Fantasy Football 2015 –  Week 4 NFL Preview, projections

Fantasy Football 2015 – Week 4 NFL Preview, projections

So week 4 has arrived in NFL football and
I have to admit that I was not able to watch the past week. I had some things happen in
my life that did not allow me to watch the games but I have been watching reviews and
recaps so far. I wanted to talk about next week’s games because I am definitely looking
forward to watching those. So the Thursday night game of the Baltimore ravens vs Pittsburgh
Steelers. I am excited to see how the Steelers compensate for the loss of Ben Roethlisberger
also with Le’veon Bell back and the performance of Deangelo Williams, I think it will be interesting
to see how the dynamics of this team switch up with the injury of Ben Roethlisberger from
week 3 and of course Michael vick and his dynamics on that team is going to be interesting
to play out so Thursday I am excited about that against the Ravens that have proven to
be a different team than most would expect. They are doing good with Joe Flacco, Julio
jones, secondary is looking really good, will be one of the more interesting NFL games of
week 4. Another game I am looking forward to watching is the Philadelphia eagles versus
the Washington red skins and the redskins have lost many of their key players but I
think their rookie matt jones, kirk cousins, and Alfred Morris make it a little bit more
interesting. I wouldn’t start Alfred Morris in this game vs the eagles but I think that
he is a player that you should keep on your bench and he is not completely a bust. I think
that the player that is going to be most interesting to watch for fantasy) is Jordan matthews for
this week. I think another interesting game to watch is going to be the tampa bay buccaneers
vs Carolina panthers. The panthers defense as not been as strong as we have seen before
but I think the matchup will allow Jameis Winston to connect more so with Mike Evans
who is improving from his injury. Especially with the saints I am going to be watching
Latavius Murray and Amari cooper. The Chicago bears have not been as exciting for me to
watch this year but I think Martellus Bennet could have potential to breakout this week.
And also the Indianapolis colts vs Jacksonville jaguars, the colts have been underperforming
this year and it is kinda the time in the season where we are really questioning their
ability to perform as they did last year. And I think this game will be key in that.
To see how they fair against the jaguars defense,. One of the games I think isgoing to be a blow
out is the 49ers vs the packers. The san Francisco 49ers have not been doing too well and week
3 is evidence of that so that is just a blowout game where it will be fun to see what the
packers can do but it is not going to be one of the key games that I am going to want to
watch. The cardinals and the buffalo bills are really hot right now and the cardinals
will be playing the Rams and the rams have Todd Gurley but other than that they have
been performing as one would expect so it will not be a key game that I will want to
see this next week. Now the big time matchup is going to be the Vikings vs broncos the
Denver broncos have out performed everyone’s predictions and they are doing really good
and the Vikings have Adrian Peterson who has been doing really well so the dynamics of
the way we look at these two teams is kinda changing and is going to be the matchup of
NFL week 4 that is going to be the most exciting for me personally to watch. The Monday night
game is the Detroit lions vs Seattle seahawks I think it is going to be interesting to watch
the seahawks run game and the defense of the Detroit lions and seeing how it compares to
the defense of the Seattle seahawks Matthew Stafford and the rookie Ameer Abdullah. The
seahawks have been struggling

4 thoughts on “Fantasy Football 2015 – Week 4 NFL Preview, projections

  1. I'm thinking about starting Ameer Abdullah over Mike Evans in the WR/RB position this weekend. I have Jamaal Charles and Lynch as my RB's and Fitzgerald and Keenan Allen as my WR's. I've made a lot of trades since I last asked for advice. =P

  2. Fantasy football this year has just been a disaster for me. 😥 CJ Anderson, Marshawn Lynch and Jeremy Bill have all been bust this season! O, and let's not talk about receivers 😭

  3. Good video, good points. This week proves to be the best match-up week I have this whole season haha. Hopefully it turns out to be a good week. I'm hoping Fitzgerald can keep up the big time plays but it falls down to palmer. Do you think palmer can keep moving forward with big games?

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