Fantasy Football Mock Draft Tips

Fantasy Football Mock Draft Tips

What’s going on fantasy football fans,
I’m your host Huseyin The Brain and you’re watching The Couch! Welcome to The Art of Mock Drafting
this video as you guessed it is all about mock drafts. Now if you’re a true
beginner to fantasy football or you know very little about fantasy football, make
sure you watch this video right here it’s going to tell you how to get
started, what fantasy football is, all the other stuff. So if you don’t know much
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the weekly waiver wire pickups. I’m going to give you four ways you can
utilize mock drafts on how to prepare for your real fantasy football draft
so pay attention, here we go… The first method is the one that we all
know, it’s mock drafting. So you go to your favorite website
whether it’s ESPN, Yahoo, CBS, there’s dozens of them. You do a mock draft, you
get those results, you may do a bunch of them. So that’s the first way, and that’s the
one everyone knows, it’s pretty basic pretty straight-forward you already know
this one. So what are the negative sides to doing a mock draft and this is the
real reason why I’m even doing this video as you’ll see. Somebody could be
messing around and your whole mock draft is ruined before you even gets started.
First pick of the draft, someone drafts someone that’s dead or doesn’t even play
in the NFL and this has happened to me. I
was in a mock draft, someone boom drafted Mike Vick first pick and I’m like well the whole mock draft
is ruined. Another negative side to mock drafting is that it takes too long. I
mean especially if people are messing around and I mean I rarely very very
rarely been in a mock draft where everybody was in the room for the
majority of the draft. Most of the time three or four people
don’t even join when the mock starts and by the time it’s towards the last three
rounds everyone has basically left. So it’s not that realistic of an experience. Also it’s not that competitive. So let’s
go on to the next three ways you can utilize mocks and preparing for your
real draft. Method number two is to look at draft results. You can look at
your mock draft results, other people’s mock draft results. You can look at…
the best one is to look at real draft results that other people did and that
way you can get a good idea… these articles are awesome… I don’t go looking for them, so I don’t do
this a lot but you’ll end up running by reading one or two of them at least even
if you’re not trying to look for them. They’re really good because they break
down round-by-round strategy. I also did this last year, I did an early draft and I
kind of wrote down my strategy round for round, you know I couldn’t get
this guy in the first round so I went RB the next round so on so forth. So this is a really good
strategy, really basic, doesn’t take up a lot of time. OK now we’re getting into
more of the advanced ways to mock so number three is to do a real draft so
participate in a real draft, a free one, online and you don’t have to necessarily
play in this league so… just an example you don’t get what i’m talking
about go to ESPN or Yahoo, any of those sites, join a free public league
like you’re going to really draft, you know like a reall leauge and really draft and
you don’t have to play in this league if you don’t know you can but you don’t
have to participate in the league you don’t have to look at it ever again. You can even sign up with a new totally
new email totally new account if you want. So you go do that, now why would
you do that, it’s it’s a bit crazy like I said, this is a little bit advanced. So you want to do that because
it’s more competitive, now if it’s a 10-man or 12-man league usually 10 or 12 people
are participating right away. It’s more competitive, people stay longer and it’s
going to get you a better sense of what the real draft’s going to be like. I do a
bunch of ordinary mock drafts like number one when we are
talking about, it really won’t be that competitive. If you do about 10 of them, you’re lucky if one or two of them will
really simulate the competitiveness of your league. And
number four, this is going to be key. You guys have to check this out, it’s
draft simulators. I personally use the Draft Wizard from Fantasy Pros. This is an awesome tool, you have to
check it out. Now there’s a ton of pros to using this.
First of all, it’s faster. You can mock draft in literally five minutes. These usually take me about seven to ten
minutes per draft so you can do anywhere from five to ten of these by the time it takes you to do one mock
draft. It’s super fast, the simulator works
really well. The only downside to this, and I’ll
contact these guys and see if they’re going to adjust it, I’ll let them know… is
that it’s not that random. So everything, its competitive, it’s
realistic, it’s fast, it’s convenient, it’s awesome.
You can even go back a pick, so you can go back in time, like oh maybe I shouldn’t of
drafted a running back in the first round, let me try to draft a wide
receiver or even a quarterback hey. So you can do all sorts of things, you can use
all types of settings. You can even set it to be I want to do a 16-man PPR or I want to
do an 8-man non PPR. There’s a ton of settings, it’s
awesome. Now it is not the end all, you don’t want
to just do the draft simulator. I would utilize all four of these and this is
how much I would do how many I would do of each of these
four tools, four techniques just to give you an example, not an exact
amount, it’s not an exact science, but just to show you how important each one is. So when doing a standard mock draft you may want to do let’s say four or
five of those. I know that takes quite a bit of time. That could be five plus
hours. When you look at draft results, you want to look at one to two draft results,
you can look at more these aren’t that important but it’s good to look at and
see how other people are thinking throughout the draft. When it comes to
doing a real draft for practice that’s actually participating in a free public league
and not really caring about the league just doing it for practice drafting sake
I would do just one or two every year I don’t do more than one of those, I just
do one, and I’ve been called a jerk for doing this, but hey man, I don’t care! I’m
trying to win my league! Mock drafting sucks sometimes, so I’ma do
this and I recommend that you do at least one of them. You don’t even have to play after that’s
done. Now when it comes to the draft simulator the draft wizard man I literally do over a hundred of
them every season. So you can do 10, 20 even more. You know
I do a lot more mock drafts. You know this is what I do, so I
do a ton but I’m just giving you you know just an overview so you can
do four to five regular mocks won’t look at one or two draft results, do one or two
real leagues but just use them as practice, and you can do literally
hundreds of mock draft simulations; they take just 5-10 minutes, they’re super
fast, so I definitely recommend you do those. Hopefully this video was useful, and you
learned something new about fantasy football mock drafts. All the information
I provided and links will be in the description below so check that out if
you have any questions. Also make sure you guys watch my
previous video where I interviewed Sean Smith and other NFL players. We talked
about stuff like Pepto-Bismol gotta watch the video to find out why, also
talked about who the best trash talkers in the NFL are, so make sure you check that
video out. Also make sure you guys like the video,
leave a comment below. Did you like this video? Do you want
to see more videos like this? Let me know, I want to hear your opinion.
I’ll see you guys on the next one.

27 thoughts on “Fantasy Football Mock Draft Tips

  1. Hey huseyin, I've drafted gronk as my first pick for the past 3 years, should anything change this year with Bennett coming in? It's a 8 man league with only one TE spot

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  3. Mock drafts are a waste of time. Any semi competitive league you might play in will NEVER resemble a mock draft

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  5. Thanks for making the video man. I was one of those people that did lots of mock drafts and never realized some of these cons and I had never heard of draft wizard. I will definitely be checking it out and as a new subscriber I am looking forward to more videos this season.

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  7. why did some one say i killed the draft when i got Fitzpatrick early? dont really know who not to draft an what time lol new to FF

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  10. First year playing fantasy football, I was invited to play by some of my coworkers and I singed up and did a mock draft to try to get the hang of it. I was 5th in the first round and I picked Aaron Rodgers. And everyone got pissed. What did I do wrong?

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  12. I have used the simulator twice now, how am I supposed to read each draft? As I do more simulations, what should I be looking for? Any strategies to using the simulator?

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