Fantasy Minute: Brown still strong in final week

Yeah. I’m gene long welcome to this season ending edition of the fantasy minute. Week fifteen was a playoff killer for Aaron Rodgers owners who watched the MVP candidate had his worst game of the season. Completing just seventeen of 42 passes for a 185 yards no touchdowns and two interceptions with a passer rating of 34 point three. It off and helping usually sure handed wide receiver Jordy Nelson dropped what could have been 94 yard touchdown. Come up a much more productive performances Antonio Brown this week’s player on the rise. Brown had a 120 yards on ten catches 127 when he wins against Atlanta Falcons. Was Brown’s fourth straight game with at least not when yards and receptions. Is added three touchdowns in that time. Despite a difficult matchup against Kansas City remains a must start as a top five wide receiver one. The Cleveland Browns job scored used to be a wide receiver one. But and it falls rating receiving champion has been heading in the wrong direction lately after forty yards and receptions for nothing loss to Cincinnati Bengals. The starting debut of quarterback Jon Heyman Zell court was targeted just four times that is third consecutive game with fewer than eighty yards. Consider aborted extremely risky play gets the Carolina Panthers twelfth ranked pass defense. Moving onto the waiver wire take a look at Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Harry Douglas who had a second game in his last three with at least a 116 yards and it doesn’t receptions. Douglas has a highly favorable matchup against the grown Saints as an even better start with the Falcons are again without deep threat Julio Jones. My sleeper pick is Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Jordan Matthews. The rookie has been quite the last two games but draws a dream matchup against the Washington Redskins. Who seventeenth ranked pass defense has allowed a league high 31 touchdowns and the teams’ first meeting surrendered two touchdowns to Matthews. Find out what are the players I’m bullish and bearish about and this season’s final installment of the stock watch available at Washington Post dot com. Remembered fondly on Twitter for all your fantasy questions. Good luck to all owners playing championship games and I’ll see you next season on the fantasy met.

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