widow, why did they choose se this scene?

  17. when batman knows at least 100 types of different martial arts and is the only person on the list without a power

  18. Black Widow can do better than that. You need to watch her fighting scenes in other MCU movies. She should be placed at number 3

  19. I don't remember ever disliking a video this vid was so bad. Who chose these fights? The coach literally talked about a fighting scene from black panther which was not given to him to give us a better look.

  20. Would it not make sense to pick fight with mostly hand to hand combat and not obviously made to be very stylistic and cinimatic. You wasted his time and our time with this video

  21. You people are getting mad cause a video about fighting produced by some limp wrist libtard soyboy at Buzzfeed wasn't up to your standards?

    shocked pikachu face

  22. The batman vs bane scene, is not worthy for batman, he must be looking the warehous scene from bvs ore the desert scene.

  23. Should of gone with better scenes, actually should use multiple scenes across multiple movies and have the guy get information from a comic book expert to explain the fighting styles the combatants use. This way the professional can make a more accurate judgement on the rankings

  24. America! I also agree. The scenes selected weren't the best but still super cool video. I would have put the end scene in logan instead.

  25. This video was absolutely brutal..not on the instructors part but who in the hell picked these scenes? There were not any actual real fighting in these scenes at all

  26. Only thing is it is hard to rank this because where sure it would be impractical for us because the human body can't get the strength to pull off some of these moves for someone like deadpool, or cap or someone these "cinematic" moves could probably be very useful. Imagine you had the ability to do that kick deadpool did and how much force that would generate.

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