FIFA Mobile – How to Earn 3,115 Gems Every Week Free to Play F2P

FIFA Mobile – How to Earn 3,115 Gems Every Week Free to Play F2P

[Music] hey guys finally sleeps here today we’re gonna talk about gems the magical currency and FIFA mobile that makes a huge difference when it comes to which players are free to play in big events like team of the season or whatever summer program he has on the Rison but first let me say thank you for sticking around I took a couple of weeks off as my spring season of football aka soccer ended and my oldest son graduated from high school and I was neck deep in Academy tryouts for next year I hate when real-life stuff gets in the way of internet life stuff but my therapist assures me it’s just one of the staples of adulthood so I’ll grin and bear it also per my usual make sure you like subscribe share and comment check out finally sleeps calm where even though I took a couple of weeks off from YouTube I was here on finally sleeps calm in full swing posting in market notes investment opportunities and insider stuff for team members only I post there at least once a day speaking of team members let me send a shout out to our newest members jorge manic and viniq as well as a special thank you to longtime team member damien all the support ok back to James I’ve talked about this earlier this year but with the changes to the daily quests and team of the week ending I thought it was a good time to revisit it and update the numbers whenever I put together a breakdown for an event that’s free to play I always figure in a 2500 gym program pack every week some people give me over this but I say poo poo on your negativity and instead push peace love and positivity logically first let’s talk about gems gems are EAS answer to free fifa points last season in FIFA mobile a team that gave a few fifa points away every day as part of the daily quests those fifa points added up quickly which is how intelligent players who knew how to prepare for big events went into each one with the ability to open up a few packs and still remain free-to-play after the reset last November though EA swapped out the free fifa points with free gems adding yet another new form of currency to the game generally the gems are used to refresh skill games and rewards such as the available players in scouting and open packs in the store or quickly open versus packs or head-to-head packs and boost XP coins that’s what many people do they nickel and dime their gems away on refresh is 20 to 50 at a time or they get a few thousand in their account and just blow them on the first program pack they see before they weigh the cost versus reward worst yet are those people who don’t think they even matter and miss out on all the free gems that are available and believe me there’s a ton available smart players hoard these gems and use them for one thing only major events like UCL or team of the season now I try to go in to aid every major event with at least 10,000 gems to be able to open up four or more packs without spending any money and best of all coming up with 10,000 gems usually doesn’t take that long in any given month this late in the season a dedicated player can easily come up with 20,000 gems without spending a penny so where do all these gems come from and it’s the big question I’m gonna break it all down first I’m going do all this math based off the assumption that everyone is at a bare minimum of VIP level ten which should be everyone at this point that means you get fifty gems in your free pack that pops up every four hours for what I’m about to show you I’m going to explain everything that’s possible to do that you’ll need to set your alarm on a four hour schedule like I do and claim your gem packs as soon as they become available obviously not everyone is that dedicated obsessed ok nuts whatever not everyone will be opening a pack every four hours the average daily player should be opening for free packs per day though for sake of argument let’s just say the average player wakes up at 7 a.m. and grabs a free pack grabs pack number two with lunch then their third pack in the afternoon by let’s say 5:00 p.m. and pack four they’ll take around right before bedtime two days a week they get a little excited and vigilant and grab five of the six packs available that’s 1500 gems and free packs every week someone like me is getting six packs of 50 gems per day seven days a week for a total of twenty 100 gems with just the free packs alone that’s where we’re starting this video the free packs in the store up next are the daily quests every day in the daily quests that pop up on the reset you receive five gems for coaching which is basically applying some of the XP received in one of those free packs to train a player you get five gems for the event goer quest which is just completing three skill games that’s basically what the scouting event is for next you get five gems four versus strikeforce this means you completed three versus matches whether we’re part of an event or part of a versus attack you can even play three unranked versus matches if you want you get five gems for the between the sticks quest which is easy after you’ve completed those three versus matches five more gems for the daily store pack quest which is just opening up a free pack which you’ll be doing every four hours anyway right you can also watch four videos each of which gives you five more gems that’s forty five gems just for the daily quests and watching videos seven days a week that’s three hundred and fifteen gems added to the 2100 from the free packs available every four hours and you’re up to two thousand four hundred and fifteen free gems already available every week the daily token quests add a bunch of gems as well this is what recently replaced team of the week you get 20 gems after completing three of the daily quests and hitting the 60 daily point mark add 30 gems more after completing five of the quests total and hitting the hundred daily point mark that’s another fifty per day or three hundred and fifty per week bringing our weekly total up to two thousand seven hundred and sixty-five gems available which is already enough for a free 2500 gem pack the daily points you earn each day add up for a weekly bonus to at a hundred and seventy-five daily points you get 50 gems for the weekly bonus once you hit five hundred daily points you get fifty more gems as part of the next bonus at seven hundred fifty the big weekly bonus you get a hundred and fifty gems that’s a total of two hundred and fifty gems weekly which brings the total up to three thousand fifteen gems available free to play every week don’t forget we also have the weekly campaign that resets every Sunday finish it you get a hundred more gems add that to what’s already available and your grand total is 3115 gems available free to play every week if you’re dedicated obsessed okay nuts whatever let’s go back just for sake of argument and look what we talked about before on the free packs I suggested the scenario the previously that the average player wakes up at 7 a.m. grabs a free pack grabs pack number 2 with lunch then packed number 3 in the afternoon by 5:00 and packed for before bed now two days a week they get vigilant and grab 5 to 6 packs available that 1,500 gems in free packs every week for an average daily player bring that back to our other calculation of 3115 gems available weekly and figure in 1500 gems in the packs instead of the 2,100 available and it brings the average daily players weekly total down to two thousand five hundred and fifteen gems per week which is still enough for a twenty five hundred gem pack for someone that isn’t obsessed nuts right wait if you figure in the VIP bonuses to which I always figure everything in going all the way back to VIP ten it takes twenty days to go from VIP ten – VIP eleven where you get three thousand gems which is another free pack then another two weeks you get VIP twelve and another four thousand gems five weeks after that you’re at VIP twelve and another five thousand gems as a bonus three weeks later another six thousand gem bonus for reaching VIP 14 and so on and so on plan on reaching a new VIP level about once per month this late in the season that’s it no more excuses be smart prepare don’t overlook a single aspect of this game that’s 12,000 to 20,000 gems a month up for grabs every player in the game can get when you consider all the free plaques and VIP advancements EA is giving the free-to-play player everything needed to stay in the game don’t buy into the negativity peace love and positivity logically all right that’s a good place to end it like subscribe share comment check out finally sleeps calm and maybe think about becoming a member you can join here at YouTube too if you’re into that sort of thing as long as you keep watching I’ll keep making videos [Music]

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