Fantasy Football 2015 – Week 5 NFL recap, injuries, highlights, Colts vs Texans

Fantasy Football 2015 – Week 5 NFL recap, injuries, highlights, Colts vs Texans

Today I am going to be talking about the week
5 game of the Houston Texans and the Indianapolis colts. I am also going to go into fantasy
advice. I have quite a few players on these two teams and I am going to talk about how
many points I got and what I am thinking about for the future fantasy, and also injuries.
So one of the big injuries is Andrew Luck he has been out with a shoulder injury he
was viewed on the sidelines of the game and we are not sure of how severe it is. It is
good that they will have a 10 day break until they will be playing the patriots. Another
injury that came up was Arian Foster he had a concussion and took a really hard hit in
the second quarter and had to be taken out and tested. He was able to play gain in the
game. The first quarter started off with a really good Houston drive lead by ryan mallet
he made a few passes to deandre Hopkins and they were able to get at least 2 third down
conversions but then he threw and interception and the colts were able to return that and
that ended that drive we were also able to see frank gore and adam vinatieri of the colts
that was able to get some points on the board for them and in the first quarter there was
a score by thirty two year old andre Johnson who if you can see on my t-shirt, used to
be on the Texans so he was recently traded to the colts so it was interesting thing that
happened with him scoring on his old team and the age is also something that has been
talked about a lot and then in the second quarter there was a hail mary by the colts
matt hasselbeck and it was caught by jaelen strong who is a rookie for that team. This
happened after Ryan Mallet left the game and Brian Hoyer came in for the Texans and that
lead the score to be thirteen ten to the colts entering the second half. For the third quarter
we see a score touchdown by frank gore by the rookie wide receiver again jaelen strong
and then we saw a little bit of deandre Hopkins getting a lot of passes for the Texans. In
the fourth quarter we saw andre Johnson make another touchdown and nick novak with a forty
nine yard field goal attempt for the Texans, his first of the season. We saw some jj watt
the second half he got a flag for hitting hasselbeck a little bit after the play was
called but we did see him we saw the Texans defense and the colts defense. I am going
to talk a little bit about the players that I have on my fantasy football team that I
got to see play and they actually all did pretty decently well . In my 0.5 PPR fantasy
football league, deandre Hopkins earned 22.4 points and andre Johnson earned 22.7 fantasy
points which is really good and I am really excited to see how they continue to do that
and if they can I think it has a lot to do with the colts defense that didn’t prove
to be too strong but also considering their future schedule I will definitely be expecting
quite a bit from these two wide receivers. I also had arian foster that earned 11.8 points
for my fantasy football team. I also had Frank Gore who earned 15 points because of those
two touchdown. I think that frank gore is someone who is going to be a sleeper, he hasn’t
done as well as one would hope for the season but he is definitely still on my fantasy squad
and hopefully this is a game that boosts his confidence and boosts his outlet on the colts
team, another player is TY Hilton who earned 8.8 points. Interestingly, I don’t remember
seeing him too much so he is one of those players that whenever he did get the ball
he did something well he is efficient but I am just not seeing the amount of actual
overall game time that I would like to see. SO yeah there is my little recap of the Houston
Texans vs the Indianapolis colts a little bit about injuries and some of my fantasy
stats for my current fantasy teams, thanks for watching!

5 thoughts on “Fantasy Football 2015 – Week 5 NFL recap, injuries, highlights, Colts vs Texans

  1. I have Luck and TY Hilton on my roster but it would be nice if Hilton got more receptions and TDs he was only off by one point on his projected score of 14 in my ppr league I have to go with Alex Smith at qb this week cause I'm not going with my backup Carr vs Denver

  2. The Texans aren't a bad team they just gotta fix the secondary and they should think about drafting a QB in the first round because in my opinion Hoyer and Mallett aren't the answer

  3. If you don't have D. Hopkins on your team you should be doing everything in your power to trade for him he is a fantasy stud no matter who his QB is & once they get that running game figured out that'll open up the reviving game up more for him

  4. And in regards to Andre Johnson this game was a fluke for him after this he'll go back to averaging 2 points a game don't waste your time on him Dontre Moncrief is the WR2 of that team

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