Farewell Field Goal Line Hurdling | NFL

Farewell Field Goal Line Hurdling | NFL

It covers 73-yards, Polamalu just jumped the center! 35-yarder. Up and good. But hang on. You get a penalty. Kam Chancellor jumped about 12 feet in the air Watch Kam Chancellor he comes hurdles And then I don’t know how he misses it that’s legal. That’s not leaping where you can’t put your feet on the defenders He does it he clears them. It’s incredible Graham Gano got that football He did he gets back there. And he blocked! It’s wide! Did he get a piece of it?!?! Unbelievable, we get a penalty too Such tremendous athleticism And there’s the running into the kicker Terry McCauley called it Unbelievable, he’s got to have the snap count right how long should you continue timing like that two times in a row? To make it a six-point game Look at Collins leaping over that [course] the ball would be in playing that one of the new rules for this out of bounds Look at this. We first saw this with Kam chancellor. I believe it was with Seattle and the playoffs Maybe a year ago If he [makes] contact with any of those offensive Lineman the potential victory [there] the new snapper [brewer] and wouldn’t you [know] it another problem a flag down It’s Bobby Wagner who comes in but you have a penalty marker If he just touches the helmet or [anything] else of that center Which I did right there that little toe tap is going to cost them. It’s the official saw it It left foot on the numbers of the snapper holding down the car. There’s no foul for an illegal formation by the defense 35 straight field goals…they jump the center, and it’s blocked by Shea McClellin McCllelin goes over the top of Morgan Cox That’s a clean block. What a play by McClellin The Broncos would take of a lead on a blocked extra point run back simmons the rookie

100 thoughts on “Farewell Field Goal Line Hurdling | NFL

  1. I’m glad they got rid of this. It seems cheap to me. How do you stop it? Eventually a center was going to lift up and slam the dude jumping, resulting in a leg or neck injury.

  2. Wasn’t it already a rule to not be lined up over the center? Some of these were timed so they were over the center when the ball was snapped and should’ve been a penalty anyways

  3. Hurting your opponents' feelings because you're a better team = Punishable

    Beating your wife and kids to near death=A-Okay

  4. After a while every team would do this for every kick because the success rate is annoyingly high. Kickers would make it maybe like 30-40% of the time but i guess that wouldn’t be terrible.

  5. This is like the dumbest thing I have ever heard, soon they will make us use 2 hand touches as a tackle with pads and a helmet

  6. I just got off of Skype with Roger Goodell. Running and jumping is now banned. You may not have both of your feet off the ground simultaneously.

  7. At the combine they do that jump thing how are defensive players supposed to showcase there hops if they can’t do this

  8. If they brought this back, wouldn't it be a great way to get first downs. They can wait for them to come them not snap it-penalty. Great exploit system for the kicking team

  9. I like how the kickoff is easily the most dangerous (and pointless) thing in football but the NFL thinks banning rare stuff like this will make anything safer.

  10. They had to outlaw that or every fg would be blocked the lineman have to be in a 3 pt stance so theres no way for them to block a player that's running and jumping over them all the defender has to do is wait for the ball to get snapped and take off it's too easy to block fgs like that…

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